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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Secret Agent D.A.D. The American Family-Unit and Mind Control.

Well, I'm going to continue to do the "Broken Record Thing" here, again. For instance, in several earlier posts I mentioned a few "factoids" about the nineteenth century, and all of the famous works of Russian Literature, and European Philosophy. A lot of 'Earlier America' (the nineteenth century) was heavily influenced by people who arrived in the United States from "Russian & European Territory."

I have relatives in my family (who, though getting older, now) had parents from Eastern Europe. Yes, there were a lot of "writers" in Russia, and thinking about writing is always on my mind for a lot of different reasons. Russia never had a "Beatles" or an "Elvis Presley" like America did over-here, but they had lots of famous Authors, of all kinds, especially philosophy. In fact, when Hitler burned all of the books, he was, in effect, fighting the Russian Tsars... So there's the "broken record" part... So, I'm going to add to that and say that one thing which usually makes a piece of paper (or HTML Page) a lot more interesting to read is hearing about the concept known as OTHER PEOPLE. That's not always the easiest thing to do when you are combating a Biological-Electric Secret Weapon that influences what you think, say & do.

The writer Dostoevsky has an entire book that is literally about a lady named Duena (pronounced like the Spanish Word 'Doña' which just means Ma'am, or Lady). After North Dallas Brain Control decided to shove famous works of Russian Literature in my face, I have heard the audio book for Crime and Punishment a few more times than I would have ever wanted to. Anyway, noticing the differences between THIS BLOG and some really famous books, makes me a little depressed & sad, but there is literally nothing that I can do about it.

I'm at "work" right now, and I say that with quotation-marks because I'm just at the library, across from Dallas City Hall, and there isn't anybody paying me any kind of direct-salary that is 'legally correlated' for my presence or absence of being here. I get a Welfare Check from NDBC, and in return, I get to come to the library and write hours-and-hours (hundreds of thousands of lines) of Java Code. Also, whenever my master has decided to permit me to write to this "thing" (Blog) that I've been throwing down, I do. 

I have a stupid Yahoo! E-Mail that I've had for years and years. The first time I ever registered an e-mail account was in 1997 while I was a student @ M.I.T., and it was with Yahoo. Since around the end of 2020 (I think, not sure), I've attached a little signature to the end of E-Mails when I send them. It's attached, here, directly below this paragraph. What it means is that I've been psychologically-conditioned for a long enough time (since 1995) that I have learned a lot about what type of 'Free Decisions' that 'My Master' (the person or people who have decided that they 'own me' as a human-being) is going to allow me to do in any given day. What I do on any given day is very often (but not always) 'A Surprise' to me, each morning that I wake up. It is, however, always within the boundaries or confines of a list of 'expected-behaviors' from which there is an extremely short list that they may choose. For quite a number of years, go to a public library and type more Java, HTML, CSS or Java-Script code has been the most common daily surprise to me. Anyway, here is my e-mail signature.

Disclaimer: The contents of this e-mail were largely read to me by North Dallas Brain Control via my micro-chip implants.  I am merely the "typist" (transcribing) this letter - being kept in the loop (of my own life and decisions).

To me, this is one of the most important things that I ever say. I mean, if you think that taking slavery laying down is something I did readily or easily, well, think again! However, having been Hypno-Programmed for over 25 Years, I happen to know that trying to use a computer to type a letter about how much I hate being brain-washed is the type of thing that should be listed as the Webster's Dictionary Definition for the word 'impossible.' That really causes (at least with me, anyway, I have no idea what you think) to ask, so why am I now being allowed to say anything about this 'Biological-Electric Warfare'? Well... I don't know! However, it really seems important to me to keep saying, over-and-over, that these very words you are reading right now would have been fully-impossible to put together on any HTML Page that I would have written in the past 25 Years.

I have an Audio-Video Headset that is surgically implanted inside my body. The ear-piece doesn't need to be that big at all, or consume more electricity than a small watch. Visuals are more difficult, because they consume more power, but the visual part of the experiment can be replaced by audio-broadcasts very easily - to a brain / mind / person that has been forcibly-brainwashed for many years. I mean, this letter right here, this blog-post you are reading right now, is just me going into my Court-Room Stenographer mode, and these words you are reading right now aren't exactly the type of thing I'm going to think up while sitting in a library-room filled with Homeless Dallas Citizenry. (Yes, the regime loves to corral poor-people into libraries so they can call them stupid, and tell them to get a job).

