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Friday, May 13, 2022

Dallas Brain Control: Trying to Make People Stupid

I'm at the library working, dilligently, on my software-application in Java. Calling it "working' sometimes feels a little embarrasing, even possibly dishonest! My Java Software Tool, now, officially has a new domain where it is located. It used to be under the general category of:

I have one of those 'new' domain-names, one that ends-with '.directory', since having a '.com' directly after my name seemed so silly.

My new Java-HTML Software Tool is being served by:

I can sit inside of this "Brutalist" looking building for days, weeks, even months on end (up to 9 hours in a day) banging away at the keyboard doing what I like to call "Transcribing the Software" - since another human being owns me as human-property - and I don't really get to make any of the decisions about my life that I would like to. Under no circumstances, am I ever allowed to decide which Packages, Modules, Tools, (or Classes, Methods & Functions) are the ones I would like to program, debug, expand or analyze! I mean, with 'Electronic Thought-Control' running Dallas with an Iron-Fist, using the types of tactics that would make Adolf Hitler mortified and petrified, I don't really get much of a say in what my program is supposed to do.

So first of all, for those of you who happen to be wondering how anyone on earth could be writing Java Software with electronics shoved inside of his f***ing skull - well, I don't really enjoy the life that I have very much! Let's just go ahead and get that out in the open. It's really hard to gauge how "successful" I am at all of this, because I don't get to meet a lot of other Software Engineers when I am doing this work. You see, the Dallas Nigger running the mind-control really enjoys watching me, forcing me if you will, to write code by myself without receiving a single dime for what I'm typing. He does this all the while stealing money for hopelessly un-profittable, useless, and damned stupid businesses like Fried Chicken Restaurants that nobody goes to in the first place. I get paid by the government a welfare check to write the Java that I write. I've been told, warned repeatedly, that if I am going to pursue anything in computer-programming, that "my owner" is going to sabotage and side-swipe anything I try to do that would out-shine the government or make them look stupid!

This "Slave-Trafficking Government" is supremely happy to see a Fried Chicken Restaurant Owner become a millionaire, and to hear that a Software Developer who is proud of his High School Education is being tortured miserably

I mean, it is just so damned insulting even hearing the words 'Dallas'

They get away with all of this, simply because when I am in front of a computer keyboard, it feels like - it is like - a man shouting at me "It is my way or the high-way." In earlier posts, I was trying to explain that "writing anything" - by necessity - means thinking and using your brain! Right? I mean, nobody who has a brain is going to argue with that statement. "Thinking" is next to impossibly when their are pre-recorded voices being broadcast into your auditory-canal with the sole intention of confusing-you, pressuring-you, and even sabotaging-you when you might be thinking about "getting smart." But who gets to decide the difference between some wise-guy "getting-smart" in the metaphorical sense, and an honest and intelligent person trying desperately to think through a good idea in computer-programming? Some nigger who thinks he is some sort of 'God' because he is black, and because has a computer-job sitting in front of an 'American Government Computer?' I mean, the fact that my skin is white isn't why I hate these damned-people whatsoever, but, if the man who has taken a slave does have black-skin, the last thing any sane man on earth should be worried about is using an ethnic slur (like 'nigger')!

I'm 46 years old, and I'm still sort of happy about what I accomplished in school when I was young. To me, words like "Wise-Guy" and "Getting Smart" were the text-book definitions of Real Problems in the United States - not the use of ethnic-slurs (for instance the word 'nigger'). I graduated from High School having learned enough Science, Physics, Math, Engineering, History & Literature that by the time I had finished my college-degree at M.I.T., I realized that I got more education at my mom's house and my High School than I could in Boston Massachusetts. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a cake walk or a bed of roses, and I've written many, many times that when I finished my diploma, most of the teachers that had taught me the things I learned had already been murdered. Some by U.S. Military Soldiers, some by blacks who were dressed up as soldiers. Some by the F.B.I.

I'll never forget the day I looked at the dead body of my High School Physics Teacher laying on the front lawn of my High School (J.J. Pearce) in Richardson, Texas. I graduated in 1993, although I've never been able to say a word to any living soul about all the great things I learned as a kid - because these terrorist-backed government agencies that are trafficking human-beings as slaves in Dallas (and in Boston, and in New York City, where I have also lived) really enjoy making you weak minded and ignorant. A long, long time ago, teachers would literally give their lives (in the United States, probably not in other countries) to the students that they taught.

But why should stupidity be such an over-powering, all-encompassing, and important goal? I have family-members who are also implanted by these electronic-warefare devices. I've known since the day that they were surgically-implanted by these devices (after being kidnapped!), that respecting other people's intelligence was never on the priority list. Even thinking that other people are intelligent at all is not really part of the protocol of these renegade government agencies who are stealing these office-towers which they occupy so readily. If I even tried to explain that how many decades of my life I have been told that the purpose of "Higher Education" is to make people ignorant (even by my own family), you wouldn't believe me! It's almost a religion in this country to insult teachers (and even threaten them, and even murder them - like the "new wave" of mass-shooters that we had under Obama & Trump).

When I was younger, one of my dreams was to show-off how useful learning things from books & teachers was for me! You know why I was never ever able to do that? While I was in college, the electronic-warfare terrorists up in Boston started implanted college-kids for no other reason to make them stupid, ignorant, and ready to accept the beliefs, orders and assertions that the people in government wanted.

And now, whenever I get the crazy notion that I'm goping to be writing my own computer-programs, I am stopped cold. I am forced to write what "My Master" tells me to write. 

Disclaimer: The contents of this e-mail were largely read to me by North Dallas Brain Control via my micro-chip implants.  I am merely the "typist" (transcribing) this letter - being kept in the loop (of my own life and decisions).

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