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Saturday, November 20, 2021

A response-letter to an esteemed family member who has decided to be "conservative" not "liberal"

The people on TV have spent almost the entire year informing the general-population that "the rebels" among our people are "really angry" that President Trump had to leave the White House. The people on TV are malicious, manipulative, dishonest and cunning - because the people on TV are ignorant and controlled by individuals in Washington who do not appear on televisioon.

I think Donald Trump should be hanged in the center of Washington, and executed like a serial rapist - because his administration was totally based on sexual abuse. Afterwards, he could be attached to the back of a pickup truck with a nice sturdy rope, and his body driven through the streets, all on national television. This was done to Mussolini, and both he and Biden are far worse then anybody in "facist Europe" ever was!

Mark Dice - obviously is selling out and doing exactly what everybody on the Internet who thrives on YouTube does - he's promoting the main-stream anti-ideals as if they are "the rebel faction" and "what the people really want."

In all of 2021, I have never met anybody who claimed to give two fucks about Donald Trump or Joseph Biden here in Dallas - not one!

You posted a link to this man on your blog. See Below - The evil of this "Mark Dice" character (whom I've never heard of before) should be readily apparent.

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