Saturday, October 2, 2021

The Constant Death Threats

Over 25 years ago, while a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, I was kidnapped (as were most of the residents in my student residence) and a surgery was performed on me.  The individuals responsible don't advertise who they are, and they don't leave business cards to promote "their work."  The year was 1995, and I, myself, had tried (rather desperately) to flee the United States due to the abhorrent military-police fueled violence that was destroying the fabric of our American's Lives in the 1980's.  Yeah, today, for most people who live here, America doesn't seem like a very "violent place" anymore.  I haven't witnessed a murder since I was in my late teens.  The sad state of affairs, back then, really was such that the very people who suited-up to fight crime (security) were exactly the types of people who were the most violent and deadly.  To say a sizeable percentage of the population of Dallas Texas wasn't massacred during the 1980's would be incorrect.

In the 1980's, the Asia-Pacific region quickly overtook the American Government in terms of technological-advancement.  In 1990, I turned 15 years old, and it was that year that I was actually old enough to start understanding electronics.  I had heard most of my life that "America was number one" - although the America I knew was run by the most deadly terrorist-back government on earth.  Every year of my life as a child was spent agonizing about how I (myself) could avoid becoming one of "the bad guys" - and, largely because I had more honest parents than many of the people trying to run America - I knew that focusing on a lifestyle that would contribute to society in a meaningful and constructive way was important.  25 years ago, it didn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that joining or suiting up to become a police officer or USMC was generally equivalent to joining the mafia and being willing to rape and murder the innocent and traffic narcotics.

I was given many police and military uniforms myself when I was in High School.  I had a Richardson Police Uniform when I was 16 years old, but I had seen those people kill my friends (children!) and I immediately cut the badge off the uniform upon receipt of the fucking thing.

The violence that racked the North American Continent didn't really - watching my teachers raped and murdered in front of me inside of classes - didn't really go away because America's Security Personnel had realized they had done wrong.  It wasn't that "the cops" or "the army" decided to choose to be good people instead of evil ones, but rather something totally different started to occur.  I have said all my life that by year 1990, America's place in the world as "a leader among nations" had been eclipsed by East Asia.  I went to my first Radio Shack to buy electronic equipment the year I turned 15.  Living in Dallas, back then, there weren't a lot of 'stores' that were open very often.  Today, here in Texas, the number of "stores" that are open selling manufactured goods (mostly from East Asia) has multiplied a hundred times over!  In 1990, it wasn't easy to get a washing-machine or even a working dryer.  Today, there are stacks of these goods sitting in stores - almost all of them imports from the orient.

Unfortunately, with the rise of economic power in China and it's surrounding smaller-states (for instance, Korea) - technology too has advanced.  I say "unfortunately" because the people who have had the greatest access to this technology are the very terrorists (soldiers and police) who preyed upon American's 25 years ago.  Yes, the modern computer-microchip and "the internet" was surgically implanted into "me" in 1995.  I have a speaker attached to my ear-drum, and other electric wires inside my body that are used to terrorize me.  Mostly, the tyranny of the American Government didn't sort of "give up and recognize the errors of their ways."  Not at all!  Most of the socio-paths in "security" let go of their gun-powder based weaponry (guns) and picked up surveillance and internet-computers (imports from China).

What do you think those speakers inside my body say to me everyday?  Why do you think anybody would want to perform surgeries so illegal and immoral upon innocent human beings?  So they could remind to wake up on time and to make sure not to forget to pack my lunch?

Not everybody who lives in Dallas with micro-chip implants made any effort at all to get into Harvard University when they were younger.  I knew the difference between right and wrong.  Even today, I can walk down the streets of downtown Dallas and look into the eyes of a Dallas Police Officer and know, fully, that there is no sacrifice he would ever make to protect me or my life.  I know the level of education (how ignorant) a Dallas Police or Security Officer is in this city.  I made the right decisions in my life, and I am routinely punished for it.  Most people in this city who live with micro-chip implants do not have anything to say about "College Level Mathematics" or their recent studies of "Electro-Magnetic Physics" or even modern literature.  They are forced into manual labor jobs though all kinds of computerized threats, intimidation, and slander.  And that is the type of career - devoid of any intelligence, education, or mental prowess - that just about everybody with a micro-chip implant in America is forced to engage.

The point of mind-control is to keep people ignorant and dumb - and even dishonest.

But I don't work wearing a little apron, name-tag, badge or hat here.  And if I try to sit at home quietly and work on a math problem, the speakers surgically implanted into my ears are threatening me every day of my life.  In the past several years, there has not been a day that has gone by where I have not been forced to listen to (and see) an image of a black man (or sometimes a white) talk about murdering my mother, my aunt's and uncles, and having "killed" other people in my family.  I know why not everybody in society is as angry about hypno-programming as I am.  A lot of them (if they are young) are pressured to stay away - completely - from institutes of higher-learning.  I know that a 21 year old that has been ordered to do something menial is much more easily swayed to never see his or her family - ever!

Do you think Starbucks employees are all happy to see their relatives and tell them what a successful "Coffee Maker" they are?  They don't.  And when their families are constantly threatened with their micro-chip implants - they just care a lot less.

Keeping the citizenry of the city ignorant and mean is a guaranteed fast-track for the hypno-programming regime to retain its power.  No - if you agree to speak highly of the work they force you to do - they will reward you rather than torture you.  I do not.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Two more physical "Racist Nigger" attacks in five days.

