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Monday, March 28, 2022

Part II: Memory Lane, Mind Control and Gurge Bish

So, there are black people (and likely whites too) here in Dallas who can transmit electronic signals directly into my body. I have covered that in just about every single blog post I have written. I live in Dallas and I'm 46 years old; I was raised here by my parents. They (my mom & dad) both grew up in New York City in the 1940's and 1950's. In 1960, after my dad finished a degree in Westchester Country, New York, and he started college at Harvard School of Business. 60 to 70 years ago, New York City was a very different place than it is today. Today "big problems" in Manhattan are all related to the ruling regime's complete addiction to rape of human life, drugs, slave trafficking, and the great financial-fiction that is routinely created by internet-based bank computers. In 1960, well, there were problems in "The City" but they weren't really related to the types of things that go on in America today.

So, I'm 46, and I lived through the George Bush years trapped in a bubble of living hell. I made many regime-controlled and regime-ordered suicide attempts - which I have to say over and over were, indeed, instigated by the electronic broadcasts that are received and processed by micro-chips inside my body! When I say things like this, things that seem just a little bit more poignant, and a little more serious, I always try to reiterate that millions of people in North America were implanted via a surgery with electrical devices that can transmit signals their central nervous system. Specifically: I am not the only one! My entire-extended family was also implanted, but they aren't sitting there complaining about having been tortured. I know all of them at one point or another have complained of such things, but not repeatedly like me. The reality is that many people are pressured to lie, steal money, use narcotics, or even assault other people, and if you are willing to turn a blind-eye to the fact that this American Regime has forced you to commit crime, the "leaders" will subsequently reward you many-fold.

So, instead of another long diatribe about the government engaging in "Mafia Building" - I want to talk specifically about some of the things I remember that "The Matrix" or "The Machine" used to shout into my ears during the George Bush Years. As you read this, keep in mind that this blog-post would simply not be possible without the electrical-signals inside me changing drastically from the types of broadcasts that I used to hear for many years.

In Year 2004, 2005 and also in Year 2006 I was living at "Long Island Shelter" (among other shelters there).   Boston Massachusetts likes to fancy itself as a "Gangster's Paradise" and there are more homeless people in the City of Boston (as a percentage) than probably any other American City. In most times of human history, and in most places throughout the world, "Crime Doesn't Pay" is a pretty good rule of thumb. That City, however, because of the magnitude & scale of America's rise to power 80 years ago - and because of the great reputation Boston had as being a mecca of learning and knowledge throughout the country - when criminals overtook the schools and opened up the police-terrorist complex that rule there - "the laurels" upon which the Hell's Angels who ran that city in the 80's & 90's were very intoxicating and very over-powering to them.

In the 1970's many of the intelligent and good hearted teachers in places like Harvard University were killed. During the ultra-violent 1980's and 1990's I knew many students who were murdered by gangsters (often wearing police uniform's) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where I attended school. I was very smart and hard working, and literally one of the only people in Massachusetts to be building computer micro-processors in my dorm room in 1994, while terrorist police and soldiers were running around outside playing "Cowboys & Indians" with each other.

A smaller island than "Long Island, New York" - "Long Island, Massachusetts" has routinely been used as a government graveyard for all kinds of "political undesirables." In the 1950's, World War II protesters were put there and lobotomies were occasionally performed. During the George Bush Years, I was forced to live here (usually only over-night) because of the myriad complaints I had made about the Hell's Angels abuse of power.

Now, my freshman year in Boston was the 1993-1994 school year, and that year my decision to even go near Massachusetts was made under tremendous amounts of pressure and even death-threats from the telephone where I grew up (here in Dallas). I didn't want to go to Boston at all - and I actually really wanted to move to Asia.  The summer before my freshman year, I did visit the Island of Taiwan. As a note, I have studied Mandarin Chinese on and off since I was 14 years old - the year Chiang Kai Shek was on a speaking tour of the United States, and viited our shools in Dallas. I did live there for a year, but, as I have written repeatedly, was forced to come back to the United States with a gun at my head and threats to murder my family (Year 1995, which would turn into my "Sophomore Year" - which was also the year I was first surgically implanted).

My freshman year, I believe, if the electronic devices inside me are reading the journals I wrote that year correctly, at least five of the "Fraternity Brothers" at my school were killed. One of them had their head sawed off my a chainsaw - which is actually an incident I remember very well. I watched them do it, and the truth was that he had actually requested to be killed by "the powers that be." Back then there wasn't really much "political power" there were cops, meaner cops, and terrorists - and most of them were part-time drug users and / or dealers. I usually tried very hard to stop these things, but the guy was begging to die after a prolonged bout with narcotics himself.

