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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Learning Spanish with a Brain Implant

Waking up at 5:00 A.M. to have Coffee and transcribe a Java Programming System that is growing larger every day requires a lot of "other things" on which to focus in life. About a week ago I received another lesson from the Dallas Regime about writing, and giving any credence to thought that I could be BOTH a person who writes Java Software, AND have enough outside interests to be able to think about Reading, Writing, History and other people. Truthfully, even calling myself a successful Software Engineer, given that growing a business around an idea that is supposed to help other Software People is next to impossible. The radicalized branch of government that runs these Brain-Control Software-Systems does not like people trying to engage in intellectual-pursuits. At the top of that list, as I have known since I was 18, Years old would be any software-program that is designed to communicate information from foreign countries, about foreign-countries, or translate anything about foreign-languages.

You know? I don't really like Video Games. To me, it is really sad to waste more than an a hour or two in any given week playing "Risk: Quest for Global Domination" (like I did when I was 15 Years Old, going to stay at my Uncle's House in the State of Virginia). Since Year 2020, there have been many months when the Micro-Chips that are inside my Eye-Sockets made no attempt to force me to waste my life & my time staring at some idiotic maps and trying to "Conquer Australia" over and over. And I don't want to talk about this at all. How can a man write something that is against the grain of things that the government considers real threats? How can a man write anything about intelligence or anything intellectual at all when his mind is being bombarded by random and extraneous points, lies, idiocy, and irrelevant facts (about nothing) - on and off - throughout his whole life?

I know this inside and out, if you are playing the A.I., you must start with Australia or South America, becausee trying anything else is likely a 75% chance of being completely annihilated. I played this board-game as a kid, and I would have preferred it to stay that way. I don't get to make my own decisions.

So in the past week and a half, I've probably spent at least 60 hours typing some software project that is nothing more than a collection of "commits" from some other "guy" from years ago. I like the idea of parsing HTML, and making a much more powerful software documentation tool. It's a great idea. It's an idea I thought of - when I was a High School student living at my Mother's in 1992. It is such an awful feeling! Programming a computer was one of the many dreams I had as a kid! I mean, just the thought of what these evil people are using a computer to do to "The Americans" should be enough to make you sick. It should be enough to make you take up arms against the American Government. It is! Do you know what is worse than all that? Using my own dreams to hurt me. Using my own dreams to take advantage of me; take advantage of all the hard work I did do earlier in life; using these dreams and these ideas for nothing than the purpose of creating servants and slaves and idiots out of legions of people in Dallas and even my family.

Today is Juneteenth, and it is a holiday that's they create to support the idea of freedom over slavery. Here I am, sitting in my stupid chair thinking about what feels like an eternity since the last time I was allowed to write anything to my blog. You know what's worse than that? It's the thought that even having the ability to write anything necessitates - mandates & requires - my owner, my master - to decide that he feels bad enough about his actions before he sits down and puts together a self-critical letter. My master has to first write about what his Regime is doing in Dallas - before this software can encourage & promote me to type that letter by transmitting to these fucking implants! ... Anyway... I guess after close to two weeks without writing he (or 'they') has decided to have me transcribe this one.

It feels like being up against an army of selfish, greedy, self-serving liars who are perfectly willing to do nothing but invent stories all day long - and say those stories on TV, and write them on blogs. The feeling of such hopelessness as I spend 6, 8 up to 14 hours in a given day transcribing Java Code, HTML, CSS, Regular-Expressions and Java-Script - all the while wishing I could spend that exact amount of time condemning this ludicrous regime of empty, phony egomaniacs through words, actions, thoughts and deeds. Every waking minute I think another thought, another sentence, and another idea about what I would do on TV. Not all of my thoughts involve me chopping their fucking heads off - although if I ever met "Don Lemon" or "Laura Ingraham" or "Bill o'Reilly" nothing would stop me from gouging out their eyes and dismembering their arms and legs ... and the Dallas Mind Control Regime really could prove to you that those thoughts of violence are their thoughts which they have turned into my thoughts!