ATTACK #1 (Thursday, September 16th, 2021)

Last Thursday, I was sitting on the train at 8:30 AM. Hana Le (my wife) and I had gone to the "McDonald's Walmart" at 7:00 AM to get 1 coffee and 1 Dr. Pepper (32 oz).  I don't get a lot of soda anymore, but a couple times a month we have a little bit at McDonald's.  After McDonald's, I took the bus to the train station (Forest Lane Station), and boarded the south-bound (Westmoreland) Red Line train to downtown Dallas.  There is a nice ALDI's on "Gaston Avenue" near downtown, and the Greenville Avenue DART bus back is very pleasant.

I was sitting quietly, staring out the window, prepared to get off at "City Place Station" (this is the single Dallas 'underground station' - because it is situated beneath a sky-scraper).  At Park Lane Station this African Bitch (who wasn't wearing her COVID-mask) screamed at me to "put my mask on."  I actually wear the damned-thing on the train about 50% of the time because bus driver's pick fights with you if you don't.  When I'm on a bus, I put it on 100% of the time - or else the bus-driver will kick you off.  I was on the train, and, actually, I was wearing it.  Anyway, as I explained, I had my mask on, and  this "nigger bitch" wasn't wearing hers!

I ignored her, hoping it would go away.  I was wearing it anyway, although it was a tiny bit below my nostrils.  I, personally, believe the entire COVID-disease is another fear-mongering crock of shit designed to cover up North Dallas Brain Control.  I have never met anybody who 'died from COVID' and I also have never met anybody who knew somebody who 'died from COVID.'  However, I'm aware of the media-news reports that "dozens die from COVID" everyday!  I'm fully aware what "THEY" (the news / A.P.) say.  I personally put less stock in CNN, FOX & the A.P. than I would have put into Joseph Goebbels news broadcasts (chief NAZI propagandist for the third Reich).

So, I'm sitting on the train, with my mask mostly on (partially uncovered nostrils), and this nigger-bitch (who has a stroller) and is not wearing her mask starts screaming at me.  I ignore her (since I have it on, and she doesn't), and she starts screaming at me again that "I must be trying to kill her child."  Then she starts talking to the 'African American Gentleman' sitting to the left of her - who also wasn't wearing a mask - and tells him, again, that I'm some white man who is clearly trying to kill her child and that 'people like me need to be killed'.  I don't remember everything she said, because it was five-days ago (on Thursday), and it is now Monday morning.

After listening to it for enough time, I finally just gave her the finger.  The last time something like this happened (COVID-mask stuff), I literally had to shout at a black bus driver 10 times that "I am wearing my mask, and you are not wearing you mask.  Don't talk to me like that ever again!"  (I was, he wasn't!).  The next thing she did was to telephone the police (again, without a mask on) to tell them that "a Caucasian Male was threatening the life of her baby" - because I was sitting on the other side of the train without a mask (which I had on).

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I don't like being in a bus filled with niggers and being screamed at by them - it is dangerous, because they clearly make a point of being racist, and make no qualms about showing their dislike of whites...  So, finally, after the police dispatch call she made to 911 - I screamed "bitch" - as loudly as I could.  She continued to raise her voice to me, and I continued to look out the window wondering if a car-load-full of DPD were going to come yell at me because I am white, and claim to be educated...  Looking out the window of the train, I just sit there and wonder what stunt-show North Dallas Brain Control has for me this morning...  Wondering if I'm going to have to go to "Lew Sterrit House of Corrections" for trying to 'kill Black Children' (which is what she said to the 911 dispatcher).

Next, she moves to other side of the train-car and, at this point, I cannot help but look at her while she is mumbling to herself - with my mouth gaping wide open, wondering what on earth the little song and dance that I'm going to be expected  to watch/face/listen-to (or perform) over the next 20 minutes.  At this point the train is getting closer to my stop at City-Place Station on the Red Line, and I'm mostly hoping this will end.  I was actually just out to get groceries like the "ALDI Manicotti" and some Tilapia.  Note - she didn't see my facial expressions, because I had that stupid-fucking mask on in the first place!  But, mostly, I was wearing my "completely dumb-founded"!

The next thing she does is starting explaining to another woman on the bus, who also wasn't wearing a mask, but put it on when she heard the yelling, something about my "being white" and how that was the problem.  I don't actually remember the details, but this woman with the stroller continued to yell at me from across the train, and accusing me as well.  Finally, she started ordering me to move (to another train car), threatened to kill me, and asked me more questions... so I finally shouted (at one of her interrogations) "because you are a nigger" at the top of my lungs.  And she was!  I had done nothing to deserve this attack at all.  Under any normal circumstances, I would brush it off as somebody who is being brainwashed, and probably has suffered a lot herself...  However, there was a train filled with other "African Americans", and furthermore, she had used her cell phone to tell 911 police-dispatch that I was "trying to hurt her baby."

Afterwards, she got-up, rushed the chair where I was sitting, and I continued to try to ignore her.  Then, she took out something of her purse that looked like some kind of orange-colored weapon, and shouted at me that she was going to kill me!  She stood over screaming at me - and I just kept yelling, "Get the hell away from me!"  Then after giving me a bunch of orders I shouted: "I don't have to do what you say."  She was swinging her orange key-chain thing - and I was terrified I was going to be maced.  I couldn't tell if it was pepper-spray, mace, or just a flash-light.  Pepper-spray really sucks.

NOW, at this point, the reader should realize, I'm not that afraid what a girl is going to do to me.  I'm 6'2" tall; however, realize that I'm 46 also years old (and have suffered a lot, and do not like physical attacks or physical fighting at this age).  I attended M.I.T. (and Harvard University), and have a college education - and have tried to return to college every time North Dallas Brain Control has permitted me.

