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Monday, September 25, 2023

Lowering the Bar in Public Broadcasting

Spending all week thinking about the next time when "they" are going to allow me to write about this cruel rape-machine that runs America makes absolutely everything else that I try to do seem insignificant and even silly. It hurts me inside to talk about "hearing voices" when I know that the only goal of the American-Government's Human-Trafficking Programs is to remain out of the public-eye, and literally out of the mouths of anyone and everyone who doesn't actually work inside their offices. When I type, I know that the reason I never hear much or anything back from anybody is literally because most people out there are perfectly petrified of the thought of standing up to such an organization. The net-result is that all of these factors make this a very lonely job, but one that I embrace, because I believe I'm making God happy (the Real-God, if there is one).

Sure I could drivel on and on about some passage from the bible; I could do that just about every day of my life? Do you know what the problem with that really is? The question "what good would it do?" is the wrong approach, and the wrong attitude. Aside from the fact that there are people who would further bury their head in the sand and "get happy" while real political-prisoners out there will continually be sexually assaulted by the electronics inside them.... Aside from all that, the real question to ask is "What harm would it do?" One thing that all of the news-idiot channels today on TV would agree is that 'Religious Radicalism' is just another variant of tyranical government.

Both sides might even agree that the reason the Catholic Church used to be called "Organized Crime" is because centuries ago (when Spain ruled the world), the European Colonies were based on traveling around the world, and meeting eastablishing themselves and their people in foreign lands. They had a penchant for terrirtory in Mexico and South American, and that is why everything from Houston down to the southern tip of South America speak Spanish today. Spanish is a European-Language, in case you forgot.

These spectacular feats were accomplished by avoided "Religious Radicals" and accepting that their are "other people" in the world (besides just Spain)

In any case, as I meander around in the dark while writing tonight, I maintain that these thoughts that I have are all a result of negotiations with Dallas Brain Control, and the words that I write, as I write them are both a result of voices that I'm hearing right now, as I type them - but also a result of years of arguing with Human-Traffickers and listening to their diatribue and their tripe.

Waking up each day wondering if today is going to be one of the good ones where all the thoughts that I have about this "regime" this "government" - or whatever the hell you would like to call an organization whose Primary Operation is to keep "The People" as dumb & ignorant as they possibly can. This post that I'm typing right now has bee going on since Friday Night, and it is now Monday Afternoon. Over the course of the weekend I've had dozens, or perhaps hundreds of ideas to include in these cute little stories that I get to write on the Internet. But you know what happens? They are annihilated by my daily doses of verbiage, gibberish, nonsense, lies, hate-speech & propaganda - all of which often feel like "only I can hear."

For two weeks I've been trying to write Blog Post that I wanted to call "Lowering the Bar for Entry". But anytime I had any thought at all that I would like to include, instead of taking notes about it on a little notepad, or maybe typing up a few sentences about it while I write my Computer Programs, instead I'm left with nothing but a barrage of "Verbal Gunfire" that tortures my mind & and my soul to the point that I barely remember the day of the week. Writing and thinking can be a source of true joy in life, but they are joys that no good man or women in the United States has understood in the past 20 years.

Initially I had wanted to type a nice long story about all of the latest news articles that I have been reading about parents & teachers condemning a lot of the depravity and immorality behind all of the LGBTQ legislation that any "American" who has tried to pay attention to the filth in Washington D.C. must have heard. To me, the easiest thing in the world is to stand there and call LGBTQ "people" (whatever the fuck that is) a bunch of depraved homos that have no place in our society - other than hiding in closets somewhere. That's both true and easy. I believe in God, and I don't think he would approve of allowing depravity and licentious behavior to be forced down the throats of anybody - particularly children inside of elementary schools. This is nothing mysterious, new or suprising. This is common sense, and common sense is one of many things that went right out the window in the 1970's and 1980's because of all the military &; police fueled violence.

But there is a bigger issue behind all of this. There is a someething more malevolent, colder & and much more evil to be investigated. Why did this happen? Back up for just a second. If you are reading this wonderful blog post that me and NDBC are writing together, and you are one of those who was buried in some kind of menial labor job never taking the least bit of notice to the stench of Washington D.C. on the televised-news, than there is a chance you are wondering what I'm even writing about. Sure, I walk around Dallas where I live, and I know that many of these "people" that go to work each morning at places like McDonald's, CVS, Whole-Foods & the DART Bus System have never heard much about LGBTQ+ Equality, and probably wouldn't really no the first thing I was talking about.

So why do I care? I mean, I do care because it is one of hundreds of horrific ideas that were shoved into my face in the past 15 years in which my face was shoved into televised news. Mind Control & Hypno-Programming forced me to watch horrifying and hateful trash on TV. Mind Control is what forced me away from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and ordered me to sleep in homeless shelters, and eventually forced me into rooms with televisions where there was nothing I was allowed to do other than watch a blank wall, or watch garbage on CNN & Fox News.

Watching conservatives congratulate themselves after 15 years of Pro-LGBTQ public broadcasting as they stand there and tell people they don't like "Liberals" is just so insulting in humiliating that I don't know how to begin to describe it. In the mid 1980's the people who knew what CNN was (and are still around) might remember images of "Ronald Reagan" yelling about the Berllin Wall that the Russian Army had built in the 1960's. Watching the man yell "Tear Down this Wall" given just how many American's had been slaughtered in that decade made the whole experience bizzare and scary. I mean, when I was growing up, knowing that there was no way life in Russia was worse than it was in U.S.A. was very obvious. And there was Reagan tellling people that "Democracy was triumphing over Communism." It was so cock-eyed and stupid that nobody really sad anything about for over 30 years.

Fox News that now champions itself as somoe kind of "Conservative Faction" has decided that the LGBTQ Legislation that was all the rage on both networks since Year 2010 is now a big problem. It sounds as stupid to me as proclaiming that you just turned the corner in your life, and have attended your first match class, and now know that 2 + 2 = 4! (on National-Television, with millions of people watching)

I mean, if I were to barge into the White House, and sieze the government (as per the allegations against the 1/6 people), I promise you that both Anderson Cooper and his Husband would no longer be around. I would ask my subordinates to give the rapist of men 30 seconds to decide between execution or deportation to Nigeria, where he can go have butt-sex with all the niggers that he wants.

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