I couldn't find any pictures of the front-door of this building - the way it usually looks - and though I could go home and get my camera, I'll just leave this picture here.

City Hall is directly across the street, but showing them together is difficult, so I'll leave it alone.

So that's where I am, right now, typing. So, my dad. I'm currently 46, and will be 47 years old in less than a month. My dad is not alive anymore, and I've shouted at my bugs (audio surveillance devices) thousands of times that it really was "murder" when he died! I know, that they know that I know... that he could have lived longer, but ...

One of the many consequences of brain-washing people is that people become distant from others - even when the other person is standing directly in front of you or them! ... And it was demonstrated that my dad did have implants (as does my mom!)

When he passed away, here was 78 Years Old, so there really isn't any sensible way to say a thing about any of it. It's kind of personal to include all the details of the "Hospital Visit" - so I'm just not going to. When I say I would give my life towards the cause of An Armed Invasion of Washington D.C. - it's not a joke to me! I really would! These words aren't empty, mostly, they just fall under the general category of "A Complete Joke" - since I literally cannot walk out of my front-door in the morning if Dallas Brain Control has decided that I'm going to be staying at home on any given day of the week.

One of "The Voices" that I am always hearing favorite jokes in the whole world (one that actually make me laugh a little bit - they are always reading jokes to me), is that I'm going re-live some kind of "hey-day" of mine, and apply for a job back on Wall-Street. Funny Part being that right as I get into the Job Interview, I'm going to pee all over myself. Biological-Electrical Warfare really is that powerful. Just the smallest amount of electrical-current to the body's nervous system is enough to force you to have to go to the bathroom... or else!

In my 20's, I lived here for a while. This is 45 Wall Street, NYC, 10005, financial-area apartments. It was one of the greatest nightmares one could imagine to attempt to write Java Software for a Wall Street Bank, all the while being hypno-programmed to do so! The New York City Piece-Of-Shit Regime used to love to try to make me pee on myself whenever I had a meeting to go to!.

I would walk across the street in the morning from my apartment to the old J.P. Morgan Headquarters Building @ 60 Wall street. Today (this morning) waiting at the DART Train Station, I started hearing the "Dad Software Module" going off inside my head. I know the difference between Schizophrenia and the American-Government. I mean, the hardpest part of all of this, is wondering when my own mind is trying to remind me of something, versus when the Dallas Piece of Shit Government is trying to program me.

Both my dad, and my dad's dad (grandpa) had worked on Wall Street, in New York City - although my dad never had anything particularly nice to say about the place. The Wall Street 'days of glory' ended during the years 1940 ... 1945

Mostly, you just have to know something, about American History to understand much about the place. I tried to write something about American History, and the North-East. It's where the country was founded. There's not a lot I can say when 'My Master' only allows me a few hours of 'writing time.' One paragraph about 'The History of Wall Street' just feels kind of dumb, more than anything else. I'll say that those who know about 'Pre-War' America, know that the country's real capital (before The Pentagon, and before National Security) was more likely thought of as the Island of Manhattan.

The Years when Wall Street contributed the most to "Human Society" should be thought of right around the time that (for example) The Woolworth Building was created on The Earth. That year was 1910 / 1991, and it was the tallest thing that man-kind had ever come close to creating! These types of real-estate & construction projects were exactly what American excelled at, back years ago when America was a great place to be.

Today's blog post began for me, sitting on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Light Rail Train to Downtown Dallas. 'The Voices' that The Software were saying to me were a correlated series of phrases about my dad, and my blog. I'm always very excited to use my own brain to think about writing about this "life" that God seems to have given me. Usually, if it is anything about family, 'they' love to start chanting all kinds of nonsense that sounds more like Darth Vader being your father than anything else. Seeing images inside my skull about my dad being juxtaposed with a computer-keyboard kind of mad my walk to work a little exciting. I mean, this place is filled with homeless-bums (mostly black, a few white), and is never the most exciting place to be. Well... they are reminding me that my dad also went to school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He also applied to Wall Street, and worked on "The Street." In his day, there wasn't much work to do, and they have read many entries to me about the work my father did on Wall Street. That is up to and including getting part-time jobs at an Auto-Body Mechanic, while working on Wall Street - since there wasn't any more work for New York City Investment Bankers after the Wars Started.