Sure, me grabbing her and sitting on her would be easy, right ?!  Much more relevant however, are the 10 other African-people on the train, whom I cannot fend-off at this age without getting hurt (which is why blacks start fights with whites in the first place - because they outnumber us 3-1 in Dallas, Texas).  I know perfectly well that an "African Man" doesn't care about justice for a middle-aged white male - they are going to hurt me because I'm a white male who is upset with the fact that a black woman is threatening to kill me.  Much more importantly, I'm terrified about how a squad-car filled with radicalized-terrorists (the Dallas Police Department) are going to treat me if she swings at me!  There was literally nothing I could do, but hope that she doesn't get physical.  Me convincing a radicalized, bigoted, cruel, ego-maniac (the Dallas Police Department Officers) that she attacked me because she was bored, and I have white skin, is as hopeless as explaining to Adolph Hitler that "Jews are people too."

Then we reach my stop.  She was screaming that I am not allowed to use DART, and that I have to get off the train immediately.  I just shouted "this is my stop, and I'm getting off!" and also "stay away from me, you attacked me!"  Two other black men (males in their twenties) were approaching me - supposedly ready to strike.  They were screaming at me to get off the train, and one of the other nigger was screaming at me that he was going to kill me if I didn't leave the station.

At City-Place, I took the escalator 8 flights of stairs (City Place Station is about 8 stories underground, below a sky-scraper) and then caught the bus to ALDI.  I bought my Tilapia and Manicotti there.  The bus driver was another black woman, and I tried to be polite and said "thank-you, mam, have a nice afternoon."  The bus back to the apartment was a Mexican Guy (I think, I couldn't tell), and I said "Please" and "Thank-You" ... and unless provoked - often by NDBC, Mexicans rarely ever start fights in Dallas (although they have with me a few times in life).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this NDBC (North Dallas Brain Control) manufactured incident - I have had to listen to over and over that her stroller didn't even have a child.  As I say on every post, I have electric wires inside my body that I cannot remove, since I cannot perform surgery on myself!  One of them includes a speaker attached to my ear-drum.  The garbage-individuals who love to proclaim that "they are black" (and love taking white-slaves), ... the individuals who run these computer-networks narrate all kinds of moronic events in my life.  Since this incident five days ago, I have been told repeatedly that she doesn't even have a child, that she carries stuff around in her stroller.  I don't put much stock in anything that I hear from the speakers in my ears; but, this is what "THEY" have shouted at me!

ATTACK #2 (this morning at 9:30 AM, Monday, September 20th, 2021)

This morning, I sat in my chair beginning at 7:00 AM.  Hana Le, my wife, had left on the DART Bus earlier in the morning.  She gets up and goes places in the morning a few times a week - often to the Korean Grocery store to buy cookies.  I had made Quiche yesterday in the toaster oven and it wasn't a complete failure, but the top of the Quiche didn't look anything like it does in the pictures on the website.  It tasted all right, though, and I saved some from yesterday in the refrigerator and had it.

I watched this idiotic "Brian Laundrie and Gabriel Petito" story on Fox News and CNN - and I didn't particularly believe it.  Mainly, NDBC has been telling me all morning long that these two did this exact same stunt-show with the Florida police last September, and even two years ago as well.  I cannot prove anything, and I am not trying to prove that this was, indeed, on the news last year in September (although, that's what "they" said to me all morning).  I don't want to be thought of as "a liar" so instead, I'll just say that I have absolutely no idea if there is even such a person as Laundrie or Petito - literally because the Associated Press is the organization responsible for making these reports.  But that is what I was being terrorized by this morning.  Also (and I don't usually, but today...) I saw a complete 1960's Twilight Zone episode about a monastery and a guy that was some kind of hitch-hiker in Europe.

Anyway, at 8:00 AM, I worked on my latest math "Matrix-Equation" solving program for about 45 minutes.  I like to write HTML and Java-Script whenever the government (NDBC) permits me.  Generally, the way it works, is that "they" have to write the software-application (the HTML & Java-Script) first.  Afterwards, they order me to open my software-development tools on my computer, and tell me to start writing different software-modules, until they see something that works.  TRUST ME: It is a lot more enriching & fulfilling to work on math problems than it is to stand at a cash-register in some store with a funny little apron, name-tag, and hat saying "Hi, Welcome to XXX, may I take your order?"

Sometime after 9:00 I went out to the back parking lot and started to do my calisthenics.  Sitting in a library all day, or in an easy chair trying to write software means I have to get some exercise.  For over 2 years, I went to You-Fit Gym, but this September, I am trying to start a long-term 'calisthenics' routine in the back parking lot where I live.  It is just as good for your muscles as weight-lifting (until you have maxed out on push-ups).  

I am 46 years old, and I really don't like to think about physical violence at all.  The thought of 5 black people beating the shit out of me makes me angry enough such that all I ever really say to my master is that if I were ever permitted to leave the United States (if my passport blacklisting were revoked), I would be on the next airplane out of the U.S. - as soon as I could get a plane-ticket.  NDBC does not permit me to take airplanes or apply for Visa's out of the U.S. (and hasn't since the 1990's).

