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Monday, August 28, 2023

The Dollar General Shooting, and Jesus Christ

A philosophical approach to God, life & government requires thought, but thought backed by dialogue. It requires honesty, and honesty about the big issues, not just the trivial points. Philosophical conversations are ones where you don't have to "remind people" to question the boundaries of life and society, the purpose of the writing or conversation is to ask precisely about the boundardies that box peoples minds inside, preventing them from thinking too deeply. One box that many American's like to hide inside, one box that is easy to bring (for instance) - would be to jump up and down while proclaiming that "The Bible is the Greatest Book ever Written." When I was a kid in the 1980's, people would often do just that. At the same time however, something everybody knows (or should know) is that Christianity never really did put a stop to things like Nuclear Weapons, M-16's or even the United States Marine Corpse' deadly forrays into the Middle East.

A good philosopher would be able to ask things questions about these concepts, juxtaposing things in society that are either seemingly contradictory or in fact starkly opposed. I like to ask "What does the bible have to see about Harry Truman & the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings?" Two of the most famous bible passages - passages which are repeated in multiple places in the Gospels - are the ones where Jesus is talking about "anger with a brother." As anybody reading this (likely) knows, Jesus states that "turning the other cheek" is the best approach to anger. This is (Gospel) in Matthew and (Gospel) in Luke and the concept of "revenge" in general is condemned: Romans, Thessalonians etcetra. I have copied these links from this page, but amongst people who are knowledgable about America and its place in the World, these passages are one of the "Real Hilights" of Jesus and his Merry bank of Bible-Thumbers.

Now, clearly a wise philosopher would say (with perfect clarity!) that such concepts as "turning the other cheek" and "offering up a cloak" have no place whatsoever in any analysis about a nuclear war or weapon. When it comes to the Pentagon, and things of such nature, there is just nothing to say about the M-16, Napalm, B-52 Carpet Bombers or Intercontinental Balistic Missiles according to the Greatest Book Ever Written. The bible seems to just "flub it." Jesus seems way out in left field on all of these topics. Furthermore, there is absolutely nobody with a heart or soul inside them who could say that B-52's, M-16's, Napalm or Nuclear Weapons do not pose grave questions in the field of ethics or morality. And yet, again, there isn't a single world in the Bible about it.

And what does that mean? What about Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I mean, in the 1960's everyone argued that the Vietnam War was an unjust war that must be ended for the havoc it wrought on innocent Asian People. But what about Harry Truman? Does this mean President Truman was a sinner? He certainly didn't turn the other cheek when the Japanese Bombed Pearl Harbor. He repaid evil with the worst kind of evil - he incerated 50,000 people in under 3 seconds with a Nuclear Bomb using the Enola Gay. Then he did it again 4 days later! If you believe in Heaven & Hell (and Jesus Christ), would you alledge that Harry Truman currently rotting somewhere in the fires of hell? He clearly wasn't doing God's or Jesus' work - if you truly believe The Bible is the word of God. If you believe in Jesus and the Judgement, ol' President Truman must be living the eternal damnation complaining about this big red guy with a trident and how hot is everywhere. There is no sane philosophical mind that would argue that World War II was in any way consisten with The Bible.

But that's enough about "The Bible" and philosophy. Question the boundaries that box your mind in. When people accuse the American Government of tyranny and authoritarianism for trying to take our guns away, one should argue that it clearly is what Jesus Christ would want, right? Nobody with a clear mind could say "The Bible" supports Gun Ownership. Jesus is very clear on his thoughts about "Self Defense" - he doesn't mention it, he says you should turn the other cheek.

"Forgiveness" is quite literally the most famous point ever made by Christianity in America!

A bible in one hand and a gun in the other makes a nice Johnny Cash song lyric, but it isn't a consistent 'Christian Philosophy!' Furthermore, the most well-known of all Christian Prayers would also have to be the one about 'forgiveness' - the one containing the 'Our Father' Prayer - Matthew 6. Without further adiue, let's try and talk about what happened today:

Today on the news I watched another massacre unfold, this time somewhere in and around Jacksonville, Florida. On Sunday, August 27th there was somebody named "Ryan Christopher Palmeter" who walked into a Dollar General with some kind of weapon or weapons and opened fire on some niggers, killing three of them. (Wiki-Link: HERE)

According to the incessant condemnation by "the losers" on the televised shows on Fox, CNN & and the broadcasts on other internet based "News Outlets" - Mr. Palmeter had some kind of long winded diatribe on some blog or website condemning black people and asserting many "racist" viewpoints. While watching this, it was also mentioned that he was employed inside of a "Dollar Tree", but had opened fire on a "Dollar General." In the black neighborhood which he attacked, one news outlet had a woman screaming at the cameras that she was "so unsafe" that black people couldn't even walk around outside or walk down the street without fearing for their lives.

Speculation isn't always a nice thing, but there are times when writing that a person must speculate to raise points that do involve facts, not lies. Now, I live with electrical implants inside me, and I hear voices myself. I know that there are swathes of "Americans" in Dallas where I live who also live with electronics inside them that make them hear things and hear voices.

I live with speakers that were surgically implanted into my ears. Because I am upset about this, I fight and argue with surveillance, and the Human-Trash that control them. I know I have heard voices ordering me to purchase M-16's and AR-15's to go on a killing spree, literally thousands of times in my life. I am a stronger person than "Ryan Christopher Palmeter", and therefore I never have done such a thing. Can I speculate that "Ryan Christopher Palmeter" was hypn-programmed to kill those niggers at Dollar General?

Do you know that, today, August 28th 2023 is a famous day because on August 28th, 2023 in 1963 (3 months before President Kennedy was assasinated) Martin Luther King gave his famous "I have a fried-chicken dream" speech? I mean, in lieu of forcing out some kind of long-winded diatribe about what "Racial Equality" would even mean, I would rather talk about my experiences with "African American's" yet again. I have had some of those terrificly horrifying experiences with incomprehensibly bigotted and racist black people mistreating me, threatening me and abusing me here in Dallas. I am nearing closer to being 50 years old every day. It is right now August of 2023, and I am 48 years old and 2 months. In less than two years I will be 50, I have been threated by Niggers with Guns for doing something as honest and polite as walking quietly into a Dallas Public Library and attempting to write software on a Computer.

I have had so many racist attacks on my life by "The Black Half" of Dallas, that I truly lost the ability to write about half of my experiences with "The Black Threat" to the innocent Minority White Population of Dallas.

Do not forget that Dallas Texas is truly a Black & Brown based Society, and though English is still dominant over Spanish, the number of English-Speaking White-Skinned People here is certainly less than the Colored Races.

I don't know what it is like in Jacksonville, Florida, but these are facts about my own life:

  • I have written many "factually critical" statements about niggers on my blog
  • It is my own believe that God up in Heaven isn't upset about this. It is even (in my own mind) likely that if MLK is up there, he knows I'm right, and isn't upset about such writings
  • I have written, extensively, about the paranoia caused by hearing voices from micro-chip implants inside me
  • I have heard those voices attempt to "command me" to purchase automatic weapons, and even to use them to massacre people!

If all of these things are true for me? Isn't it extremely likely that "Ryan Christopher Palmeter" was hypno-programmed by his own government (possibly even by other black men) to carry out this massacre?

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