It truly, TRULY, sucks that this regime has papers written by my parents decades ago saved on their Windows File-System and Databases. My dad used to keep a lot of notes & notebooks. In 1985, our family received a Macintosh Computer, and a lot of his early years writings were typed and entered into that computer.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

I love forget--me-nots, fluffer nutters, sugar pops. And Uvalde Texas Massacre.

Before the Zelensky Crapola, I wrote about the old Russian-Empire (before the NAZI's), and that literature, philosphers and authors were once very influential in Europe. I feel like a "living" broken record whenever I think about anything. If it were 1890, and Tzar Alexander the Great was living in that big giant builing in Red-Square in Moscow, you probably wouldn't be nearly as familiar with your favorite Rock-Band as you would with which philosopher seemed most influential at that time. But, as Fox & CNN have made painfully obvious with this latest incarnation of Russia Gate (this time masquerading as "Liberate Ukraine") - we don't live in Europe, and it isn't 1890 anymore, it is 2022.

Here, in the United States we had a different type of artist altogether "rose up" - the musician.

Now, the music movements of the 1960's, and the 1980's were big. I was alive for one of them. The one that "sort of" started with You Tube under Obama wasn't nearly as big, and definitely not as load, and of course a lot less inspiring. I mean, take a look at this guy:

I happen to know who that is because "the dudes" at "The Department" here in Dallas have had many animated conversations with me, about him. You can read about the guy (Post Malone) on the Wikipedia Page Link. He's not just some clown joke on the Internet, because he had the most You Tube Views in 2019 and 2020 or something like that. This one was alright. Some of the videos listed, right now, have more than 1 Billion Views. I'm not trying to promote this guy; and then there is this one which has the really bizarre, but dreamy sound.

There's so much to say in this little blogger window. I'm going to start with the types of animated conversations that NDBC likes to have with me. I don't know how to explain what I mean by "conversations with the department of mind-control." I just don't. To me, there is nothing more obvious in the world than to say that I can be forced to stare at images inside my eye-sockets - images that aren't present in the room where I'm sitting, standing or laying. I have been through this for too many years, and was called an enemy-combatant and a terrorist for much of the later Bill Clinton Administration, all of George Bush, and much of Obama's first term. In a nutshell, my 20's and 30's were a total joke to me, because I was being hypno-programmed.

When 'The Voices' and 'The Images' are psychologically conditioning me, one of their favorite Content-Topics was that freak-of-nature (Post Malone)

So, no, I'm not a "Post Malone" fan, but, to me, I feel like I have a ton of explaining to do regarding why on earth I would be mentioning this guy at all. Particularly if I don't like him, why not put the weirdo out of your mind, and take a walk or something. First, I have tried to explain that I sit in front of a computer for hours and hours, and do sort of what a court-room-stenographer does, but instead of court-room evidence, it is Java Software I'm typing. It bothers me a lot that I cannot make any day-to-day decisions about what modules or functions I'm going to write or debug. It bothers the hell out of me. Generally, the people at "The Department" come up with a list of things for me to write or fix each day, and I can spend anywhere from 4 up to 15 hours in front of a computer writing Java, HTML, CSS, or even Java-Script. The important point, being though, I'm staring at an Internet Browser for hours and hours a day. What this means is that terrorizing me with what other links I'm supposed to follow is the easiest thing in the world for Mind-Control Software to do to me!

