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Monday, January 17, 2022

Typical Day: Wake Up, Make Lasagna, Slaughter Some Niggers, Try to Get to Work on Time (MLK Day, Jan. 17, 2022)

Fighting about what is and is not racist isn't the most enjoyable activity for me to focus. I've been psychologically traumatized by my implants on and off throughout the entire course of my adult life. When I was younger I did a lot and worked hard in my scholastic achievements. I've mentioned before in previous year's posts that I spent a lot of my late 20's and early 30's in Boston are Concentration Camps. The City of Boston, to this day, would never acknowledge that political-prisoners are kept in detention-camps, and if asked what the hell places like "Pine Street Inn" are, you would probably here a few murmurs about the city's homeless population - which residents of these places actually are! For me, though, I was forced into these places, despite being a blazing success at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and that I was forced into these shelters by electronic warfare. I was forced to live inside Boston Homeless Shelter's using electronic implants in my body. My first experience in any homeless shelter came a few years after graduating with my bachelor's degree in Electrical-Engineering & Computer Science at the age of 26 - specifically year 2001.

One result of this horrific treatment of a human being is that I am much more aware of the electronics inside my body than most other people in North America are aware of "their own wires." A long time ago (the 1990's) a very-violent (but popular) movie came out called "Braveheart." In this movie, there is a rebellion and the leader of the rebel cause is captured at the end of the movie and "purified" by pain (tortured to death). I have told people in my life that I have been tortured myself, before, by the Rogue-Rebellion American-Government. Referring to torture as "purification" is actually something that slowly (very-slowly) starts to take hold as the mind develops a sense that good-evil, right-and-wrong are always to be evaluated as the motives a man who would torture another man should always be drawn into question. One consequence, in my life, of having been "purified through pain" (sexual-abuse, and psychological-abuse through electronic warfare) is that my mind (me) simply will not let go of the fact that there really are black people in Dallas who are broadcasting signals into devices that are inside my body! Pretending this isn't going on, or that little innocuous voice that I have to listen to isn't coming from God, and it isn't a thought that I'm having about some old acquaintance, friend, or even stranger. Those little voices that I hear in the back of my head as I ride the bus into work aren't naturally from me, or God, or my own memory, they are from mangy pack of wild-niggers into a North Dallas Government Hypno-Programming Office.

Don't get me wrong, I abhor a white-slave trafficker every bit as much as a Black or Mexican Slave Trafficker

And this is the whole-enchilada... For how many years of my adult life have I had to endure or listen to hocus-pocus intimidation - rhetoric - on television and in the news-paper regarding how "racist white people"? Confuse, demoralize, deride, deter, disenfranchise, debase, and (before all else) Attack! Attack! Attack! These are the principles that guide this renegade-government that runs Dallas and other American Cities with an Iron-Fist.

But I haven't explained the purpose of today's post yet - the title seems a bit troubling, right?

So in the computer-laden, surveillance-feed filled offices of this morally bankrupt Dallas Government, I am spoken of as a miscreant who deserves to have my entire life-destroyed for no other reason that because I had a mind and was willing to stand-up to the United States Security Personnel and it's "Phony Washington Government." Every home I have ever tried to keep has been razed by local police departments, and everything I've ever owned has been destroyed and thrown in the street, the trash, or given away to other people. Point being, they don't like me.

So, on my way out of the house, the electronic radio-waves kicked into high gear again. Upsetting me, and putting me in a bad mood. DART, right now, is swapping all of the numbers on it's bus-routes, and the bus I currently ride to the train-station is going to be closing forever in about one week. Again, I'm in tune with what the contents of my eye-socket implants are saying. A lot of people in this City, sort-of, proverbially "throw in the towel" and put on some idiotic and dumb apron, name-tag, and customer-service hat that keeps them tied to the service-sector (MAFIA) economy that rules the slave-implant population in a very total-fashion. Don't get me wrong! In my late 20's and early 30's (about 15 years) I was begging "my master" for a job in Customer-Service as opposed to going through another round of biological-warfare (torture) inside Boston Municipal Homeless Shelters. The Dallas Regime would refuse, and I would be left experiencing erections all day long courtesy of the electronics attached to the nerves inside my genetalia.

So sitting there, today, Martin Luther King Day (January, 17th, 2022) the blacks - ahem, the people, whatever color they are - running this broadcasting system having mocked up some animated-video shorts that I'm seeing inside my skull at Dallas Park Lane Station (the train-station connected to my bus). Since Park Lane Station is filled with other black-people, it is the easiest thing in the world for these slave-traffickers to anger one of their own (black) people at that station where I was earlier today. Sitting their, at the station, a black man is walking past me with a really mean scowl on his face, and their I am - dressed like a ninja - and carrying an Antique-Armaments 'Morning Star' and slashing that nigger in his face with my medieval 'mace'. Before the DART train has even arrived, I'm slashing that African with my 'Morning Star' right in his groin area - and shouting obscenities calling him every racial slur I can possibly think of.

And that's what I saw from NDBC today! And all that I had actually planned to do today was take the train to the library and work on my Java-HTML project!  Did I have to see this? No! Would I have thought these thoughts if I didn't have these devices inside me? No! What would my (Educated) mind have spent the afternoon thinking about if it weren't for this viscous elecronic-atrocity that is happening in Dallas? Maybe I would have made a black friend today, instead? (It is MLK Day) Maybe...

EDITOR'S NOTE: No actual African-American's were actually harmed during the writing of this post. It was all just an electronically induced hallucination.

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