So this fucking 25 year old nigger starts shouting from across the parking lot that I am some kind of faggot or "gay" and that I need to leave the parking lot immediately.  Again, I tried to ignore him.  As usual, the thoughts I'm having are:

  • The Dallas Police don't care about self-defense, and I will be charged with a crime for trying to defend myself.  (NDBC reiterates this fact everyday to me, in the speakers surgically implanted in my ear-drums).
  • If I do get into a physical altercation, I'm not going to sit there and "play with the guy" - I'm white, and blacks outnumber us 3-1 in Dallas, Texas.  They outnumber us 20-1 anywhere outside of North Dallas.
  • If I jump on him, at my age, my only hope is to grab at his eyes or try to rip his ears off.  I mean, I'm not trained in the martial-arts, and I have never 'boxed' before.  Unfortunately, I see that as a 20 year criminal court battle explaining to nigger-judges at Lew Sterrit House of Corrections that self-defense is not only legal - but should be expected when one man attacks another!

So, I try to ignore the guy.  Then he charges at me and starts screaming at me that he is going to "kill me" if I don't leave the parking lot immediately.  I'm sitting there at the gate, stretching, and all of a sudden he starts getting physical.  

I just keep shouting "What the hell is wrong with you?"  ...  He starts shouting that I'm obviously "gay" because I'm wearing a tank-top and stretching out in the parking lot. 

I finally tried psychology (which sometimes works) asking him "What happened to you last night?" (it was about 9:00 AM) - since I have done absolutely nothing to provoke a thing of this.  "Why are you bothering me?  What is wrong with you?" ... and also ... "I'm perfectly allowed to use the parking lot, just like you!"  I mean, I live here, and this is my apartment.  Just because I'm white really shouldn't be relevant.  To an upset African-Male, it clearly is my fault.  I haven't done a thing to provoke him!  He was screaming at me from across the lot!  I hadn't even seen him, until he was screaming at me!  He looked twenty-five, and I'm getting close to fifty!

Then he swings (punches) at me, right in my face.  He did miss, and only hit air, but I could feel the wind rush at my face so it was pretty close.  Again, I have never trained at boxing...  So this past year, this stuff that NDBC has been cooking-up for me to do is all very new to me...  I put my fists up, getting ready for a boxing match.  And finally, something I shouted at him, made him walk away.  Then, from about 15 yards away he starts throwing rocks at me!  What the fuck on earth I have done to this fucking nigger is beyond me.  I ride busses with blacks everyday, and I always say "Please" and "Thank-You" as nicely as I can.  I don't want to fight with them, but I really do have to stand my ground.

After the rock throwing, I went and reported it to the management at the place where I stay.  The black guy at the front desk got mad at me and told me that if it wasn't on the property - he cannot help me.  And it really was on the property.  And he wasn't going to call the Dallas Police...

I went back to try to finish calisthenics, but since I was too shaken up, I went inside.  I walked across the parking lot to the gas-station (Race Track), to see if there was a Dallas Police inside (because they often have a DPD standing there all day)...  No DPD was there, and the lady refused to call them - saying "it wasn't on her property, and she isn't going to help me."  The guy is sitting at the corner of the apartment complex with his friend acting like a shit head.

Getting punched in my face, and having rocks thrown at me by niggers because I'm white, and I why should I be "taking orders" from them at all?  I did nothing at all!  I was just standing there stretching!  About to do push-ups, sit-ups, and windmills (like PiYo, or something like that).

And all of these types of 'episodes' are cooked up by brain-control since 2018!  Do I really have to start taking boxing lessons or karate lessons?  I'm 46 years old, and that really isn't my cup of tea.  I mean, I would do it, but just remember, in a land that is run by a terrorist-backed government, boxing a nigger and telling him he has no right to punch me in the face would get me thrown into prison (and not the nigger!)

Sunday, March 21, 2021

The Friends and Relatives Death Threat (We're going to kill your family)

North Park Mall, Dallas.  It's been nearly a month since I was permitted by my master / North Dallas Brain Control to type or write anything at all.  Nearly 100% of males with implants in their body are usually put on strict and heavy reading and writing restrictions.  Reading any material at all - even the regime's internally run news sources, for instance, the Dallas Morning News is something that is heavily discouraged and prevented through all kinds of intimidation techniques.

I have always thought of myself as one of the lucky ones (by some regards) in that I learned to type very well when I was a kid in grade school.  I remember my eighth grade typing class because it was one of the first classes that every took very seriously, as compared to the kid stuff I had learned prior.  It didn't take that long, but I vividly remember that it was about a year (or maybe two) after my typing class that I took world history at my High School where I spent almost my entire sophomore year typing notes about my World History class that I actually became good enough at typing so that I never forgot it again.

But anyway, that's all in the past because for most of my adult life (I'm 45 years old), I have had electric wires in my body - including electronic microchips attached to my eyeballs and small "headphones-like" devices attached to my ear drums.  These devices are used on millions of people in this country to help influence, alter, and manipulate their daily activities to keep them away from all kinds of activities that the regime which runs these software networks do not like "the people" doing.   I mean, I think of myself as different than most of the people in Dallas for reasons that are extremely painful to explain.  No, I'm not kidding, I have been sexually and psychologically tortured by the horrific individuals that have seized many (not all, but many) of the large office towers that were built in the decades of the 20th century.  These glorified garbage men aren't particularly good at anything at all, but they do hold the power in Dallas and surrounding areas, and they do not have many morale scruples when it comes to psychological, sexual and other kinds of criminal racket-attacks that are used to target political prisoners in this part of the world.