The guys name was "Matt Fredette" and he was actually related to someone pretty famous in the United States. The funny part, the sad part, is that over the next 5 years there were several incidents where the Boston Terrorist Regime would pay somebody who sort of 'looked like' Matt Fredette to come and talk to me and tell me he was "Matt." Usually this was to embarrass me if I started mouthing off about the number of students on campus that had been killed. My senior year, I had been practicing the guitar, and my room-mate pushed me to "play in the band." The room was very dark, but for about an hour I was "playing guitar with Chicken" (which was Fredette's nick-name). The room was very dark, and the man had been killed four years previously, but there I was jamming away with Chicken. We drove home quickly to me senior year apartment and never mentioned it again. I moved out of my fraternity my senior year (403 Memorial Drive, "The Delta House").

So far this has been about the "Clinton Years" - not Gurge Bish

Well, that is a little bit of the background about Boston during the 1990's. America was a very violent place. In 1990, I went to "Space Mountain" in California, and the smell of dead bodies on the roller coaster ride was so bad, people would throw up leaving the roller coaster. Cambridge, Massachusetts based terrorists like to behave as if they were "The King of Crime." I went to Massachusetts to study foreign-language, learn graduate mathematics, and write more computer programs. I learned quite a bit in High School, and to tell you the truth, a nice quiet room in Dallas was better than the classrooms int which I would (eventually) study in Cambridge.

This is a picture of "Space Mountain" inside of the Disney Land Theme Park in Los Angeles. In 1990, when I was fifteen years old, I went with family to visit here. There were literally numerous dead bodies laying all around inside this ride that made the place stink very badly and made people vomit on the way out. It hasn't changed much, and it still looks the same. The photo negatives that I had taken myself of the dead-bodies I kept in a separate negatives box at my mom's house. (I had a big box of "evidence" of military atrocity in the U.S.). It was rounded up and destroyed before very long... (the negatives were destroyed in the mid-1990's)

I finished "college" in 1998, and was mercilessly forced to get a job in New York City. For three years I wandered in and out of offices in the financial district of New York. It was a terrible time to be a New Yorker. I walked past the stock exchange each morning. In the post I wrote yesterday, I explained quite well that I moved to Boston in April of 2001, after a job in thew World Trade Center. George Bush ("From Texas also") moved into the White House in January of 2001. I, personally, don't believe that Gurge Bish (as the offices of brain control like to call him) likely knew about the whole September 11th thing. But who would? I mean, I know from the bottom of my heart that I have been told that White House Politicians are not immune from being surgically implanted with the biological-electrical implant devices! I cannot prove, here, on this blog that everybody has heard inside their ear-drum that Gurge Bish also had electrical-implants inside his ear-drum, but I certainly have been told that by the government enough times "basically find it believable."

If George Bush had these electrical-biological warfare devices surgically implanted inside his head, body, and genitalia - does it matter in any way at all what he knew on September 10th, 2001?

So, the point I try to make is:

  • Many people who have been implanted with these devices know perfectly well how the U.S. "Regime" runs American Cities
  • There are some people who have had these surgeries who really don't understand them (for whatever reason).
  • Unlike me, when the people on TV are being hypno-programmed, they can, do, and will say just about anything that they are paid to say.

In the case of politicians like George Bush, what I remember about the man was his raving on television in this (always awkward) sounding Southern Accent. During the early years of "The 2000's", I mean, when I heard his name I would sort of feel bad for the guy. I mean, I knew I had no control over my life what-so-ever, and that I was being told that because of the "September 11th Attacks" that even the President of the United States had been surgically-implanted with bio-control devices. You know, to tell you the truth "the version of the software" that is being used on our brains has changed quite a bit over the past twenty years. The years 2001 - 2008 were actually (from what I remember) much less violent Obviously, for people who are capable of using their minds (which is strictly prohibited for millions of people in North America), for people my age who have fought mind-control the knowledge of how many people died in the 1980's and 1990's is kind of an important thing to know about American History.

During the George Bush years - a.k.a. "The 2000's" - the machine-guns, the tanks, the narcotics, and the grenades were mostly disappeared. They were, however, replaced by very angry people (in the places where I was forced to live) who were being brain-washed and raped using these micro-chips. Prior to the start of the "Obama Administration," one of the Boston Area Shelter's where I stayed was called "The St. Francis House" would routinely have hundreds and hundreds of screaming men (a sizeable percentage being black) who would be yelling for hours and hours every single day.

The front-desk of the St. Francis House where a routine metal-detector test is done each and every time you enter the building.

Do you know what I heard almost NOTHING about during the George Bush Years inside my implants in my body? George Bush!

What these broadcasts pride themseles on is an "inconsistent reality" between what daily life looks like in the city where you live, and the hocus-pocus pile of bullshit that you have to listen to when you are at home, work, vacation etc... To tell you the truth, "the voices" that I had to hear during the Barrack Obama Years were much more infatuated with George Bush than they ever where while he was president!