Today, for instance, I was awake at 4:30 A.M., and I'm not going to explain why. By 4:45 A.M. I had my cute-little Google Cloud Server Theia Shell opened, and was adding yet another major module to my library. I did manage to eat as much as I could. I exercise outback as often as I can. I wound up working from around 4:30 A.M. straight until 2:30 P.M. which is about 11 hours of solid software-engineering. The work mostly feels like being "a watchmaker" as I'm always staring at tiny little moving pieces that need to push each-other. Computer-Science doesn't feel anything like the "purse science" or the empirical methods. Empiricism was also a Nineteenth-Century View about Science- where trying to find equations, formulas and tables which align with "The Truth" as it is measured in the real world. The Russians invented the Periodic Table of the Elements with Empiricism, and much of the Laws of Electricity & Magnetism too.

Now, today, I was sitting there, and by 9:00 A.M. one of the "notices" popped up in my brain. This one was about a 1971 band named 'The Free Design'. Apparently they were a family, from somewhere in Western, New York near Syracuse. I had probably heard of them, but had totally forget when I started reading about them this morning. Their songs are on one of the T.V. Commercials that I have seen. I wouldn't have thought of the song in a million years, if not for the cute voice that was singing to me while I was trying to write.

I'm going to include these lyrics from the song below, because the Biological Part of my Brain is just to easily manipulated, and I really couldn't get the song out of my head, after "they" played it:
Roll like a circus clown, put away your circus frown
Ride on a roller coaster upside down
Waltzing Matilda, Carey loves a kinkatchoo
Joey catch a kangaroo, hug you.
Dandelion, milkweed, silky on a sunny sky
Reach out and hitch a ride and float on by
Balloons down below, blooming colors of the rainbow
Red, blue and yellow-green, I love you.
Bicycles, tricycles, ice cream candy
Lollypops, Popsicle, licorice sticks
Solomon Grundy, Raggedy Andy
Tweedledum and Tweedledee, home free.
Cowboys and Indians, puppydogs and sandpails
Beachballs and baseballs and basketballs, too.
I love forget-me-nots, fluffernutters, sugarpops
I'll hug you and kiss you and love you
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

Ok, so the point I try to reiterate, over and over, is that remnants of the "one great" United States have this faux de-facto government that silences political-dissidents using Biological-Electrical "Secret Weapons". Again, and again and again - I feel like a broken record about it all! There are a lot of things that "The Software" can influence you to do. Through repetitive posing of auditory and visual stimuli, a man can be conditioned to be somebody who really enjoys going to the Race-Track Gas Station and buy some brand of snack, tobacco or alcohol product. One thing that generally does not happen though the power of Mind Control, is turning somebody into a talented and world famous musician. Yes, Post Malone probably has several billion views, but this is the United States, and the barrier for success was attackd to the point that a complete freak of nature is more popular than ... well .... I don't know who should be more popular than him - because to me the music movement really seems dead.

Bio-Electric Weapons can make people very angry, and even very crazy when "The Department" works at it.

They clearly did for Post-Malone! But, they have made me crazy too, many times. If this 18 year old kid in Uvalde, Texas was one of the thousands - or millions - of people in Texas living with this Electronic-Hardware in his body, wouldn't you say that the United States Government is at fault for this shooting?

Why is nobody asking this question? If you were directed to this page, you probably live with implants too. This means you know EXACTLY what is going on.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

May 14th, 2022 - an 18 Year Old Kid in Buffalo, New York

A couple of days ago (May 14, 2022) a little kid, only 18 years, allegedly walked into a grocery-store in Buffalo New York, and apparently slaughtered a bunch of "African Americans." For well over a decade, most people know (I suppose) that massacres have been the primary news stories to be broadcasted on the Major Government-Run News Networks (Fox / CNN / MSNBC). I am not a man who likes to invent stories, and I'm not going to do that with this massacre either. I can say, that deep down in my heart, it isn't a lie to refuse to believe what the news-networks have been promoting about these massacres. I am not telling a lie, or promoting a theory that isn't based on facts when I say "I don't believe this bullshit." I'm not offering you a version of the facts that I believe really deeply. I'm not telling you that I know what actually happened.

I am saying that I simply do not believe much that is repeated by "The Narratives" on television - and "the facts" about the streak of massacres that has lasted about 15 years is one of them.

I know I am being hypno-programmed. I know that I have met countless people in Dallas whose psychological-state makes it painfully-obvious (obvious enough to me) that they/them also have biological-electric implants inside their bodies.

