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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Lazer Penis, The Case for executing (killing) Joseph Biden, and Donald Trump (maybe at the same time).

 Sitting on a DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) train into downtown Dallas this morning, I couldn't help but notice the flurry and the rush of images being piped into my skull all the while trying to doze off for a few minutes on the inbound Orange Line Train.  Yeah, of course I have heard that their really is a "known mental illness" called schizophrenia, although as everybody (really ought to) know, there really is a Central Intelligence Agency as well.  On any given day of the week, I don't intentionally "hide" the fact that I am being programmed by electric wires inside me, but this fact is not something I express much to people around me.  I don't say much, I don't talk much at all - if ever - out in public anymore (although I used to), primarily because the content of the bio-warfare broadcasts has changed (yet again).  Every year the Department of Mind Control in the North Dallas area where I live tries to silence another aspect of our people, our culture from the City of Dallas.  Lately, they have become much more brazen when on particular metric is used, the portrayal of physical violence.

I don't say much because lately (read: 2018, 2019 & 2020) because the latest president, in a fashion somewhat different than the previous president (read: rapist nigger) had utilized the electric wires in my body.  I didn't have any feelings of "support" for President Obama... I mean, when I realized that the one particular wire connected to the nerves inside of my genitalia were going to be used to "increase our city's political attitudes (about Obama), I was first in line for offering my master to go to Washington and assassinating the nigger - even if it meant dying myself.  When I saw President Trump running in 2016, I asked my master (as I call him) - through myriad of digital channels that connect my own personal bedroom inside my own personal apartment into the office tower networks - if maybe he could provide me a shotgun and a plane ticket to Washington "so I could shoot this guy instead" (referring to Trump).  They impolitely told me now and when on another one of their rampages which I will write about one day.  It included the unplugging (and, I guess, "murdering" of my father), and eventually using their network of police, judges, and even Mexican's to steal 90% of my property and my home (throwing me into the street).

So this started out with the words "Lazer Penis" and whether perhaps I just have some variant of schizophrenia.  One of the hallmarks of schizophrenia (which manifests itself with symptoms that leave people feeling controlled and persecuted), is that they can often feel that they are hearing voices and seeing things from the outside of their bodies.  Everyone knows that mankind has been on this good earth for eons.  When I was a kid, I know I heard before from some radical zealot that Jesus Christ lived precisely 2,000 years ago during the Roman Empire, and that 2,000 years before Adam & Eve where living in the Garden Eden (I guess, not too far from Egypt and Pharaoh, but who knows what the accepted witch-craft incantation is today).    People experiencing "Life Problems" is a concept that has also existed for likely as long as well.  Taking life so seriously can often lead too such problems.  In fact, political leaders are sometimes the easiest to judge "crazy" out of all the members and corners of society.  I say this, not because I have some kind of "registry" of all the people in history who have gone crazy, but in 21st century North America (the part that is North of Mexico, likely not including Mexico), we have many many extremely paranoid "leaders" on television "leading" us.  I say this in quote because the more we are told by one faction that "the democrats" are trying to destroy us all, all the while hearing from the other faction that "the republicans and Trump" are trying to destroy us all, the more schizophrenic they truly are.

In any case, during the "fake elections" (2008, 2016, 2020, etc...), I have often found myself "experiencing an erection" during the times when I forcibly (using bio-warfare) FORCED to watch these raving idiots (Obama, Trump, Biden, etc...) on TV.  North Dallas Brain Control doesn't just control brains.  Most people over the age of 14 or 15 learn about their as they go through life, and I would say 99.9% of them (the 14+ age group) know exactly what sexual stimulation is.  I know that their will be reams and reams of paper that will one day be written about these terrorist agencies.  REAMS.  I cannot, by myself, explain the timelines and justifications that every one of these terrorist agencies have used over the past 25 years here in this simple blog post.  I certainly know my own personal "timeline" (life history) of my 20's, 30's and early 40's, though.  I was implanted when I was a college student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  While a computer science engineering student (Course 6 they call it) at M.I.T. (where I was also studying Mandarin Chinese), I was drugged and kidnapped by terrorist / rouge factions of the (then) hopelessly-radically-violent military backed "Clinton Regime."  I was a college student of the ripe of age of 18 during Bill Clinton's first term as President.

