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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Killing Both Judges & Dallas Police Officers at Dallas (TX) Lew-Sterrett House of Corrections (is this the right thing to do?)

That's a pretty flashy title, right? I mean, this guy (me) must really be angry with the Justice Department. You know what? You know what is the most important part of the title? I didn't even think this one up! Not today, anyway. "They" (NDBC) said that to me today while I was at the mall. But is it the right thing to do? Sexual torture is a real bitch.

I do think about these things ("The Justice") a lot. To be fair to myself, these voices that I hear - these words - are one of the 'variants' of the language or rhetoric by which I'm routinely (ritualistically) assaulted with (by "The Matrix"). If the "Dallas Leadership" (or whatever the fuck this rogue-government should be called, NDBC?) thinks it is o.k. to say things like this to me - inside me - to make me hear voices having this type of content. I believe (and I cannot prove this, but I deeply believe it) that God would side with me, typing letters like this. If I have to hear this inside my eardrum - and I cannot turn it off because I cannot perform surgery on myself, typing this out is the next best thing! If I were arguing with a Judge at the Dallas County Courthouse, and I chopped her to pieces with a machete, would I have done something right or something wrong? I mean, don't forget, that these 'writings' - these blog posts, if you will - are coming on the heels of a Rogue-Government that has actually written letters like these (this very letter!) into their computer-machines. This is one of many ways - many 'variants' of the rhetoric - to which political dissidents, or political prisoners - are subjugated.

I mean, I don't really concern myself with what you (the reader) are willing to take "at face value." Thinking that you, the reader, must believe what I'm saying about the mind-control software-decisions made by "my influencers" is not so important! Why should it be when I have had to sacrifice so much of my heart and my life, my opinions, and most importantly - my writings - to the very people who are (now, but did not in the past) helping me type this kind of letter. I do not, and cannot, 'prove' this to you. The most important thing to keep in mind when reading my posts is that this stuff is all true to me. I believe it, and I don't have a way to prove these things to other people besides typing them into my keyboard, and posting them on a blog. I am not a conspiracy theorist, and I try to state things that I know to be facts, that really couldn't be disputed - with enough political power, court subpoenas, etc...

And yes, this letter isn't really coming out of my own mind - not exactly. This letter, which, again is both about 'hearing voices' and also about (violently) exterminating the Dallas Police Department... This letter - this message - is something which I greatly approve of, but the content, the words the (ASCII) characters which you are currently looking at are being read to me by the very government that also run the Dallas Police Department. And you know what? That is an atrocity! That is a True-American atrocity! It's an atrocity worth fighting, freedom is a cause worth dying for. I advise you to ask yourself what God would say to "Abraham Lincoln" whose greatest claim to fame in American History was his promotion of "freedom" while fighting a bloody civil war. Talkin about killing the "Law Enforcement Personnel of Dallas" - the very people who have defended and subjected me both sexually and also psychologically are people who should be fought for their crimes.

But alas! The words I'm writing become empty - they become empty because I'm unable ... I'm prohibited from coordinating my own thoughts and my own words with action! You know, the founder of the 'U.S.A.' (George Washington), fought the security-forces of America on account of how they were treating his people too. I gladly would! (If I could control my own mind, body, arms, legs, etcetera). The electronics inside me prevent such actions. The electronics inside me taunt me, goad me, even tantalize me - but allow me to fight back? No!

North Park Mall, Dallas, Texas. It's been almost three weeks now, since the latest 'path' from within the voluminous pile of stories in my owner's files about 'me' started. I write whenever my master permits me to write. In 25 years of hypno-programming, I have made honest attempts to put things down on paper or using a keyboard hundreds of times a year - but each and every time I have - I have been sorely made aware exactly what type of power this rogue-government does wield. Reasons, which I would bend over backwards to have the right to explain, but I am not going to spell out now, have put me in a situation where I just don't take jobs or careers that would ever involve food-service, name-tags, aprons, or things involving customers. I have been tortured, before, in the past. I have been tortured by the electrical-implants inside over periods extending months.

The malls here are filled to the brim. The communist-party of China has built a manufacturing and economic empire the likes of which has never existed on planet earth. Empires rise, and empires also fall. The time-frames, the duration, when, and for how long, are all the types of things to know if you want to 'know history.' North Park Mall is filled by the industrial-output of the Communist Party of China, and many of the ancillary-and-surrounding smaller governments of East Asia. Have you ever heard of the 'Miracle that occurred on 34th Street?' I'm not really talking about "Macy's" - but in the movie, the store named, "Macy's" was, indeed, the miracle (in the movie - a long time ago).

Now, in New York City, just about a block away from that nation-wide renowned "Macy's" stands what once was the tallest structure ever created by the human race (The Empire State Building). That's what America's Greatest contribution to the earth and human-civilization was. I mean, the average man likely knows that in Egypt (4,000 years ago) a leader named 'Pharaoh' built an enormous set of man-made mountains. They are made out of bed-rock, and the folk-lore about it all is that they took 100 years to build. Not many structures today are made out of granite, or bedrock, but The Empire State Building is one of them. Do you know that just one single stone of granite can weight ten's of thousands of pounds? One of the rumors shouted at me by my (internally-implanted / inside 'me') micro-chips while I lay in my bed at night is that nuclear detonations where used to expedite the process of digging through bed-rock when this sky-scraper was built. Pharaoh (4,000 years ago) had no such weaponry of advances of science, and had to used pulleys, cranes, human-being's biceps, and lots and lots of water to retrieve the stones

In renaissance Europe, the Spanish and the Portuguese explorer ships proved both that the world was round, and you would fall of the edge of the earth by sailing west, you would come back around the other side. The Russians advanced science and technology until electronic radios, telegraphs, and TV's were ubiquitous. But what about the Chinese? What did they do? Is the 21st century going to be a Chinese Century? Well, it is so far, for people who understand things about the earth, today. I mean, the latest and greatest at "The Apple Store" here (selling Apple iPad's, I mean) are all devices that have been manufactured by facilities inside The People's Republic of China. Right? I mean, you know this! In 1990, when I was 15 years old, I walked into a Radio-Shak, and this was (mostly) the State of Science and Technology 32 years ago. In 1990, VCR's and High Definition Stereo's were all the rage, but you couldn't find any made by American's back then. It was a long time ago, but "Personal Electronics" were (mostly) from Japan and China (and have been for as far back as I can remember)

All right, now that's a small history lesson. But today, I started at a small chair inside a Starbucks, and when it closed at 5:00 P.M., I walked across the highway (U.S. 75 - over a bridge) to North Park Mall. I'm at a nice set of chairs, listening vaguely to the broadcasts inside my head, and staring vaguely at my keyboard and all of the people walking by. I like comfortable chairs. I hate audio and visual broadcasts inside my body. For 25 years, I have been subjected to this type of psychological abuse - courtesy of "the filth" - that defines the Washington Uprising Government. And there is not an hour that goes by in my life where I am not analyzing what I could say to the Internet about all of this. However, I have to wait, and wait, and wait for the words and voices I hear to agree with me before I can write! I was 20 years old when the first round of electric wires were surgically-inserted into my skull and into the rest of my body. I was a young student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This is what I mean by "the software path" chosen for me by the government. The latest 'path' started not too many weeks ago has been to walk to the mall, and listen / view bad broadcasts about me beating up the mall security. Think about that!

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