Let's slow down for a minute, these televised mass-shootings have been occurring for over 15 years! Now, I've written a lot about how violent the 1980's and 1990's were (when I was a kid). Whatever the Government Sponsored News Networks are mentioning, if it is anything about the 1980's - mostly the talking-heads-for-money on TV are saying what they are saying because of the money they receive - and not because of any deep-seated understanding of morality or "right and wrong."  The money and the power is what drives the Associated Press. People who report for them, or act sympathetic to them are doing so because of the fear of what would happen if they were blacklisted or ostracized by the people in command in America. Yes, in the early 1990's, there were several massacres in Boston, Massachusetts. Nobody ever mentions those massacres when they talk about the Reagan, Bush or Clinton Presidential Administrations. Nobody! I do, but I don't take any money from The Department of Mind Control, other than my measly government welfare check.

The types of questions that people really should be asking are where are all of these dead bodies that have resulted from these massacres? Sitting, here, in North Dallas in an E-Z Chair on the financial black-lists of every kind, I don't have the man-power or resources to do any fact-finding investigative journalism about all of these shootings. I cannot, but I really would be demanding answers on what was going on with the lives of these shooters, and what the result of these shootings were! There is an "Alternative News" Internet Personality named "Alex Jones." He is a broadcaster whom I have never watched for more than a few hours each calendar year. To me, the types of broadcasts that he gives are more rambling and chock-full of disinformation than Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon or Sean Hannity. However, he is (from what I have seen being forced to watch this trash on TV) ... he is the only national personality to have ever questioned whether these massacres are real, or whether they are staged by the government! He's the only one.

But what's the reality? If these were staged, why do something so hideous to the American People? Rape is the answer. If these massacres are, in fact, fake and there weren't 10 dead bodies laying inside that grocery store, it is because countless thousands of people are being raped by Biological-Electronic Weapons. This part is the easy part for me - explaining the reasons why. I am not here to prove to you that nobody died in that "Tops Grocery Store" - because there is no way I could. I don't even necessarily believe nobody was shot in Buffalo, New York. You know what the truth is? I have absolutely no idea what to believe about it all - except for the reasons why!

The people who work for "The Department," more than anything else, like a population and a citizenry that has been dumbed down, and made stupid.

When you can make people scared of the government, the news, law enforcement and even television in general, our people and our population have a much more difficult time conversing with each-other about life. When you can scare a population, you have a much easier time barking orders at the slaves that you own.  How can a slave argue with his master when half the fucking time he doesn't even understand what he is saying.    

If I am being hypno-programmed, why shouldn't I suspect that Messr. "Payton S. Gendron" was also being hypno-programmed? Why shouldn't I???

And if he were being hypno-programmed, and the United States Government literally had terrorized a poor 18 year old child to commit such a massacre - then this radicalized upstart system would have to come tumbling down. These phony journalist and blind-and-ignorant police forces would have to answer to the American People, and to the People of the Earth.

And here comes the glorified garbage men (the police) to save the day:

And for all of "Alex Jones" bluff-and-bluster, the one thing he'll never mention are the Biological-Electrical Implants ruining tens of thousands - millions - of lives. His show is literally called "Info-Wars" and the title is "There's a War on for you Mind." But you know he'll never mention a thing about how the authoritarianism is trying to control your mind.

I was being hypno-programmed to think about this massacre several times an hour every day since this occurred! That is the real atrocity!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Another DART Dallas-Nigger Attack on My Life

Over and over the DART police officer repeated to me, "Did you use a racial-slur with the driver?" I don't consider myself "a racist" - far from it. I have one of the toughest jobs in life, since Brain-Control set me up with a Vietnamese Woman as my wife. She has been living with me for over five years now. I know what racism is, it's where members of very large ethnic groups get together and sort of decide (for whatever poitical reasons, of which there are many) that other races of people "don't really deserve respect." I mean, I have said many times to the people that own and run my implants that "I love all of God's Children - except niggers in Dallas."

