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Saturday, January 1, 2022

It was known by the phrase "Their Talking Sticks"

"No Booze, No Nicotine, No Caffeine, Hell, I haven't even looked at a Jelly Doughnut! NO DRUGS!"
-The Broadcast Machine, My 20's
(Over and over and over again - and I didn't do any drugs or booze).

"In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue." People on TV can be pretty ignorant about world history. Listening to the voices inside my body, though, has a lot of "consequences." Thinking about what people on TV are saying, and trying to weed out what the rapist whose has invaded my body using bio-electronic warfare - is saying makes it very difficult to make analytic statements about the more normal forces in my life. With these people infesting North America, being forced into a state of anger and even confusion is, actually, one of the higher-level goals that guides the people who run the software that generates these broadcasts.

To tell you the truth, before the 'Age of Reason and Exploration' (when European Explorer ships crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas) - the only people in the America's were the Indians. Wait, what topic should I be writing about? North Dallas Rapists who are broadcasting electronic signals into our bodies - or Christopher Columbus sailing across the ocean 500 and some odd years ago? In every sense, this is the new weapon of choice for the 21st century which has been designed here by software engineers: Confusion. Demoralization - and even anger as you try to keep your attention span focused on any one thing of substance! Anything at all! That's mind control. In any case, the Spanish were from Southern Europe, and they went to Central and South America. The English and the Dutch of Northern Europe went in boats to the Northern Parts of North America. The Indians that lived there were much smaller and nomadic. They didn't have much to offer the English and the Dutch that arrived in Narraganset Bay, or "New Amsterdam" (now: New York). In central and South America, the Indians there were much more advanced and lived a much larger civilizations that had accomplished quite a bit.

The first waves of European Settling in Novo Mundo ("The New World") brought some "technology" that the Aztecs and Inca's had never seen before. I have been told numerous times. In fact, I think it is fair to say that I have heard this statement-of-fact more times than any human being has ever heard this in the course of all mankind since Christopher Columbus fucking arrived in Mexico (but 'Mexico' wasn't called that back then). In fact, I have heard the niggers who run Dallas Brain Control repeat these sorts of phrases so many times, that laying in bed wondering why God even put me on the earth has happened to me quite a few times. Why can't you just let me die - I had things to do and think about!? And you know what? This is actually part of the story, historically. When the Whites from Europe got on those Western-Bound boats - they came from cities that were very old. The came from cities that had existed on the earth for over a millennium (a very long time). Rome & the Italian Peninsula, for instance, did rule the Western World more than a thousand years before Christopher Columbus landed in Mexico. In "Tenochtitlan" (Mexico City, today) the Spaniards that arrived wouldn't have had the easiest time "integrating" with the locals around town if it wasn't for some of the "technological advancements" that the Europeans had over the Indians.

If you have heard this one before - "The Talking Stick" - that was the word, or phrase, that the Mexicans (Indians) used to describe "a rifle." And the Europeans certainty did bring their guns. They brought gunpowder with them across the Atlantic, but to tell you the truth, the history lesson needs, at this point, needs to reintegrate itself the other train of thought, the Audio & Video Broadcasting System inside me.

May I mention another consistently hot-topic that the Computer Operators like to configure their Broadcasting System with? Movie Quotes. I just mentioned that I've heard the phrase "Christopher Columbus sailed across the Ocean Blue" (these actual words) probably enough times to make anybody loose their mind. They like to say it because some of my ancestors were from Spain (on my dad's side). There is nothing that gets 'The Department' more excited, though, than hurling out dumb one-liners from B-Grade Movies that are thirty years old. So, in 1989, actor Robert De Niro, playing the decades old gangster 'Al Capone', said to the camera “You can get more with a kind word and a gun than with just a kind word.” I don't want to talk about the movie, as phony as it is. Instead, though, I would ask you to think about going half-way around the world with a wink-and-a-smile and leaving your gun at home (presuming you had one). Point being, that having a more advanced weaponry-arsenal made the European 'Age of Discovery' a little more successful. The Indians had sets of bow and arrows, and the Spanish, muskets!

Have you ever may have heard the expression "Spanish is the loving tongue." You may have, and actually all it means is that the Spaniards who came to the new world actually "had a lot of manners" as well, when they arrived in Mexico City. This is usually thought of as the biggest reason that White-Europeans (and even, eventually, Black-Africans) were accepted into The America's. The reality is that if they had just brought their "Talking Sticks" and had had a lot of bad attitudes, the battles would have to have turned against Spain hundreds of years ago. If the Spanish had showed up like G.I. Joe, the 8,000-mile distance across the Atlantic Ocean would have ended Europe's involvement in the America's nearly immediately. So "the kindness" of Spain helped, but so did the guns.