So, yeah, I was kidnapped, drugged, and a surgery was performed on me.  Beginning at the age of 20, these "Penis Radicals" of the "Military Industrial Complex" were capable of making me experience an erect penis whenever they wanted me to "get a stiffy."  That was year 1995 and 1996.  There are some things about the territory formerly known as "United States" that have changed, but a lot has also remained the same.  I have argued with "My Master" as a I call him (the man who can give me the erections that he does indeed give, often) for as long as I can remember.  I have argued until my voice box had so much laryngitis that I was almost incapable of talking for over a month (the first Obama Election - or "Erection" - as I should say.  I don't like these petty-terrorists treating my like a Guinea Pig, and I don't like what these authoritarian measures do to the people or society.  When I arrived at M.I.T.  I was one of the smartest kids in the North Texas area.  Before these sexually abusive authoritarian started these experiments on the people of North America, I had taken and passed with perfect scores just about every Advanced Placement Exam that the College Board Entrance Examination had available for High School Graduates.  I certainly didn't need to some brainless, violent bacon-eating rapist from the Police Department using my brain for his war-games.  Police and Military Officials have very little respect for the concept of education or people known as "students."  The most favorite military recruit is a 20 year old male who is willing to "skip college" so he can train to be a soldier (or a murderer, in the United States).  People who are older in the United States (the 45+ age group) likely know that an army is usually comprised of soldiers who are in their late teens and early twenties.  They make the best fighters for being so young - they have very little in life to loose, since their just too young to already have wives and children of their own, and because their bodies are usually in the best physical shape that a body can be.  A 20-year-old going to college and casting his lot with education and knowledge is the mortal enemy of a blood-drenched terrorist network like America's Municipal Police Agencies and Marine Corps of the 1980's and 1990's.

So, I cannot speak for all the American's (since, obviously, millions do not live under the heavy thumb of mind control - although often, the "public" they are, the more likely they are being controlled by outside bio-war personnel... the journalists" Sean Hannity and Anderson Cooper are two of the most raging schizophrenics that history has to offer - they are surgically electrically-implanted, and North Dallas Brain Control brags about this often).

Live free or die, that's what the founder of the "Washington Government" (Washington, the District of Columbia) intimated many times in our nations founding documents.  I think it hopelessly abusive, and sexually PERVERTED BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION to allow these agencies to continue to operate in places like Dallas (75080), Boston (02139), and New York City.  I am not here to explain away all of the cock-eyed reasons that these mother fuckers have provided for taking these types of steps against innocent people - students no less - only to whisper and intimate that these actions are for our own good.  I certainly do not want too, and the reality is that justification and explanation is what anybody with an electronic system implanted into his/her body is forced to listen often and odd times throughout the course of the day.  Often the explanations that are piped into our ear-drum implants are played at low-volume and at odd times throughout the course of the day.  The "justification" or "explanation" is often nothing more than a mindless, idiotic, and rooted in lies pile of verbiage - that if ever said out loud would sound like the ravings a long term psychiatric patient.

But yes, the nerves in our bodies communicate with each other and with the human brain that all of us are given using electrical signals.  Our nervous system is not that different from the electrical system inside of a computer.  Inside of a computer, copper (a conductor) and silicon (a semi-conductor) sends signals to and from the brain.  In our bodies, biological material that conducts electricity - which is very different in nature from Copper and Silicon - sends signals, but an electric-wire system that was surgically implanted in our bodies can also "fake" the signals that our brain would otherwise generate.  

Can this send a stimulation signal to your balls?  Yes.  They (the "regime") does it every day - 365 days a year.  Does it work?  Well, it certainly fucks you up (makes you a weaker, dumber citizen).  It certainly makes you a more scared person.  When you can control fear itself, controlling people and making people dumber, less successful, and more accepting of orders is easier.  I think it is a war crime.  I would give my life to fight these atrocities.  Put a gun in my hand and put in front of Biden, Trump, Clinto or Obama - they'd be dead in 5 seconds.  I would meet my maker with a straight face and explain what government by sexual assault is.  I don't speak for God, but my mind (me) is 100% convinced it would be the right thing to do - the honorable thing to do.

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