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Sunday, November 28, 2021

The United States Military was a Drenched in the Blood of American's (its own people)

A silver bullet. This summer I turned 46 years old. The land where I live, today, is a very different place from what it was in 1991. To tell you the truth, I don't think Dallas is a better place than it was in 1991 at all; however, the acts of violence that used to happen here, and the exact types of violence that ruled the city in the 1980's are very different from how things are today. The people here in Dallas are different people from when I was younger. It was a very violent place - horribly so.

You know, it's not the most enjoyable thing in the world to to sit here in my stupid lazy-boy chair writing these posts into a "" web-browser - while simultaneously listening to a pre-recorded voice track that some black-guy in Dallas is piping directly into my brain and my ear-drums. It absolutely sucks what they are doing to me! Honestly, I know I'm not going to win any great literature prizes given that I have to spend so much of my energy figuring out which thoughts are my own thoughts and memories about my life - versus what "the voices" (the electronic voices) in my head are pressuring me to believe (courtesy of "The Dallas Regime"). Today, I guess, I'm going to try again; since, "they" (NDBC) are permitting and pressuring me to write \as of late. To tell you the truth, in the 25 years leading up to this blog 'The Department' was especially averse to even let me sit in front of a keyboard, let alone type more than a paragraph-long e-mail. I have lived under the authority of NYCBC (about 3 years), and Easter Massachusetts Mind Control (9 years). Yes, the authoritarianism of computerized-slavery is very prominent, and even more prominent in places outside of Dallas - particularly in the East Coast.

So, I'm 46 right now, and thinking back on some of the days and 'incidents' that happened in my youth. Here, today, 2021 for about a week now, NDBC has been telling me the details, based on diaries (and incidents) that I did write thirty years ago, when I 16 years old. I've been laying my bed hearing my own voice, and seeing images of my own 16-year-old-body debate one particular visitor (guest speaker) I had at J.J. Pearce, here in Dallas. I mean, I would have written all about in 1991, because he was so famous (Bill Gates) and according to the voices I am hearing courtesy of my "enhancements" - I detailed in my diary (from 1991) exactly what I had to say to the man. So, one of the many topics I broached that November Day was about the meaning of the phrase "A Silver Bullet." Bang! Bang, Bang, Bang!! A bullet right between the eyes, a bullet in your head. Problem solved. The killing sprees in North Dallas didn't spread into school shootings, they often started there!. It had been less than 10 days since my Economics Teacher was killed at J.J. Pearce, and that particular incident hadn't even left my mind yet (at the time of his visit). And I mentioned it to the man, along with half a dozen other things - all of which I've had to listen to today (Year 2021) about my life when I was 16 (Year 1991), because of these "Government Enhancements" inside my body. "Hi Bill Gates, my economics teacher was killed about a week ago, but..."

So everybody knows that the U.S. Military was the largest every assembled on the earth. No empire ever had soldiers in as far away places as Tokyo and Berlin actually fighting battles. There were consequences to all of this. Everybody knew it, even the soldiers. Especially the soldiers. So, the words "a silver bullet" constitute a phrase that was thrown around a lot more frequently when I was younger. When spoken to someone in society, the phrase was almost always used in "the negative" sense - such as somebody stating that "this problem doesn't have some kind of silver bullet solution." Now, not everybody was a harding working student, or a Technology Leader back then. For a terrorist in a USMC Uniform, if you carried a "a Glock" or a "machine gun" for a living, well, often enough that was exactly the solution. Shoot the bastard! I don't like his talking back to me! Bringing this up to somebody as famous as Bill Gates wouldn't have been all that problematic, I mean, if my memory serves me correctly - or should I say my electrically enhanced memory here today in Year 2021 - in 1990 when I went on vacation to Arizona and Los Angeles, Space Mountain at Walt Disney Land had dead bodies laying around inside the building. The smell! It was always the smell of a dead man! I mean, how much of this the biological part of my brain (a.k.a. 'me') would remember without these enhancements, I will just never know!

