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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

July Fourth, 2022

A moment ago, here, inside the giant 8-story complex in front of Dallas City Hall where I try to do my programming, a scene sort of unfolded with a (possibly homless) Black Woman screaming at the top of her lungs in front of the whole floor. The images inside my eye-sockets, and the voices I am listening to are proclaiming the magnanimity of "The Black Guy" sitting in his little office somewhere in North Dallas running the Audio-Video broadcast computers. You see, twenty minutes ago, the "Head Floor Librarian" (whose name appears to be 'Morgan') decided he wanted a fight and started making threats my leaving the floor for more than 20 or 30 minutes. Today, is my first day at work after almost 6 days, and I haven't been able to do a damn thing all day.

There he is! Can you see him smiling? If you have an eye-socket implant yourself, perhaps your broadcasting-operator showed you the image as you read along. The woman was enraged that the librarians had taken her bags and thrown them all in the trash. Obviously that's a terrible thing to do to anyone. The library speakers are always bringing up the fact that leaving your desk for longer than 20 minutes justifies throwing everything at your desk in the trash.

The sixth floor of the library recently had one of those Mexican Worker Crews renovate the floor. New study rooms are sort of out of view of this photo. The black woman whose propery was thrown in the trash was in one of those rooms. My implants were attempting to "sooth me" as NDBC proudly proclaimed that "we are attacking niggers to!" I tried to shrug it off. I did have a pointless pyrrhic victory over the (white-man, my age) head floor librarian, as he was humiliated by the screaming black lady. Perhaps "The Department" set it off just so that I could type it onto this blog post!

America is an awful place to be for a lot of people - BUT - generally, the people who have been treated the absolute worst are exactly those who are pressured to never say a thing about the government. The major news networks (Fox / CNN / etc...) never include a thing about the rights or the problems that "the little guy" or "the victimized" suffer in America. To me, a true self-identified "liberal" is a man with a ruthless and immoral soul who's here to take what he can from the earth, and give nothing in return. A man who is here to promote immorality and oppression of the honest, the fair, the meek, and especially the educated or intelligent.

Technically, there is worse than "The TV Liberal" (if you are willing to split hairs with me, for just a second) - and that is "The Televised Conservative." (Behind the scenes, and when it counts, they aren't different at all)

In all seriousness, there is nothing more important than our rights and our laws - nothing on earth. This is what it means to be a human being! Our rights, saftey and protections are so deep inside of our minds and our bodies that when a person is "fearful for his life" everything else in his consciousness will cease until the threat is stopped and understood. For me, growing in the violent 1980's (I'm 47 Years Old, and know all about the blood-drenched pentagon), serious human-rights abuses - to the point that when violence 'happened', I literally remember it taking years of thinking about the problems that led to said violence before feeling you had done enough.

Of course it is possible to place such concepts "into the background of our thoughts and our lives" - in times of our lives when there are no such violations to our laws or rights. (Unfortunately, for me, I don't live in such a time-period - "an era" or "an epoch" - of human civilization when serious human-rights abuses aren't taking place in the part of the earth where I live). I am a victim of the American Gestapo. NOTE: "they" don't have any official name hanging up in their offices at all! The microchips inside me will call them "The Gestapo" if the words are properly timed to scare me. Obviously, there aren't any Major American Public Figures who would assert there is "A Gestapo" running this country! "They" (The Department of Brain Control) have referred to themselves as everything from "The Department" to "The Rape Regime" up to and including "Radicalized Elements of the Catholic Church." It doesn't matter what their name is when there is nobody capable of holding these people accountable for their actions.

The reality is, I am a victim of this brutally repressive regime in Dallas Texas. The types of Bio-Electric Hardware that is used is the same exact stuff that was used when I was younger, and living in Cambridge Massachusetts (and even the few years I was in Manhattan). So lets talk about "my rights" for just a moment, and the difference between "a liberal" and "a conservative." Again, the reality is that as long as there aren't any major violations of a man (or woman's) rights and laws, bringing up the subject of morality every 15 minutes is actually sort-of 'anathema' to what life is all about! However, by that very same token, if gross abuses of power, morality, good, evil, right & wrong are happening around us - those very issues will not leave the center of society for as long as those abuses of power are happening. The door swings both ways, right? That's a real expression? If you don't want to talk about "the morality" just make sure you are trying to be a good person.

  • The Conservatives love to portray themselves as "The Alternative View-Point" and / or "The Dissenting View-Point."
  • "The Disgusting Conservative" really enjoys seeing the other-side as "The Goliath," using terms such as "The Main Stream Media" to describe this other-side (and that they, The Conservatives, have no part this "Main Stream"!)
  • Their "alternative view point" is then likened as some kind of answer to this Goliath-Beast, and themselves similar to "King David" attempting to slay this terrible beast.
  • And yet it is precisely those very people (Conservatives) who will go absolutely berserk when they hear about somebody in society "Playing the Victim" or claiming to be a "Victim of Oppression."

I am going to say again, I am not a liberal, I hate their despicable anti-morality! But keep in mind, the conservatives aren't actually fighting "The Liberals" at all.  They aren't fighting for the values, or against their agenda - they are helping to promote it. It is precisely the phony-arguments, the conservative arrogance, and the condescension that is, in totality, the actual goal of their "King David" stance. The Conservatives are actually there to back the legitimacy of the Washington Regime, and down-play the atrocities that both sides have committed.