I ride a DART bus here, and (it is far-and-away a Majority-Black Operation) I have said:

  • "Thank-You Mam, Have a Nice Eventing"
  • "Good Morning, How Are You?"
  • "Have a Nice Afternoon :)"
  • "The Machine Seems to Be Off, May I Sit Down?"
  • "I'm sorry, I Couldn't Hear You?"

I have said every one of these polite chit-chat pieces at least 100 times to the exact Black Woman Driver that attacked me today.

Anyway, today, NDBC seemed to have another obnoxious-turned-terrorist attack planned for me. Keep in mind that I will be 47 years old in about a month, and that really is pretty near 50! FIFTY. And "The Department" is still setting Black-Power attacks on my life, including at least three men (and one woman) armed with heavy firepower (Police Guns).

But let's do the story... Keep in mind that everything else I write in my posts about even earning "the right" to write what I want on this blog is so heavily persecuted by the electronics inside me, really is the truth. As I have said over and over, these words I'm writing - these words you reading to me right now! - are being relayed to me by the speaker in my ear-drum, that I cannot remove! It's almost like these absolutely horrendous outpourings of hatred - against me - are manufactured just so "The Evil" that runs this city can push me in front of my stupid laptop and write about how badly I'm treated in society.

So, today, I went into the Dallas Library to go back to writing my Java Source Code. I was encouraged this morning by the bio-electrical control-system to start a different module on my software this morning. It's a part of a project that I basically stopped "cold-turkey" back in November of last year. If you are wondering (and likely you aren't because computer-programming is thoroughly discouraged by the Dallas Government) - I have another module called the "JSON-RPC" that I've converted into Java so that I can control a Google Web-Browser using a Java Program. There is a Java Tool called "Selenium" that has been around for at least 10 year, and I think I've developed my own version of it! You can see a (much earlier) version of it here, since the new stuff is not ready to put on my page yet:

So, if you look at it, that's what I was coding this afternoon at the Dallas Public Library, which (as you likely know, is a building filled with "African Americans") - and no, almost none of them are going to say anything very friendly to me. I get a lot done, though, since picking petty fights about nothing has been on the wane here in Dallas. Instead, though, outright death threats once a month is what I have to put up with.

So, I left, and took the DART Light Rail Train Home, and - yes - about two thirds of the riders were "African American's." I do feel threatened being on the train, but I'm not a rich man. I have explained that I was tortured like an animal (before September the 11th). Read some previous posts I have written about it all, I've written several of hem. I was educated as a Computer Engineer, but I also studied Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish in my youth, because when I was younger I could see how important they would be in an electronically inter-connected world.   I used to love history books, before I was put on "reading black-list" by the Dallas Regime (the broadcasts are very powerful and, indeed, are most adept at preventing a man from concentrating when a book is in his hand).

Long story short, there is a card-reader on the DART Train, that scans people's cards in order to get on the bus or train. The train ride home to North Dallas (from Downtown) was uneventful.  The bus afterwards to my home surely wasn't. This card-reader that they've got on the bus, for at least 75% of the trips that I've taken, is unplugged, turned off or broken. Though it sometimes seems nice, because when it is broken or disabled. I might not have to pay for the fare that day. DART's fare system works such that you only pay once per 12-Hour period. If every time I get on the bus, it is turned off, DART really doesn't bill me for the day.

Think about this "wonderful benefit" I get out of it. Every time I get on the bus, I have to listen to two-decade old rhetoric from the electronic-portion of my brain chastising me (and everybody else in Dallas) that I'm a thief not paying for my ride. According to the Software Broadcasts in my brain "everybody in Dallas" is stealing money at work. Everybody! The fast-food people are stealing money out of the cash-registers. The auto-repair people are over-charging and embezelling money. Even the office employees are playing with the bank-books! Can I prove a word of this? Think! It is not my biological-brain (a.k.a. "ME") thinking this, it's the electronic-broadcasts saying this to me every time I get on a bus and that damned-reader is turned off, deactivated, or broken.

