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Sunday, March 21, 2021

The Friends and Relatives Death Threat (We're going to kill your family)

North Park Mall, Dallas.  It's been nearly a month since I was permitted by my master / North Dallas Brain Control to type or write anything at all.  Nearly 100% of males with implants in their body are usually put on strict and heavy reading and writing restrictions.  Reading any material at all - even the regime's internally run news sources, for instance, the Dallas Morning News is something that is heavily discouraged and prevented through all kinds of intimidation techniques.

I have always thought of myself as one of the lucky ones (by some regards) in that I learned to type very well when I was a kid in grade school.  I remember my eighth grade typing class because it was one of the first classes that every took very seriously, as compared to the kid stuff I had learned prior.  It didn't take that long, but I vividly remember that it was about a year (or maybe two) after my typing class that I took world history at my High School where I spent almost my entire sophomore year typing notes about my World History class that I actually became good enough at typing so that I never forgot it again.

But anyway, that's all in the past because for most of my adult life (I'm 45 years old), I have had electric wires in my body - including electronic microchips attached to my eyeballs and small "headphones-like" devices attached to my ear drums.  These devices are used on millions of people in this country to help influence, alter, and manipulate their daily activities to keep them away from all kinds of activities that the regime which runs these software networks do not like "the people" doing.   I mean, I think of myself as different than most of the people in Dallas for reasons that are extremely painful to explain.  No, I'm not kidding, I have been sexually and psychologically tortured by the horrific individuals that have seized many (not all, but many) of the large office towers that were built in the decades of the 20th century.  These glorified garbage men aren't particularly good at anything at all, but they do hold the power in Dallas and surrounding areas, and they do not have many morale scruples when it comes to psychological, sexual and other kinds of criminal racket-attacks that are used to target political prisoners in this part of the world.

Perhaps, for some who have worked in "a Dallas store" (of whom there must be millions) it is no big deal to be pushed and prodded until he or she is wearing an apron, a name-tag, and a cute little hat.  For me, I have expressed all my life that I would much prefer to be on an airplane headed across the Pacific Ocean to anywhere in Asia before I would ever be caught dead at a Starbuck's Coffee Shop....  Wearing a cut little green apron.... Stealing out of the cash register... and threatening somebody new every day just to keep the bastards at North Dallas Brain Control happy ... and all so that I may have some mystery bank account deposit into my bank account comprised of nothing but laundered / stolen money anyway.  No, I have never worked at Starbucks or any retail franchise - in fact I absolutely fucking hate the place and every piece a shit that works in it.  I cannot talk to them, I cannot reason with them, and every time I am at one of these places I look at them waiting to hear why they might need to phone the police since I'm not willing to work at a mind-rape job here in Dallas, and generally come off as "completely unemployed."

But I am at a Starbucks right now - outside of the store - in the mall area where none of the "employees" can really get in my face.  It's the first time "the guys" at the Software Shop that runs my life have permitted me to use my keyboard to write anything in almost a month.  What that means is actually a little bit more difficult to explain - and requires some explanation before you will really "get it."  For anybody who is largely keyboard illiterate (meaning you cannot type very fast, if at all) typing at a keyboard takes practice; but if you have done it for long enough, is an extremely efficient and fast way to communicate with people and is much faster than handwriting.  However, if there are regime-installed electric wires in your body that can physically shock you when you attempt to open any window on your computer that contains a software application that accepts typing and keyboard input, such a skill becomes just another dormant unused skill (of which there are many such skills in this city - take the physical sciences, mathematics, history, philosophy, etc. or just about anything that you would learn in a school).  

So, sitting here at a keyboard at the mall, I am calming down a little since the rage I have been put through in the past month has been genuinely horrible.  Why would anybody on this earth do such a thing?  Well, I mean, I know the answer to that one - money, power and control.  "The Butcherocracy" (which is a term I prefer... "Butcher" + "ocracy") in Dallas is probably one of the most ruthless and immoral regimes that has ever operated in any city - any where in the world or in world history.  For these people, their powerful and destructive "weapons" that they have in their "arsenal" are really nothing like the weapons that were used back during the twentieth century when the marines and the air force fired bullets and rockets at enemy soldiers.  I was around during the last quarter of the twentieth century, and remember a lot of the later years of it all.  The only thing that anybody who lives in a part of the world that is currently still referred to as "part of the U.S.A." is that those bastards eventually came home (they left Korea and Vietnam and came back here) ...   Much damage and hellfire they unleashed in the years 1975 - 2000 (post Vietnam) was mercilessly obfuscated in American News Sources to the point that today all anybody knows about America in the years since has seemed (at least to me, when judging by television watching now in year 2021) is that "there are lots of sick people, and they need to go to the hospital" ... and, of course, the usual "There are lots of criminals, and they need to go to jail"

