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Saturday, October 2, 2021

The Constant Death Threats

Over 25 years ago, while a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, I was kidnapped (as were most of the residents in my student residence) and a surgery was performed on me.  The individuals responsible don't advertise who they are, and they don't leave business cards to promote "their work."  The year was 1995, and I, myself, had tried (rather desperately) to flee the United States due to the abhorrent military-police fueled violence that was destroying the fabric of our American's Lives in the 1980's.  Yeah, today, for most people who live here, America doesn't seem like a very "violent place" anymore.  I haven't witnessed a murder since I was in my late teens.  The sad state of affairs, back then, really was such that the very people who suited-up to fight crime (security) were exactly the types of people who were the most violent and deadly.  To say a sizeable percentage of the population of Dallas Texas wasn't massacred during the 1980's would be incorrect.

In the 1980's, the Asia-Pacific region quickly overtook the American Government in terms of technological-advancement.  In 1990, I turned 15 years old, and it was that year that I was actually old enough to start understanding electronics.  I had heard most of my life that "America was number one" - although the America I knew was run by the most deadly terrorist-back government on earth.  Every year of my life as a child was spent agonizing about how I (myself) could avoid becoming one of "the bad guys" - and, largely because I had more honest parents than many of the people trying to run America - I knew that focusing on a lifestyle that would contribute to society in a meaningful and constructive way was important.  25 years ago, it didn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that joining or suiting up to become a police officer or USMC was generally equivalent to joining the mafia and being willing to rape and murder the innocent and traffic narcotics.

I was given many police and military uniforms myself when I was in High School.  I had a Richardson Police Uniform when I was 16 years old, but I had seen those people kill my friends (children!) and I immediately cut the badge off the uniform upon receipt of the fucking thing.

The violence that racked the North American Continent didn't really - watching my teachers raped and murdered in front of me inside of classes - didn't really go away because America's Security Personnel had realized they had done wrong.  It wasn't that "the cops" or "the army" decided to choose to be good people instead of evil ones, but rather something totally different started to occur.  I have said all my life that by year 1990, America's place in the world as "a leader among nations" had been eclipsed by East Asia.  I went to my first Radio Shack to buy electronic equipment the year I turned 15.  Living in Dallas, back then, there weren't a lot of 'stores' that were open very often.  Today, here in Texas, the number of "stores" that are open selling manufactured goods (mostly from East Asia) has multiplied a hundred times over!  In 1990, it wasn't easy to get a washing-machine or even a working dryer.  Today, there are stacks of these goods sitting in stores - almost all of them imports from the orient.

Unfortunately, with the rise of economic power in China and it's surrounding smaller-states (for instance, Korea) - technology too has advanced.  I say "unfortunately" because the people who have had the greatest access to this technology are the very terrorists (soldiers and police) who preyed upon American's 25 years ago.  Yes, the modern computer-microchip and "the internet" was surgically implanted into "me" in 1995.  I have a speaker attached to my ear-drum, and other electric wires inside my body that are used to terrorize me.  Mostly, the tyranny of the American Government didn't sort of "give up and recognize the errors of their ways."  Not at all!  Most of the socio-paths in "security" let go of their gun-powder based weaponry (guns) and picked up surveillance and internet-computers (imports from China).

What do you think those speakers inside my body say to me everyday?  Why do you think anybody would want to perform surgeries so illegal and immoral upon innocent human beings?  So they could remind to wake up on time and to make sure not to forget to pack my lunch?

Not everybody who lives in Dallas with micro-chip implants made any effort at all to get into Harvard University when they were younger.  I knew the difference between right and wrong.  Even today, I can walk down the streets of downtown Dallas and look into the eyes of a Dallas Police Officer and know, fully, that there is no sacrifice he would ever make to protect me or my life.  I know the level of education (how ignorant) a Dallas Police or Security Officer is in this city.  I made the right decisions in my life, and I am routinely punished for it.  Most people in this city who live with micro-chip implants do not have anything to say about "College Level Mathematics" or their recent studies of "Electro-Magnetic Physics" or even modern literature.  They are forced into manual labor jobs though all kinds of computerized threats, intimidation, and slander.  And that is the type of career - devoid of any intelligence, education, or mental prowess - that just about everybody with a micro-chip implant in America is forced to engage.

The point of mind-control is to keep people ignorant and dumb - and even dishonest.

But I don't work wearing a little apron, name-tag, badge or hat here.  And if I try to sit at home quietly and work on a math problem, the speakers surgically implanted into my ears are threatening me every day of my life.  In the past several years, there has not been a day that has gone by where I have not been forced to listen to (and see) an image of a black man (or sometimes a white) talk about murdering my mother, my aunt's and uncles, and having "killed" other people in my family.  I know why not everybody in society is as angry about hypno-programming as I am.  A lot of them (if they are young) are pressured to stay away - completely - from institutes of higher-learning.  I know that a 21 year old that has been ordered to do something menial is much more easily swayed to never see his or her family - ever!

Do you think Starbucks employees are all happy to see their relatives and tell them what a successful "Coffee Maker" they are?  They don't.  And when their families are constantly threatened with their micro-chip implants - they just care a lot less.

Keeping the citizenry of the city ignorant and mean is a guaranteed fast-track for the hypno-programming regime to retain its power.  No - if you agree to speak highly of the work they force you to do - they will reward you rather than torture you.  I do not.