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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

North Dallas Hyno-Programming: Killing Niggers, Killing Police

October 29th, 2016.

It has cooled down in Dallas.  Generally, many years ago when I was younger and living here, Dallas October was always what I called "The Happy Time."  You might have heard - "Texas is Hot,"  but I don't really like to hear it, much.  Historically, with respect to the rest of the world, Dallas is more a "New City."  Near the Downtown West End Bus-Transfer Center, there is a short sidewalk with a little history embossed into the concrete.  According to one of the sidewalk tiles - historically - the population here was just 10,000 people in 1890 (130 years ago).  Today, there are supposedly millions, although I have no idea how the census works.  They say places like New York City has over 10 million including Hoboken, Long Island, Westchester, etc...

Unfortunately, and this is one of the "prime directives" of operation mind-control in this land, I don't know nearly as much detail about the History of Dallas as I would want.  When I was younger - before the surgeries were done on my body, books were the center of my life.  Today, I know a lot of the well known dates - 1865, 1776, 1492, and I've heard all about the Europeans in Mexico, but the details escape me.  Even having the ability to form a complete sentence (using my mouth - 'speaking') about daily life for the Spanish in Tenochtitlan can seem completely impossible.  I am forced to live by planned activities, restrictions, and of course the element of surprise - everyday!  When I was young, I spent an entire school reading, and re-reading my World History text book.  I read it twice, and summarized the entire thing on computer notes back in 1991.  I kept those notes that I did with my High School History teacher, until 2010 when I was ordered under threat of torture, sexual abuse and sleep deprivation to throw them away.

Suffice it to say, though, the stuff I do know about Dallas does include the cute little stories they carved into the sidewalk by the West End Graveyard where all the homeless black people like to stand around all day.  ... "Hey look!  Torello!" ... "Why don't you go downtown to the bus station with all the niggers and read some history, that's almost as good as studying at Harvard!"  And that's the type of shit I have to listen to inside my own damned skull every day.

350 years ago, the Europeans that settled in the 'New World' or 'Tierra Incognita' who sailed the Atlantic to land in North America, largely went to the nicer parts of the Indian Civilizations: Mexico, Panama, and the cooler parts of South America.  They didn't come to Texas so much, the place is somewhat "uninhabitable" in the summer.  150 years ago, there weren't many people living here.  Literally, Dallas as a city never took off until the advent of modern electric grids beginning in the late 1800's.  In the summer, 99 degrees in the shade - which lasts for almost three months - and a tiny little river ("The Trinity"), make this place, well, unlivable without modern amenities.  So, no, the Europeans preferred the cool elevated plateau of Central Mexico, and the Andes Mountains to this place.

And that's what these people are like, if you think you'll get a good history listen including names, places, ideas, dates... the implants will go on a diatribe about the A/C, and expect you to "get happy" you learned something.

Today was a nice November Day - it didn't even get to 70 degrees - and that is a nice day outside; and I walked for 15 minutes to Walmart to 'buy stuff' since I received my government check this afternoon.  For most of the day, I had been writing computer software "computer code."  Of the plethora of activities NDBC (North Dallas Brain Control) likes to make me do is type Computer Code.  I write Java today.  Java was first released when I was in college, but I knew all about it in the early 1990's (High School), and (according to the NDBC broadcasts I am usually hearing) had conversations with James Gosling who is credited with inventing Java.  And left many notes about the language constructs that are in Java today.  But it's another story, completely.

Today, I was working on my own Software Library, which you can see at this link here, and like many days I began typing HTML, CSS, and Java source-code at 5 AM.  Sitting in my chair for 12 hours can make my body feel terrible.  The reason I'm asked to do this, is because my 'master' (another way saying 'North Dallas Brain Control') has a Java Software Library that some person or team of persons wrote in the 2000's that they are capable of broadcasting into my brain while I "re-type" the project.  If the phrase 'abject humiliation' doesn't immediately come to mind, think about what a freshman college student would feel like being ordered to 're-type' some sub-section or code-part of 'Microsoft Windows' code.  Think about a student sitting in his college dorm room being ordered around all day regarding the names of his computer files, and the choice-of-wording for the code-comments / explanations he types into those files.  "This is not me!" he would exclaim.  This is some nigger who copied somebody's Java Program and is using the Washington D.C. brain-control computer-programs to force me to write this.

And that's the "career choice" into which I have been pushed.  When my master (an NDBC nigger - a term that the recordings themselves use) wants me to write a new Java Function into my pile of crap, I am ordered to sit in my chair and type a new function!  Generally, the program that I wanted to develop, my Chinese Translation Software, is not something I'm ever encouraged to write.

But today, after spending at least eight, nine or ten hours retyping Java Programs in my computer, I got up and walked over to Walmart to get fresh cantaloupe, some apples, and my one bag of junk food for the month.  It was my second trip here today, because, as I said at the top of this page, the weather has become extremely nice here - it is "the happy time" here in Dallas.  I think it was 65 degrees on my way home!