Sunday, March 27, 2022

A Walk Down Memory Lane with Brain-Control: Gurge Bish

In August of Year 2001 I moved into a Boston Homeless Shelter, located half-way between Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I had just left a job in World Trade Center Tower One (in Manhattan, New York) and had been living at my Grandmother's Apartment in one of the nicer areas of the New York Suburbs. The speakers inside my body were put there while I was an undergraduate student at M.I.T. in Massachusetts. The computer-operators who were running my life really didn't like me. They don't like listening to their surveillance devices only to hear intelligent answers about anything at all. As a general rule of thumb, the way to thrive in the U.S.A. is to accept that the people who lead your life actually think you're a really stupid guy. Stupid people don't really have a lot of "justification" for arguing about orders, assignments or really anything that sounds like authority. I was never stupid - although I'm always the first to admit that when things like "math" are literally put on their computer-controlled black-lists, I'm also not getting much smarter as I get older.

The summer before "the government" (or whatever the hell you want to call brain-control) blew up the World Trade Center, I was interrogated all summer along. I was actually working in the World Trade Center Tower One until April of '01, but since I had graduated with a computer science degree and was trying to have a career and a life as a computer programmer, I didn't actually do any work there. The company had hired me in January of 2001, after I spent several days at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street "sending out resumes." When I got there I really never had any understanding of what they were trying to accomplish, and much like writing is for me today (as I explained in a previous blog post), whenever I walked into the World Trade Center to sit down and write software, the electrical implants inside my skull would start making all kind of noises and repeating the most idiotic words anyone has ever heard. I really had been tortured the year before. Psychologically tortured. Sexually tortured - all while living inside of a Wall Street Apartment! Until January of 2001, I would walk across the street every night to Apartment #1821 in Building 45 Wall Street (NYC, NY 10005), lay in my bed, and be harassed from 11:00 P.M. until 5:00 A.M. by recordings being broadcast directly into my skull! Suffice it to say that the first night it happens a man will become extremely worried and troubled about why he is even living in New York (let alone the United States).

If this type of abuse lasts longer than 3 days, an inability to do basic routines like eating and showering become more difficult. After two weeks of sleep deprivation, the ability to speak disappears and suicide attempts are numerous. Much more needs to be said about the governments "rendition" programs, but that's for a later post. Suffice it to say, the "Waterboarding" thing that Televised News Repeats is a total and complete lie. I have never been waterboarded, and I have been tortured many times by both "East Cost Filth" and "Dallas Nigger Filth".

Today, the summer of 2001 I spent in Boston, on M.I.T. Campus seems more important, and I am going to write about it.

So, in the summer of 2001, sleep deprivation returned. The combination of horrific sounding noise going off all night long - which strictly inhibits the human mind from any form of sleep at all! - and the myriad of other electrical signals being sent to nerve-tissue in my body meant that my mind didn't really "work" very well that summer. Wandering around a "once reputable" place like Harvard University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology while being ordered to pee in the bushes (by the voices broadcast inside my skull) and yelling at me at maximum volume when I attempted to bathe or shower in the dorm room where I was sleeping was completely and utter misery! Generally, Boston is a very nice place in the summer. 100 years ago when the United States was not governed by the Hell's Angels, a dorm room at M.I.T. was really, essentially, having a room on the nicest street in Boston! The months leading up to the planned attack on the World Trade Center, however, were a miserable nightmare, despite how pretty the peach blossoms and old architecture was.

Now, I'm not going to prove to you that I "knew about the attack." I cannot even prove to you that I was tortured at all - other than by the fact that I really remember it!  Truthfully, the myriad stacks of paper that I was ordered to write that summer - the summer of 2001, before the attack in September - were confiscated by the government about a year later. That whole summer I spent wandering around M.I.T. Campus while (trying / attempting) to sleep in a spare bedroom in a dormitory room that my friend had been renting. I had no money, and even though I was one of the smartest kids to enter the Institute (1993) in many years, I couldn't even speak much human-language anymore due to the psychological abuse that I was suffering.  Computerized hyno-programming offices were being opened up all around the United States, especially in places like Boston, New York City, and Dallas too!  I don't talk to much today either, but see my master in Year 2022 seems to be encouraging me to write some of this stuff down, I will (like a court-room stenographer) repeat what I am hearing using this keyboard.

M.I.T. Graduate Dormitory "Tang Hall" on the Charles River where I was psychologically and sexually tortured and "informed" about September 11th during the summer of 2001 (for 4 continuous months)

An old Post Card showing the picaresque view that exists for M.I.T. Students up in Boston.  The land where M.I.T. was built in the 1920's was the nicest land they had in the Boston Metro Area.

Anyway, Dallas Hypno-Programming is (politely, right now) informing me that this isn't going to be anything about 9/11.

I mean, the News Broadcasting Channels that we all actually physically see with our eyeballs on TV's inside of our homes have told just about every version of what happened 20 years ago in New York City. You really can dig through Fox News Archives and eventually find "them" providing evidence that the attack was executed by Americans, not Afghanistanis. The reigning "narrative" today is that somebody who was 15,000 miles away in "The Taliban" executed the attack.  This moronic "narrative" - which is a popular term on the TV now - fits well with the story of the TV Personalities on Fox News and the Communist News Network (CNN). The truth is that they don't mention it much, if at all, anymore. To me, though, the biggest issue of all is that for the people in the (former) United States who have electronic-implants inside them - what those speakers are saying about 9/11 has far-and-away the greatest influence and bearing on your heart, your mind, and your soul. What "dick-head number one" (Sean Hannity and Anderson Cooper) mention each September is totally ignored by the people.  What the people running these networks say about inside our skulls is hundreds of times more powerful over the human mind.