On Wednesday of this past week I was actually permitted to sleep until 7:00 A.M. My wife usually gets up earlier than me. In any case, I really like to exercise because I am a lot different than a lot of the other Menial-Labor Brain-Control Victims in Dallas who spend their whole lives wearing aprons and staring out the windows of some small fast-food, auto-repair, or clothing-apparel American-Franchise Chain-Store. Such things are so popular among the regime because these stores truly guarantee one thing - you need absolutely zero-intelligence or education to work there! Stupid people are much easier to persuade into illegal behavior and dissuade from questioning leadership or choosing intellectual pursuits. So, I sit in front of a computer a lot more than most people in this city. I'm not going to tell you that "it makes me smarter" - because in all reality, what I read on the Internet and what I look it is controlled - even mandated - by the selections and choices that my master makes when he comes up with my daily program.. Sitting around thinking "I'm smarter than everybody else" is not what I choose to do (although listening to such audio-broadcasts, indeed, is something I've put up with my whole adult life).

So the other day I woke arond 7, and was out behind my room where I live doing my exercises in the morning. Going to the gym in the mornings to lift weights and do bench press (in year 2018) is how it started for me. I spent almost an hour doing a long list of calisthentics, jumping-jacks, wind-mills and eventually some Karate Kicks & Punches from a YouTube Video that was shoved in my face one fine day by the regime. Since I left You-Fit Gyms in 2021, I have not signed up for a new one yet, and instead I try to do as many of the muscle-building exercise after Calisthenics as possible. Pushups, Sit-Ups, Crunches etc... 'They' work with me on making sure I don't messs up and get hurt. I didn't get too hurt in 2021 at all. It's sort of an agreement with 'them', because otherwise I wouldn't do any of it. This year I was on exercise ybreak for most of January, Februar & March. Since April Fools Day, though, I have been encouraged to go out back and do exercise for an hour twice a week. It is always at the discretion of the people who give me my daily orders - everyday!

Recently, I have been receiving the "Exercise Cool Down" lessons about what to do after you are finished - but before you go out to work or grocery shopping. Trying to have thoughts about my own plans, my daily activities and my own behavior has next to no meaning at all to me. Every day feels like "Surpise! ... Today is...!" I don't know what to call these "lessons" that I get everyday. Since I associate the word "lesson" with something which an educated teacher does for a student, calling the "Excercise Cool Down" AV Software Broadcast (into my brain!) "a lesson" seems like a real insult to the whole concept of lessons! It did help a little bit. If you want to avoid pain in your extremeties which is very easy for somebody doing muscle-related exercise with a brain-implant to experience, cooling down and letting your brain relax before doing any Java Programming is sort-a important. Just so you know, if you ever do weight-lifting, the muscles (especially in your legs) are, sort-of, stealing a lot of attention from your body. It can make your feet and hands depleted of the nutrition, and nerve-pain will happen to you if you don't 'cool down.'

I don't just do Software-Programming, I do as much exercise as I can. Back in the 1990's it was popular for the newly formed computer companies to build gyms at their sites. When sitting in front of a computer for 10 hours in a day, you can get sick. So... afterwards, 'they' suggested that my 'cool down' be to ride on the DART Bus to a store which meant stopping at by LBJ, Skillman Station in Garland.

A DART Blue Line Light-Rail Stop in Garland Texas, which is a district of Dallas that is in the North and Eastern part of the City. In the summer, in the morning before it gets hot (and mostly all of fall-winter-spring) it is a very relaxing place to sit. You see all kinds of people here, although nobody says anything to each-other. 40 years ago, when I was a kid, a place like this (if it had been finished) people wouldn't have shutup!

On my way to the little bench they have set up, I noticed a Mexican Looking person sitting there. Immediately, the micro-chips had me looking at the schedule for Bus 243, which was going to get me to Plano & Arapaho, and ending with Arapaho Center Station. Recently (January of 2022), the Dallas Regime cancelled every bus that they had created and "published" this new set of busses to run. Needless to say, I don't know any of the schedules, and the once-great DART punctuality (the busses have always run on time in this city) has actually fallen. I've been riding the bus since I don't remember, since blacklisting me has guaranteed I do not own a vehicle for very long. My previous car, which was my dad's was smashed to pieces, intentionally, with me in it!. That was the Spring of 2015, but this past Wednesday, I was waiting to ride to Plano & Belt Line on #243. There was a Mexican Guy, and I am always wondering what the "Program in the Sky" is going to spring on me. Though I do not believe the entire Dallas Population are all robots, and certainly the Master Race doesn't biologically-implant itself, there are certainly many robot-like people here.

