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Monday, September 25, 2023

Lowering the Bar in Public Broadcasting

Spending all week thinking about the next time when "they" are going to allow me to write about this cruel rape-machine that runs America makes absolutely everything else that I try to do seem insignificant and even silly. It hurts me inside to talk about "hearing voices" when I know that the only goal of the American-Government's Human-Trafficking Programs is to remain out of the public-eye, and literally out of the mouths of anyone and everyone who doesn't actually work inside their offices. When I type, I know that the reason I never hear much or anything back from anybody is literally because most people out there are perfectly petrified of the thought of standing up to such an organization. The net-result is that all of these factors make this a very lonely job, but one that I embrace, because I believe I'm making God happy (the Real-God, if there is one).

Sure I could drivel on and on about some passage from the bible; I could do that just about every day of my life? Do you know what the problem with that really is? The question "what good would it do?" is the wrong approach, and the wrong attitude. Aside from the fact that there are people who would further bury their head in the sand and "get happy" while real political-prisoners out there will continually be sexually assaulted by the electronics inside them.... Aside from all that, the real question to ask is "What harm would it do?" One thing that all of the news-idiot channels today on TV would agree is that 'Religious Radicalism' is just another variant of tyranical government.

Both sides might even agree that the reason the Catholic Church used to be called "Organized Crime" is because centuries ago (when Spain ruled the world), the European Colonies were based on traveling around the world, and meeting eastablishing themselves and their people in foreign lands. They had a penchant for terrirtory in Mexico and South American, and that is why everything from Houston down to the southern tip of South America speak Spanish today. Spanish is a European-Language, in case you forgot.

These spectacular feats were accomplished by avoided "Religious Radicals" and accepting that their are "other people" in the world (besides just Spain)

In any case, as I meander around in the dark while writing tonight, I maintain that these thoughts that I have are all a result of negotiations with Dallas Brain Control, and the words that I write, as I write them are both a result of voices that I'm hearing right now, as I type them - but also a result of years of arguing with Human-Traffickers and listening to their diatribue and their tripe.

Waking up each day wondering if today is going to be one of the good ones where all the thoughts that I have about this "regime" this "government" - or whatever the hell you would like to call an organization whose Primary Operation is to keep "The People" as dumb & ignorant as they possibly can. This post that I'm typing right now has bee going on since Friday Night, and it is now Monday Afternoon. Over the course of the weekend I've had dozens, or perhaps hundreds of ideas to include in these cute little stories that I get to write on the Internet. But you know what happens? They are annihilated by my daily doses of verbiage, gibberish, nonsense, lies, hate-speech & propaganda - all of which often feel like "only I can hear."

For two weeks I've been trying to write Blog Post that I wanted to call "Lowering the Bar for Entry". But anytime I had any thought at all that I would like to include, instead of taking notes about it on a little notepad, or maybe typing up a few sentences about it while I write my Computer Programs, instead I'm left with nothing but a barrage of "Verbal Gunfire" that tortures my mind & and my soul to the point that I barely remember the day of the week. Writing and thinking can be a source of true joy in life, but they are joys that no good man or women in the United States has understood in the past 20 years.

Initially I had wanted to type a nice long story about all of the latest news articles that I have been reading about parents & teachers condemning a lot of the depravity and immorality behind all of the LGBTQ legislation that any "American" who has tried to pay attention to the filth in Washington D.C. must have heard. To me, the easiest thing in the world is to stand there and call LGBTQ "people" (whatever the fuck that is) a bunch of depraved homos that have no place in our society - other than hiding in closets somewhere. That's both true and easy. I believe in God, and I don't think he would approve of allowing depravity and licentious behavior to be forced down the throats of anybody - particularly children inside of elementary schools. This is nothing mysterious, new or suprising. This is common sense, and common sense is one of many things that went right out the window in the 1970's and 1980's because of all the military &; police fueled violence.

But there is a bigger issue behind all of this. There is a someething more malevolent, colder & and much more evil to be investigated. Why did this happen? Back up for just a second. If you are reading this wonderful blog post that me and NDBC are writing together, and you are one of those who was buried in some kind of menial labor job never taking the least bit of notice to the stench of Washington D.C. on the televised-news, than there is a chance you are wondering what I'm even writing about. Sure, I walk around Dallas where I live, and I know that many of these "people" that go to work each morning at places like McDonald's, CVS, Whole-Foods & the DART Bus System have never heard much about LGBTQ+ Equality, and probably wouldn't really no the first thing I was talking about.

