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Sunday, March 27, 2022

A Walk Down Memory Lane with Brain-Control: Gurge Bish

In August of Year 2001 I moved into a Boston Homeless Shelter, located half-way between Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I had just left a job in World Trade Center Tower One (in Manhattan, New York) and had been living at my Grandmother's Apartment in one of the nicer areas of the New York Suburbs. The speakers inside my body were put there while I was an undergraduate student at M.I.T. in Massachusetts. The computer-operators who were running my life really didn't like me. They don't like listening to their surveillance devices only to hear intelligent answers about anything at all. As a general rule of thumb, the way to thrive in the U.S.A. is to accept that the people who lead your life actually think you're a really stupid guy. Stupid people don't really have a lot of "justification" for arguing about orders, assignments or really anything that sounds like authority. I was never stupid - although I'm always the first to admit that when things like "math" are literally put on their computer-controlled black-lists, I'm also not getting much smarter as I get older.

The summer before "the government" (or whatever the hell you want to call brain-control) blew up the World Trade Center, I was interrogated all summer along. I was actually working in the World Trade Center Tower One until April of '01, but since I had graduated with a computer science degree and was trying to have a career and a life as a computer programmer, I didn't actually do any work there. The company had hired me in January of 2001, after I spent several days at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street "sending out resumes." When I got there I really never had any understanding of what they were trying to accomplish, and much like writing is for me today (as I explained in a previous blog post), whenever I walked into the World Trade Center to sit down and write software, the electrical implants inside my skull would start making all kind of noises and repeating the most idiotic words anyone has ever heard. I really had been tortured the year before. Psychologically tortured. Sexually tortured - all while living inside of a Wall Street Apartment! Until January of 2001, I would walk across the street every night to Apartment #1821 in Building 45 Wall Street (NYC, NY 10005), lay in my bed, and be harassed from 11:00 P.M. until 5:00 A.M. by recordings being broadcast directly into my skull! Suffice it to say that the first night it happens a man will become extremely worried and troubled about why he is even living in New York (let alone the United States).

If this type of abuse lasts longer than 3 days, an inability to do basic routines like eating and showering become more difficult. After two weeks of sleep deprivation, the ability to speak disappears and suicide attempts are numerous. Much more needs to be said about the governments "rendition" programs, but that's for a later post. Suffice it to say, the "Waterboarding" thing that Televised News Repeats is a total and complete lie. I have never been waterboarded, and I have been tortured many times by both "East Cost Filth" and "Dallas Nigger Filth".

Today, the summer of 2001 I spent in Boston, on M.I.T. Campus seems more important, and I am going to write about it.

So, in the summer of 2001, sleep deprivation returned. The combination of horrific sounding noise going off all night long - which strictly inhibits the human mind from any form of sleep at all! - and the myriad of other electrical signals being sent to nerve-tissue in my body meant that my mind didn't really "work" very well that summer. Wandering around a "once reputable" place like Harvard University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology while being ordered to pee in the bushes (by the voices broadcast inside my skull) and yelling at me at maximum volume when I attempted to bathe or shower in the dorm room where I was sleeping was completely and utter misery! Generally, Boston is a very nice place in the summer. 100 years ago when the United States was not governed by the Hell's Angels, a dorm room at M.I.T. was really, essentially, having a room on the nicest street in Boston! The months leading up to the planned attack on the World Trade Center, however, were a miserable nightmare, despite how pretty the peach blossoms and old architecture was.

Now, I'm not going to prove to you that I "knew about the attack." I cannot even prove to you that I was tortured at all - other than by the fact that I really remember it!  Truthfully, the myriad stacks of paper that I was ordered to write that summer - the summer of 2001, before the attack in September - were confiscated by the government about a year later. That whole summer I spent wandering around M.I.T. Campus while (trying / attempting) to sleep in a spare bedroom in a dormitory room that my friend had been renting. I had no money, and even though I was one of the smartest kids to enter the Institute (1993) in many years, I couldn't even speak much human-language anymore due to the psychological abuse that I was suffering.  Computerized hyno-programming offices were being opened up all around the United States, especially in places like Boston, New York City, and Dallas too!  I don't talk to much today either, but see my master in Year 2022 seems to be encouraging me to write some of this stuff down, I will (like a court-room stenographer) repeat what I am hearing using this keyboard.

M.I.T. Graduate Dormitory "Tang Hall" on the Charles River where I was psychologically and sexually tortured and "informed" about September 11th during the summer of 2001 (for 4 continuous months)

An old Post Card showing the picaresque view that exists for M.I.T. Students up in Boston.  The land where M.I.T. was built in the 1920's was the nicest land they had in the Boston Metro Area.

Anyway, Dallas Hypno-Programming is (politely, right now) informing me that this isn't going to be anything about 9/11.

