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Thursday, March 24, 2022

The mental anguish of dealing with a "Transvestite Regime" in Dallas (while worrying about writing my software).

Throughout my entire-life I have known the United States to be, effectively, a "Human Rights Cesspool." The nature of the crimes that go on, and the types of people that suffer the most has changed drastically with the onset of a government that uses advanced technology to manipulate the personal lives of American's.

It's kind of funny thinking about my last several posts talking about Russian writers, authors and philosophers - only to see that part of the grand plan was going to be this Ukraine War thing-y on TV. But, seeming how bringing up nineteenth century European and Eurasian History is going to be a little bit more difficult, I guess my master at North Dallas Brain Control is going to be bringing up other topics instead. You see, when I'm sitting in front of a computer screen, with a keyboard beneath my fingers, all I can do is "accept" or "reject" the load of verbal spew that is being hurled in my direction through these secretive electronic broadcasts. The room where I live is bugged right now, and because in my earlier years I had a lot to say about America since I paid a lot of attention to my studies, and things around me - the rooms where I have lived have always been bugged. Don't get me wrong, in the annals of history nobody has ever heard of "Ralph Torello"; and furthermore there are thousands, tens of thousands of citizens in Dallas who have bugs in the guise of Fire Department "Smoke Alarm Detectors" and "Cell Phones" and even well placed surveillance cameras in the offices and shops where they work. I'm certainly not the only one.

Sitting here today (at the library), I want so much to tell everyone that the only way I can type these "Anti-Dallas Regime" letters is through the aid of the Slave Trafficking and Hypno-Programming (Human-Experiment) Offices of Dallas. Just a second ago I said "America has been one giant Human Rights Cesspool" since I was a kid, and I want to keep driving this point home. I also want to explain that over the past 25 years I have tried repeatedly to say these types of things to the people around me and in letters I write and have been wholly and totally (even brutally) both mentally and physically assaulted for trying to talk about the experiments, though-control & body-movement-control software that go on here in Dallas (and a lot of American Cities where I have been and lived). Since the American Hypno-Programming Software Offices started appearing in 1995 I have been in and around Boston Massachusetts, New York City, and spent the far and away the greatest amount of time in Dallas (which I guess is still in "Texas" but nobody around here ever says that word).

So I'm sitting here in front of a computer, right now, thinking about the myriad of times in my past when I've tried to open up a Word Processor or even an E-Mail Window to type about all the (really depraved) "voices" that I was hearing. Sitting down and writing a letter to my mom or my brothers that "The Government was playing more pornographic sounds in my ear last night while I was trying to go to sleep" is exactly the kind of letter I want to be reading to the United States Supreme Court and all of the justices on that stupid fucking kangaroo pile of garbage.

But do you know what would happen whenever I tried?

Everything under the sun! The minute the application opens, hearing recordings of female voices saying anything they could think of to threaten me, terrorize me, or instill feelings of doubt and fear. Threats about the members of my family, threats about family members that actually (technically - according to "them") were actually killed by the American Government have been every day occurrences throughout the course of my life. You see, I took my learning very seriously when I was younger, and if I can call a black slave-trafficker & hypno-programming 'guy' a liar, an idiot, an idiot and most importantly and (most importantly) a racist-ignorant man! ... Well, they don't like it! When "they" (the Black Dallas Slave Traffickers) show up to work each morning, they like to listen to their Dallas Fire Department Bugs with people who are obedient, bewildered, scared and even angry (at other members of society). Complaining about the Dallas Regime committing human rights abuses against the people of Dallas will get you on the public enemies list.

So here I am, sitting in front of a computer, downtown at the giant central-branch of the Dallas Public Library writing exactly the type of letter that I am sitting here asserting is "completely illegal" according to the rules of the mysterious transvestite regime. Isn't that a bit contradictory? If they are so powerful at censoring the speech of political dissidents, how can I be capable of writing this nice condemnation? Well, I don't the real reason - but I can offer some guesses! But before I say a single thing about "why" the most important thing to realize (at least in my mind) is that not only am I being allowed to type these words into a computer-keyboard, much more importantly these words, the words you are reading right here & right now - are not exactly coming from my own mind!

I have always had the thought - in fact I have lived with the thought for 25 years - that until this "Renegade American Terrorist Movement" decides that it has done enough damage to the lives of the people it is pretending to govern, I'm not going to be able to do anything about it at all. Calling them names when I know they are listening is about the extent of my "resistance." Hypno-programming a human mind by surgically implanting electronics inside a human-body (against his or her well) is a very powerful new weapon indeed!

So anyway, two days have elapsed since NDBC download the above paragraphs into my skull

I want to get to my points when I type, but it isn't the easiest thing in the world. In fact, it is 100% totally and completely under the control of the regime that controls the audio & voice content that I have to listen to inside my skull. These very words you are reading right now are the exact words that I'm hearing inside my skull - I am not thinking this up myself, the "Transvestite Computer-Operator Regime" that controls the audio / voice I hear is telling me what to type! I said just a moment ago that two days have elapsed since I walked into the Dallas Public Library to type a letter where I call Dallas Brain Control a "bunch of transvestites." I wanted to call them "Gay Black Transvestites" because they the computers that they operate are broadcasting voices to my micro-chips that are, indeed, women's voices. This is a fucking FORM OF transvestism. Regardless, it just seems so important to keep reiterating the I have tried for 25 years to write about Brain Control, and I have failed to do so each and every time that I've sat in front of a computer. When the government can influence the auditory and visual sensory systems of a human, they can effectively shut-down and traumatize that persons mind.

I will say again, and again - Electrical-Implants inside of Tom Brady (the big-idiot box quarterback from New England) cannot force him to throw a perfect Hail-Mary touch-down pass, but they absolutely can make the defensive-players for the other trip, fall, miss the tackle and look the other way.

Listening to complete-moron BS from a female's voice inside of a man's skull is not something that is producing great words of literature, science, math or politics. What listening to some black transvestite who is using a computer to send these female's voices to people in Dallas can achieve is shutting down the hearts minds and spirits of anybody who is attempting to criticize the government or regime in this city (and other American Cities). I, myself, have tried since 1995 to type this stuff up into a computer. When I was a sophomore in college (in Boston, Massachusetts) I tried numerous times to write in my spiral notebooks, my UNIX accounts, and my windows computer in my dorm to write about this. In fact, one of the most sinister details about mind-control software is that the computer-programmers who have written this stuff have purposefully and intentionally written many software commands that put people up to particular tasks - only to make terrorize them and make them fail, miserably fail, right as they start and try!

Writing a blog about mind-control is only one of myriad "things" that my electrical implants have tried to get me to do only to embarrass me in front of many people as possible when I fail!

And nobody ever writes or talks or wonders how the gestapo government fixes Sports Games in the United States to decide who is going to win?

I'll tell you how - computer programmers who are talking like women as they type into a computer keyboard voices that are directly transmitted into chips inside the sportsman's body. That's how. A fucking transvestite mentality is what you are really up against. And no I'm not talking about those psychotic weirdos you see in parks or downtown that are wearing dresses either. I'm talking about normally dressed men inside office towers and office space in the United States.

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