In my last post I tried to "get at" the fact that these blog posts are being dictated by this Renegade Dallas Regime. I mean, I know that deep-down in my hearts, if I were a free man, I could write several books about all the things and events that have happened in my life (given some peace and quiet and recovery time).  However, with electronics attached to my ear-drum and other nerve-tissues inside me, all I can do is "accept" or "reject" the suggested writings they are providing me through the implants inside my skull and my body! (In my last post where 'we" agreed to call them "transvestites" since they use recorded women's voices to speak the words they type into the keyboard, I tried to point out that writing is wholly and totally impossible when you are being distracted).

So... Memory-Lane with NDBC and the "Gurge Bish" meme

Am I the only one? Does it ever feel like that? I think for a lot of the whites in Dallas it feels like that more easily. I don't actually know. Does anybody remember 10 years ago listening to the brain-control broadcasted rants about the "George W. Bush" administration? After Barrack Hussein Obama ran for office, the offices of brain-control seemed to want to talk incessantly about the George Bush Years. In fact, from what I remember, in 2011 my electrical implants were more excited about yelling at me regarding "The Bush" than they were yelling about "The Obama." This even though the television was ranting and raving (in Year 2011) about how great it was to have a "Black Guy" in the "White House."  The types of things that human-beings want to discuss in society and amongst their friends are exactly the concepts that the renegade government will take and control and yell at you.

NOTE: The broadcasts inside your body *ALWAYS* conflict with what you see in life - particularly, if you are a male. To me, yesterday I was laying asleep at home, when "my little boyfriend" as I like to say to the surveillance devices in my room - started reminding how much we loved to say "Gurge Bish."  Yesterday, I sort of laid in my bed, dumb-founded, for about 15 minutes remembering the auditory "Brain Meme" which basically would just shout "Gurge Bish!"   I would hear this "meme" for days on end - and as a result speaking of the Bush Years became patently impossible!

I must have heard these words ("Gurge Bish! Gurge Bish!") at least 100 thousand times in my lifetime.  Two days later (today, and right now) I realized that these words must have been one of the top 10 "Brain Memes" of Year 2011!  Yesterday, though, I sat and laughed about it a little bit.  Back then, Barack Obama was all over the television news networks, but for some odd reason - North Dallas Brain Control was going on and on about the previous presidential administration! Why? Well, their fucking software doesn't do anything at all but confuse people who aren't employed in menial labor careers here in Dallas.  Keeping people ignorant and largely uncommunicative is of primary importance.  Again, only the stupid shall survive!  Back then (10 years ago)  I did try to find a job. I did work at a grocery store in Year 2005, but mostly I was prohibited from earning a salary as per the black-lists. As a result, it was demanded that receive routine and ritualistic auditory-psychological abuse like these god-damned sounds I have discussed - all day sometimes!

One of my dreams is to get these fuckers to open up the country and ask people to post to the Internet what "The Dumbest Thing They Have Heard from the Ear Speakers" is. I think if these officers were cracked open by some kind of over-powering Green Beret Commandos who had enough military hard-ward and they were forced to bring up the decades long human-experiment on the Television and the Internet, a lot of the reason for why the government doesn't really admit to the crimes it has committed is because of just how completely ignorant the voices that speak to us really are!

The things the electrical speakers inside our ear-drums say are really fucking stupid!

The George Bush Administration for me was one of the worst things any human being could ever be subjected to. I was forced to live in the street with thousands of really racist niggers. I had a University Diploma from "The Number One Technical College in the World" (as proclaimed by the U.S. News Magazines), but I was kept inside of a room with hundreds of black men who would threaten me repeatedly. The electrical cables inside my body can generate signals powerful enough to cause me to collapse if I try to walk out of the physical-bounds of "the program."  These were the "George Bush Years" to me - most of which I spent in and around the Boston Common in Homeless Encampments from which I was not allowed to leave.

Homeless (and very racist) niggers at Boston's Number One Concentration Camp, the Pine Street Inn.

The sign out front of the shelter.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

The mental anguish of dealing with a "Transvestite Regime" in Dallas (while worrying about writing my software).

Throughout my entire-life I have known the United States to be, effectively, a "Human Rights Cesspool." The nature of the crimes that go on, and the types of people that suffer the most has changed drastically with the onset of a government that uses advanced technology to manipulate the personal lives of American's.