Today, I got on DART Bus around 6:50 P.M. and scanned my card. The soft-glow blue-neon light stayed blue, but it should have turned green. So, I scanned it a second time, and a third-time. It didn't turn green. So next, I took the card out of the wallet (it's a magnetic card), and scanned it a fourth time. It stayed blue, and I just sort of looked at the woman and showed her my card, and went back to sit down. Right as I set my computer down (I carry a heavy computer-monitor with me - I cannot walk home with it), the woman starts yelling at me in a loud tone of voice. I argued a little bit and pointed at how often the machines are disabled or broken, and (I think I said) that DART needs to fix these machines. After being ordered to scan it a fifth time, I went back took the card out of my wallet, and scanned it a fifth time. This time the light turned green. She went into a rage yelling at me - and I explained to her that she is not going to be screaming at me. After all, I am a DART Customer, and she is a city employee. She is obligated to treat people with respect, especially customers of DART who have DART ID's and have paid their fares.

So when four armed DART Police arrived I was repeatedly verbally assaulted for "Riding a Nigger-Bus While Being White"

I explained that I was tired of the machine, because it is broken or deactivated 75% of the time. This woman, whom I have thanked and said nice things too at least 100 times since January, was taking out her anxiety about it all on Some White-Man (who I guess she just supposes is as ignorant as those shitty whites in the North East. I am not some New York Dick Head on TV blabbing like a buffon! Yes, New Yorkers on the televised news are the greatest threat of all to my life - much worse than any racist "African American" in Dallas. I feel so terrible hearing the words "Sean Hannity," "Liberals," or especially the homosexuals: "Anderson Cooper," "Don Lemon," or "Rachel Maddow." These white-people do not represent me, my viewpoints, or anything honest about cities in Texas. Rather than even saying their names any longer - only further detracting from the racial arguments that are important to people in Dallas, I'll continue.

I stood their for over 30 minutes while another Black Woman, this time one armed with a gun, repeatedly told me to shut-up! Stop-Talking!

My Points?
  • I have said "Thank-You" and "Good Morning" to this woman at least 100 times.
  • I have never gone out of my way to be overtly rude or mean to a person of African-Descent on that bus (and 'they' have many times).
  • North Dallas Brain-Control constantly has the card readers "rigged" to malfunction or be deactivated.
  • I didn't raise my voice to this woman at all until she did.
  • On the fifth try, the card was read, and she started screaming and gloating in front of the whole bus to embarrass me.
  • The Dallas Bus System is at least 75% Black (as many parts of Dallas), and I am a persecuted minority
  • I had to hear that I violated the "Code of Conduct" as she screamed at me repeatedly.
  • FOUR ARMED POLICE OFFICERS showed up to make threatening remarks directed at me, while nothing was said to the driver criticizing what she had done!

Friday, May 13, 2022

Dallas Brain Control: Trying to Make People Stupid

I'm at the library working, dilligently, on my software-application in Java. Calling it "working' sometimes feels a little embarrasing, even possibly dishonest! My Java Software Tool, now, officially has a new domain where it is located. It used to be under the general category of:

I have one of those 'new' domain-names, one that ends-with '.directory', since having a '.com' directly after my name seemed so silly.

My new Java-HTML Software Tool is being served by:

I can sit inside of this "Brutalist" looking building for days, weeks, even months on end (up to 9 hours in a day) banging away at the keyboard doing what I like to call "Transcribing the Software" - since another human being owns me as human-property - and I don't really get to make any of the decisions about my life that I would like to. Under no circumstances, am I ever allowed to decide which Packages, Modules, Tools, (or Classes, Methods & Functions) are the ones I would like to program, debug, expand or analyze! I mean, with 'Electronic Thought-Control' running Dallas with an Iron-Fist, using the types of tactics that would make Adolf Hitler mortified and petrified, I don't really get much of a say in what my program is supposed to do.

So first of all, for those of you who happen to be wondering how anyone on earth could be writing Java Software with electronics shoved inside of his f***ing skull - well, I don't really enjoy the life that I have very much! Let's just go ahead and get that out in the open. It's really hard to gauge how "successful" I am at all of this, because I don't get to meet a lot of other Software Engineers when I am doing this work. You see, the Dallas Nigger running the mind-control really enjoys watching me, forcing me if you will, to write code by myself without receiving a single dime for what I'm typing. He does this all the while stealing money for hopelessly un-profittable, useless, and damned stupid businesses like Fried Chicken Restaurants that nobody goes to in the first place. I get paid by the government a welfare check to write the Java that I write. I've been told, warned repeatedly, that if I am going to pursue anything in computer-programming, that "my owner" is going to sabotage and side-swipe anything I try to do that would out-shine the government or make them look stupid!