So why do I care? I mean, I do care because it is one of hundreds of horrific ideas that were shoved into my face in the past 15 years in which my face was shoved into televised news. Mind Control & Hypno-Programming forced me to watch horrifying and hateful trash on TV. Mind Control is what forced me away from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and ordered me to sleep in homeless shelters, and eventually forced me into rooms with televisions where there was nothing I was allowed to do other than watch a blank wall, or watch garbage on CNN & Fox News.

Watching conservatives congratulate themselves after 15 years of Pro-LGBTQ public broadcasting as they stand there and tell people they don't like "Liberals" is just so insulting in humiliating that I don't know how to begin to describe it. In the mid 1980's the people who knew what CNN was (and are still around) might remember images of "Ronald Reagan" yelling about the Berllin Wall that the Russian Army had built in the 1960's. Watching the man yell "Tear Down this Wall" given just how many American's had been slaughtered in that decade made the whole experience bizzare and scary. I mean, when I was growing up, knowing that there was no way life in Russia was worse than it was in U.S.A. was very obvious. And there was Reagan tellling people that "Democracy was triumphing over Communism." It was so cock-eyed and stupid that nobody really sad anything about for over 30 years.

Fox News that now champions itself as somoe kind of "Conservative Faction" has decided that the LGBTQ Legislation that was all the rage on both networks since Year 2010 is now a big problem. It sounds as stupid to me as proclaiming that you just turned the corner in your life, and have attended your first match class, and now know that 2 + 2 = 4! (on National-Television, with millions of people watching)

I mean, if I were to barge into the White House, and sieze the government (as per the allegations against the 1/6 people), I promise you that both Anderson Cooper and his Husband would no longer be around. I would ask my subordinates to give the rapist of men 30 seconds to decide between execution or deportation to Nigeria, where he can go have butt-sex with all the niggers that he wants.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Karate Elbow Pain, and Self-Defense with Electronic Implants

I spent the day at the Richardson Public Library, which is here in Dallas (75080). I've been going to that building since I was 8 years old, and I remember that the first book I ever read I picked up at that library. How difficult it is to write anything at all - let alone Java Source Code and blog posts about the government - when listening and even "seeing" the electronics broadcast "stuff" into my head is next to impossible to explain. But I move forward. I know how "the regime" here in the United States fights the people, they force it out of you! They put you in front of a computer and tell you to write. The force you to make an effort to type something into anything that resembles a journal, and then humiliate you and everything for which you have ever tried to stand with the thoughts by which you are bombarded as soon as you write the words "Dear Diary." I have been through the resistance to this horrible government-experiment since the day I was implanted in 1995.

So "they" (to reiterate: the voice-recordings I hear when I am sitting at this Microsoft-Box)... "They" are telling me this is a pretty good opening thus far. I spent the day partially getting work done, and somewhat in a partial panic thinking that I was going to be writing something to my blog. The thoughts swirl around in my head - which part of the incomprehensible tapestry of thoughts about this "regime" are going to be put into HTML tonight. The pain of knowing that anything I try to plan inside my own mind as I sit lazily in a nice air-conditioned library can be fully incinerated by "The Matrix" before I even walk into my front door at home to have dinner. Swirling around in their today is one of the myriad 1980's song-lyrics by the "Base - How low can you go?" (It's a 30 second clip of a song by the people who called themselves "Public Enemy"). And what if on the ride home, "they" somehow changed it?

So I am constantly thinking about what the English Expression "Lowering the Bar" and "Lowering the Barrier for Entry" even mean. In fact, every time I am forced by black people to think about black people whenever I'm trying to get anything done on the computer I am unable to escape the thoughts of "how low these pieces of shit are really going!" I wanted to have my own life, and I don't want to be owned by somebody else. However, as long as these electronics are inside of me, even making one single daily plan for tomorrow can be made into an internation joke in a matter of minutes if "My Master" decides to make it into a joke.

Now, I wrote the above three paragraphs early Friday Evening after returning home from the Richardson Library and having the dinner my wife made for me. The dinner was followed by the usual fighting since - she too - has electronic-implants inside her body and when "Her Master" (which I amicably call "Her Other Boyfriend") wants her in a bad mood, she will just sit there for hours talking to herself and imaginary people around her. It's truly sad, and - as I have just explained - it can ruin an entire day, and entire week - and entire life if North Dallas Brain Control has decided that it should. There is not one damned thing that I, Ralph Torello, can do about it. In any case, I started writing on Friday, and half-way through the exercise, I had my "sore elbow" return and I just couldn't sit in a chair without feeling pain shooting throughout my arm.

