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Saturday, April 2, 2022

Part 3: A Walk Down Memory Lane with North Dallas Brain Control - The Gurge Bish Years

Previously, on "The Narrative" with Ralph Torello (me), I was talking about the "ultra-violent" 1980's and early to mid 1990's, which can / should generally be referred to as "My Childhood." Bill Clinton became President in 1992 when I was 17. By the end of his 2nd term in office (Year 2000), many of my family had been implanted with electronics (inside their bodies) that can wield powerful and "Saboteur-Like" authority over the human being in question. During the George Bush (2001 - 2008) "verifiable mountains" of gibberish, nonsense and disinformation was being pumped onto the television networks, the newly built computer networks, and especially our electronic-brain implants.

I do accept that the violence (school massacres and the like) that had destroyed the moral fiber of the cities where I had lived and studied (in the 1980's and 90's) was indeed quickly become a thing of the past. In the process, though, large swarths of the population were being turned into "glorified vegetables" who actually (sort of) stopped even speaking much real English. During those years I was trekked around by an electric wire in my ear that could deprive me of food, sleep & sanity if I disobeyed. I spent the largest part of that time in Boston, Massachusetts, usually in "concentration camps" as I called them, though the places had names like "The Kingston House," "Intake Woods Mullen," "Pilgrim Church," "Long Island Shelter," among others.  Although for reasons I have mentioned many times, I was much more unpopular with Manhattan and Boston Brain Control Departments.

Now stop... I've been 'seeing things' and 'hearing things' all morning long, today, March 31st, 2022

Today I am in Dallas. I have been living here since Barrack Obama was the President. Using electronic signals that, for all intents and purposes prohibit and prevent people from leaving these concentration camps is a cruel and sadistic way to run a city. Boston absolutely loves to outwardly project a kind & loving image of 'important people' taking care of the sick & destitute. Boston, however, is largely one of the most demented places on earth. The previous letters I wrote explained the 80's and 90's pretty well. You know what? This electronic population control can work in places other than "glorified concentration camps" (like the New England Shelter Circuit). These implants can work on a man inside of an office tower, and apartment complex, or even a person's parent's house!

I woke up at 5:30 A.M. this morning. My wife has been psychologically conditioned by "her other boyfriend" as I like to call Dallas Mind Control to get up very early and wander around - or even go to Chinese Starbucks in Plano. Several days ago I woke up seeing visions in my eyes of the camps where I lived with all kinds of bums and niggers, and listening "the voices" shouting "Gurge Bish!" I started laughing a little, since the letters, like this one for instance, that brain control has been helping me to write lately have improved quite a lot!  The extremely "toned down" 2018 and 2019 posts I was writing when they started me on the Java Project were very bland.  These seem to be better.

The words that are important to men in the lives they lead are repeated by these electronic-speakers VERY OFTEN (for those in the "United States - or whatever" who are implanted). Much of the Barrack Obama Years of 2008 - 2016, I wanted to talk about a very well educated M.I.T. Engineer who had learned how to build micro-processors on his own time (since M.I.T. was kind of a joke for a long time) - how I was put into a slew of concentration camps by the electronic warfare machines for almost 6 years. I was never able to say a thing! Hearing 'them' bang-out Gurge Bish! into my ear drums while living with my family actually made me feel like escaping those concentration camps was actually worse than living with relatives (my dad)!  I men, I could not say anything to my dad at all even when living in his house!  Gurge Bish!  Gurge Bish!  I was literally being denied the ability to speak about my life!

Here, March 31st, 2022 - why do I seem to be able to type this crap now - if these 'overlords' are so powerful and evil?

Well, I don't have an answer. This letter that you are reading, right here and right now, these words in front of you ... realize that I feel much more like a courtroom stenographer who is entering this language - much as if I were sitting and listening in a courtroom. Right now, I don't feel like a writer at all! Today, right now, I'm in the Dallas Public Library in Downtown Dallas which has essentially the same look and feel of the large Public Library in Downtown Boston - specifically there are swarths of dirty, disgusting homeless people running around with really bad attitudes. When I was younger, I took my classes very seriously. Seeing teachers be killed turned them into martyrs in my eyes. "These women are giving their lives to the kids!"  In the 1980's and early 1990's growing up in Dallas, I would wager that more of my teachers died than survived the drug-fueled pogrom's of those years. As I got older, I decided that sitting in my room for hours on end and learning was the only thing worth doing. Among many of the classes that I took seriously was my "typing class" and I am one of not than many people I have seen in Dallas who can competently type 50, 60, whatever words per minute in front of a computer key-board.