Perhaps, for some who have worked in "a Dallas store" (of whom there must be millions) it is no big deal to be pushed and prodded until he or she is wearing an apron, a name-tag, and a cute little hat.  For me, I have expressed all my life that I would much prefer to be on an airplane headed across the Pacific Ocean to anywhere in Asia before I would ever be caught dead at a Starbuck's Coffee Shop....  Wearing a cut little green apron.... Stealing out of the cash register... and threatening somebody new every day just to keep the bastards at North Dallas Brain Control happy ... and all so that I may have some mystery bank account deposit into my bank account comprised of nothing but laundered / stolen money anyway.  No, I have never worked at Starbucks or any retail franchise - in fact I absolutely fucking hate the place and every piece a shit that works in it.  I cannot talk to them, I cannot reason with them, and every time I am at one of these places I look at them waiting to hear why they might need to phone the police since I'm not willing to work at a mind-rape job here in Dallas, and generally come off as "completely unemployed."

But I am at a Starbucks right now - outside of the store - in the mall area where none of the "employees" can really get in my face.  It's the first time "the guys" at the Software Shop that runs my life have permitted me to use my keyboard to write anything in almost a month.  What that means is actually a little bit more difficult to explain - and requires some explanation before you will really "get it."  For anybody who is largely keyboard illiterate (meaning you cannot type very fast, if at all) typing at a keyboard takes practice; but if you have done it for long enough, is an extremely efficient and fast way to communicate with people and is much faster than handwriting.  However, if there are regime-installed electric wires in your body that can physically shock you when you attempt to open any window on your computer that contains a software application that accepts typing and keyboard input, such a skill becomes just another dormant unused skill (of which there are many such skills in this city - take the physical sciences, mathematics, history, philosophy, etc. or just about anything that you would learn in a school).  

So, sitting here at a keyboard at the mall, I am calming down a little since the rage I have been put through in the past month has been genuinely horrible.  Why would anybody on this earth do such a thing?  Well, I mean, I know the answer to that one - money, power and control.  "The Butcherocracy" (which is a term I prefer... "Butcher" + "ocracy") in Dallas is probably one of the most ruthless and immoral regimes that has ever operated in any city - any where in the world or in world history.  For these people, their powerful and destructive "weapons" that they have in their "arsenal" are really nothing like the weapons that were used back during the twentieth century when the marines and the air force fired bullets and rockets at enemy soldiers.  I was around during the last quarter of the twentieth century, and remember a lot of the later years of it all.  The only thing that anybody who lives in a part of the world that is currently still referred to as "part of the U.S.A." is that those bastards eventually came home (they left Korea and Vietnam and came back here) ...   Much damage and hellfire they unleashed in the years 1975 - 2000 (post Vietnam) was mercilessly obfuscated in American News Sources to the point that today all anybody knows about America in the years since has seemed (at least to me, when judging by television watching now in year 2021) is that "there are lots of sick people, and they need to go to the hospital" ... and, of course, the usual "There are lots of criminals, and they need to go to jail"

So, I was sitting in my room this last month, and as usual because, hey, I choose to be "the political prisoner" who loves to shout at my wall when I think NDBC is listening that they could, politely, "go fuck themselves" - mainly because of my desire to write about them and their whores.  I have been listening to the usual gobbledygook and diatribe while sitting in what is, ostensibly, my own bedroom in an easy chair that is my own easy-chair.  There are thousands and thousands of threats that my ear-drums have been forced to listen over the past 25 years.  As I have explained numerous times - every chance I get - that my body was implanted with electronic control devices (along with all of my brothers and sisters) when I was a sophomore in college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology up in Boston, Massachusetts.  These devices have been used at a louder and louder and also a more visible and more visible rate to broadcast audio video content into my body since my early 20's when this all got started.  The things these fucking animals can say to me when I'm even thinking about getting work done can be so horrible it's hard to stand up (literally, standing up inside my home is an software routine that can be switched on or off).

"We're going to chop your family up like animals, and serve them to you for breakfast."

This is the type of language that for much of the Obama Years, and nearly all of the Donald Trump Years, I have been forced to listen to.  "The Software" (I guess we should just call it "the software" or maybe "the program") effectively can broadcast what television broadcasts directly into your brain.  This is done through LCD chips that are behind attached to some part of the eyeball, and through speaker-like headphones that are somewhere close-enough to my year drum.  The honest to goodness truth is that from time to time it can be like watching a television broadcast when I'm sitting in my easy chair, or laying in my bed.

What would be the goals of such an operation?  What does North Dallas Brain Control (NDBC) even want with controlling (or "influencing", since control is a bit of a "stronger meaning" than influence) all of these people here in Dallas?  Well, a lot the answers to questions like that require knowing stuff about the later years of American History.  As I said, I am 45 years old, and I was alive an kicking throughout much of the 1980's.  In my early years I had first hand knowledge about what the United States Armed Services even was.  Most people who are my age and older did.  I, personally, never had a fucking thing to do with the army - but often when I was younger "the army" would just sort of happen to you (no matter what age you were).  The types of atrocities that were committed by the U.S. Infantry as they attempted to "normalize" the "post-war" 1980's and sort of make like nothing had happened, again, have been mercilessly erased from the hearts and minds of millions of people in "The U.S.A." - literally through the psychological conditioning that is possible with the involuntary surgeries that are performed on the people of this country on a regular basis.

Now, this post is supposed to be about "The Family Death Threats."  So, again to reiterate, I started off by saying that I was at a Starbucks inside North Park Mall right now.  I'm sitting on the "outside part" of a Starbucks, a place I truly hate because I have to watch these robots act like idiots as I get demoralized from ever thinking learning, knowledge and intelligence will ever come back as substantive human values to this part of the world... 