It's kind of funny thinking about my last several posts talking about Russian writers, authors and philosophers - only to see that part of the grand plan was going to be this Ukraine War thing-y on TV. But, seeming how bringing up nineteenth century European and Eurasian History is going to be a little bit more difficult, I guess my master at North Dallas Brain Control is going to be bringing up other topics instead. You see, when I'm sitting in front of a computer screen, with a keyboard beneath my fingers, all I can do is "accept" or "reject" the load of verbal spew that is being hurled in my direction through these secretive electronic broadcasts. The room where I live is bugged right now, and because in my earlier years I had a lot to say about America since I paid a lot of attention to my studies, and things around me - the rooms where I have lived have always been bugged. Don't get me wrong, in the annals of history nobody has ever heard of "Ralph Torello"; and furthermore there are thousands, tens of thousands of citizens in Dallas who have bugs in the guise of Fire Department "Smoke Alarm Detectors" and "Cell Phones" and even well placed surveillance cameras in the offices and shops where they work. I'm certainly not the only one.

Sitting here today (at the library), I want so much to tell everyone that the only way I can type these "Anti-Dallas Regime" letters is through the aid of the Slave Trafficking and Hypno-Programming (Human-Experiment) Offices of Dallas. Just a second ago I said "America has been one giant Human Rights Cesspool" since I was a kid, and I want to keep driving this point home. I also want to explain that over the past 25 years I have tried repeatedly to say these types of things to the people around me and in letters I write and have been wholly and totally (even brutally) both mentally and physically assaulted for trying to talk about the experiments, though-control & body-movement-control software that go on here in Dallas (and a lot of American Cities where I have been and lived). Since the American Hypno-Programming Software Offices started appearing in 1995 I have been in and around Boston Massachusetts, New York City, and spent the far and away the greatest amount of time in Dallas (which I guess is still in "Texas" but nobody around here ever says that word).

So I'm sitting here in front of a computer, right now, thinking about the myriad of times in my past when I've tried to open up a Word Processor or even an E-Mail Window to type about all the (really depraved) "voices" that I was hearing. Sitting down and writing a letter to my mom or my brothers that "The Government was playing more pornographic sounds in my ear last night while I was trying to go to sleep" is exactly the kind of letter I want to be reading to the United States Supreme Court and all of the justices on that stupid fucking kangaroo pile of garbage.

But do you know what would happen whenever I tried?

Everything under the sun! The minute the application opens, hearing recordings of female voices saying anything they could think of to threaten me, terrorize me, or instill feelings of doubt and fear. Threats about the members of my family, threats about family members that actually (technically - according to "them") were actually killed by the American Government have been every day occurrences throughout the course of my life. You see, I took my learning very seriously when I was younger, and if I can call a black slave-trafficker & hypno-programming 'guy' a liar, an idiot, an idiot and most importantly and (most importantly) a racist-ignorant man! ... Well, they don't like it! When "they" (the Black Dallas Slave Traffickers) show up to work each morning, they like to listen to their Dallas Fire Department Bugs with people who are obedient, bewildered, scared and even angry (at other members of society). Complaining about the Dallas Regime committing human rights abuses against the people of Dallas will get you on the public enemies list.

So here I am, sitting in front of a computer, downtown at the giant central-branch of the Dallas Public Library writing exactly the type of letter that I am sitting here asserting is "completely illegal" according to the rules of the mysterious transvestite regime. Isn't that a bit contradictory? If they are so powerful at censoring the speech of political dissidents, how can I be capable of writing this nice condemnation? Well, I don't the real reason - but I can offer some guesses! But before I say a single thing about "why" the most important thing to realize (at least in my mind) is that not only am I being allowed to type these words into a computer-keyboard, much more importantly these words, the words you are reading right here & right now - are not exactly coming from my own mind!

I have always had the thought - in fact I have lived with the thought for 25 years - that until this "Renegade American Terrorist Movement" decides that it has done enough damage to the lives of the people it is pretending to govern, I'm not going to be able to do anything about it at all. Calling them names when I know they are listening is about the extent of my "resistance." Hypno-programming a human mind by surgically implanting electronics inside a human-body (against his or her well) is a very powerful new weapon indeed!

So anyway, two days have elapsed since NDBC download the above paragraphs into my skull

I want to get to my points when I type, but it isn't the easiest thing in the world. In fact, it is 100% totally and completely under the control of the regime that controls the audio & voice content that I have to listen to inside my skull. These very words you are reading right now are the exact words that I'm hearing inside my skull - I am not thinking this up myself, the "Transvestite Computer-Operator Regime" that controls the audio / voice I hear is telling me what to type! I said just a moment ago that two days have elapsed since I walked into the Dallas Public Library to type a letter where I call Dallas Brain Control a "bunch of transvestites." I wanted to call them "Gay Black Transvestites" because they the computers that they operate are broadcasting voices to my micro-chips that are, indeed, women's voices. This is a fucking FORM OF transvestism. Regardless, it just seems so important to keep reiterating the I have tried for 25 years to write about Brain Control, and I have failed to do so each and every time that I've sat in front of a computer. When the government can influence the auditory and visual sensory systems of a human, they can effectively shut-down and traumatize that persons mind.