I've written in previous posts that I started practicing a little bit of Self-Defense in the form of YouTube Karate Lessons at the very end of Year 2021. With any type of sport or exercise, taking time off is definitely an important part to do and to also understand. I took June & July off, and in August I started up again, watching a You-Tube Video here and there, and then practicing out back. On Thursday Night I ripped hurt my elbow practing a "Karate Chop" to the Neck-Nerves area (which is called the Cervical Plexus). Anything that makes black-people on the DART Train (who also have electrical-implants inside their bodies) and are busy smoking cocaine out of their crack-pies seem less scary makes me excited in practicing Karate Chops. I had never really thought more than a second about the "Solar Plexus" or the "Cervical Plexus" until Year 2023. Apparently hitting a person there is good for rendering them immobilized.

Anyways by Friday Afternoon, sitting at a keyboard hurt my right arm bad enough to prevent me from typing much at all. It is now Sunday Afternoon, and I have just returned from the mall. There were three of four niggers right next to me trying to sell me dog food and cat food and one of them was visibily smoking a glass cocaine pipe right in front of me! North Park Mall is a really nice place to go in Dallas.

But you know what the worst part about it all was? My ear-drum implants were literally speaking volumes to me about what those four niggger-trash "individuals" (for lack of any other term) were doing four years ago at that same Train-Stop with me right next to them. The electronics inside my skull were sitting there bragging about how "four years ago" (2019 - before the COVID-19 festivities) those same black men were sitting at the station right next to me - with a big bag of money / cash they had stolen from somewhere. Then "they" proceeded to tell me that the police officer that I later saw on the train this afternoon was sitting with them trying to smoke their drugs with them. One thing to know about Dallas is that if "crime" is the problem, in most cases the Dallas Police Department could never help do anything but make the situation 100 times worse for honest people.

I become terrified even hearing the word "police", because in my heart, and in my mind, if the Dallas Police Department were obliterated and their leaders imprisoned and killed - I could carry a gun when I went to the grocery store to defend myself. As long as the Police Departments rule the streets, only law abiding citizens like myself have to live in fear of injustice, repression, oppression and violence. If I opened fire on an "African American" at the Train Station who was threatening me and in possession of a Crack Pipe - when the Niggers at Dallas Police would arrive, there is simply zero chance whatsoever I would be taken allowed to go home - ZERO (I would be taken to the prison immediately). The reasons Law Abiding Citizens live in fear is because of the corrupt, ignorant & racist nature of organizations like the Dallas Police. Nigger Trash are the only people that the Dallas Police Department have ever hired since the rise of Obama's Black Power Movement here.

Anyway, the complexity of the analysis of crime, justice, politics and law in Dallas is incomprhensible to me when one factors in that their really are slave-traffickers mind-washing people in this city, that writing about any of it seems next to impossible half of the time to me. This post "feels" very different than things I have written before it. I hear voices when I type because the terrorist organization that I call "NDBC" (North Dallas Brain Control) are talking to me whenever I'm in front of a computer. I am often able to differentiate when I'm "just thinking" versus when I'm actually listening to "external stimuli" inside my skull that are being broadcast into me. Yes, it is a very maddening experience - and it can cause depression - when I'm trying to relax on a train or inside of a library thinking that I might just be cracking up today, and that the government isn't responsible for a damn thing that I have thought about this afternoon

I try to say this as often as I can, I write these words because "they" appear to be helping me write them. Psychological conditioning is very powerful when it comes to prevent educated people from writing about actual government. (And it is a disaster when it comes to making everyday employees perform better at their chosen careers).

Monday, August 28, 2023

The Dollar General Shooting, and Jesus Christ

A philosophical approach to God, life & government requires thought, but thought backed by dialogue. It requires honesty, and honesty about the big issues, not just the trivial points. Philosophical conversations are ones where you don't have to "remind people" to question the boundaries of life and society, the purpose of the writing or conversation is to ask precisely about the boundardies that box peoples minds inside, preventing them from thinking too deeply. One box that many American's like to hide inside, one box that is easy to bring (for instance) - would be to jump up and down while proclaiming that "The Bible is the Greatest Book ever Written." When I was a kid in the 1980's, people would often do just that. At the same time however, something everybody knows (or should know) is that Christianity never really did put a stop to things like Nuclear Weapons, M-16's or even the United States Marine Corpse' deadly forrays into the Middle East.

A good philosopher would be able to ask things questions about these concepts, juxtaposing things in society that are either seemingly contradictory or in fact starkly opposed. I like to ask "What does the bible have to see about Harry Truman & the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings?" Two of the most famous bible passages - passages which are repeated in multiple places in the Gospels - are the ones where Jesus is talking about "anger with a brother." As anybody reading this (likely) knows, Jesus states that "turning the other cheek" is the best approach to anger. This is (Gospel) in Matthew and (Gospel) in Luke and the concept of "revenge" in general is condemned: Romans, Thessalonians etcetra. I have copied these links from this page, but amongst people who are knowledgable about America and its place in the World, these passages are one of the "Real Hilights" of Jesus and his Merry bank of Bible-Thumbers.

