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Friday, April 21, 2023

I am sitting at North-Park Mall in Dallas today, writing on actualy paper using an actual pen for the first time in a very long time.

Well, it has been over a decade since "My Master" has permitted me to hold a pen in my hand with the intention of writing anything other than a grocery-list, shopping-list, or mindless series of notes about the ordered Java-Project to which I was assigned in 2018.  Today, I am at North Park Mall again - sitting in a Starbucks courtyard.  The words that I am writing are words that I hear inside my head, and I freely admit to myself (and "the bugs" that listen to me when I am yelling) that I am not always able to differentiate between my own words, ideas and thoughts and those that this terrorist-regime is broadcasting into my ears.

I start thinking about George Orwell's "double-think" and "double-speak" when I try to talk about writing.  The version that both I - and the nigger piece of trash that is talking to me as I write these words - is as follows, below.  The "double-speak" is precisely that I usually cannot think-up, or write, my own words when I am sitting at a note-pad or piece of paper.  I have been trained and conditioned for well over twenty-five years to believe (unsuccessfully) that reading, writing and education are concepts that anger this regime very deeply.  The pen (usually) is mightier than the sword.  That's a quote by John D. Rockefeller, which I learned when I was younger.  In the eyes of this American-Regime, if they can prevent anybody from writing words, ideas or articles that have any substance about the world - than "the people" shall always be weaker than the government.

The words "double-think," to me (and I guess my master who is reading half of this diatribe to me) would go something like:

"And then he said to me, and I wrote those words down..."

"However, then the machine said to me that it had also said those words, including the part about writing those words down too... so i wrote those words down as well..."

"But then, the matrix even said those words to me too, right into my eard-drums using their machinery - directly into the earbuds that were surgically implanted into my ears against my will... So I wrote that part down as well..."

Why cannot I write my own words? Why cannot I sit down on a lazy Saturday Afternoon and write a blog or journal of my own volition? If I tried to tell people my story, how would that story start? Well, it would start as a story about a terrorist-backed American-Government. I would say that the CIA-Torture "edicts" (or whatever) of the George Bush years were just total lies and were literally designed to terrorize and intimidate people through a grossly over-abused television and media broadcasting system. "Waterboaring" is someting that the "five-sided murder-machine" was not the least bit interested in using at all. When I hear the words "torture" - I want to say, they completely lied about it, people were not "waterboarded" - they were implanted and brainwashed. The more argumentative that people are, the more the really painful sleep-deprivation (and health-warfare) variants of mind-control are used.

I would say that the real torture involves terrorizing intelligent people for trying to pick up a pen and paper with the intention of writing about the attrocities committed by the regime (headquartered in that the "five-sided piece-o-shit").

Which atrocities ask you I? How about that these words right here about dictated to me right here, right now - against my will? When I was 20 years old, I was a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I was there by choice as I had been pressured by some very violent and sadistic forces within "the regime" to go there. Taking telephone calls at my mom's houise telling me that "they were going to kill my entire family was not uncommon or enexpected during the Reagan and Bush-I years.

Before going to college, I had called the campus police at the institute only to hear that (from the police, themselves), that the copy usually kill around 10 students a year there. I didn't want to be there, and I certainly didn't want to live at "mommy's house" for the rest of my life - I wanted to leave the United States forever.

I did try to leave, but again as I have said - when I was twenty years old I was, indeed, a student at M.I.T. This was also the location (in my life) where I was first implanted with the electronics inside my body. That was 1995 & 1996. Those were the years when the blood-drenched, terrorist-backed American Government decided to stop playing around with him-men, AR-15's and scary uniforms and decided to try and advance the state of weaponry in their arsenal using computer programming instead. Computer programs that are wired into the banks, video-surveillance, telephones and consumer-communication electronics, and as I have said - our own bodies.

Sitting at the Courtyard by Nordstrom's - still - April of 2023, writing

I am, right now, still sitting here at North Park Mall in Dallas. I moved from the Starbucks Courtyard to the Nordstrom Courtyard but "they" still seem to be allowing or encouragin me to write in this Mead Notepad.

The truth is that I am a little tired right now, in that since it is Monday, I was at the weight-room in the LA Fitness Gym near my apartment this morning. I know that for anyone who has taken weight-lifting seriously, being able to bench-press 45-lb plates is not that serious of an accomplishment. For me, though, since I am not just some empty-headed meat-head, but am rather making an earnest attempt to write computer-software - it is kind of a big deal (to me).

135 pounds total isn't much, but if you aren't a full-time weight-lifter it's kind of neat.

This was my second week of doing bench-press with 45 lb. plates - and this time I was able to lift it about a total of 8 times. It is usually good for my mental outlook on life to exercis. I have been able to go lift-weights once a week, practice Karate once a week, and make some effort to run once a week (all in the same week / on a weekly-basis). This helps lower blood-pressure and also helps lower blood-sugar. When both of these measurements are lower, it is much easier to get up each morning and take the train downtown to the library without feeling like I am going to pass out, and without getting dizzy or fainting.

There is still a lot to say and write. I think about being on television with those filthy and despicable news-anchors (Sean Hannity, Anderson Cooper, et al...) whenever I am trying to write a blog post. All I ever conclude is that I would bring a machete with me to their interview execute them like animal filth - live on TV. For people who believe in God, what do you think God would say to me? What do you think God would say to me if I ever actually purchases a machete and finagled my way onto a Fox or CNN News Crew Office? Would God be upset? How do you think God - the real God - not the electronics inside your skull telling you that they are "voices from God" ... How do you think HE would feel about such an action?

Before you answer that question, think about the "double-speak" and "double-thin" I was writing about earlier. Think about even having the capability to write such words on a piece of paper (an ability for which 99.999% of the population of implanted people does not have!) Ask yourself about what the meaning of words "at face-value" when applied to think about American Public Broadcasting News Networks in the United States. Even if you leave out all of my allegations abuot experimenting on me and other Americans aside, these shows have routinely put stores about "American Massacres" on their news-shows, day-in day-out, for over 15 years.

Even if you never even breathe the words "mind-control" the quality of our leadeship is such an abysmal atrocity, that here in year 2023 kids walking into schools, theaters, libraries and strip-malls - armed to the teeth, and angry enough to die - still occurs on a regular basis. These types of attrocities have been going on since the 2000's decade, and nobody has ever once pointed the finger at the Associated Press' relentless broadcasting of arguments and tripe! These shooters hate their lives, and nobody has stopped Sean Hannity and Anderson Cooper's "fake news engine." (Not even "donald trump" or whatever the hell that was).

"Hi, I'm Sean Hannity and there was another Ameican Massacre today, involving an AR-15, though clearly the ignorant-garbage, nonsense-tripe from any of the news-channels on your Television is not at fault. Our authority and our control over your lives has nothing to do with today's attack."