I was being told this... (something that I have heard millions of times since Year 2008 when Obama was installed into office and this mind-control regime of monsters decided to use "the race card" to fight the people in society they didn't like).  But this isn't right, so why would any organization no matter how loosely or tightly knit its members are that they want to...

"Chop up my family, and then serve their body parts to me for breakfast"

Because it prevents me from reading anything.  Because it gets me agitated enough such that I simply cannot write a god-damned thing into my web-browser or write a god damned thing that would ever be printed into my computer printer.

It's been a month since I wrote to this blog.  North Dallas Brain Control, I guess, has decided to permit me to write this.  Literally, it has been 25 years in the making of this particular post today.

But for the Grace of God, I cannot type or write anything into a blogger post, a word processor, or on a piece of paper without them giving me the go ahead.  If the post-COVID world is going to be "opening up" about the tactics used with bona-fide political prisoners in this country... Well, maybe that's what this is.  Let you know the next time "the software" gives me a brain-fart (and actually allows me to type it out).

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Killing Black Leaders in the Southern United States - and why we as a people must start, IMMEDIATELY.

I live in a world far different from the Northern United States, I live in a White Minority City of the United States of America.  I live in Dallas, Texas.  Much of my life has been a series of what I like to call "Rape Parties" - which are run by African (Black) Nationalists in the Dallas Government.  I am 45 years old, and moved to Dallas at the age of 7 with my family in the year 1982.  My father did not come to Texas because he wanted to.  My father, himself, was (for all intents and purposes) murdered by the North Dallas Government, and it's largely pro-black power structure in year 2016.  Even trying to say - "Hey I was sexually tortured" will cause a Dallas Nigger working for the subversive government to use means at his disposal so powerful, and so intense, that medical heart attacks can be induced.

I have not been in Dallas all of my life.  I have watched the decimation of the white race in my city, and I have watched with horror the double standard the Niggers in the Northern Part of the United States have applied to society in places where their representation in society is much lower.  Turning on any news channel that the regime in North Dallas permits on its cable boxes, one will see "The Nigger" applying his ignorant views about race and racism with other whites from the North on a regular basis.  Viewpoints that "it is not possible for a black man to be racist" - only whites are racist is a mentality that persists on most of the major news networks in this horrible land (The USA).  Bias is bias, and a nigger is as easily biased as any white in New York City can be biased.  When the viewpoint of an African American Minority living on the Eastern Seaboard reaches here to Dallas, Texas - people hurt.  A lot of people hurt, and the Dallas Nigger employed with the regime at North Dallas Brain Control is offered such "windfalls" of societal power in City like Dallas where whites have been routinely departed for the last 15 - 25 years results in abuses of power so hideous that the words "A Party" or "A Celebration of Rape, Torture, and Medical Abuses."

North Dallas Brain Control was empowered by a violence that saw the decimation of white numbers inI  the many parts of Texas during the 1980's and early 1990's.  The memories I have as a child are of suburbs where my parents raised me where rooms and rooms of white children would run and play.  I grew up in North Dallas.  Beginning in 2016, with the entering of Donald J. Trump, the (heavily black / nigger) regime who "owns the sky" (sky-scrapers, and office space) in Dallas began another wave of systematic extermination of my people and my culture from the city.  As has been explained in as many blog posts as my master (a black man) has permitted me, the regime in this City runs the personal lives of people who live here through (loosely connected) computer networks that control the personal lives of nearly all of the people that live here.  Although a very sizable percentage of the population here lives electronic implants that were forced inside them, not everybody is a slave.  Electrical wires that are placed into our bodies can influence our thoughts - in very easy to understand ways.

Hearing voices in Dallas is a given.  For the implanted population, of which both I and my wife are members, listening to a computer controlled by some Dallas Nigger hell bent of having his way with my wife and me - whether we are laying in bed, or working in the kitchen - is a fact of life.  Ignorance in this city is kind, and the Dallas Nigger is one of the most ignorant, IGNORANT race of people that has ever walked the face of the earth.  There has just NEVER been a DUMBER people, than Dallas Blacks.  Please understand, if you are from the Northern United States, and you are reading these posts, recognize that an "Uppity or Educated Negro" is not thought of as a virtue in this City.  I live in a City where the only "Minority Population" that exists are the whites.  It might be hard for a speaker of English to comprehend or understand the meaning of the words "White Minority" - but unfortunately for people like me, the total lack of comprehension or understanding that news journalists from outside the Gulf Coast and South West have (places like Texas) this lack of understanding manifests itself in some of the most grizzly, sadistic and horrific acts of sexual abuse, sexual torture, corruption - and even murder in cases like my father - that has ever occurred in human history.

To provide an example of an area of the world where the "White Minority" is a force and an issue.  In areas of Southern Africa (for instance, "South Africa"), settlements of British Settlers moved to the horn of Africa in parts of the nineteenth century.  Continental Africa is most heavily populated by blacks, although many races, languages and ethnic groups do live there - including whites.  Dallas, as a city, is much like this.  I don't like to "Speak from Ignorance" much, and generally, since I have electronics attached to my eardrum, eye-ball, penis, and thyroid gland - I don't always get to "use the old noggen" very often.  As a result, I am most often seen in Dallas saying nothing at all - nothing whatsoever as a I ride a bus or a train largely filled with black people wondering if I should count the whites I see each day.