So, I am saying that "the rapists" (North Dallas Brain Control) who are working somewhere here in Dallas - and I have no idea which building "they" occupy - are a little like the Spanish Armada of centuries ago. You know why? "They" (my ear-drum implants) really like to repeat this to me very often. The stories I am forced to listen to are never-ending. The quotes, points and stories don't have much of a purpose at all other than to disorient me and prohibit me from trying to talk about things that have real meaning in life. Normal things such as education, history, math, science or government aren't very possible with a Sony Walkman playing. It is exactly the type of things that most innterested my formative years that puts the subversive Departments of Mind Control in Dallas into its highest-state of alert. The hood ornament on your car, the street-address where you live, or your favorite means of stuffing your face - these are all on-topic for society at large in Dallas. History, Mathematics, Government, Science - are not. That is the means of the weapon - you cannot think!

In 1998 I finished a four-year period at the Massachusetts Institute Technology where I had studied Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. I had a concentration in Mandarin Chinese & foreign language. M.I.T. is in Boston, and because it isn't as well known as Harvard, I sometimes tell people I went to Harvard. They are right next to eachother. When I was a kid in college in the 1990's, in a place like Cambridge Massachusetts, I saw a lot of people killed in school shootings and school violence. For those who really want to know (I have said before) - I tried desperately to leave the United States the violence was so bad in the 1980's and 90's. I did leave! To Asia! But I was forced back by the radicalized elements of the U.S. Government. I did have a gun when I was younger (my own 'talking-stick'). I haven't owned one since I left the country in 1994, and when I was forced to return, my body was electronically-implanted with the "bio-war" devices. The United States Government, which since 1978 had routinely killed many of its own citizens, was crossing the line into a new era of warefare. Working for Massachusetts Brain Control must have felt just like being a conquistador landing in Tenochtitlan 500 years ago. You get this, right? I hope so.

Talking about the early years of "full-blown" mind-control is a very invigorating thing for me. I mean, talking about writing - "writing about writing" - I did bring up the Russian Empire of the nineteenth century because of all the famous works of literature, philosophy and even history of which the Russians had mastered. Every world civilization that was ever risen to prominence on the earth has had some kind of art movement of favorite type of art. You sort of just "have to know" that during the age of the Romans - there were many "actors" - as is evidenced by the myraid of colliseums that line the Mediterranean Sea. During the Age of Reason and Exploration, the Europeans painted. They painted a lot! The Egyptians too (4,000 years ago), from what I have heard were obviously good at architecture, while as we all should know "The American's" - well, they sang! The Russians, they wrote, and some of the most famous Russian Writer's wrote about things regarding prison reform, crime punishment and are known for having spent time in prison and writing about the lives of people who went there. Writing about the abuses of power in the United States at the hand of "The Internet" Mind-Control Rogue-Regime seems like it should be an easy thing for somebody who has a passion for talking about it. It should be. But, guess what? Try sitting in front of a computer and discussing thought-control and typing what you feel about it all.

While I am trying to write this, my own version of Crime and Punishment here, I have had to wait for permission to do so for so many years. I graduated from M.I.T. in 1998, it is now 2021 (December - almost 2022). I had to wait a long time before these evil pieces of shit to allow me to say or write anything at all about it. How do I start to explain these things? First of all, this is a type of weaponry that never existed on the planet before. "Controlling the minds of the people" is something that tyrants and evil-men have sought to achieve since God created the earth and the firmament. They haven't always thrived, but when evil has risen, controlling the peoples is usually a top priority.

During the Age of Reason and Enlightenment, hundreds of years ago in Europe - the church trying to "control the minds of the people" was thought of as the center of what makes a war. But today, thanks to the advent of broadcast digital electronics and micro-chips, the human mind can be controlled (ahem - influenced, I mean to say) from within! Not even the brutal henchmen that thrived under America's Ronald Reagan Administration had the weaponry or capability to pull of such feats. Mostly, the Rise of American Military Might was generally ascribed to powerful air-craft that still (generally) used gun-powder to maim and destroy (and gasoline to power the engines). Radio-Waves broadcast into a human being - it is something new altogether.

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