Now, clearly a wise philosopher would say (with perfect clarity!) that such concepts as "turning the other cheek" and "offering up a cloak" have no place whatsoever in any analysis about a nuclear war or weapon. When it comes to the Pentagon, and things of such nature, there is just nothing to say about the M-16, Napalm, B-52 Carpet Bombers or Intercontinental Balistic Missiles according to the Greatest Book Ever Written. The bible seems to just "flub it." Jesus seems way out in left field on all of these topics. Furthermore, there is absolutely nobody with a heart or soul inside them who could say that B-52's, M-16's, Napalm or Nuclear Weapons do not pose grave questions in the field of ethics or morality. And yet, again, there isn't a single world in the Bible about it.

And what does that mean? What about Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I mean, in the 1960's everyone argued that the Vietnam War was an unjust war that must be ended for the havoc it wrought on innocent Asian People. But what about Harry Truman? Does this mean President Truman was a sinner? He certainly didn't turn the other cheek when the Japanese Bombed Pearl Harbor. He repaid evil with the worst kind of evil - he incerated 50,000 people in under 3 seconds with a Nuclear Bomb using the Enola Gay. Then he did it again 4 days later! If you believe in Heaven & Hell (and Jesus Christ), would you alledge that Harry Truman currently rotting somewhere in the fires of hell? He clearly wasn't doing God's or Jesus' work - if you truly believe The Bible is the word of God. If you believe in Jesus and the Judgement, ol' President Truman must be living the eternal damnation complaining about this big red guy with a trident and how hot is everywhere. There is no sane philosophical mind that would argue that World War II was in any way consisten with The Bible.

But that's enough about "The Bible" and philosophy. Question the boundaries that box your mind in. When people accuse the American Government of tyranny and authoritarianism for trying to take our guns away, one should argue that it clearly is what Jesus Christ would want, right? Nobody with a clear mind could say "The Bible" supports Gun Ownership. Jesus is very clear on his thoughts about "Self Defense" - he doesn't mention it, he says you should turn the other cheek.

"Forgiveness" is quite literally the most famous point ever made by Christianity in America!

A bible in one hand and a gun in the other makes a nice Johnny Cash song lyric, but it isn't a consistent 'Christian Philosophy!' Furthermore, the most well-known of all Christian Prayers would also have to be the one about 'forgiveness' - the one containing the 'Our Father' Prayer - Matthew 6. Without further adiue, let's try and talk about what happened today:

Today on the news I watched another massacre unfold, this time somewhere in and around Jacksonville, Florida. On Sunday, August 27th there was somebody named "Ryan Christopher Palmeter" who walked into a Dollar General with some kind of weapon or weapons and opened fire on some niggers, killing three of them. (Wiki-Link: HERE)

According to the incessant condemnation by "the losers" on the televised shows on Fox, CNN & and the broadcasts on other internet based "News Outlets" - Mr. Palmeter had some kind of long winded diatribe on some blog or website condemning black people and asserting many "racist" viewpoints. While watching this, it was also mentioned that he was employed inside of a "Dollar Tree", but had opened fire on a "Dollar General." In the black neighborhood which he attacked, one news outlet had a woman screaming at the cameras that she was "so unsafe" that black people couldn't even walk around outside or walk down the street without fearing for their lives.

Speculation isn't always a nice thing, but there are times when writing that a person must speculate to raise points that do involve facts, not lies. Now, I live with electrical implants inside me, and I hear voices myself. I know that there are swathes of "Americans" in Dallas where I live who also live with electronics inside them that make them hear things and hear voices.

I live with speakers that were surgically implanted into my ears. Because I am upset about this, I fight and argue with surveillance, and the Human-Trash that control them. I know I have heard voices ordering me to purchase M-16's and AR-15's to go on a killing spree, literally thousands of times in my life. I am a stronger person than "Ryan Christopher Palmeter", and therefore I never have done such a thing. Can I speculate that "Ryan Christopher Palmeter" was hypn-programmed to kill those niggers at Dollar General?

Do you know that, today, August 28th 2023 is a famous day because on August 28th, 2023 in 1963 (3 months before President Kennedy was assasinated) Martin Luther King gave his famous "I have a fried-chicken dream" speech? I mean, in lieu of forcing out some kind of long-winded diatribe about what "Racial Equality" would even mean, I would rather talk about my experiences with "African American's" yet again. I have had some of those terrificly horrifying experiences with incomprehensibly bigotted and racist black people mistreating me, threatening me and abusing me here in Dallas. I am nearing closer to being 50 years old every day. It is right now August of 2023, and I am 48 years old and 2 months. In less than two years I will be 50, I have been threated by Niggers with Guns for doing something as honest and polite as walking quietly into a Dallas Public Library and attempting to write software on a Computer.

