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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Karate Elbow Pain, and Self-Defense with Electronic Implants

I spent the day at the Richardson Public Library, which is here in Dallas (75080). I've been going to that building since I was 8 years old, and I remember that the first book I ever read I picked up at that library. How difficult it is to write anything at all - let alone Java Source Code and blog posts about the government - when listening and even "seeing" the electronics broadcast "stuff" into my head is next to impossible to explain. But I move forward. I know how "the regime" here in the United States fights the people, they force it out of you! They put you in front of a computer and tell you to write. The force you to make an effort to type something into anything that resembles a journal, and then humiliate you and everything for which you have ever tried to stand with the thoughts by which you are bombarded as soon as you write the words "Dear Diary." I have been through the resistance to this horrible government-experiment since the day I was implanted in 1995.

So "they" (to reiterate: the voice-recordings I hear when I am sitting at this Microsoft-Box)... "They" are telling me this is a pretty good opening thus far. I spent the day partially getting work done, and somewhat in a partial panic thinking that I was going to be writing something to my blog. The thoughts swirl around in my head - which part of the incomprehensible tapestry of thoughts about this "regime" are going to be put into HTML tonight. The pain of knowing that anything I try to plan inside my own mind as I sit lazily in a nice air-conditioned library can be fully incinerated by "The Matrix" before I even walk into my front door at home to have dinner. Swirling around in their today is one of the myriad 1980's song-lyrics by the "Base - How low can you go?" (It's a 30 second clip of a song by the people who called themselves "Public Enemy"). And what if on the ride home, "they" somehow changed it?

So I am constantly thinking about what the English Expression "Lowering the Bar" and "Lowering the Barrier for Entry" even mean. In fact, every time I am forced by black people to think about black people whenever I'm trying to get anything done on the computer I am unable to escape the thoughts of "how low these pieces of shit are really going!" I wanted to have my own life, and I don't want to be owned by somebody else. However, as long as these electronics are inside of me, even making one single daily plan for tomorrow can be made into an internation joke in a matter of minutes if "My Master" decides to make it into a joke.

Now, I wrote the above three paragraphs early Friday Evening after returning home from the Richardson Library and having the dinner my wife made for me. The dinner was followed by the usual fighting since - she too - has electronic-implants inside her body and when "Her Master" (which I amicably call "Her Other Boyfriend") wants her in a bad mood, she will just sit there for hours talking to herself and imaginary people around her. It's truly sad, and - as I have just explained - it can ruin an entire day, and entire week - and entire life if North Dallas Brain Control has decided that it should. There is not one damned thing that I, Ralph Torello, can do about it. In any case, I started writing on Friday, and half-way through the exercise, I had my "sore elbow" return and I just couldn't sit in a chair without feeling pain shooting throughout my arm.

I've written in previous posts that I started practicing a little bit of Self-Defense in the form of YouTube Karate Lessons at the very end of Year 2021. With any type of sport or exercise, taking time off is definitely an important part to do and to also understand. I took June & July off, and in August I started up again, watching a You-Tube Video here and there, and then practicing out back. On Thursday Night I ripped hurt my elbow practing a "Karate Chop" to the Neck-Nerves area (which is called the Cervical Plexus). Anything that makes black-people on the DART Train (who also have electrical-implants inside their bodies) and are busy smoking cocaine out of their crack-pies seem less scary makes me excited in practicing Karate Chops. I had never really thought more than a second about the "Solar Plexus" or the "Cervical Plexus" until Year 2023. Apparently hitting a person there is good for rendering them immobilized.

Anyways by Friday Afternoon, sitting at a keyboard hurt my right arm bad enough to prevent me from typing much at all. It is now Sunday Afternoon, and I have just returned from the mall. There were three of four niggers right next to me trying to sell me dog food and cat food and one of them was visibily smoking a glass cocaine pipe right in front of me! North Park Mall is a really nice place to go in Dallas.

But you know what the worst part about it all was? My ear-drum implants were literally speaking volumes to me about what those four niggger-trash "individuals" (for lack of any other term) were doing four years ago at that same Train-Stop with me right next to them. The electronics inside my skull were sitting there bragging about how "four years ago" (2019 - before the COVID-19 festivities) those same black men were sitting at the station right next to me - with a big bag of money / cash they had stolen from somewhere. Then "they" proceeded to tell me that the police officer that I later saw on the train this afternoon was sitting with them trying to smoke their drugs with them. One thing to know about Dallas is that if "crime" is the problem, in most cases the Dallas Police Department could never help do anything but make the situation 100 times worse for honest people.

I become terrified even hearing the word "police", because in my heart, and in my mind, if the Dallas Police Department were obliterated and their leaders imprisoned and killed - I could carry a gun when I went to the grocery store to defend myself. As long as the Police Departments rule the streets, only law abiding citizens like myself have to live in fear of injustice, repression, oppression and violence. If I opened fire on an "African American" at the Train Station who was threatening me and in possession of a Crack Pipe - when the Niggers at Dallas Police would arrive, there is simply zero chance whatsoever I would be taken allowed to go home - ZERO (I would be taken to the prison immediately). The reasons Law Abiding Citizens live in fear is because of the corrupt, ignorant & racist nature of organizations like the Dallas Police. Nigger Trash are the only people that the Dallas Police Department have ever hired since the rise of Obama's Black Power Movement here.

Anyway, the complexity of the analysis of crime, justice, politics and law in Dallas is incomprhensible to me when one factors in that their really are slave-traffickers mind-washing people in this city, that writing about any of it seems next to impossible half of the time to me. This post "feels" very different than things I have written before it. I hear voices when I type because the terrorist organization that I call "NDBC" (North Dallas Brain Control) are talking to me whenever I'm in front of a computer. I am often able to differentiate when I'm "just thinking" versus when I'm actually listening to "external stimuli" inside my skull that are being broadcast into me. Yes, it is a very maddening experience - and it can cause depression - when I'm trying to relax on a train or inside of a library thinking that I might just be cracking up today, and that the government isn't responsible for a damn thing that I have thought about this afternoon

I try to say this as often as I can, I write these words because "they" appear to be helping me write them. Psychological conditioning is very powerful when it comes to prevent educated people from writing about actual government. (And it is a disaster when it comes to making everyday employees perform better at their chosen careers).

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