The mentality of crushing King David, and standing proudly over him and proclaiming the moralizing-virtues of goliath are what both sides are after. Here is what "The Liberals" are trying to say about society's victims:

  • The "The Victimized" in American Society are most often Lesbian, Homosexual & Transgender People who have been told they aren't allowed to Practice their Sexual Identity
  • The "Victims" in society are more likely Black People with Black Skin who haven't been given the same opportunities in American Society that other "Privileged Whites" have received.
  • And yet here in Dallas Texas, as an "Educated White Male" I have watched my rights crushed by The Black Agenda that was actively eliminating (exterminating was their word) white-influence in Dallas

This "Conservative" who claims to be "fighting for the political minority" is not a voice for the Victims of American Society. His voice is more deadly and destructive than the "Gay Rights Transgender Liberal" - since (in all truth) Fox News openly supports Gay Marriage as well. He is a man should be hit in the face with a machete, and whose body parts thrown at oncoming Fifth Avenue Traffic I mean, "How dare you evil piece of trash speak about principals, morality, and virtue" and then come at millions of people with BOTH you AND your child covered in tattoos?

NOTE: The contents of this blog are, indeed, being read "over the wire" to me - piped directly into my brain. Please! Ask yourself! Does that excuse me from posting any old thing on this page (including such violent arguments about this evil piece of shit - "Hegeseth"? Is that not the exact crime I am accusing Mr. Hegeseth of? If you feel that makes me a hypocrite, please read all the way to the end. Let's start with some facts. I do not "speak on behalf of God" - and I certainly don't have God's telephone number. God knows answers, and we can only guess, think, read and educate ourselves as to what we feel are answers to questions about good, evil, right & wrong.

To me, I believe that if War, Atrocity or Persecution are part of your life, thinking about how to defend your life (self-defense) is not only all right, it's part of knowing what human-life is all about. This is the face of the third-millenium for man on earth: Do you think God would be angry at me for talking about killing and dismembering Fox News Host Pete Hegeseth? Yes, I am physically being violated - sexually violated - as Hegeseth's words and Hegeseth's likeness are directly piped & transmitted into my skull via my implants. Yes! I want to lash out and hurt that man, given that his bosses and his owners are keeping on TV for that express purpose! On top of that, I even feel, it would be the right thing to do, and full under the generally category of self-defense!

But there is something much darker than all of that. Something darker than the fact that the major news-networks are on TV - failing to solve any problems at all. Something darker than the fact that the evil pieces of shit who run Fox News & CNN (both of whom define "Main Stream Media") know that there TELEVISED BROADCASTS are actually routinely turned into BIO-ELECTRIC WEAPONINZERD BROADCASTS. Guess what? The people who most enjoy talking about "dismembering Pete Hegeseth, and throwing his body parts at oncoming traffic on 5th Avenue" are the exactly the people who are creating this "Brain MTV" content. I did not come up with this idea - NDBC did!

When reading these words, it is of paramount importance to accept that my Bio-Electric Implants are always coaching me, pressuring me, and ordering me around. Try to accept that I know the severity & the gravity of these words (violence & killing), but that's the nature of weaponry in the third-millenium. When I cross or upset "The Black People" at NDBC, by telling them there news is a bunch of trash, the very nature of the content that I'm forced to listen to will get worse and worse. The machine operators love to portray your thoughts, feelings, emotions & dreams through the lens of their agenda (which in Dallas is very often a "Black Agenda). The two largest news-networks (Fox & CNN) are always praising Black People, and...

So when I condemn their news-channels, either in an e-mail, or directly to The Brain Control Department through their surveillance devices, they "get revenge on me" by photoshopping images of me running down Fifth Avenue with Pete Hegeseth's dismembered arms and legs and sending those over the wire!

This sucks, and America Sucks, and I want to leave. The people who never tried to do much with their lives are rewarded with spectacular fincial gains. Anybody who ever tried to educate themselves and learn things are punished.

I mean, horrible taste, low cut-dresses, and ignorant woman (whores!) is what you have to see. These are whores. These are whores who have had Bio-Electric Weapons attached to their eye-sockets, ear-drums, and other nerve-centers in their bodies - including their genitals. This isn't "conservative" by any definition of the term! 5 women wearing low-cut dresses mouthing off about their "pretend & phony anger" about "The Dumbo-crats" is less sensible and less moralizing that paying John Gotti to do the news.

This post has actually taken me two days to write. It is now the 6th of July. On July Fourth, my master had me up and writing more Java Code and HTML Documentation beginning at 6:00 A.M. I worked until close to 4:00 P.M. that day. Writing code has been more sporadic. It is always a sore spot thinking about which function, routine or module "they" are going to make me write. It is always a sore spot knowing that many of the Software Routines that I want to be programming are not being allowed by their thought-control system.

I'm going to end that with these photos:

AND HERE GO "THE LIBERALS" This is a photo of "The Joe Biden White House" as they celebrate Homosexuals, Lesbians, and men who like to dress up as women wearing dresses, and walk around Major Metropolitan Areas. This is a picture of the White House, and this issue (LGBTQ) is neither pertinent nor relevant to the a hundred million or so people who live in North America. Yes! Scenes like this reallly are destructive to the consciouss of "a people" - specifically, how the fuck am I supposed to carry on a conversation about mass shooters (good, evil, right & wrong), when you are willing to bring up men's rights to wear dresses and call that a major socio-moral problem for us to face?

Before all else, LGBTQ really mean disinformation.

And here is the newest Fourth of July Massacre! Happy Fourth of July! You know this "dinky little massacre" (only 7 or 8 people killed) had more dead people than were killed by the British during the Boston Massacre of 1770

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