I will say again, and again - Electrical-Implants inside of Tom Brady (the big-idiot box quarterback from New England) cannot force him to throw a perfect Hail-Mary touch-down pass, but they absolutely can make the defensive-players for the other trip, fall, miss the tackle and look the other way.

Listening to complete-moron BS from a female's voice inside of a man's skull is not something that is producing great words of literature, science, math or politics. What listening to some black transvestite who is using a computer to send these female's voices to people in Dallas can achieve is shutting down the hearts minds and spirits of anybody who is attempting to criticize the government or regime in this city (and other American Cities). I, myself, have tried since 1995 to type this stuff up into a computer. When I was a sophomore in college (in Boston, Massachusetts) I tried numerous times to write in my spiral notebooks, my UNIX accounts, and my windows computer in my dorm to write about this. In fact, one of the most sinister details about mind-control software is that the computer-programmers who have written this stuff have purposefully and intentionally written many software commands that put people up to particular tasks - only to make terrorize them and make them fail, miserably fail, right as they start and try!

Writing a blog about mind-control is only one of myriad "things" that my electrical implants have tried to get me to do only to embarrass me in front of many people as possible when I fail!

And nobody ever writes or talks or wonders how the gestapo government fixes Sports Games in the United States to decide who is going to win?

I'll tell you how - computer programmers who are talking like women as they type into a computer keyboard voices that are directly transmitted into chips inside the sportsman's body. That's how. A fucking transvestite mentality is what you are really up against. And no I'm not talking about those psychotic weirdos you see in parks or downtown that are wearing dresses either. I'm talking about normally dressed men inside office towers and office space in the United States.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Part III: The Angel of the Morning: "Sabotage", "An Azore" A typical day in the U.S.A.

A few moments ago, I was "thinking" my own "thoughts". It has happened every day of my life for the past twenty-five years. Today at 4:00 A.M. I was actually allowed to sleep, and I didn't get up until 8:00 today. The slave traffickers at North Dallas Brain Control greatly prefer to save their cruelest thought-broadcasts for anybody who ever believed he was going to be important in U.S.A.; anybody whoever tried to depict or describe what education and learning really are - and specificly put a definition to "what is ignorance" without mentioning people with black-colored skin. Today I was awoken with the usual litany of thoughts including running through the library where I do my work shooting and karate-chopping all of the black police officers (both at the library, and on my way to the library) that grunt and snarl at me every time they (or I) walk by.

Just a second ago before typing today's "Ball of Sunshine" I was drinking coffee and trying to guestimate if I was going to be "encouraged" to write my Java Software for language translations today. I know how to write software. My first program was in 1983 at my mom's house when some "man" barged into our home (whom none of us had likely ever met) to give us an Atari Video Game System. I copied a "Hello World" Program and distinctly remember re-typing all of the comments too (the lines of code that don't matter) - and being only eight or nine years old, spent almost an hour typing it. This morning, hoping my brain (a.k.a. "me") would be fed the lines of code to grow my Foreign Language Translation Software Project, I started hearing one of "their" favorite songs in my head: The 1995 "World Famous" Beastie Boys song "Sabotage." (It wasn't very popular... music died off quickly in U.S.A after Nirvana and Kurt Cobain's "Grunge Movement").

I don't particularly care for the fucking thing, but sitting at my laptop on this nice 60 degree day, looking out of the Window, I see a bunch of weirdos running around with guns, jumping off bridges on their YouTube-uploaded Music Video. Music Videos were very popular thirty-five years ago. In 1987 even the teachers at my middle school would put on MTV to watch "U2" videos on the school television. People were very different 35 years ago. But today, March 2022, I was having my usual anxiety attack - hoping and thinking and praying - that the black who runs my life would finally start force-feeding me the Java Software I need to add to my website I have been repeatedly and consistently manipulated, lied to, tricked and strictly-prohibited from Java-Coding this web-site since 2018. That was only a year or two after I started the damned thing in the first place. I learned a lot of Mandarin Chinese when I was younger. I also have a news-site for learning and studying Spanish, and living in 'Little Mexico' (Dallas) I get to hear a lot of vocabulary around town, much more than I ever hear Mandarin (which is usually once or twice a year). Back in 2017, 2018, and even 2019 these black sons-of-bitches knew all about the possible "Planned COVID-19 Disease Attack" that they were going to unleash, and hoped that by the time it started, I would have given up trying to write software/code in Java (and that when this 'Great Chinese Disease' started, I would be glad to have quit Chinse News Board). Can I show you pictures of the offices that were running these broadcasts in 2018, 2019, and 2020? No I cannot. I can, though, with a straigh-face (without lying to you) relay what I hear inside my skull when these jerks brag about their abuses of power and their crime inside my skull.

