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Friday, June 3, 2022

Robot-Relatives in the U.S.A., and The Family-Unit - Part 2.

Well, I guess I have to write this. I have a brother driving around in a Toyota Yaris and camping all along the California-Oregon-Washington Coast. My master has been coaching me for two days regarding what to say about all of this. It may be read at I was actually a little excited about doing another American History Post, since my implants showed me a neat web-page with pictures from 1870 and 1880. The most important thing to say about family is that I write and think about it every chance I get. Whenever I find myself making any effort at all 'to think', I can get a little sad, and even depressed. The truth about people who live with this government attrocity, is that most people don't really "know themselves." Socrates says "Know Thyself."

A famous Rennaisance Painting of Socrates, called "Socrates Defense." Note that this was painted well over a Thousand Years after any Roman Philosophers or Politicans evers lived. It is also one of the staple / mainstay images burned into my brain through retinal implants. I guess 'they' think it gives 'them' more credibility, but it doesn't.

How can one truly understand himself / herself when not all thoughts, sights & sounds one thinks come from him or herself?

So, generally, I just have to accept that many of the things I think are being suggested by some black guy sitting in one of these offices in and around North Dallas, or Downtown Dallas where I go to do my work. Some of the most influential thoughts that man (or woman) has inside themselves are about ones closest relatives, brothers and family. Now, I am the oldest of five brothers and sisters. For years I have had 'thoughts' about the difference between inferiority complexes versus arrogance. What I get to know is that the "older brother" is more easily swayed to be 'arrogant.' Younger brothers have a slightly higher tendency to have 'inferiority complexes.'

Now, I'm going to be 47 years old, and I was put on the reproduction-blacklist (no wife, no kids) in my 20's and was totally prohibited from having any type of girlfriend. Despite working on Wall Street in my early 20's, all my money was taken from my through psychological-abuse manipulation (this was before 2001, remember), and I was flatly told to go live in a Concentration Camp up in Boston for quite a lot of the September 11th & George Bush Administration. It wasn't until Barrack Obama was the President (2008) that I was told by my Master that I would not be forced back into homeless shelters. I never got to have children or a family in my twenties because of the radicalized rape-regime which I call the Boston and New York City Department of Bio-Electric Weapons.

Thinking about writing... Thinking about thinking! So a younger brother of mine is driving around and 'camping' at all of Camp Grounds he can find on the West Coast. Now, to me, this isn't supposed to be a scary thing, right? Being happy that other people are happy is exactly the type of thing that a sane and socially well adjusted person is good at, right? Sure... You know what it is that makes "family" so much more difficult for people who "live in the Matrix?" It's not so much that someone else's happiness or success or bothering to me (as long it isn't immoral, or amoral - since Adolf Hitler was also pretty successful in many people's minds)...

It isn't other family member's happiness that bothers me, or should bother anybody who is a reasonable person - it is all the interjections, interpretations, solicitations, insults and threats that always come along for the ride when 'The Department' is involved

My wife is currently asleep right now. It's only 9:00 P.M. I'm sitting here listening to a dictation-letter, through these electronic nightmare's inside my head, and it's just the fear of the unknown that is the most troubling. It would be nice to have more conversation with people inside my home (like my wife, for instance) but that's not the easiest thing when 'The Department' has decided to "change the gears" of the standard brain broadcast contents. I have been on California's Highway One myself, but it was while I was still in college.

This is what my little-brother is currently looking at. Unfortunately, this is not what I get to see.

Unfortunately, for me, this is sort of what leaving home to go on a West Coast Road Trip looks like to me. This is a picture from The Matrix

Today is Friday, June 3rd, 2022. It's Friday Night, and the nice Vietnamese Lady that lives with me is asleep already. It's past 9:00 P.M. right now. I went downtown today (to the library), programmed a binary-file reader courtesy of the government. My exercise program is getting better and better. 'They' are currently training me in the art of Vegetable-Based Blender-Food. I made a Celery-Tomato Mix-Thing in the blender at breakfast. I actually made three of them, one with Strawberries and Bananas, and even another one with just an apple and milk. Note, that whenever you start any kind of exercise that involves muscles and muscle development, you absolutely must eat more food. The most important thing to remember about is when you start eating more, the extra food that you eat cannot be junk food, or you will get very sick. I had three breakfast smoothies today. The 'Bloody Mary' like thing (with Celery, Tomato, Vinegar, Lime, Salt, Tabasco) was actually really a great thing. My wife makes me port chops for breakfast practically seven days a week, but switching to Celery is really great morale booster.

So I'm sitting here, in my easy chair, typing and the biological part of my mind is making an effort to envision what it must be like to sit in front of computers that have the ability to push people around the city - as in my case. I like to wonder how far into the wilderness these broadcast mechanisms can go. Clearly there are Cell Phone Towers nd Internet Routers all around the America's National Parks (where Charlie is right now), or else he wouldn't be posting this stuff to his page.

But that is the whole entire attack in a nutshell - I'm only being made to feel scared because 'The Content' that I am absorbing through these Bio-Electrical Devices has changed so drastically, that I'm worried whether more capricious demands are going to be made of my life while I'm going to sleep at night. It has nothing to do with jealousy, anger or dislike of somebody else, or a brother, being happy. It doesn't! And that's what this Piece of Shit Regime does to us all. We cannot try to live and let live. There is no way when thoughts you have are being dictated not by your own heart and your mind, but by the capricious and cruel manipulative intentions of some nigger sitting in an office here in Dallas.

Attacking people at their core, to keep them distant from others is one way to keep a man down; to keep him a slave. I cannot be happy that my brother is on a road trip and trying to write about it. It's going to be filled with hundreds of additional opinions, criticisms, twisting-of-facts, and imbecilic-patriotic manipulations all of which I'm going to have to listen to courtest of my bio-electric ear-drum implants as I try to go to sleep tonight. And none of them are from my brain or my brothers brain!

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