I have had so many racist attacks on my life by "The Black Half" of Dallas, that I truly lost the ability to write about half of my experiences with "The Black Threat" to the innocent Minority White Population of Dallas.

Do not forget that Dallas Texas is truly a Black & Brown based Society, and though English is still dominant over Spanish, the number of English-Speaking White-Skinned People here is certainly less than the Colored Races.

I don't know what it is like in Jacksonville, Florida, but these are facts about my own life:

  • I have written many "factually critical" statements about niggers on my blog
  • It is my own believe that God up in Heaven isn't upset about this. It is even (in my own mind) likely that if MLK is up there, he knows I'm right, and isn't upset about such writings
  • I have written, extensively, about the paranoia caused by hearing voices from micro-chip implants inside me
  • I have heard those voices attempt to "command me" to purchase automatic weapons, and even to use them to massacre people!

If all of these things are true for me? Isn't it extremely likely that "Ryan Christopher Palmeter" was hypno-programmed by his own government (possibly even by other black men) to carry out this massacre?

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Earning the Right to Write

All afternoon long I have had the gut feeling that another blogger post was going to come out of "the wire." It's truly a mezmerizingly evil feeling to think that my own mind, my own brain has been so completely obliterated by the electric wires inside them - that I cannot even write a simply Anne-Frank-esque style diary page about the abuse when I want to! It hurts to the bottom of my soul to think about all the people out there who would be complaining "the experiment" if it weren't for the fact that they have never really been inside of a school before. If everybody else amongst my family (my brothers) and even the population of Dallas who do live with these chips in their body had been hurt as badly as I have been by them, they would all be demanding to write about government abuses of power like me.

In about 10 minutes there is going to be some cock-eyed pile of $hit on TV - which allegedly are the first "Republican Debates" for Year 2024. I know this because I have been working at a computer all morning and afternoon long. I do this because I have a micro-chip inside my body that can send audio signals into my skull that I hear, and that is what I was ordered to do today. These audio signals are how self-proclaimed "governmental power" have come to rule the United States since the very bloody 1980's and early 1990's. As I've written hundreds of times on this blog, even having the ability to write anything at all is so heavily persecuted that despite my zest and fervor for reading and education when I was young, years of my life have elapsed without putting a single word down on paper at all This is not for a lack of trying, but rather a direct result of psychological conditioning.

I'll go and put another 'quick link' to the Java Project (here) that I'm incessantly working on. These are a collection of utilities of various sizes - all of which have been 'typed' by own hands and fingers, but none of which were really 'thought of' by my person, outside of some notes I wrote to myself when I was much younger in High School. I'm not interested, right now anyway, in exlaining how mind-control and hypno-programming can make me type computer-code, today. I'm a lot more excited about writing again about the means and mechanisms by which the government uses these micro-chips to keep control of the office towers, banking systems, money, and of course the surveillance. Their 'greatest conquest' is, as you ought to be able to guess if you were to take the concept seriously - are the thoughts, hearts and attitudes of the women in our society.

I get angry. I get really angry thinking about my own wife (who is Vietnamese) spending all her days sitting aroud listening to some other man, not only a man, but some nigger of Dallas "whispering sweet nothings" into her ear while I'm sort of left to piece together the complete gibberish and nonsense that often comes out of her and other women's mouths because of it. Entertain, for a moment how this very paragraph, this very sentence you are reading right now can be next to impossible to write about when psychological conditioning exists to filter thoughts and words out of your life to prevent you from doing just this. I, personally, do not think I am some kind of 'superman' with nerves of steel that are capable over-coming powerful forces that the rest of society is unable to over-power. No, it truly is nothing like that at all.

No, the words that you are reading right now really are (to a large degree) being broadcast into my brain. I agree with them, and that is how and why I am typing them, and you are reading them. At this point, a truly astute or intelligent reader would ask the question, "if you are not the one thinking up this blog post that you are typing - and these 'monsters' who like to abuse their power are - why are 'they' having you write criticisms and condemnations of the American Government?" The answer is actually sort of simple - I have been fighting with them for almost 25 years. In this time I have refused to allow myself to be put into situations and careers where "evil," "corruption" or "attack on human life" take over my soul or who I am. Do you ever think of Starbucks Baristas as organized crime? I do all the time. I'm not 100% on it, but easily for 15 years I've heard nothing from the the electrical implants in my brain that they are stealing all the money out of the cash-register. Can I prove this? With the proper medical equipment I could easily prove that I had the ability to hear such things.