So what does this have to do with "killing niggers" or "killing police" anyway?  Reader, be aware these are words I here in my skull every single day.  Of course I hear voices!  I have a microphone attached to my ear-drum.  The volume that it uses to broadcast is low enough to consume very little battery power, and it can run for hours without their "wireless recharging."  So, let's begin.  "Killing Niggers."  That's what I was ordered to think about from the moment I walked into the Walmart.  How?  Well, there was an extremely 'weathered' old Haitian woman, obviously black, seemed to be doing some kind of  'security work' for Walmart at the front door.  Now, first, if anyone who lives in the 'whiter' more northern parts of America - be aware that the  'white suburbs' of Dallas don't exist anymore.  Anyone with an implant knows that 'deportations' have been all the rage over the last 20 years, but what they don't say so much is who is actually being deported.  Whites in places like Dallas have been routinely pressured and forced to leave this place.  Dallas black population is much bigger than the white population, the number of Spanish Speaking Brown-Skinned Indians is even larger.  At the Walmart, all I see is a giant rooms filled with many, many blacks.  

As a person who is owned by an organization, which I try to call NDBC, I am perpetually accosted by thoughts - or "Visions" - if you will through electrodes that can produce Audio and Visual content which I actually see.  To tell you the truth, I'm fully versed in the mountain of rhetoric that the army of psychological professionals have to offer.  I know that "reacting to internal stimuli" is one accusation that is made against people with Schizophrenia.  I also know that much Dallas Sky-Scraper Office-Space was seized by individuals masquerading and operating under the guise of National Security.  The individuals involved have worked in these offices since the mid-1990's, and they have computer programs of their own that monitor all the bank transactions, and watch the infinite array of video cameras in every shop and on every street-corner.  But they also control the broadcasts that reach inside your body.

So, upon entering the fucking place, an elderly black woman with a horrible (impossible to understand) Haitian Jamaican accent starting hurling barely intelligible sounds at me and in my direction.  Now, obviously, I don't worry too much about what an old lady is capable of doing to me - physically - however, the mental picture that I immediately have is actually so god-damned terrifying, I have to write these things down.  Type them into a blog post if I possibly can.  

For over two decades people in this city have been brainwashed - literally by human experimentation - and one of the primary goals of these experiments is to make the population ignorant and largely incapable of any form of communication skills.  People with implants don't know how to communicate to other people very well at all.  I have trouble saying much of anything my self.  I see it every where I go in this city.  As I'm walking past this wonderful, over-weight, verbally abusive and authoritarian black woman, I know that if I make any sound at all in her direction - she can have the Dallas Police Officer that sits on the other side of the store grabbing me, yelling at me, or even shooting at me in under 60 seconds.  It's such an awful feeling.  It's a feeling so terrible that I go through life thinking half the time that all my hair has fallen out at the though of how racist these "African Americans" really are - but more shamefully - how racist the regime that runs this city must have wanted our population to be.

And this is the point, the Audio and Visual stimuli that I experience inside my skull when I leave my house during the day is constantly conditioning both me and anyone else in society that has been implanted.  Do you not see what an atrocity such a thing can be?  I don't know how I would react if I wasn't constantly being psychologically conditioned by these implants.  I do know that with a very high degree of certainty, that that woman at the Walmart Door is likely too a victim of this horrendous Psychological Regime from Hell.  But how could I ever know for sure?  I clearly cannot grab the stupid bitch and take an X-Ray of her body.  What is just so sad about it all, is that this is the type of situation that the people who run North Dallas Brain Control want to happen to our people.  When there isn't a lot of communication going among the citizenry, the likelihood that we could ever rise-up or fight back becomes next to nil.

And what does this "Black Master Race" - which exists in the blacker parts of the United States (but not in the North-East) get out of all of this?  They get a lot.  What about the computer-banking system here?  Anybody capable of implanting a human being in Dallas with these surgeries must not be too worried about the legal ramifications.  And if "The Law" doesn't mean anything to these people, then what else have they taken?  

But what "thoughts" was I experiencing?  Well, all of a sudden my muscles are tense, and I'm seeing images of me jumping on this Haitian woman huffing at me and I'm clawing her eyes at, and cracking her skull open.  Yes, I'm having a bona-fide Karate Kick match with a 65 year old woman (inside my skull!!).  And why?  Yeah, I don't like being huffed at and pointed at - I mean, I'm a customer of the store and I deserve the hospitality that all store patrons should expect to receive.  Making no effort to communicate at all is very unnerving when I can hear a person's mouth moving and loudly.

And what the broadcasts of me do to the Black Dallas Police Officer who is just around the corner is unspeakable enough for me to leave off, for now, I guess.

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