So, anyway, back to the point of "those who were educated" - this is it. For people that have education, and know what the word "discipline" means as it is used in the context of education (staying focus on the subject matter, without trying to indulge in man's more base recourses like "their rolodex" and "their bank-account"), I know will suffer until the day I die, or the day I give up explaining what traditional schools use to teach. I got to listen to my master brag about "Sabotaging" people in America beginning in the 1990's as the terrorists who had grown bored of seizing the Nakatomi Plaza buildings and had begun, instead, seizing people's body parts collections (the body that God gave them) instead. I don't always get to be "me" - I get to be a collection of arms, legs, stomach ("My Tummy"), eyes and ears that is dragged around the city arguing with surveillance cameras and voice-taps, wondering what I could have done if I were a free man.

Cruelty is the hallmark of any organized-crime apparatus. Listening to to "The Beastie Boys" shout "Sabotage" on my computer about 20 minutes ago is exactly the type of things that gets the Dallas Slave-Trafficker up in the morning. It's his reason or living. Everybody who thinks they are going to be important or influential in society will be sabotaged until they have succumbed to the expectations of the crime-syndicate. Going on and on about who or what constituted the "greatest threats" to the syndicate (NDBC, North Dallas Brain Control) is exactly the type of language that makes resistance seem futile. Going on and on for hours that, for example "The Beastie Boys" thought they were a big deal thirty years ago, and that today thanks to the American Mind Control Movement, nobody on earth has ever heard of them is how to dehumanize anybody who grew up in the 1980's.


It is almost 2:00 P.M. now, and I'm in downtown Dallas at the Giant Public Library across the street from Dallas City Hall (with all of the homeless people, and the THUG-I-EST thug-cops in the city). Since 9:00 A.M. this morning when I wrote the above words, I have been agonizing to the point of total-numbness in my feet about how I can work-in the part where - these words that I'm writing - really are brought to you directly by an amalgam of the mind-filter which is my brain operating in-union / in-tandem-with the vocabulary and verbal spew machine that brain control computer operators are always forcing into me. The truth really is, for most of the past twenty five years I have not been allowed to type a god-damned thing into my keyboard, and the slave-trafficking software-control apparatus that runs Dallas has made sure that if I am in front of a key-board, I am rigorously trained to know and fear that any attempt to speak about a government-run computer-control operation having influence here, by writing about it on a web-page or e-mail, will be viciously punished and met with computer-programmed torture-software.

Only the stupid shall thrive, only the ignorant shall be paid a good salary.

Here, today, writing about mind-control and my laptop I have had to wait twenty-five years before I could use the word "electrical-implants" inside my body before I was able to do so. Oh sure, when I lived in Boston Massachusetts I was allowed to type words like "Charles River" or "Copley Square" a lot. In fact, when I was sitting in front of a Windows Machine (either at home, at the library, or elsewhere) the voices that I would listen to were invariably about such Boston Landmarks like the churches, the bridges, the scenery and "The River." Let's face it, writing about writing is a somewhat challenging task. Writing about writing and why I would want to say any of this takes some amount of effort, thought, passion, and determination and all of this is utterly obliterated when "that voice inside my head" is spewing out hate speech about black-people, Jesus, or George Bush and the War in Iraq when all I wanted to say - literally - is that there seems to be some kind of foriegn and implanted voice inside my head trying to control me!

Today, here at the library, I looked at this new "War In Russia" that is now being promoted on the Major News Networks and realize that my past several posts about Russia were planned and timed very well by the Dallas Government. I don't really know what the point or result is supposed to be, though. Me and my black boyfriend (may I call the guy currently whispering sweet nothings in my ear while I'm here at the library that?) - he mentioned I might want to take a look at Google Maps and drive down one of the streets in "The Azores." The Azores are a little group of Islands in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean that are, sort-of, directly between Spain and Mexico. A long time ago, The Azores were a common stopping-point for the European and North-African ships that sailed the Atlantic to go to Central & America. (A few went to the present-day Southern United States). My great-grandparents from my dad both made athat journey in the late nineteenth and early-twentieth century. Not that much was spoken about it to me by my grandparents (both of whom I knew pretty well). though. Many ignorant black people of the twentieth-century would go on and on about the nineteenth-centruy Civil-War Slavery movement, without mentioning the part about 300 years of Spain and North Africa working more-or-less together.

And that's living life completely at the mercy of a though-control regime in Dallas. Absolutely none of this has anything to do with me sitting down to write Chinese or Spanish foreign-language translation software for my web-sites. And there is not a damned thing I can do about it! Trying to code a Spanish-Translator Software Application, when my ear-drums are hearing voices about Black People in Nigeria, and on "An Azore" in the Atlantic Ocean and my eye-sockets are staring at pictures of Yankee Doodle riding on his fucking poney again make it impossible to type anything, other than what they want me to type.

But today, THEY, really really really did force-feed this letter into my head. I guess I'll try to kill them tomorrow, because I kind of like this post.

Here is a road on an "Azore". It looks really neat and all. I'd love to have the money to fly to the Azorean Aeropuerto (That's Spanish for Airport) and to rent a car and drive around for a week. Sure, that'd be amazing. I don't have any money, this is so fucking obnoxious. It's literally worse than being reminded every fifteen seconds that "In 1492, Christopher Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue." I fucking hate this country so much.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

PART II: "The Angel of the Morning" @ 4:00 A.M. - Me and My Fucking Nigger.