This "Slave-Trafficking Government" is supremely happy to see a Fried Chicken Restaurant Owner become a millionaire, and to hear that a Software Developer who is proud of his High School Education is being tortured miserably

I mean, it is just so damned insulting even hearing the words 'Dallas'

They get away with all of this, simply because when I am in front of a computer keyboard, it feels like - it is like - a man shouting at me "It is my way or the high-way." In earlier posts, I was trying to explain that "writing anything" - by necessity - means thinking and using your brain! Right? I mean, nobody who has a brain is going to argue with that statement. "Thinking" is next to impossibly when their are pre-recorded voices being broadcast into your auditory-canal with the sole intention of confusing-you, pressuring-you, and even sabotaging-you when you might be thinking about "getting smart." But who gets to decide the difference between some wise-guy "getting-smart" in the metaphorical sense, and an honest and intelligent person trying desperately to think through a good idea in computer-programming? Some nigger who thinks he is some sort of 'God' because he is black, and because has a computer-job sitting in front of an 'American Government Computer?' I mean, the fact that my skin is white isn't why I hate these damned-people whatsoever, but, if the man who has taken a slave does have black-skin, the last thing any sane man on earth should be worried about is using an ethnic slur (like 'nigger')!

I'm 46 years old, and I'm still sort of happy about what I accomplished in school when I was young. To me, words like "Wise-Guy" and "Getting Smart" were the text-book definitions of Real Problems in the United States - not the use of ethnic-slurs (for instance the word 'nigger'). I graduated from High School having learned enough Science, Physics, Math, Engineering, History & Literature that by the time I had finished my college-degree at M.I.T., I realized that I got more education at my mom's house and my High School than I could in Boston Massachusetts. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a cake walk or a bed of roses, and I've written many, many times that when I finished my diploma, most of the teachers that had taught me the things I learned had already been murdered. Some by U.S. Military Soldiers, some by blacks who were dressed up as soldiers. Some by the F.B.I.

I'll never forget the day I looked at the dead body of my High School Physics Teacher laying on the front lawn of my High School (J.J. Pearce) in Richardson, Texas. I graduated in 1993, although I've never been able to say a word to any living soul about all the great things I learned as a kid - because these terrorist-backed government agencies that are trafficking human-beings as slaves in Dallas (and in Boston, and in New York City, where I have also lived) really enjoy making you weak minded and ignorant. A long, long time ago, teachers would literally give their lives (in the United States, probably not in other countries) to the students that they taught.

But why should stupidity be such an over-powering, all-encompassing, and important goal? I have family-members who are also implanted by these electronic-warefare devices. I've known since the day that they were surgically-implanted by these devices (after being kidnapped!), that respecting other people's intelligence was never on the priority list. Even thinking that other people are intelligent at all is not really part of the protocol of these renegade government agencies who are stealing these office-towers which they occupy so readily. If I even tried to explain that how many decades of my life I have been told that the purpose of "Higher Education" is to make people ignorant (even by my own family), you wouldn't believe me! It's almost a religion in this country to insult teachers (and even threaten them, and even murder them - like the "new wave" of mass-shooters that we had under Obama & Trump).

When I was younger, one of my dreams was to show-off how useful learning things from books & teachers was for me! You know why I was never ever able to do that? While I was in college, the electronic-warfare terrorists up in Boston started implanted college-kids for no other reason to make them stupid, ignorant, and ready to accept the beliefs, orders and assertions that the people in government wanted.

And now, whenever I get the crazy notion that I'm goping to be writing my own computer-programs, I am stopped cold. I am forced to write what "My Master" tells me to write. 

Disclaimer: The contents of this e-mail were largely read to me by North Dallas Brain Control via my micro-chip implants.  I am merely the "typist" (transcribing) this letter - being kept in the loop (of my own life and decisions).