So, there's a lot more that can be said about what that actually used to mean because, well, there were ample number of agents, soldiers, police and various "security personnel" who were perfectly willing to deal with people that they didn't like in this way. The issue always was that 'National Reform' as I thought about it back then, and has been practiced in U.S.A. since; 'Reform' did not offer any sort of 'Silver Bullet' idea or 'solution' that would fix everything all at once. Nothing would bring Dawn Griffits, my economics teacher at J.J. Pearce back to life. There wasn't anything that would make everything 'all-better' as if none of the violence, and losses, in our lives had ever happened. No there wasn't. And there still isn't. And yeah, when speaking of heavy weaponry and firearms, if you worked for one of America's Illustrious Terrorist Organizations - shoot the bastard - was a very powerful 'silver bullet' for many a terrorist. Here, 30 years later, unfortunately I have to rely on what 'the machine' itself is going to say about my past and my childhood. I have to listen to 'the voices' (electronically); and I cannot rely on my own mind alone!

Here in Dallas in 1991, when I was a youngster, I had a numbe fortunate things happen for me that made me a stronger and smarter person at the schools I attended. Today, Year 2021, listening to American's on TV, and reading the complete tripe there is to read on Internet News Websites, you wouldn't really think a "High School Education" is very important to any of those 'talking idiot box' personalities. I don't know how many people, today, Year 2021 think somebody is a very special person because "He Completed a High School Education." I thought it was important when I was young. I mean, I don't know if anybody reads this, or if anybody who is reading this is even aware of what constitutes a "High School Education" in the first place. It's important to think about these things if you ever intend to turn on the television or a computer and read or listen to the dishonest gibberish that is being published in America today. So, I told you that 'my master' (or, NDBC, 'North Dallas Brain Control') has been 'reminding' me about a visit by Bill Gates to J.J. Pearce High School in 1991 using these electrical 'enhancements' inside my skull. They have been reading my notes and journals to me which were, indeed, stolen from my parent's house immediately after I was implanted in 1995. They transmit them into my body over the wireless networks available in this city.

In 1991, at J.J. Pearce High School - there weren't many kids who turned in the homework assignments. this is fact, and the biological portion of my brain (a.k.a. 'me') remembers that very well! I'm very conscious of it, and remember it very well (people didn't go to school much back then, schools were too dangerous). Sure, in August when school would start up, there might be 200 kids there on the first day of class in August. By November, I was the only one in the building that afternoon. That semester, and I don't have a count, but the number of people that attended five days a week and turned in anything at all was almost none! Many couldn't pass the math, science or government tests that the teacher would give us. All authoritarianism aside, the kids from my generation (again, I'm 46 years old) had their excuses for not going to much High School - they were very bloody places. But how many people think that any of our leaders today could pass a single one of the exams that I had to take when I was younger? The tests I took included: literature, calculus, trigonometry, spanish, world history, government, physics, and computer science. Who on TV knows any of this stuff at all?

It feels like the internet and society is so dumb! Today, yes, I can go to the new big "Internet Encyclopedia" and start reading the Wiki Page, for example, Christopher Columbus, I can probably see some pretty reasonable information (on some pages, not all!) - and pages, likely, even written by an actual college professor! Of course, there are web-pages and web-content whose purpose is of a scholastic nature! I mean, I'm not trying to advertise WikiPedia or promote it. I'm not going to have any opinion about it at all (not today, but probably later); other than to point out that, yes, there are many pages written by college history professorson that site. However, what percentage of time are "Americans" (whatever the hell that means today) spending reading this versus Fox-News or CNN (and even if they were). Even more importantly, how many of the big personalities running the show ("Anderson Cooper", "Sean Hannity", ...) have ever looked at Wikipedia themselves? I mean, I promise you none of these sons of bitches could pass any of the tests I ever took in High School. And this is a real problem. These people have fourth-grade educations and are as supertistious, paranoid, and ignorant as the poorest African Peasant.

It was November of 1991, and I was in my "A.P. Government" class talking to somebody who came to visit our school (CEO of Microsoft). In one of many school massacres and shootings that I lived through at my High School, ten days previous my economics teacher had been knifed to death - and knifed to death literally by the "J.J. Pearce Campus Police Officer." (It was his wife, and the two of them were on a drug 'ecstacy trip'). My teacher wasn't into ecstacy or narcotics herself, but her husband, the school police officer, was. I have since seen (now) Dallas Police Officer Reyes in Dallas. He is a Dallas Police today, or at least I think he was, but how could I know for sure. In Year 2016 I met an officer Reyes at a local McDonald's where I used to sit and right (in the Addison Neighborhood of Dallas). I spent the better part of 6 months hearing from my master at NDBC that the Officer that was having breakfast at McDonald's is the same Officer that used to work the High School I went to. In Year 2016, I knew what to do, I ignored him and told NDBC I could care less about cops, and that my favorite memories to play to me are of me killing police officers when I was younger. So I got to talk to a famous guy when I was younger, and I even got to bring up some of the school massacres (like the one from ten days previous)... so what?