Writing Java Software in Dallas (formerly 'Texas', although truthfully, one never hears the word anywhere in Dallas, anymore) is the type of activity that is so hopeless exploited by The North Dallas 'Regime' that walking around with numb feet is just one of many consequences. Java is a computer programming language. It was written in the early 1990's, and is mostly just a carbon copy of what "C" and even "C++" but changed a few things, that I actually discussed myself when I was in High School (1990 - 1993).

Writing about writing, and the Russians - what I was attempting to do much in the past six months, but have utterly failed to type a word at all for weeks on end. Yes, it has become disconerting seeing the butcher-ocracy "drop COVID-19" completely, and switch to this new "Russia-Thing" or the "Ukraine Thing". I have no idea what to call this "Ukraine Thing" - but watching the crime-syndicate send its army of liars to promote this rips me up inside because I don't know how to call their lies "lies!" I don't want to follow this tangent at all, because all I will say is that "Net And Yahoo" was the "President of Israel" is about as believable as "Vladimir Putin" is a real powerful person in Moscow. I have no idea, and I know that the only people who would argue with me are members of brain-washed crime-syndicates (formerly known as Corporations and "Corporate Employees") whose only purpose would be to earn more money for themselves by trying to threaten, intimidate or insult me to impress the piece of shit who is hypno-programming them.

Don't deal in lies said the famous poet "Rudyard Kipling" in His Poem "If...", which is, in fact, one of the older 'trains of thought' to which I was subjected in my younger years of being experimented upon.

All I'm trying to say is that talking about Literature and Writing, which during the era of "Tsar Alexander the Great" (The Nineteenth Century) was the form of art that Central European people excelled at. American's had their music, but I'm just not going to even think about "writing a song about sexual assault" because it isn't possible. Instead, today, I want to continue to write about being awoken at 4:00 AM by the electronics inside me and being pressured by "The Voices" to work on a Java Project that wasn't at all what I was trying to pursue. This new American Slavery Movement, is, at its core based on pressuring people to pursue work and daily activities that are usually as far removed from their interests and their skill sets as they can possibly push them. A man who has as dream and a passion is one who would seek to make decisions to pursue his dream - every day of his life. A man who has been pressured, often by internally generated, voiced, death-threats to pursue something he has no interest in whatsoever is somebody whose work will be perfunctory, disengenous and irate - and will be easily controlled because of it.

I wrote my first computer program in the third grade. Because the sick-fucks at the offices of North Dallas Brain Control have the diaries and journals that my parents used to write here in Dallas, "The Powers that Be" (the individuals who run Dallas) know enough about me to bring up personal stories and even the audio and visual imagery from photos when I was a kid - whenever the hell that they want. I went to a little Computer-Camp for kids when I was nine years old at St. Marks Academy here in Dallas. I had a passion for writing software, among many things - all of which I was strictly forbidden from persuing during my entire 20's and 30's.

But let's get to the heart and soul of the Rise of the Dallas Nigger Regime that has butchered the people - especially the black man - into ignorance, sloth and idiocy. At 4:00 A.M. in the morning I hear the voice, and the electrical current sends signals to my muscles. I don't actually how many wires are inside my body, nor do I know exactly how they are connected to which nerves. But you know what? I wanted to write about it. I wanted to tell the world. I wanted to send letters about psychological torture operations to the Beijing Government in hopes that maybe somebody on earth would care about the Great American Attrocity Engine. I mean, if I saw Asian Troops on American Soil I get on my knees and kiss their boots. I know it's not going to happen, the powers of the earth are probably having a blast watching the once spectacularly powerful and destructive American War Machines sit and argue about Homosexual Rights.

But, this morning, I sat at my computer at was force-fed into my skull more Java Code. I like Java, but I hate being ordered to write it by a Homosexual Regime that uses voice-recordings broadcast into my skull to write it. I wanted to write to my blog today. I have to wait for the recordings to allow me to sit in front of a computer and type my thoughts, without being disrupted by their thoughts.

I have had to wait 25 years before the regime would allow me to use my own fingers to type letters at a computer without being put through psychological torture programs - run by a mangy pack of wild-niggers of Dallas who are so blinded by their arrogance and grotesque abuse of power that I have never been able to do so. I guess they felt bad about it today, and have decided to let me type this.

Here is the Original Song (piped into my brain dozens of times a day:

Angel of the Morning

There'll be no strings to bind your hands
Not if my love can't bind your heart
There's no need to take a stand
For it was I who chose to start
I see no need to take me home
I'm old enough to face the dawn

Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby
Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Then slowly turn away from me
Maybe the sun's light will be dim
And it won't matter anyhow
If morning's echo says we've sinned
Well, it was what I wanted now
And if we're victims of the night
I won't be blinded by the light
Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby
Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Then slowly turn away
I won't beg you to stay with me
Through the tears
Of the day
Of the years
Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby
Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, darling
Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, darling