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Thursday, February 17, 2022

The Content You Hear: Surveillance Feedback - And all the days that came before today.

It has been over a month since I last wrote to this nightmare. I love writing to the Internet, hoping that one day somebody will care at all about the human-rights problems in North America. The people who run my city (and other, "formerly American" cities such as Boston and New York) have this uncanny way of making my typing content into a keyboard - and intending that content to be about my life, my implants, how they have raped the people - very agonizing in and of itself. For a little while last December, my brain-control guy (or guys - plural) had me thinking I would be permitted to transition away from typing this damned Java-HTML Software Library which 'they' are always broadcasting into my room, and my brain. However, all of January elapsed with nothing sabotage as I tried, endlessly-tried, so sit myself at the laptop and type into my keyboard about the America's political abuses of power only to hear the echo of 'that female's voice' screaming.

It has happened for 25 years. I'm 46 years old, and I will say every single day of my life that this has been going on since the year I was forced to return to the "United States" (whatever the fuck that is now) from Asia when I was 20 years old, and ostensibly enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. One of the deeper pains for me (or anyone who understands what the computer-networks are actually broadcasting) - but to continue, one of the deeper pains that goes on in life is hearing 'hopelessly brainwashed' decry that 'they are brainwashing everybody' - and in the exact same breath leave out the magic-step, the power, by which said 'brainwashing' is occuing. It sucks! Sure, their are spectacular liars on TV. Sure, but you don't have to watch TV, and nobody with a functioning brain and more than a fourth grade education could watch Sean Hannity on TV - flagrant and ragins homosexuals like Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon. I mean one man marries another man, what you have is ... just ... it's not something that really goes on in the world. People in 'more normal' parts of the world that don't harbor spectacular human-rights abuses don't have "closet homo's" being persecuted by society - just wishing they could break out into the mainstream.

I think everybody knows this, though their are lot of people who sense the fear that is being forced on us all by the Network Broadcasting Devices who will pay lip-service to the great decievers out of a desire to stay off the radar of he devil's workshop. I mean, I don't know how any sane, rational, and level-headed human being can stand here with the likes of Fox-News and CNN having prime-time anchors who are men, and are married to other men and live with them, and adopt children. It is just total fucking lunacy. It feels like the people in power are just crapping all over our lives, our shared history, whatever culture we used to have and shouting "faggots" - making real understanding about the (former) U.S.A. totally incomphrensible, and even undesirable, while these rapists, thieves, liars and murderers print up millions, and seiz everything that wasn't nailed dowbn.

In December I was trying to bring up history again, and since Russia is usually a pretty popular topic with the Computerized "Hearing Voices" Broadcasts, Russian Literature seemed kind of relevant. The Russian's never had their own version of "Elvis Pressley" - their civilization, which peaked in the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century (before "The Wars" - WWI & WWII) had a many writers, novelists, journalists and even philosophers. The Russians (the Europeans) loved their books in the nineteenth century. I mean, not all of them were like "Huckleberry Finn" - facing facts some of the most famous stuff 'Crime and Punishment' is about a murderer who is trying to get away with it (a little trashy). Writing about writing - to you - might seem banal, boring and totally devoid of any real insight. A writer "writes," and you dont' get to know how that all works without spending a lifetimes thinking about psychology, philosophy, etc.

But for me, what the hell is there to talk about? These fucking people will draw you to a chair while you are holding your laptop in your hand - tempting you with all kinds of ideas and stories about the government, the police, and how your life has been since being implanted (hearing these voices in my head). But the moment you load up your web-browser to type what you were all excited about, a one-hundred-and-one other thoughts will be transmitted directly into your eye-sockets, and your ear-drums which confuse, demoralize and drown out your soul to where writing even a single word - even a single ASCII character - into the page becomes as impossible as deciding what you really want to do with your life. Inside my brain, I want to type what these crminals are saying to me. And I cannot, exactly because I am repeatedly being conditioned not to do just that, by foreign implanted images and sounds that disrupt my thinking.

You know it's THE CONTENT of the audio-tracks that you hear that makes this Surveillance Feedback-with-Control so powerful. I don't know how to scream loud enough. It sickens me? It shames me? The content that you hear the most, the content that is the most controlling over what you do and who are you is precisely the words, ideas and images that have been extracted and 'surveilled' from your life! I mean, being brainwashed, to me, is something I don't accept at all. Being honest with God, myself, and anybody reading this - 'they' have enough hard-drive space (Computer-Storage Space) to save on the Internet every sound, sight, and line of text that I have read, head or witnessed in the course of my life. To some people, perhaps, the thought of a New York City Police Official jumping out of a fire-engine and directly into a burning building save a lady's life - and all the chanting about "his heroism" might look like the type of propaganda that we as a people have put up with since the great nightmare of the 1980's and Ronald Reagan.

However, you know what is 100 times more over-powering than military and police propaganda? The personal things that happened to you in your life. If I can make you listen to your own stories about the birthday party you had when you were 10 years old, there is nothing more debilitating, dehumanizing and subjugating than that type of content. What if I knew absolutely everything there was to know about you? that would shut you down anywhere, anytime - literally at the drop of a hat.

And that's what those micro-chips they put into you andyour family like to do to you. They blow sunshine straight up your ass until all you can think about is how great thou, and thou's philosophy, art, staring at the wall, watching the years fall away, while you question nothing, acheive little and forget everything that you have seen here today. What good are those thoughts and philosophies anyways if you aren't even willing to admit why you have them in the first place?

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