It is one thing to live in a part of the world - like Dallas, or South Africa - where white people are neither the dominant nor controlling representatives of the leadership or the population - and feel "less than empowered."  I don't feel like a powerful man in society, although I do not feel that anybody in government "represents me" anywhere.  I watch the "White Race Party" (Democrats-and-Republicans) on TV listening to a people who really are (for all intents and purposes) likely more ignorant and poorly educated than the Blacks of Dallas - though with that zest, that zeal, for proving to the world that they really are world leaders.  I do not think of the Associated Press Headquarters either in Washington, the District of Columbia - or in New York - as anything but an engine of malice, corruption, and quite literally genocide as a decade of massacres inside of schools and strip malls hailed across their networks for well over 12 years.

It is one thing to be both White, and be a minority like I am in Dallas, Texas, but it is something different altogether to to sexually tortured, psychologically tortured, on a regular basis with the sole aim and purpose of having the facts about my life silenced.  My name is Ralph Peter Torello.  When I was 18 years old I matriculated at a University in Boston after applying while in a local Dallas High School known as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  M.I.T. used to be a "top tier" type of educational facility - often called one of the world's best technical Universities.  It is about a 5 minute drive from Harvard University, and in year 1995, during what was to be my Sophomore Year at College, radicalized "professionals" from one of America's numerous security-terrorist organizations implanted my body with electronics.  I am not one to believe in the "superiority" of any race of people on the world.  Generally, if you ask me about the People's Republic of China, I'll be the first person to start screaming (as a student of technology and science) - that America's place in the world from a technology perspective is no where near advanced as many of the Asian Nations in and around the People's Republic of China (the PRC).  

Primary point being, not every "nigger" is a rapist - and I have literally hundreds of experiences and words I would like to say about the white-led, sexually-abusive terror-squads in the North Eastern Seaboard.  How could you butcher a student?  How could any citizen or human being in the world butcher a student and look at himself in the mirror?  You will find thousands and thousands such butchers working for the "United States Regime" who are butchering students with these experiments up in Boston.  In 1995, I was a student at M.I.T. and even studied some foreign-language classes over at Harvard (Mandarin Chines) over at Harvard down the street.

So, no, Rapists Niggers in Dallas are NOT ALONE in North America when it comes to perverting and abusing their own people - the whites in Boston Massachusetts are doing the same thing to their own people.  Should I be advocating for the killing of "White Race Leaders" up North - sure, and I do all the time!  I think Donald Trump should be hanged, and I think the Chief of the New York City Police Department should be swung from the gallows pole for all the world to see.

Rape is a crime, murder is a crime.  If you are black and you have raped or your have murdered - both of which can be achieved via electrical cables attached to man's penis, then you are a rapist and a murdered and you should pay for you crimes (even if your are a nigger in government).

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Lazer Penis, The Case for executing (killing) Joseph Biden, and Donald Trump (maybe at the same time).

 Sitting on a DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) train into downtown Dallas this morning, I couldn't help but notice the flurry and the rush of images being piped into my skull all the while trying to doze off for a few minutes on the inbound Orange Line Train.  Yeah, of course I have heard that their really is a "known mental illness" called schizophrenia, although as everybody (really ought to) know, there really is a Central Intelligence Agency as well.  On any given day of the week, I don't intentionally "hide" the fact that I am being programmed by electric wires inside me, but this fact is not something I express much to people around me.  I don't say much, I don't talk much at all - if ever - out in public anymore (although I used to), primarily because the content of the bio-warfare broadcasts has changed (yet again).  Every year the Department of Mind Control in the North Dallas area where I live tries to silence another aspect of our people, our culture from the City of Dallas.  Lately, they have become much more brazen when on particular metric is used, the portrayal of physical violence.

I don't say much because lately (read: 2018, 2019 & 2020) because the latest president, in a fashion somewhat different than the previous president (read: rapist nigger) had utilized the electric wires in my body.  I didn't have any feelings of "support" for President Obama... I mean, when I realized that the one particular wire connected to the nerves inside of my genitalia were going to be used to "increase our city's political attitudes (about Obama), I was first in line for offering my master to go to Washington and assassinating the nigger - even if it meant dying myself.  When I saw President Trump running in 2016, I asked my master (as I call him) - through myriad of digital channels that connect my own personal bedroom inside my own personal apartment into the office tower networks - if maybe he could provide me a shotgun and a plane ticket to Washington "so I could shoot this guy instead" (referring to Trump).  They impolitely told me now and when on another one of their rampages which I will write about one day.  It included the unplugging (and, I guess, "murdering" of my father), and eventually using their network of police, judges, and even Mexican's to steal 90% of my property and my home (throwing me into the street).

So this started out with the words "Lazer Penis" and whether perhaps I just have some variant of schizophrenia.  One of the hallmarks of schizophrenia (which manifests itself with symptoms that leave people feeling controlled and persecuted), is that they can often feel that they are hearing voices and seeing things from the outside of their bodies.  Everyone knows that mankind has been on this good earth for eons.  When I was a kid, I know I heard before from some radical zealot that Jesus Christ lived precisely 2,000 years ago during the Roman Empire, and that 2,000 years before Adam & Eve where living in the Garden Eden (I guess, not too far from Egypt and Pharaoh, but who knows what the accepted witch-craft incantation is today).    People experiencing "Life Problems" is a concept that has also existed for likely as long as well.  Taking life so seriously can often lead too such problems.  In fact, political leaders are sometimes the easiest to judge "crazy" out of all the members and corners of society.  I say this, not because I have some kind of "registry" of all the people in history who have gone crazy, but in 21st century North America (the part that is North of Mexico, likely not including Mexico), we have many many extremely paranoid "leaders" on television "leading" us.  I say this in quote because the more we are told by one faction that "the democrats" are trying to destroy us all, all the while hearing from the other faction that "the republicans and Trump" are trying to destroy us all, the more schizophrenic they truly are.