I could and will talk for hours about using micro-chipped people to do work in customer-service professions. Customer Service and handling clients provides a number of guarantees to the comptrollers of the micro-chips. Such careers provide the constant guarantee to our leaders that nothing politically significant, scholastically rigourous or challenging or intelligent will ever come up in the daily work for any and all employees involved in such work. Are Starbucks Baristas dumb? Yes. Yes they are. A career at a nation-wide franchise where your only goal is to prepare beverages does not a rocket-scientist make. Furthermore, many of them are extremely selfish and nasty and exactly the type of people you would never want to befriend.

No, I have not been employed in food-service or customer-service of any kind - anywhere in this country. I have fought it tooth and nail for well over 15 years - including real-estate (renters) customers, food & coffee customers, telephone-answering customers, insurance policy customers - YOU NAME IT

Forcing people to work in sectors where each and every single day of their lives they are expected to speak with or handle anwhere between 5 and 50 new people that they haven't seen before (or in a long enough time such that you don't really remember them) is the hallmark of how "the regime" keeps the implanted-population divided, confused, uneducated and unable to change their lifestyles very much. I have been a recipient of Social Security since Year 2012, and as a result the regime has been incapable of forcing me to do what is generally the greatest mind-fuck of all, deal with new customers and new clients for the rest of your life.

COVID-19 went on for almost three years. There was not one single phrase or sentence, not one single word that I believed for even a instant. The terrorists who siezed the Nakatomi Plaza (many - but not all - American Office Towers) seemed so transparent during the COVID-19 epidemic that I was at a bit of a loss for how to yell at my wall and my television set while it was going on. Towards the end, the ending summaries about COVID that were put on the biggest news networks (Fox News & CNN) were literally telling people that over 1,000,000 (One Million) American's had perished during the COVID-19 extravaganza. At least here in Dallas, I have yet to meet even a single individual since the day it started who walked up to me, or said to anybody around me that they had COVID-19 at all. I mean, I never even heard once to the best of my recollection that anybody had died ever of the disease. Now, admittedly, not working in Customer Service or Client Services, I don't meet nearly the same number of people that others do.

What's my point? Am I just lambasting an obvious cock-eyed pile of monkey shit to sound important? No, I'm going to try to bring back the point that writing blog-posts like these is truly an art-from in its own right. I didn't "think up" these words, I earned the right to have TRUE anti-government criticism and condemnation broadcast into my brain - instead of the mindless incessant bullshit that everybody else in American Society is usually listening to. Fight with "the nigger" or "the rapist" for a few weeks, he'll eventually make you feel guilty and call you the very criminal that he is. He'll eventually manipulate you until you are shovelling crap at a Starbucks like everyone else who has tried and failed. If you can argue with him for 25 years, well eventually you will get things like this blog post. :)

Before I sign off for today, keep in mind that I also have "a wire" attached to my genitals (my penis), and Brain Control is absolutely a variant of sexual assault. When I type things that say "we should be killing Donald Trump" and "executing Joseph Biden" - I mean it, I stand by it with all my heart, and hopefully you will agree that the rationale is not 'immoral' or 'evil' but rather just and right.

Quote from Wikipedia on: Death of Benito Mussolini

"The bodies of Mussolini and Petacci were taken to Milan and left in a suburban square, the Piazzale Loreto, for a large angry crowd to insult and physically abuse."

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Well, so the nigger shot him... Hooray for NDBC.

NDBC: North Dallas Brain Control

Yesterday, I had something happen to me that really sort of hadn't in about 30 years. I went to North Park Mall here in Dallas after spending all morning and afternoon 'transliterating' my software project at home. The need to sound like a broken-record is what human-rights atrocities in the (former) USA feels like. I (sort of) enjoy sitting in front of a computer and typing Java-Code. Unfortunately, since there is an implant in my skull that makes me hear voices and orders me around, desinging my own software project ideas, web-sites, (or anything really) just isn't actually possible. Instead, what I wind up doing is listening to North Dallas Brain Control's "strongly worded suggestions" and type some project that I can only guess was actually developed years ago.

After spending several hours in front of a computer screen staring at these classes: Location and TreeUtils, which are the newest additions to my project, I went to the mall and sat and drank decaf-coffee, listened to voices in my skull tell me made up stories about the people wandering around, and had a toasted bagel with butter - all at Corner Bakery.