What does one do in High School? Well, the subjects I took were: Literature, World History, Government, English, Physics I & II (Newtonian, and Electricity & Magnetism), Calculus, Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, and Spanish. When I was a kid, there usually weren't many people inside the school on any day of the week (for these reasons which I am actively explaining in this post). I knew that the future of "My Generation" had the possibility of being very bleak. I was 16, and of all the people I knew, I was the only one who could answer a question about "The Roman Empire" or "Louis XIV, the Sun King." What kind of people are these kids in my city going to be when they are 26 years old? (ten years from now - 2001).

I was there inside of a North Dallas High School in 1991 - and I remember it like it was yesterday, a day kind of like today - typical cool happy-Dallas-November-weather day. In August of 1991 (that same year) likely 200 or more kids showed up for the first day of class that year. But the day I'm thinking about, that day we had a very famous guest come to give a talk about computer programming (to whomever was at the school and wanted to listen - namely me, alone). By that November day, class attendance - school attendance - had dwindled to around 20 students in the entire building. 10 of which were socializing in the Spanish Class and certainly not doing any Spanish Homework. (Spanish class back then sort of functioned as the "State of the Union Room" (or "The War Room") - and all the kids went there for "social hour" - though they did try, occassionally, to learn some Spanish Vocabulary and some verbs). So this day of which I speak in November was very typical, my High School, which had the capacity to hold at least 25 classrooms of kids, had no more than 15 students in the entire building. By the time Bill Gates (who used to be the Microsoft CEO) showed up to talk, it was basically just me telling him about my Turbo Pascal computer-class.

So maybe, through this blog post, I'm trying to brag about "being real smart" right? Well, no, I don't want to be doing that right now. Unfortunately - both for me and for everyone - it is the nature of this "New Weapon" here in America - that "making people stupid" is half the fun for the operator of the weaponry! The psychological pain this weaponry causes can cut like a knife to even think about what it's doing to us. Mind-Control 'government' offices inside this horrible thing we call "The United States" actually want the people to be ignorant! That is the goal of the employees in the office towers that house brain-control operations. Today, Year 2021, the younger generations (people in their 20's, and 30's) whom have actually attended school, I'm writing about the past.

I had a spectacular amount of fear when I was a kid as a witness to horrific military attacks on schools and American Cities. It wasn't so much as worrying about dying; although obviously that's really a big problem in the mind of any 8 year-old, a 10 year-old, or even an 18 year-old kid. Instead, as a teenager, seeing that essentially nobody from "My Generation" who had the faintest of clues what (in Mathematics) an "Eigen Function" was, casued me to feel fear. Realizing that no one from Dallas - or even from my school - could actually solve a polynomial equation, or had ever read a World History book was terrifying. To me, that which strikes fear into the hearts of men is looking at a room full of people my age and knowing that almost none of them really finished past the fourth grade. And MOST IMPORTANTLY the electrical implants inside my body are used to remind me of my saying this and writing this every single day of my life. Why? To convince me education is stupid, and ignorance is good idea. But let's move on.

The Russian Empire of the nineteenth century was a very powerful force in Europe for much of the 1800's. The "Russian Golden Age" was ushered in by Emperor Napolean who rose from the disaster of the French Revolution and George Washington beginning in 1801. The people of Europe, for at least two hundred years prior had been "explorers" who got onto boats and sailed across the ocean. They sailed everywhere - to places far away from Spain's King. They mapped out the world. Mexico, and essentially every country south from Mexico, even today, speak European Languages (Spanish, Portuguese and even French) as a result of Europe's "Age of Exploration." There were many spectacular accomplishments during that era. This lasted until the late eigteenth-century and the French Revolution (a sort of, "Not Spain Again", revolution). In that "revolution", many people were guillotined, and from the anarchy rose the Russian Tsar. Mexico and South America, were usually dropped from the agenda as a result. After two or three hundred years of ships, the people of Europe were tired of sailing around, they had already discovered all of the countries of the earth (and even mapped them out, and traded with them). In the nineteenth century, Europeans wanted a real change. In 1801, in a very famous maneouver Emperor Napolean went "Eastward" (towards Russia), and that began Russia's fabled nineteenth century.

