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Monday, September 20, 2021

Two more physical "Racist Nigger" attacks in five days.

ATTACK #1 (Thursday, September 16th, 2021)

Last Thursday, I was sitting on the train at 8:30 AM. Hana Le (my wife) and I had gone to the "McDonald's Walmart" at 7:00 AM to get 1 coffee and 1 Dr. Pepper (32 oz).  I don't get a lot of soda anymore, but a couple times a month we have a little bit at McDonald's.  After McDonald's, I took the bus to the train station (Forest Lane Station), and boarded the south-bound (Westmoreland) Red Line train to downtown Dallas.  There is a nice ALDI's on "Gaston Avenue" near downtown, and the Greenville Avenue DART bus back is very pleasant.

I was sitting quietly, staring out the window, prepared to get off at "City Place Station" (this is the single Dallas 'underground station' - because it is situated beneath a sky-scraper).  At Park Lane Station this African Bitch (who wasn't wearing her COVID-mask) screamed at me to "put my mask on."  I actually wear the damned-thing on the train about 50% of the time because bus driver's pick fights with you if you don't.  When I'm on a bus, I put it on 100% of the time - or else the bus-driver will kick you off.  I was on the train, and, actually, I was wearing it.  Anyway, as I explained, I had my mask on, and  this "nigger bitch" wasn't wearing hers!

I ignored her, hoping it would go away.  I was wearing it anyway, although it was a tiny bit below my nostrils.  I, personally, believe the entire COVID-disease is another fear-mongering crock of shit designed to cover up North Dallas Brain Control.  I have never met anybody who 'died from COVID' and I also have never met anybody who knew somebody who 'died from COVID.'  However, I'm aware of the media-news reports that "dozens die from COVID" everyday!  I'm fully aware what "THEY" (the news / A.P.) say.  I personally put less stock in CNN, FOX & the A.P. than I would have put into Joseph Goebbels news broadcasts (chief NAZI propagandist for the third Reich).

So, I'm sitting on the train, with my mask mostly on (partially uncovered nostrils), and this nigger-bitch (who has a stroller) and is not wearing her mask starts screaming at me.  I ignore her (since I have it on, and she doesn't), and she starts screaming at me again that "I must be trying to kill her child."  Then she starts talking to the 'African American Gentleman' sitting to the left of her - who also wasn't wearing a mask - and tells him, again, that I'm some white man who is clearly trying to kill her child and that 'people like me need to be killed'.  I don't remember everything she said, because it was five-days ago (on Thursday), and it is now Monday morning.

After listening to it for enough time, I finally just gave her the finger.  The last time something like this happened (COVID-mask stuff), I literally had to shout at a black bus driver 10 times that "I am wearing my mask, and you are not wearing you mask.  Don't talk to me like that ever again!"  (I was, he wasn't!).  The next thing she did was to telephone the police (again, without a mask on) to tell them that "a Caucasian Male was threatening the life of her baby" - because I was sitting on the other side of the train without a mask (which I had on).

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I don't like being in a bus filled with niggers and being screamed at by them - it is dangerous, because they clearly make a point of being racist, and make no qualms about showing their dislike of whites...  So, finally, after the police dispatch call she made to 911 - I screamed "bitch" - as loudly as I could.  She continued to raise her voice to me, and I continued to look out the window wondering if a car-load-full of DPD were going to come yell at me because I am white, and claim to be educated...  Looking out the window of the train, I just sit there and wonder what stunt-show North Dallas Brain Control has for me this morning...  Wondering if I'm going to have to go to "Lew Sterrit House of Corrections" for trying to 'kill Black Children' (which is what she said to the 911 dispatcher).

Next, she moves to other side of the train-car and, at this point, I cannot help but look at her while she is mumbling to herself - with my mouth gaping wide open, wondering what on earth the little song and dance that I'm going to be expected  to watch/face/listen-to (or perform) over the next 20 minutes.  At this point the train is getting closer to my stop at City-Place Station on the Red Line, and I'm mostly hoping this will end.  I was actually just out to get groceries like the "ALDI Manicotti" and some Tilapia.  Note - she didn't see my facial expressions, because I had that stupid-fucking mask on in the first place!  But, mostly, I was wearing my "completely dumb-founded"!

The next thing she does is starting explaining to another woman on the bus, who also wasn't wearing a mask, but put it on when she heard the yelling, something about my "being white" and how that was the problem.  I don't actually remember the details, but this woman with the stroller continued to yell at me from across the train, and accusing me as well.  Finally, she started ordering me to move (to another train car), threatened to kill me, and asked me more questions... so I finally shouted (at one of her interrogations) "because you are a nigger" at the top of my lungs.  And she was!  I had done nothing to deserve this attack at all.  Under any normal circumstances, I would brush it off as somebody who is being brainwashed, and probably has suffered a lot herself...  However, there was a train filled with other "African Americans", and furthermore, she had used her cell phone to tell 911 police-dispatch that I was "trying to hurt her baby."

