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Thursday, January 13, 2022

The Land Where Sexual Assault Reigns Supreme: "I speak on behalf of 'The Women'"

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"
-1930's Radio Show Introduction for: The Shadow

Previously, on "The Narrative" I brought up a few of the 'tactics' that are used by the operators of this 'New Weapon.' I was sitting at the mall staring the mountains of manufactured goods from The People's Republic of China - all the new iPad's, and Apple Products, the mountains of clothing and travel bags, the electronics, the women's fashion apparel - everything! While, simultaneously (at the exact same moment!) I was watching the broadcasted signals into my brain as I walked by Police Officer's in the mall. The images I saw around me were all of 'great majesty' (all the really neat stuff China is exporting to the world). But the other images I saw - inside my eyeballs - were about me karate chopping cops - and jumping on top of them!

In my previous letter to blogger, I mentioned that I am a political prisoner, and that one of the 'tactics' used to subjugate my mind and my spirit is to harass me with radical-extremist actions as I walk by a Dallas Police Officer in the mall (or even the little local mall cops, not affiliated with DPD). And why?

I am going to tell you why, right now. It goes something like: How on earth could a man ever write a strongly-worded complaint letter to my senator or my congressman about hypno-programming, when I am literally seeing images of me attacking cops using karate - inside my brain!. What a literal hell! How could a politically-oriented white-male (namely: me) in a city dominated by an African and Latino population ever stand a chance of speaking up or speaking out? How - when he is constantly bombarded by implanted audio & video of Kung-Fu fights with small and ignorant police officers? I live in hell sometimes because of the stress that hypno-programming causes me. This new weapon is a very powerful one indeed! It preys on the intelligent, on the well-spoken, and the educated. Here in Dallas, the primary "Modus Operandi" of the mind-control regime is to keep swarths of people employed in food-service or other customer-service related lines of work. And they stand there with dumb looks on their faces in front of cash-registers, year after year. Often ruder than any 'customer-service' employees any where on the earth.

But that was my previous post! Yes, China has risen past the long-since faded American Greatness. It has created an economic-engine that the United States has never rivaled. The Rogue-Uprising American Government embarrasses people like me in public - dozens of times every month. People, men, not women - men - who want to talk about this new system, this new weapon we are all up against. I love what China has done for the world, and truly abhor the miscreant American Leadership who are taking advantage of the gains for the own personal empires that lack any respect for human rights or human dignity.

Today, this post has to be about problems that are bigger than the psychological-assault of my own person (me). The real title of this post is below...

Hypno-programming: My wife's 'other' significant other...

So, it is true that a woman lives with me in my apartment.  She doesn't always say much, although sometimes she says a lot too. Let's just dive right into the pool of NAZI-Genocide for a moment and talk about nigger-filth in the City of Dallas hypno-programming the women around here! Pointing at the "The Black Race" for sexual abuse of women (and men) here isn't nearly as easy as one might think. Not more than an hour ago I was at my home watching a television episode about "Hitler Followers" - and it was largely rambling and incoherent. It's one thing to condemn the NAZI's for their failure's, but it takes a much stronger soul to stand up and look past skin-color in the United States.

Don't get me wrong, first. I see people who are black sleeping the streets of downtown Dallas, and know, they are suffering. I also have an implant that is connected to my genitalia (my penis), and my ears and eyes. The individuals who are responsible for this out-rage also have such electronics in the body's of other people - and another popular means of psychological-abuse is to constantly remind me about 'The Coalition' that brain-control operators have formed using their subjects.

No explanation has ever been provided on the Major News Networks of the 21st Century to explain or excuse the mistreatment of non-black people's in places like Dallas (where I live). It is one thing to condemn the NAZI Party of World War II, but it is another thing, completely, to condemn those people, and then exhibit and exhude the very behavior in your own people that you has been condemned in NAZI-Germany. Such concepts have a very easy to remember word to describe them - it is called "Hypocracy" - and the Black Leaders of the City of Dallas are guilty of such hypocracy that changing Dallas' name to "The Black Hypocrite" seems a lot more germaine from where I am standing.

Members of this "Rogue-Government" who are-or-happen-to-be 'black,' in Dallas, sell the population of this city down the river for their own profits. Talking about greed and corruption, though important, is no where near as 'high-up' on the totem-pole of crime as talking about rape. Discussing a Rogue-Government that is running a people into the ground using computerized-rape. A black-man (or a white-man) who sit in an office making slaves out of women, using underhanded and grotesquely illegal and illicit means, is still a rapist who needs to be imprisoned or executed (or he will not stop). Here, in Dallas, the white-population has been pressured through meticulously planned and intentional computerized-rape movements to move further North towards more 'white-tolerant' parts of the United States. Unfortunately for me, and everybody, I cannot provide you a list of the names and the races of these individuals. They have hidden themselves in these office-towers since the mid-1990's. They have trafficked and enslaved me since the 1990's. I was one of the hardest working and brightest kids in North Texas, and particularly at a time when most of the people my age weren't even enrolled in High School at all.

I live with a woman who also an electrical-component attached to her eyes and here eyes. I believe, but I cannot prove, that the primary individuals (at the local-level) who send their control signals to her body are black - and I say this, literally, because of the amount of boasting and bragging that I have to listen to inside my skull as they drag her around the city (while, I can only guess, they talk her ear off). Let's rethink, for a minute, though the implications of nearly 18 years of "Pro-Black" rehetoric, from the perspective of a Rogue-Government Uprising that is seually abusing both the men, and the women in this city. If condemning these people as "niggers" will get them to stop the sexual-abuse, and the psychological-abuse, that is occuring inside my own home (regardless of what race the parties involved are - since I cannot even see them!) then I would gladly stand on National Television saying as such. Whatever it takes, the abuse absolutely has to stop! I mean, I don't deny that there are lots of white-people who have done horrible things. Both in human-history, and present-day Dallas Texas. However, it was behind the mask of 'equality' that many of these rapists have pushed themselves into political-power in this city - all-the-while covering up their daily actions as they pertain to population manipulation (and even manipulation of the women).

Electrical-Sexual control of the human body really is possible! (in the 21st-Century). Regardless of what skin-color a man has, if he has committed such an atrocity (even if he is black!) - he should pay the same type of price that Hitler and his NAZI's paid at the Nuremberg Trials and even at the Concentration Camps. Do you know that the same prisons that the German's used were reused by the American's when the American Tanks rolled into Berlin. Camps like Auschvitz ane Sobibor were also used as POW Camps in the years after the collapse of the NAZI's (1946 - 1950) as they weeded through the very same NAZI's and prisoners that the German's had weeded through before the American's Arrived. It is a complicated issues, but for what it's worth - the core of the problem that's occuring today, year 2022, are the electronic devices that were put inside my body and against my will! I do not want them inside me, and only a true-NAZI would have the audacity to cover these things up - even if that man were black!

And treating women as sexually-oriented slaves is actually something that was condemned during the Nuremburg Trials

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