All great powers in World History have had accomplishments. For your information, the Russians were reknowned for inventing electrical circuitry (electrical based inventions) and had also built the world's first train tracks. In the nineteenth century, there were trains from Portugal to Moscow. Before that, trains had never existed. They also had a very popular "Art Form" - though, very different from the American Preferred form of Art of today (Rock and Roll). The Russians were writers. Russian Literature, even today, is still taught as encompassing some of the greatest books ever written. The Russians had news publications, too. NDBC, who is talking to me right now as I write this, wants me to mention that a lot of the collapse of Russia during World War I and World War Two owes itself to the fact that "writing" was tremendously more difficult because of these horrible wars. The most famous person to have attempted writing a book on philosophy during the twentieth-century - "Adolf Hitler" who wrote "Mein Kampf" (My Struggle) - is largely accused of having killed a lot of his own people because his publications were so bad. War doesn't make for good book writing; moreover, war makes news look terrible. Hitler was kind of dumb. These failures brought down Russia from it's nineteenth century glories, to its twentieth century collapse.

So I need to "write ABOUT writing." this is why I'm bringing up Russia, because, 'hey! They wrote a lot of famous books, that are still studied today!' These blog posts I type, I don't type them alone. In Dallas, a city where non-white races outnumber whites - the people who run Dallas Brain Control, the people who sit behind the computer-weaponry are, indeed, more black. This is not how mind-control works in places like Manhattan or Boston, but I don't live in those places, New York State or Massachusetts now, or anymore. I the North East to come back home over 15 years ago. So when I say that some black-guy is talking to me when I write, well, that's the truth. Opening up Dallas is going to have to involve writing, speaking, and communicating.

I don't write novels, and I've never tried. Before I was kidnapped by the "The Rapists" I did. That is, "The Rapists," an explanatory-term, an 'Umbrella Term' if you will, to identify people whom in the late 1970's, 80's and early 90's ran around American Cities in whatever "Security Uniform" they could get their hands on and commit crime - but beginning in 1995 began to trickle into Mind Control Officers to use the bigger, more powerful, guns. They killed a lot of people and did a lot of drugs. Beginning in 1995, these lone-wolf terrorists sort of "teamed up" and switched to using a new-weapon that is more powerful than gun-powder. A weapon so powerful, that when you think about - when you are allowed to think about it - thought control - makes gunpowder look just as silly as the Massachusetts Indians probably felt holding a spear or bow-and-arrow after the Pilgrims started to arrive armed with muskets and bayonettes.

OK! But I am going to try and attempt the impossible: "I'm going to write about writing!" I mention Russia, because it wasn't a land that was very dominated by "The Record Companies" or the "The Music Business." Russians had their literary authors, and that actually grew into a movement that one day had Philosophers, Poets and Journalists all tagging along. The most read and world-renowned of the philosophers - Karl Marx - has lit up wars and entire governments. Writing takes effort, but it's effects can be very powerful. The most famous works of literature included "War and Peace" and "Crime and Punishment." One of the writer's of these books spent several years at a Siberian Worker Camp before becoming famous.

So I have tried to write about my life before. Having electrical 'enhancements' inside my body has meant that much of my life was destroyed when I was younger. Not everyone who's been implanted has been through what I went through, but it was by this exact token, learning, knowledge, education, and science that made me such an easy target. And why? Why should I be targeted? Well, the answer is that it was easy for them! Think about the difference between "a Glock" (a particularly powerful type of handgun) and a personal computer that is plugged into a banking-network, the camera-surveillance, audio surveillance (like your houses 'smoke-alarm'), and a receiver that was implanted into your body. What would you harass such a person about? Well, if you happen to be willing to sieze the right to enter your victim's home or homes, you could harass with his family photos. You could harass him about his diaries and his journals. You could read to him accounts about what you considered to be "Un-American Activities."

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