Afterwards, she got-up, rushed the chair where I was sitting, and I continued to try to ignore her.  Then, she took out something of her purse that looked like some kind of orange-colored weapon, and shouted at me that she was going to kill me!  She stood over screaming at me - and I just kept yelling, "Get the hell away from me!"  Then after giving me a bunch of orders I shouted: "I don't have to do what you say."  She was swinging her orange key-chain thing - and I was terrified I was going to be maced.  I couldn't tell if it was pepper-spray, mace, or just a flash-light.  Pepper-spray really sucks.

NOW, at this point, the reader should realize, I'm not that afraid what a girl is going to do to me.  I'm 6'2" tall; however, realize that I'm 46 also years old (and have suffered a lot, and do not like physical attacks or physical fighting at this age).  I attended M.I.T. (and Harvard University), and have a college education - and have tried to return to college every time North Dallas Brain Control has permitted me.

Sure, me grabbing her and sitting on her would be easy, right ?!  Much more relevant however, are the 10 other African-people on the train, whom I cannot fend-off at this age without getting hurt (which is why blacks start fights with whites in the first place - because they outnumber us 3-1 in Dallas, Texas).  I know perfectly well that an "African Man" doesn't care about justice for a middle-aged white male - they are going to hurt me because I'm a white male who is upset with the fact that a black woman is threatening to kill me.  Much more importantly, I'm terrified about how a squad-car filled with radicalized-terrorists (the Dallas Police Department) are going to treat me if she swings at me!  There was literally nothing I could do, but hope that she doesn't get physical.  Me convincing a radicalized, bigoted, cruel, ego-maniac (the Dallas Police Department Officers) that she attacked me because she was bored, and I have white skin, is as hopeless as explaining to Adolph Hitler that "Jews are people too."

Then we reach my stop.  She was screaming that I am not allowed to use DART, and that I have to get off the train immediately.  I just shouted "this is my stop, and I'm getting off!" and also "stay away from me, you attacked me!"  Two other black men (males in their twenties) were approaching me - supposedly ready to strike.  They were screaming at me to get off the train, and one of the other nigger was screaming at me that he was going to kill me if I didn't leave the station.

At City-Place, I took the escalator 8 flights of stairs (City Place Station is about 8 stories underground, below a sky-scraper) and then caught the bus to ALDI.  I bought my Tilapia and Manicotti there.  The bus driver was another black woman, and I tried to be polite and said "thank-you, mam, have a nice afternoon."  The bus back to the apartment was a Mexican Guy (I think, I couldn't tell), and I said "Please" and "Thank-You" ... and unless provoked - often by NDBC, Mexicans rarely ever start fights in Dallas (although they have with me a few times in life).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this NDBC (North Dallas Brain Control) manufactured incident - I have had to listen to over and over that her stroller didn't even have a child.  As I say on every post, I have electric wires inside my body that I cannot remove, since I cannot perform surgery on myself!  One of them includes a speaker attached to my ear-drum.  The garbage-individuals who love to proclaim that "they are black" (and love taking white-slaves), ... the individuals who run these computer-networks narrate all kinds of moronic events in my life.  Since this incident five days ago, I have been told repeatedly that she doesn't even have a child, that she carries stuff around in her stroller.  I don't put much stock in anything that I hear from the speakers in my ears; but, this is what "THEY" have shouted at me!

ATTACK #2 (this morning at 9:30 AM, Monday, September 20th, 2021)

This morning, I sat in my chair beginning at 7:00 AM.  Hana Le, my wife, had left on the DART Bus earlier in the morning.  She gets up and goes places in the morning a few times a week - often to the Korean Grocery store to buy cookies.  I had made Quiche yesterday in the toaster oven and it wasn't a complete failure, but the top of the Quiche didn't look anything like it does in the pictures on the website.  It tasted all right, though, and I saved some from yesterday in the refrigerator and had it.

I watched this idiotic "Brian Laundrie and Gabriel Petito" story on Fox News and CNN - and I didn't particularly believe it.  Mainly, NDBC has been telling me all morning long that these two did this exact same stunt-show with the Florida police last September, and even two years ago as well.  I cannot prove anything, and I am not trying to prove that this was, indeed, on the news last year in September (although, that's what "they" said to me all morning).  I don't want to be thought of as "a liar" so instead, I'll just say that I have absolutely no idea if there is even such a person as Laundrie or Petito - literally because the Associated Press is the organization responsible for making these reports.  But that is what I was being terrorized by this morning.  Also (and I don't usually, but today...) I saw a complete 1960's Twilight Zone episode about a monastery and a guy that was some kind of hitch-hiker in Europe.