All of a sudden, I remembered some of the lessons I had had the day before. While riding the bus on the way to work, I was listening to an audio-video track (without wearing any head-phones, or looking at a cell-phone) about conjugating Spanish Verbs. My earlier years as a Java Software Programmer were based on a (very misplaced) belief that my Internet Foreign News Translations business were going to turn into something that actually earned a little money. I know what I want to do with my "Spanish News Board", but when I'm in front of a computer at the Dallas Library, or in my Easy-Chair at home, I have the ability to write the methods, functions, HTML, CSS and Documentation that "the regime" has selected for me - or I can sit and complain and not write anything at all! The thought that I'll work on something of my choosing didn't seem like a very "foreign concept" when I started, but certainly in Year 2022 it is.

The truth about the "Mind Control Spanish Tutorial Broadcasts" are actually quite a bit less offensive and easier on my mind than the types of broadcasts I've had in years past. Images of very large tattooed Mexican's sodomizing me in while locked in a prison-cell - while the guards stand and around and laugh at me (all for attempting to purchase a Spanish-Learning Book at Barnes & Noble) were a lot worse.

Spanish is a European Language that came to the America's on ships several hundred years ago. The most vehement opponents to the European Colonial System were the English, not the Indians in Latin & South America. The English Colonies in Massachusetts, New York & Virgina were very different than those in Mexico, Panama & South America George Washington, who fired "the shot heard around the world" didn't particularly like the 'fresh-off-the-boat' Europeans showing in the American Colonies. At the time, Mexico & Massachusetts were very different places (they still are).

So, my grand-parents actually were both "white as doves" (white-skin) who traced their lineage back to Spain. My dad was a little darker. It is alleged that both of my dad's parents were born in Mexico, although they arrived in the United States in the early 1930's when they, themselves, were in their early-to-mid 20's. They spoke fluent Spanish, and actually my dad used to say some of his earliest memories were not understanding all the kids at kindergarten.

So, on Wednesday at the DART Train, all of a sudden I had a flash of inspiration provided by "The Software Tool." It was about Spanish Verbs. I've studied foreign languages every chance that I have been permitted in my life. For many years this means I did not studying at all, but got to think about shoving burritos and Taco Bell in my face - even when I couldn't afford such things. When I lived in Boston during the September 11th / George Bush years, hearing an occassional Mexican at the Concetration Camp where I was kept spout something completely incomprehensible and saying "Hola!" was about all the practice that Boston Brain Control would a lot of me. All languages on the earth have aspects that make them "different enough" from other languages that to learn them literally means understanding that your native language simply does not have the constructs or ideas that some other language does! With Spanish (and almost all Southern-European Latin Languages) there are VERBS.

So I'm sitting there thinking about what to say... Ahem... I'm sitting there watching a cute little movie - one which sometimes looks like a rubics-cube, showing the conjugations for the verb "llegar." Next, the program switches to the word "esperar". Llegar in Spanish means to arrive, and Esperar means a lot of things, one of which is "wait" or "to wait." I'm staring at this 45 year old Mexican Guy (about my age, or possible older), wondering if the government has some kind of fight planned for me today, or if I can sit here and relax and do my Arnold Schwarzenegger Muscle Cool Down lesson and relax. Literally, that's what is going through my mind, and I have no control over it at all!

Option A: Listen and Look-At the Arnold Schwarzenegger Audio-Video Track (using a thick German Accent) telling me I need to make sure to relax my muscles after I do push-ups & crunches.

Option B Focus on the Rubics-Cube Picture that is going off in my brain telling me all about the Present-Subjunctive, Second Person Tense of 'Esperar' - which in Spanish actually turns out to be Esperes. The Past-Indicative is Esperaste, which is ultimately the word my mouth seemed to use.

I asked the guy (blurted out) if he had waited for long for the bus. 'Por cuantos minutos esperaste tuya?' I quickly followed it with (in English) 'how long you waiting for de bus?' Inventing foreign accents is the only way to get some people to listen to you. I used to do that with Mexican's all the time. Now adays I just say a lot less, but, I do get to say things in Spanish to them which wasn't something I used to be allowed to do.

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