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Monday, March 28, 2022

Part II: Memory Lane, Mind Control and Gurge Bish

So, there are black people (and likely whites too) here in Dallas who can transmit electronic signals directly into my body. I have covered that in just about every single blog post I have written. I live in Dallas and I'm 46 years old; I was raised here by my parents. They (my mom & dad) both grew up in New York City in the 1940's and 1950's. In 1960, after my dad finished a degree in Westchester Country, New York, and he started college at Harvard School of Business. 60 to 70 years ago, New York City was a very different place than it is today. Today "big problems" in Manhattan are all related to the ruling regime's complete addiction to rape of human life, drugs, slave trafficking, and the great financial-fiction that is routinely created by internet-based bank computers. In 1960, well, there were problems in "The City" but they weren't really related to the types of things that go on in America today.

So, I'm 46, and I lived through the George Bush years trapped in a bubble of living hell. I made many regime-controlled and regime-ordered suicide attempts - which I have to say over and over were, indeed, instigated by the electronic broadcasts that are received and processed by micro-chips inside my body! When I say things like this, things that seem just a little bit more poignant, and a little more serious, I always try to reiterate that millions of people in North America were implanted via a surgery with electrical devices that can transmit signals their central nervous system. Specifically: I am not the only one! My entire-extended family was also implanted, but they aren't sitting there complaining about having been tortured. I know all of them at one point or another have complained of such things, but not repeatedly like me. The reality is that many people are pressured to lie, steal money, use narcotics, or even assault other people, and if you are willing to turn a blind-eye to the fact that this American Regime has forced you to commit crime, the "leaders" will subsequently reward you many-fold.

So, instead of another long diatribe about the government engaging in "Mafia Building" - I want to talk specifically about some of the things I remember that "The Matrix" or "The Machine" used to shout into my ears during the George Bush Years. As you read this, keep in mind that this blog-post would simply not be possible without the electrical-signals inside me changing drastically from the types of broadcasts that I used to hear for many years.

In Year 2004, 2005 and also in Year 2006 I was living at "Long Island Shelter" (among other shelters there).   Boston Massachusetts likes to fancy itself as a "Gangster's Paradise" and there are more homeless people in the City of Boston (as a percentage) than probably any other American City. In most times of human history, and in most places throughout the world, "Crime Doesn't Pay" is a pretty good rule of thumb. That City, however, because of the magnitude & scale of America's rise to power 80 years ago - and because of the great reputation Boston had as being a mecca of learning and knowledge throughout the country - when criminals overtook the schools and opened up the police-terrorist complex that rule there - "the laurels" upon which the Hell's Angels who ran that city in the 80's & 90's were very intoxicating and very over-powering to them.

In the 1970's many of the intelligent and good hearted teachers in places like Harvard University were killed. During the ultra-violent 1980's and 1990's I knew many students who were murdered by gangsters (often wearing police uniform's) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where I attended school. I was very smart and hard working, and literally one of the only people in Massachusetts to be building computer micro-processors in my dorm room in 1994, while terrorist police and soldiers were running around outside playing "Cowboys & Indians" with each other.

A smaller island than "Long Island, New York" - "Long Island, Massachusetts" has routinely been used as a government graveyard for all kinds of "political undesirables." In the 1950's, World War II protesters were put there and lobotomies were occasionally performed. During the George Bush Years, I was forced to live here (usually only over-night) because of the myriad complaints I had made about the Hell's Angels abuse of power.

Now, my freshman year in Boston was the 1993-1994 school year, and that year my decision to even go near Massachusetts was made under tremendous amounts of pressure and even death-threats from the telephone where I grew up (here in Dallas). I didn't want to go to Boston at all - and I actually really wanted to move to Asia.  The summer before my freshman year, I did visit the Island of Taiwan. As a note, I have studied Mandarin Chinese on and off since I was 14 years old - the year Chiang Kai Shek was on a speaking tour of the United States, and viited our shools in Dallas. I did live there for a year, but, as I have written repeatedly, was forced to come back to the United States with a gun at my head and threats to murder my family (Year 1995, which would turn into my "Sophomore Year" - which was also the year I was first surgically implanted).

My freshman year, I believe, if the electronic devices inside me are reading the journals I wrote that year correctly, at least five of the "Fraternity Brothers" at my school were killed. One of them had their head sawed off my a chainsaw - which is actually an incident I remember very well. I watched them do it, and the truth was that he had actually requested to be killed by "the powers that be." Back then there wasn't really much "political power" there were cops, meaner cops, and terrorists - and most of them were part-time drug users and / or dealers. I usually tried very hard to stop these things, but the guy was begging to die after a prolonged bout with narcotics himself.