Sitting at the LBJ-Central Train Station, which actully has the "Texas Instruments" people coming home from that building around 6:30 PM, I started hearing one black guy screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs. I noticed him walk off, and then right after that 5 or 6 really loud gunshots came whizzing out. They were really loud! At the time, I couldn't tell what was going on. By the same token, since I have had to listen to stories about the shooting and the drug/military fueled violence of 30 to 40 years ago in USA for so many years recently, it was almost as if those school shooters from when I was young had done all of those things last week, not 35 years ago!

I did realize that I was sitting no more than 10 feet away from a shooting, and that bullets really were flying past my face. There was anothing black woman sitting right next to me. I got up and ran behind this column thing that they have at the station. The guy who (I found out a little later) had been shot was walking off screaming and yelling at the shooter. After ducking behind a column of cement, I asked two people on the other side of the tracks if the guy off in the distance was the one who had been shooting. They both said yes, and since he was far enough away, I pushed the little 911 blue-telephone-pole that is set up at all of the DART Train-Stations in Dallas and told them that somebody was shooting an assload of bullets right in front of me.

The DART Police showed up, and they didn't seem like they wanted to see me or talk to me, or even listen to me. The little black women right next to me was clearly pretty scared, and they were much happier to listen to her speak. I just told them that he was right in fron to the security camera the entire time when and then the many who had been shot in the leg came forward and showed him where he was hit. My DART #17 Bus showed up pretty quickly, and I got on and went home quickly.

I mean, it wasn't that serious. I went to the station this morning, and there is a big bullet hole in the glass right next to where I sit. I personally haven't seen a human being shot (in real life, to the best of my recollection), since Bill Clinton was the President, in 1994. It has truly been a bizaree day today. I have tried to get work done, but I have been "listening to the voices in my head" all day long try to interprety why they would start ordering or arranging for black people to actually start shooting at each-other - particularly right in front of me! I try to get angry at it all, but even a shooting is nothing compared to the torment of trying to analyze what "My Master" is going to order me to do next. Today, for instance, I have spent the entire day programming my "Location" class, so that the Java-Doc Documentation has some really nice CSS Sheets.

I ended up doing about an hour and a half of Karate Last night. It was the most ethereal feeling I've had in a long time. After watching two black people shoot each-other, and three DART Police show up (and ignore me completely), I went and practiced punching, blocking, kicking and combinations for the next round of attacks on my life from the citizenry of Dallas. I focused on these during my two-month break from exercise. NDBC shoved this web-site in my face one day and told me that when my dad / father practiced Judo in the 1960's, these are the stretches that he had practiced (back in the 1960's). The voices in my head talk to me incessantly about these, and they say that stretching your joints and muscles has numerous health benevits

Friday, April 21, 2023

I am sitting at North-Park Mall in Dallas today, writing on actualy paper using an actual pen for the first time in a very long time.

Well, it has been over a decade since "My Master" has permitted me to hold a pen in my hand with the intention of writing anything other than a grocery-list, shopping-list, or mindless series of notes about the ordered Java-Project to which I was assigned in 2018.  Today, I am at North Park Mall again - sitting in a Starbucks courtyard.  The words that I am writing are words that I hear inside my head, and I freely admit to myself (and "the bugs" that listen to me when I am yelling) that I am not always able to differentiate between my own words, ideas and thoughts and those that this terrorist-regime is broadcasting into my ears.

I start thinking about George Orwell's "double-think" and "double-speak" when I try to talk about writing.  The version that both I - and the nigger piece of trash that is talking to me as I write these words - is as follows, below.  The "double-speak" is precisely that I usually cannot think-up, or write, my own words when I am sitting at a note-pad or piece of paper.  I have been trained and conditioned for well over twenty-five years to believe (unsuccessfully) that reading, writing and education are concepts that anger this regime very deeply.  The pen (usually) is mightier than the sword.  That's a quote by John D. Rockefeller, which I learned when I was younger.  In the eyes of this American-Regime, if they can prevent anybody from writing words, ideas or articles that have any substance about the world - than "the people" shall always be weaker than the government.

The words "double-think," to me (and I guess my master who is reading half of this diatribe to me) would go something like:

"And then he said to me, and I wrote those words down..."

"However, then the machine said to me that it had also said those words, including the part about writing those words down too... so i wrote those words down as well..."

"But then, the matrix even said those words to me too, right into my eard-drums using their machinery - directly into the earbuds that were surgically implanted into my ears against my will... So I wrote that part down as well..."

Why cannot I write my own words? Why cannot I sit down on a lazy Saturday Afternoon and write a blog or journal of my own volition? If I tried to tell people my story, how would that story start? Well, it would start as a story about a terrorist-backed American-Government. I would say that the CIA-Torture "edicts" (or whatever) of the George Bush years were just total lies and were literally designed to terrorize and intimidate people through a grossly over-abused television and media broadcasting system. "Waterboaring" is someting that the "five-sided murder-machine" was not the least bit interested in using at all. When I hear the words "torture" - I want to say, they completely lied about it, people were not "waterboarded" - they were implanted and brainwashed. The more argumentative that people are, the more the really painful sleep-deprivation (and health-warfare) variants of mind-control are used.

