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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Killing Black Leaders in the Southern United States - and why we as a people must start, IMMEDIATELY.

I live in a world far different from the Northern United States, I live in a White Minority City of the United States of America.  I live in Dallas, Texas.  Much of my life has been a series of what I like to call "Rape Parties" - which are run by African (Black) Nationalists in the Dallas Government.  I am 45 years old, and moved to Dallas at the age of 7 with my family in the year 1982.  My father did not come to Texas because he wanted to.  My father, himself, was (for all intents and purposes) murdered by the North Dallas Government, and it's largely pro-black power structure in year 2016.  Even trying to say - "Hey I was sexually tortured" will cause a Dallas Nigger working for the subversive government to use means at his disposal so powerful, and so intense, that medical heart attacks can be induced.

I have not been in Dallas all of my life.  I have watched the decimation of the white race in my city, and I have watched with horror the double standard the Niggers in the Northern Part of the United States have applied to society in places where their representation in society is much lower.  Turning on any news channel that the regime in North Dallas permits on its cable boxes, one will see "The Nigger" applying his ignorant views about race and racism with other whites from the North on a regular basis.  Viewpoints that "it is not possible for a black man to be racist" - only whites are racist is a mentality that persists on most of the major news networks in this horrible land (The USA).  Bias is bias, and a nigger is as easily biased as any white in New York City can be biased.  When the viewpoint of an African American Minority living on the Eastern Seaboard reaches here to Dallas, Texas - people hurt.  A lot of people hurt, and the Dallas Nigger employed with the regime at North Dallas Brain Control is offered such "windfalls" of societal power in City like Dallas where whites have been routinely departed for the last 15 - 25 years results in abuses of power so hideous that the words "A Party" or "A Celebration of Rape, Torture, and Medical Abuses."

North Dallas Brain Control was empowered by a violence that saw the decimation of white numbers inI  the many parts of Texas during the 1980's and early 1990's.  The memories I have as a child are of suburbs where my parents raised me where rooms and rooms of white children would run and play.  I grew up in North Dallas.  Beginning in 2016, with the entering of Donald J. Trump, the (heavily black / nigger) regime who "owns the sky" (sky-scrapers, and office space) in Dallas began another wave of systematic extermination of my people and my culture from the city.  As has been explained in as many blog posts as my master (a black man) has permitted me, the regime in this City runs the personal lives of people who live here through (loosely connected) computer networks that control the personal lives of nearly all of the people that live here.  Although a very sizable percentage of the population here lives electronic implants that were forced inside them, not everybody is a slave.  Electrical wires that are placed into our bodies can influence our thoughts - in very easy to understand ways.

Hearing voices in Dallas is a given.  For the implanted population, of which both I and my wife are members, listening to a computer controlled by some Dallas Nigger hell bent of having his way with my wife and me - whether we are laying in bed, or working in the kitchen - is a fact of life.  Ignorance in this city is kind, and the Dallas Nigger is one of the most ignorant, IGNORANT race of people that has ever walked the face of the earth.  There has just NEVER been a DUMBER people, than Dallas Blacks.  Please understand, if you are from the Northern United States, and you are reading these posts, recognize that an "Uppity or Educated Negro" is not thought of as a virtue in this City.  I live in a City where the only "Minority Population" that exists are the whites.  It might be hard for a speaker of English to comprehend or understand the meaning of the words "White Minority" - but unfortunately for people like me, the total lack of comprehension or understanding that news journalists from outside the Gulf Coast and South West have (places like Texas) this lack of understanding manifests itself in some of the most grizzly, sadistic and horrific acts of sexual abuse, sexual torture, corruption - and even murder in cases like my father - that has ever occurred in human history.

To provide an example of an area of the world where the "White Minority" is a force and an issue.  In areas of Southern Africa (for instance, "South Africa"), settlements of British Settlers moved to the horn of Africa in parts of the nineteenth century.  Continental Africa is most heavily populated by blacks, although many races, languages and ethnic groups do live there - including whites.  Dallas, as a city, is much like this.  I don't like to "Speak from Ignorance" much, and generally, since I have electronics attached to my eardrum, eye-ball, penis, and thyroid gland - I don't always get to "use the old noggen" very often.  As a result, I am most often seen in Dallas saying nothing at all - nothing whatsoever as a I ride a bus or a train largely filled with black people wondering if I should count the whites I see each day.

It is one thing to live in a part of the world - like Dallas, or South Africa - where white people are neither the dominant nor controlling representatives of the leadership or the population - and feel "less than empowered."  I don't feel like a powerful man in society, although I do not feel that anybody in government "represents me" anywhere.  I watch the "White Race Party" (Democrats-and-Republicans) on TV listening to a people who really are (for all intents and purposes) likely more ignorant and poorly educated than the Blacks of Dallas - though with that zest, that zeal, for proving to the world that they really are world leaders.  I do not think of the Associated Press Headquarters either in Washington, the District of Columbia - or in New York - as anything but an engine of malice, corruption, and quite literally genocide as a decade of massacres inside of schools and strip malls hailed across their networks for well over 12 years.

It is one thing to be both White, and be a minority like I am in Dallas, Texas, but it is something different altogether to to sexually tortured, psychologically tortured, on a regular basis with the sole aim and purpose of having the facts about my life silenced.  My name is Ralph Peter Torello.  When I was 18 years old I matriculated at a University in Boston after applying while in a local Dallas High School known as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  M.I.T. used to be a "top tier" type of educational facility - often called one of the world's best technical Universities.  It is about a 5 minute drive from Harvard University, and in year 1995, during what was to be my Sophomore Year at College, radicalized "professionals" from one of America's numerous security-terrorist organizations implanted my body with electronics.  I am not one to believe in the "superiority" of any race of people on the world.  Generally, if you ask me about the People's Republic of China, I'll be the first person to start screaming (as a student of technology and science) - that America's place in the world from a technology perspective is no where near advanced as many of the Asian Nations in and around the People's Republic of China (the PRC).  

Primary point being, not every "nigger" is a rapist - and I have literally hundreds of experiences and words I would like to say about the white-led, sexually-abusive terror-squads in the North Eastern Seaboard.  How could you butcher a student?  How could any citizen or human being in the world butcher a student and look at himself in the mirror?  You will find thousands and thousands such butchers working for the "United States Regime" who are butchering students with these experiments up in Boston.  In 1995, I was a student at M.I.T. and even studied some foreign-language classes over at Harvard (Mandarin Chines) over at Harvard down the street.

So, no, Rapists Niggers in Dallas are NOT ALONE in North America when it comes to perverting and abusing their own people - the whites in Boston Massachusetts are doing the same thing to their own people.  Should I be advocating for the killing of "White Race Leaders" up North - sure, and I do all the time!  I think Donald Trump should be hanged, and I think the Chief of the New York City Police Department should be swung from the gallows pole for all the world to see.

Rape is a crime, murder is a crime.  If you are black and you have raped or your have murdered - both of which can be achieved via electrical cables attached to man's penis, then you are a rapist and a murdered and you should pay for you crimes (even if your are a nigger in government).