The guys name was "Matt Fredette" and he was actually related to someone pretty famous in the United States. The funny part, the sad part, is that over the next 5 years there were several incidents where the Boston Terrorist Regime would pay somebody who sort of 'looked like' Matt Fredette to come and talk to me and tell me he was "Matt." Usually this was to embarrass me if I started mouthing off about the number of students on campus that had been killed. My senior year, I had been practicing the guitar, and my room-mate pushed me to "play in the band." The room was very dark, but for about an hour I was "playing guitar with Chicken" (which was Fredette's nick-name). The room was very dark, and the man had been killed four years previously, but there I was jamming away with Chicken. We drove home quickly to me senior year apartment and never mentioned it again. I moved out of my fraternity my senior year (403 Memorial Drive, "The Delta House").

So far this has been about the "Clinton Years" - not Gurge Bish

Well, that is a little bit of the background about Boston during the 1990's. America was a very violent place. In 1990, I went to "Space Mountain" in California, and the smell of dead bodies on the roller coaster ride was so bad, people would throw up leaving the roller coaster. Cambridge, Massachusetts based terrorists like to behave as if they were "The King of Crime." I went to Massachusetts to study foreign-language, learn graduate mathematics, and write more computer programs. I learned quite a bit in High School, and to tell you the truth, a nice quiet room in Dallas was better than the classrooms int which I would (eventually) study in Cambridge.

This is a picture of "Space Mountain" inside of the Disney Land Theme Park in Los Angeles. In 1990, when I was fifteen years old, I went with family to visit here. There were literally numerous dead bodies laying all around inside this ride that made the place stink very badly and made people vomit on the way out. It hasn't changed much, and it still looks the same. The photo negatives that I had taken myself of the dead-bodies I kept in a separate negatives box at my mom's house. (I had a big box of "evidence" of military atrocity in the U.S.). It was rounded up and destroyed before very long... (the negatives were destroyed in the mid-1990's)

I finished "college" in 1998, and was mercilessly forced to get a job in New York City. For three years I wandered in and out of offices in the financial district of New York. It was a terrible time to be a New Yorker. I walked past the stock exchange each morning. In the post I wrote yesterday, I explained quite well that I moved to Boston in April of 2001, after a job in thew World Trade Center. George Bush ("From Texas also") moved into the White House in January of 2001. I, personally, don't believe that Gurge Bish (as the offices of brain control like to call him) likely knew about the whole September 11th thing. But who would? I mean, I know from the bottom of my heart that I have been told that White House Politicians are not immune from being surgically implanted with the biological-electrical implant devices! I cannot prove, here, on this blog that everybody has heard inside their ear-drum that Gurge Bish also had electrical-implants inside his ear-drum, but I certainly have been told that by the government enough times "basically find it believable."

If George Bush had these electrical-biological warfare devices surgically implanted inside his head, body, and genitalia - does it matter in any way at all what he knew on September 10th, 2001?

So, the point I try to make is:

  • Many people who have been implanted with these devices know perfectly well how the U.S. "Regime" runs American Cities
  • There are some people who have had these surgeries who really don't understand them (for whatever reason).
  • Unlike me, when the people on TV are being hypno-programmed, they can, do, and will say just about anything that they are paid to say.

In the case of politicians like George Bush, what I remember about the man was his raving on television in this (always awkward) sounding Southern Accent. During the early years of "The 2000's", I mean, when I heard his name I would sort of feel bad for the guy. I mean, I knew I had no control over my life what-so-ever, and that I was being told that because of the "September 11th Attacks" that even the President of the United States had been surgically-implanted with bio-control devices. You know, to tell you the truth "the version of the software" that is being used on our brains has changed quite a bit over the past twenty years. The years 2001 - 2008 were actually (from what I remember) much less violent Obviously, for people who are capable of using their minds (which is strictly prohibited for millions of people in North America), for people my age who have fought mind-control the knowledge of how many people died in the 1980's and 1990's is kind of an important thing to know about American History.

During the George Bush years - a.k.a. "The 2000's" - the machine-guns, the tanks, the narcotics, and the grenades were mostly disappeared. They were, however, replaced by very angry people (in the places where I was forced to live) who were being brain-washed and raped using these micro-chips. Prior to the start of the "Obama Administration," one of the Boston Area Shelter's where I stayed was called "The St. Francis House" would routinely have hundreds and hundreds of screaming men (a sizeable percentage being black) who would be yelling for hours and hours every single day.

The front-desk of the St. Francis House where a routine metal-detector test is done each and every time you enter the building.

Do you know what I heard almost NOTHING about during the George Bush Years inside my implants in my body? George Bush!

What these broadcasts pride themseles on is an "inconsistent reality" between what daily life looks like in the city where you live, and the hocus-pocus pile of bullshit that you have to listen to when you are at home, work, vacation etc... To tell you the truth, "the voices" that I had to hear during the Barrack Obama Years were much more infatuated with George Bush than they ever where while he was president!

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