So, I was sitting in my room this last month, and as usual because, hey, I choose to be "the political prisoner" who loves to shout at my wall when I think NDBC is listening that they could, politely, "go fuck themselves" - mainly because of my desire to write about them and their whores.  I have been listening to the usual gobbledygook and diatribe while sitting in what is, ostensibly, my own bedroom in an easy chair that is my own easy-chair.  There are thousands and thousands of threats that my ear-drums have been forced to listen over the past 25 years.  As I have explained numerous times - every chance I get - that my body was implanted with electronic control devices (along with all of my brothers and sisters) when I was a sophomore in college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology up in Boston, Massachusetts.  These devices have been used at a louder and louder and also a more visible and more visible rate to broadcast audio video content into my body since my early 20's when this all got started.  The things these fucking animals can say to me when I'm even thinking about getting work done can be so horrible it's hard to stand up (literally, standing up inside my home is an software routine that can be switched on or off).

"We're going to chop your family up like animals, and serve them to you for breakfast."

This is the type of language that for much of the Obama Years, and nearly all of the Donald Trump Years, I have been forced to listen to.  "The Software" (I guess we should just call it "the software" or maybe "the program") effectively can broadcast what television broadcasts directly into your brain.  This is done through LCD chips that are behind attached to some part of the eyeball, and through speaker-like headphones that are somewhere close-enough to my year drum.  The honest to goodness truth is that from time to time it can be like watching a television broadcast when I'm sitting in my easy chair, or laying in my bed.

What would be the goals of such an operation?  What does North Dallas Brain Control (NDBC) even want with controlling (or "influencing", since control is a bit of a "stronger meaning" than influence) all of these people here in Dallas?  Well, a lot the answers to questions like that require knowing stuff about the later years of American History.  As I said, I am 45 years old, and I was alive an kicking throughout much of the 1980's.  In my early years I had first hand knowledge about what the United States Armed Services even was.  Most people who are my age and older did.  I, personally, never had a fucking thing to do with the army - but often when I was younger "the army" would just sort of happen to you (no matter what age you were).  The types of atrocities that were committed by the U.S. Infantry as they attempted to "normalize" the "post-war" 1980's and sort of make like nothing had happened, again, have been mercilessly erased from the hearts and minds of millions of people in "The U.S.A." - literally through the psychological conditioning that is possible with the involuntary surgeries that are performed on the people of this country on a regular basis.

Now, this post is supposed to be about "The Family Death Threats."  So, again to reiterate, I started off by saying that I was at a Starbucks inside North Park Mall right now.  I'm sitting on the "outside part" of a Starbucks, a place I truly hate because I have to watch these robots act like idiots as I get demoralized from ever thinking learning, knowledge and intelligence will ever come back as substantive human values to this part of the world... 

I was being told this... (something that I have heard millions of times since Year 2008 when Obama was installed into office and this mind-control regime of monsters decided to use "the race card" to fight the people in society they didn't like).  But this isn't right, so why would any organization no matter how loosely or tightly knit its members are that they want to...

"Chop up my family, and then serve their body parts to me for breakfast"

Because it prevents me from reading anything.  Because it gets me agitated enough such that I simply cannot write a god-damned thing into my web-browser or write a god damned thing that would ever be printed into my computer printer.

It's been a month since I wrote to this blog.  North Dallas Brain Control, I guess, has decided to permit me to write this.  Literally, it has been 25 years in the making of this particular post today.

But for the Grace of God, I cannot type or write anything into a blogger post, a word processor, or on a piece of paper without them giving me the go ahead.  If the post-COVID world is going to be "opening up" about the tactics used with bona-fide political prisoners in this country... Well, maybe that's what this is.  Let you know the next time "the software" gives me a brain-fart (and actually allows me to type it out).

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