I was forced to stay inside my apartment (with my wife there) until 2:00 PM today listening to so much nonsense, threatening remarks and all kinds of violent details from literally 35 years ago, that I start to get sick. Keep with me, though, NDBC is telling me that this letter is going to come to a point! (I hope it does). Doesn't that feel sickening? It's like walking around knowing that there is "sort of" a cell-phone inside my body that can order me around, humiliate me, and even abuse me!

So, I went home after the last paragraph, and two days later (today, Saturday), I'm back at the library.

Today it feels like it usualy does. The electronic version of my brain has been reminding me of things that "feel" so hopelessly unrelated to the letter that NDBC was having me type two days ago, that I can barely think of what to write at all! Inhibiting people from writing is the easiest thing in the world when "broadcasting thoughts" is just a few clicks of the keyboard. The latest gimmick / trick to which I have been subjected has been to mention one aspect of my past and my life while sitting at home in my easy-chair, and then bringing up something so totally unrelated and irrelevant to those thoughts the moment that I'm here at work in front of the computer screen trying to type about my past. Yeah, I thought I was going to enjoy writing about "The Gurge Bish Years" - which, from my own recollection, (using the biological part of my brain) were brought up much more frequently during the Barrack Obama Presidency. However, today, as I was laying at home making my chorizo tacos, the electronic part of my brain was bombarding me with stories about my Chinese / Taiwanese Roommate when I was in college.

I really don't know what to do, and I absolutely hate it! I loathe this feeling! I wanted to type / write something onto my blog page, but when I sit here, I just feel perfectly useless. When "The Voices" (inside my head) are blaring and blasting out words, my ability to form sentences, my ability to form words at all are wholly and totally obliterated! I've asked this question a few times. So how is it that today, April 2nd, 2022 - how is it that I am capable of typing these words here and now? That seems like the million dollar question to me! Well, the nice black people at North Dallas Brain Control (for wherever I may find them) seem to be interested in these words today, and are reading them to me right now.

I will say until the day I die, when I'm in front of a computer, all I can do is "accept" or "reject" the words I am hearing and type them, or delete them! I do not have "freedom" at all!

Why this change? Why am I writing now, when for all of my 20's and my 30's (I'm 46 years old right now) was I unable to type? Well, the reality is that mostly the slave traffickers did not want me to write anybody, anyone or anything! During the George Bush Years, when I was homeless, Boston Brain Control did not even want my family to know that I was homeless! All of my immediate relatives had electrical-implants, including my mom and dad, and lying to them about me was how relatives of mine, themselves, were easily manipulated, coordinated, marginalized, and trafficked

So, I guess to end this, one of many popular tactics with this "Organized Crime Government" for causing confusion, apathy and even lethargy in American Citizens who have implants is to repeatedly bring up "The Previous Administration" while "The Current Administration" is actually being blasted out on the Internet, the Newspapers, and the Televised Networks. How could I complain about Donald Trump, when the electronic portion of my brain is going on and on about Barrack Obama? How I can I say a word of how bad Barrack Obama is, when the Biological Part of my Brain is constantly listening to gibberish about "The Gurge Bish Years?" The answer is that, mostly, I wind up saying nothing about our "Dear Leaders" at all. It is a master-stroke of both propaganda and disinformation all at the same time!

And these words today, aren't my words! Maybe they were my words that I did write a long time ago, but were instantly censored and saved in "My Government Computer File." These are the words that NDBC has spoken to me today, Saturday, and also two days ago on Wednesday or Thursday. Yes, they seem to be "opening up" a little bit, but until this stuff is on the "National News," I really wouldn't bother getting my hopes up.

Today, 2022, (by the way) I have heard that for many years, George Bush likes to paint and forget about all the nonsense up north.

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