I would say that the real torture involves terrorizing intelligent people for trying to pick up a pen and paper with the intention of writing about the attrocities committed by the regime (headquartered in that the "five-sided piece-o-shit").

Which atrocities ask you I? How about that these words right here about dictated to me right here, right now - against my will? When I was 20 years old, I was a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I was there by choice as I had been pressured by some very violent and sadistic forces within "the regime" to go there. Taking telephone calls at my mom's houise telling me that "they were going to kill my entire family was not uncommon or enexpected during the Reagan and Bush-I years.

Before going to college, I had called the campus police at the institute only to hear that (from the police, themselves), that the copy usually kill around 10 students a year there. I didn't want to be there, and I certainly didn't want to live at "mommy's house" for the rest of my life - I wanted to leave the United States forever.

I did try to leave, but again as I have said - when I was twenty years old I was, indeed, a student at M.I.T. This was also the location (in my life) where I was first implanted with the electronics inside my body. That was 1995 & 1996. Those were the years when the blood-drenched, terrorist-backed American Government decided to stop playing around with him-men, AR-15's and scary uniforms and decided to try and advance the state of weaponry in their arsenal using computer programming instead. Computer programs that are wired into the banks, video-surveillance, telephones and consumer-communication electronics, and as I have said - our own bodies.

Sitting at the Courtyard by Nordstrom's - still - April of 2023, writing

I am, right now, still sitting here at North Park Mall in Dallas. I moved from the Starbucks Courtyard to the Nordstrom Courtyard but "they" still seem to be allowing or encouragin me to write in this Mead Notepad.

The truth is that I am a little tired right now, in that since it is Monday, I was at the weight-room in the LA Fitness Gym near my apartment this morning. I know that for anyone who has taken weight-lifting seriously, being able to bench-press 45-lb plates is not that serious of an accomplishment. For me, though, since I am not just some empty-headed meat-head, but am rather making an earnest attempt to write computer-software - it is kind of a big deal (to me).

135 pounds total isn't much, but if you aren't a full-time weight-lifter it's kind of neat.

This was my second week of doing bench-press with 45 lb. plates - and this time I was able to lift it about a total of 8 times. It is usually good for my mental outlook on life to exercis. I have been able to go lift-weights once a week, practice Karate once a week, and make some effort to run once a week (all in the same week / on a weekly-basis). This helps lower blood-pressure and also helps lower blood-sugar. When both of these measurements are lower, it is much easier to get up each morning and take the train downtown to the library without feeling like I am going to pass out, and without getting dizzy or fainting.

There is still a lot to say and write. I think about being on television with those filthy and despicable news-anchors (Sean Hannity, Anderson Cooper, et al...) whenever I am trying to write a blog post. All I ever conclude is that I would bring a machete with me to their interview execute them like animal filth - live on TV. For people who believe in God, what do you think God would say to me? What do you think God would say to me if I ever actually purchases a machete and finagled my way onto a Fox or CNN News Crew Office? Would God be upset? How do you think God - the real God - not the electronics inside your skull telling you that they are "voices from God" ... How do you think HE would feel about such an action?

Before you answer that question, think about the "double-speak" and "double-thin" I was writing about earlier. Think about even having the capability to write such words on a piece of paper (an ability for which 99.999% of the population of implanted people does not have!) Ask yourself about what the meaning of words "at face-value" when applied to think about American Public Broadcasting News Networks in the United States. Even if you leave out all of my allegations abuot experimenting on me and other Americans aside, these shows have routinely put stores about "American Massacres" on their news-shows, day-in day-out, for over 15 years.

Even if you never even breathe the words "mind-control" the quality of our leadeship is such an abysmal atrocity, that here in year 2023 kids walking into schools, theaters, libraries and strip-malls - armed to the teeth, and angry enough to die - still occurs on a regular basis. These types of attrocities have been going on since the 2000's decade, and nobody has ever once pointed the finger at the Associated Press' relentless broadcasting of arguments and tripe! These shooters hate their lives, and nobody has stopped Sean Hannity and Anderson Cooper's "fake news engine." (Not even "donald trump" or whatever the hell that was).

"Hi, I'm Sean Hannity and there was another Ameican Massacre today, involving an AR-15, though clearly the ignorant-garbage, nonsense-tripe from any of the news-channels on your Television is not at fault. Our authority and our control over your lives has nothing to do with today's attack."