I mean, the News Broadcasting Channels that we all actually physically see with our eyeballs on TV's inside of our homes have told just about every version of what happened 20 years ago in New York City. You really can dig through Fox News Archives and eventually find "them" providing evidence that the attack was executed by Americans, not Afghanistanis. The reigning "narrative" today is that somebody who was 15,000 miles away in "The Taliban" executed the attack.  This moronic "narrative" - which is a popular term on the TV now - fits well with the story of the TV Personalities on Fox News and the Communist News Network (CNN). The truth is that they don't mention it much, if at all, anymore. To me, though, the biggest issue of all is that for the people in the (former) United States who have electronic-implants inside them - what those speakers are saying about 9/11 has far-and-away the greatest influence and bearing on your heart, your mind, and your soul. What "dick-head number one" (Sean Hannity and Anderson Cooper) mention each September is totally ignored by the people.  What the people running these networks say about inside our skulls is hundreds of times more powerful over the human mind.

In my last post I tried to "get at" the fact that these blog posts are being dictated by this Renegade Dallas Regime. I mean, I know that deep-down in my hearts, if I were a free man, I could write several books about all the things and events that have happened in my life (given some peace and quiet and recovery time).  However, with electronics attached to my ear-drum and other nerve-tissues inside me, all I can do is "accept" or "reject" the suggested writings they are providing me through the implants inside my skull and my body! (In my last post where 'we" agreed to call them "transvestites" since they use recorded women's voices to speak the words they type into the keyboard, I tried to point out that writing is wholly and totally impossible when you are being distracted).

So... Memory-Lane with NDBC and the "Gurge Bish" meme

Am I the only one? Does it ever feel like that? I think for a lot of the whites in Dallas it feels like that more easily. I don't actually know. Does anybody remember 10 years ago listening to the brain-control broadcasted rants about the "George W. Bush" administration? After Barrack Hussein Obama ran for office, the offices of brain-control seemed to want to talk incessantly about the George Bush Years. In fact, from what I remember, in 2011 my electrical implants were more excited about yelling at me regarding "The Bush" than they were yelling about "The Obama." This even though the television was ranting and raving (in Year 2011) about how great it was to have a "Black Guy" in the "White House."  The types of things that human-beings want to discuss in society and amongst their friends are exactly the concepts that the renegade government will take and control and yell at you.

NOTE: The broadcasts inside your body *ALWAYS* conflict with what you see in life - particularly, if you are a male. To me, yesterday I was laying asleep at home, when "my little boyfriend" as I like to say to the surveillance devices in my room - started reminding how much we loved to say "Gurge Bish."  Yesterday, I sort of laid in my bed, dumb-founded, for about 15 minutes remembering the auditory "Brain Meme" which basically would just shout "Gurge Bish!"   I would hear this "meme" for days on end - and as a result speaking of the Bush Years became patently impossible!

I must have heard these words ("Gurge Bish! Gurge Bish!") at least 100 thousand times in my lifetime.  Two days later (today, and right now) I realized that these words must have been one of the top 10 "Brain Memes" of Year 2011!  Yesterday, though, I sat and laughed about it a little bit.  Back then, Barack Obama was all over the television news networks, but for some odd reason - North Dallas Brain Control was going on and on about the previous presidential administration! Why? Well, their fucking software doesn't do anything at all but confuse people who aren't employed in menial labor careers here in Dallas.  Keeping people ignorant and largely uncommunicative is of primary importance.  Again, only the stupid shall survive!  Back then (10 years ago)  I did try to find a job. I did work at a grocery store in Year 2005, but mostly I was prohibited from earning a salary as per the black-lists. As a result, it was demanded that receive routine and ritualistic auditory-psychological abuse like these god-damned sounds I have discussed - all day sometimes!

One of my dreams is to get these fuckers to open up the country and ask people to post to the Internet what "The Dumbest Thing They Have Heard from the Ear Speakers" is. I think if these officers were cracked open by some kind of over-powering Green Beret Commandos who had enough military hard-ward and they were forced to bring up the decades long human-experiment on the Television and the Internet, a lot of the reason for why the government doesn't really admit to the crimes it has committed is because of just how completely ignorant the voices that speak to us really are!

The things the electrical speakers inside our ear-drums say are really fucking stupid!

The George Bush Administration for me was one of the worst things any human being could ever be subjected to. I was forced to live in the street with thousands of really racist niggers. I had a University Diploma from "The Number One Technical College in the World" (as proclaimed by the U.S. News Magazines), but I was kept inside of a room with hundreds of black men who would threaten me repeatedly. The electrical cables inside my body can generate signals powerful enough to cause me to collapse if I try to walk out of the physical-bounds of "the program."  These were the "George Bush Years" to me - most of which I spent in and around the Boston Common in Homeless Encampments from which I was not allowed to leave.

Homeless (and very racist) niggers at Boston's Number One Concentration Camp, the Pine Street Inn.

The sign out front of the shelter.

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