In any case, during the "fake elections" (2008, 2016, 2020, etc...), I have often found myself "experiencing an erection" during the times when I forcibly (using bio-warfare) FORCED to watch these raving idiots (Obama, Trump, Biden, etc...) on TV.  North Dallas Brain Control doesn't just control brains.  Most people over the age of 14 or 15 learn about their as they go through life, and I would say 99.9% of them (the 14+ age group) know exactly what sexual stimulation is.  I know that their will be reams and reams of paper that will one day be written about these terrorist agencies.  REAMS.  I cannot, by myself, explain the timelines and justifications that every one of these terrorist agencies have used over the past 25 years here in this simple blog post.  I certainly know my own personal "timeline" (life history) of my 20's, 30's and early 40's, though.  I was implanted when I was a college student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  While a computer science engineering student (Course 6 they call it) at M.I.T. (where I was also studying Mandarin Chinese), I was drugged and kidnapped by terrorist / rouge factions of the (then) hopelessly-radically-violent military backed "Clinton Regime."  I was a college student of the ripe of age of 18 during Bill Clinton's first term as President.

So, yeah, I was kidnapped, drugged, and a surgery was performed on me.  Beginning at the age of 20, these "Penis Radicals" of the "Military Industrial Complex" were capable of making me experience an erect penis whenever they wanted me to "get a stiffy."  That was year 1995 and 1996.  There are some things about the territory formerly known as "United States" that have changed, but a lot has also remained the same.  I have argued with "My Master" as a I call him (the man who can give me the erections that he does indeed give, often) for as long as I can remember.  I have argued until my voice box had so much laryngitis that I was almost incapable of talking for over a month (the first Obama Election - or "Erection" - as I should say.  I don't like these petty-terrorists treating my like a Guinea Pig, and I don't like what these authoritarian measures do to the people or society.  When I arrived at M.I.T.  I was one of the smartest kids in the North Texas area.  Before these sexually abusive authoritarian started these experiments on the people of North America, I had taken and passed with perfect scores just about every Advanced Placement Exam that the College Board Entrance Examination had available for High School Graduates.  I certainly didn't need to some brainless, violent bacon-eating rapist from the Police Department using my brain for his war-games.  Police and Military Officials have very little respect for the concept of education or people known as "students."  The most favorite military recruit is a 20 year old male who is willing to "skip college" so he can train to be a soldier (or a murderer, in the United States).  People who are older in the United States (the 45+ age group) likely know that an army is usually comprised of soldiers who are in their late teens and early twenties.  They make the best fighters for being so young - they have very little in life to loose, since their just too young to already have wives and children of their own, and because their bodies are usually in the best physical shape that a body can be.  A 20-year-old going to college and casting his lot with education and knowledge is the mortal enemy of a blood-drenched terrorist network like America's Municipal Police Agencies and Marine Corps of the 1980's and 1990's.

So, I cannot speak for all the American's (since, obviously, millions do not live under the heavy thumb of mind control - although often, the "public" they are, the more likely they are being controlled by outside bio-war personnel... the journalists" Sean Hannity and Anderson Cooper are two of the most raging schizophrenics that history has to offer - they are surgically electrically-implanted, and North Dallas Brain Control brags about this often).

Live free or die, that's what the founder of the "Washington Government" (Washington, the District of Columbia) intimated many times in our nations founding documents.  I think it hopelessly abusive, and sexually PERVERTED BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION to allow these agencies to continue to operate in places like Dallas (75080), Boston (02139), and New York City.  I am not here to explain away all of the cock-eyed reasons that these mother fuckers have provided for taking these types of steps against innocent people - students no less - only to whisper and intimate that these actions are for our own good.  I certainly do not want too, and the reality is that justification and explanation is what anybody with an electronic system implanted into his/her body is forced to listen often and odd times throughout the course of the day.  Often the explanations that are piped into our ear-drum implants are played at low-volume and at odd times throughout the course of the day.  The "justification" or "explanation" is often nothing more than a mindless, idiotic, and rooted in lies pile of verbiage - that if ever said out loud would sound like the ravings a long term psychiatric patient.

But yes, the nerves in our bodies communicate with each other and with the human brain that all of us are given using electrical signals.  Our nervous system is not that different from the electrical system inside of a computer.  Inside of a computer, copper (a conductor) and silicon (a semi-conductor) sends signals to and from the brain.  In our bodies, biological material that conducts electricity - which is very different in nature from Copper and Silicon - sends signals, but an electric-wire system that was surgically implanted in our bodies can also "fake" the signals that our brain would otherwise generate.  

Can this send a stimulation signal to your balls?  Yes.  They (the "regime") does it every day - 365 days a year.  Does it work?  Well, it certainly fucks you up (makes you a weaker, dumber citizen).  It certainly makes you a more scared person.  When you can control fear itself, controlling people and making people dumber, less successful, and more accepting of orders is easier.  I think it is a war crime.  I would give my life to fight these atrocities.  Put a gun in my hand and put in front of Biden, Trump, Clinto or Obama - they'd be dead in 5 seconds.  I would meet my maker with a straight face and explain what government by sexual assault is.  I don't speak for God, but my mind (me) is 100% convinced it would be the right thing to do - the honorable thing to do.