Anyway, at 8:00 AM, I worked on my latest math "Matrix-Equation" solving program for about 45 minutes.  I like to write HTML and Java-Script whenever the government (NDBC) permits me.  Generally, the way it works, is that "they" have to write the software-application (the HTML & Java-Script) first.  Afterwards, they order me to open my software-development tools on my computer, and tell me to start writing different software-modules, until they see something that works.  TRUST ME: It is a lot more enriching & fulfilling to work on math problems than it is to stand at a cash-register in some store with a funny little apron, name-tag, and hat saying "Hi, Welcome to XXX, may I take your order?"

Sometime after 9:00 I went out to the back parking lot and started to do my calisthenics.  Sitting in a library all day, or in an easy chair trying to write software means I have to get some exercise.  For over 2 years, I went to You-Fit Gym, but this September, I am trying to start a long-term 'calisthenics' routine in the back parking lot where I live.  It is just as good for your muscles as weight-lifting (until you have maxed out on push-ups).  

I am 46 years old, and I really don't like to think about physical violence at all.  The thought of 5 black people beating the shit out of me makes me angry enough such that all I ever really say to my master is that if I were ever permitted to leave the United States (if my passport blacklisting were revoked), I would be on the next airplane out of the U.S. - as soon as I could get a plane-ticket.  NDBC does not permit me to take airplanes or apply for Visa's out of the U.S. (and hasn't since the 1990's).

So this fucking 25 year old nigger starts shouting from across the parking lot that I am some kind of faggot or "gay" and that I need to leave the parking lot immediately.  Again, I tried to ignore him.  As usual, the thoughts I'm having are:

  • The Dallas Police don't care about self-defense, and I will be charged with a crime for trying to defend myself.  (NDBC reiterates this fact everyday to me, in the speakers surgically implanted in my ear-drums).
  • If I do get into a physical altercation, I'm not going to sit there and "play with the guy" - I'm white, and blacks outnumber us 3-1 in Dallas, Texas.  They outnumber us 20-1 anywhere outside of North Dallas.
  • If I jump on him, at my age, my only hope is to grab at his eyes or try to rip his ears off.  I mean, I'm not trained in the martial-arts, and I have never 'boxed' before.  Unfortunately, I see that as a 20 year criminal court battle explaining to nigger-judges at Lew Sterrit House of Corrections that self-defense is not only legal - but should be expected when one man attacks another!

So, I try to ignore the guy.  Then he charges at me and starts screaming at me that he is going to "kill me" if I don't leave the parking lot immediately.  I'm sitting there at the gate, stretching, and all of a sudden he starts getting physical.  

I just keep shouting "What the hell is wrong with you?"  ...  He starts shouting that I'm obviously "gay" because I'm wearing a tank-top and stretching out in the parking lot. 

I finally tried psychology (which sometimes works) asking him "What happened to you last night?" (it was about 9:00 AM) - since I have done absolutely nothing to provoke a thing of this.  "Why are you bothering me?  What is wrong with you?" ... and also ... "I'm perfectly allowed to use the parking lot, just like you!"  I mean, I live here, and this is my apartment.  Just because I'm white really shouldn't be relevant.  To an upset African-Male, it clearly is my fault.  I haven't done a thing to provoke him!  He was screaming at me from across the lot!  I hadn't even seen him, until he was screaming at me!  He looked twenty-five, and I'm getting close to fifty!

Then he swings (punches) at me, right in my face.  He did miss, and only hit air, but I could feel the wind rush at my face so it was pretty close.  Again, I have never trained at boxing...  So this past year, this stuff that NDBC has been cooking-up for me to do is all very new to me...  I put my fists up, getting ready for a boxing match.  And finally, something I shouted at him, made him walk away.  Then, from about 15 yards away he starts throwing rocks at me!  What the fuck on earth I have done to this fucking nigger is beyond me.  I ride busses with blacks everyday, and I always say "Please" and "Thank-You" as nicely as I can.  I don't want to fight with them, but I really do have to stand my ground.

After the rock throwing, I went and reported it to the management at the place where I stay.  The black guy at the front desk got mad at me and told me that if it wasn't on the property - he cannot help me.  And it really was on the property.  And he wasn't going to call the Dallas Police...

I went back to try to finish calisthenics, but since I was too shaken up, I went inside.  I walked across the parking lot to the gas-station (Race Track), to see if there was a Dallas Police inside (because they often have a DPD standing there all day)...  No DPD was there, and the lady refused to call them - saying "it wasn't on her property, and she isn't going to help me."  The guy is sitting at the corner of the apartment complex with his friend acting like a shit head.

Getting punched in my face, and having rocks thrown at me by niggers because I'm white, and I why should I be "taking orders" from them at all?  I did nothing at all!  I was just standing there stretching!  About to do push-ups, sit-ups, and windmills (like PiYo, or something like that).

And all of these types of 'episodes' are cooked up by brain-control since 2018!  Do I really have to start taking boxing lessons or karate lessons?  I'm 46 years old, and that really isn't my cup of tea.  I mean, I would do it, but just remember, in a land that is run by a terrorist-backed government, boxing a nigger and telling him he has no right to punch me in the face would get me thrown into prison (and not the nigger!)