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Sunday, December 19, 2021

The Race War, that really is ALSO in your mind

I like to take walks, and I always have liked them. I have a master, and I live in Dallas. He has been very cruel to me over the course of my life. I have never sat inside of the offices of Brain-Control, but I have lived under the blanket of tyranny - a blanket of evil - since I was a young kid in college. As such, I don't really get to make too many decisions about my future; rather, the only influence I ever have about anything expected of me by them is a fight to shout "No!" This includes the inability to make any decisions about my Java, HTML, CSS programming directions - decisions as basic as "am I going to work on my program today?" Today, for example, NDBC had a little trip to Walmart planned for me, and suggested I buy some canteloupe, grapes, milk, bananas, Kool-Aid-like substance and a Parmesean Cheese. Walking the Walmart aisles, I was able to see the little radio-images broadcast via the electronic portion of my brain; all the while hoping that "The Internet" would make sure to "re-remind" of the same things they had asked me to buy before I left the hotel room where I live.

Sometimes the Dallas Rougue-Government encourages me to write a grocery-list down before leaving, while other times I can be threatened - even terrorized - before leaving to the point where I have a feeling that dictates I must exit my apartment immediately before having a heart attack. I guess I lucked out, today. I say this because I walked to Walmart, bought stuff on the above list, and after I got home - not a single one of the "buzzers" attached to the biological-part of my brain went off insulting me about what I had forgotten to buy due to my own stupidity. On particularly cruel days, I can actually walk to Walmart with a paper grocerly list in my hand and spend an entire hour wondering around listening to "The Internet" confuse me about what I forgot to write down on my list. Most unnerving of all is stuff about whether I am hearing voices because I have "fucking schizophrenia" (which is what the electronic-warfare device is saying to me!) Even worse are notices intentionally confusing me about all of it for no other reason than to get me to waste an entire morning wondering around the fucking place. The Rougue-Government has plenty of security cameras inside walmart connected to the Internet (besides just my brain and my balls), and I'm not always "kept in the loop" about what I'm expected to do each day.

So, I like to take walks, and walking is usually a very good thing for making sure I sleep at night. Activity and exercise are very important to a tortured soul (one of "their" favorite words for me). Yesterday, for instance, I did my 45 minute calesthenics routine outside since my gym-membership was cancelled. Today, though, today was Sunday and after the "A.M. Trip" to buy groceries, I sat on the stupid easy-chair I have, mostly awaiting further orders as the biological part of my brain got to ponder quite a number of options. And that's just what it's like. "I" was sort of thinking about going around and finding some other idiotic part of Dallas to take a bunch of landscape-photos for my web-site. However, "I" was also hoping that perhaps my master would approve my spending the afternoon at the local uptown library to further the Java-Sftware I have for my Chinese News Website. Unfortunately, such decisions by my person are not really tolerated as the element of "suprise!" (today you are going to do X) is usually the preferred way of dealing with disgruntled-individuals with brain implants.

Today, I didn't get to write any software at the library! Instead, NDBC had me take the DART Train into downtown Dallas, instead, to watch the end of the fourth quarter of the Dallas Cowbows - Washington Redskins (or whatever their new name is) on the big Jumbo-tron that was built over a year ago downtown. I sat there for about 15 minutes, and since I am 46 years old, I'm old enough to remember names like "Tom Landry" and even sitting in the old "Texas Stadium" to watch the Cowboys v. Redskins dream match up.

You know, I still want to do more about "writing about writing" so I'm going to skip the whole "Dallas Cowboys Idiocy" because the games can be fixed by the electrical implants inside the bodies of professional sports teams too. I'm not allowed to see the machines that run these games - so the best I could offer is a conspiracy-theory (a theory without evidence presented) about the Rogue-Regime fixing sports games. I don't like "Conspiracy Theories" - I greatly prefer "Conspiracy Evidence." Ayway, as it pertains to controlled-sports, one thing that I can do - while maintaining some level of honesty in my writing - is write about what I hear every day about professional-sports inside my own brain. Aany organized crime outfit that intends to increase its power over a population seems to really find a lot of joy in bragging about their exploits and about their conquests. Yes, I have heard thousands of times that "Tom Brady" is actually a brain-implanted football-player (like me, except with Java Software and Mandarin Chinese). I cannot prove to you that the government has forced teams to loose to the New England Patriots to make Boston was so successful. What I can do, without lying my page, is report that "The Internet" inside me brags that this Rogue-Regime does have the power to do so (fix sports games using hypno-programming) and that they have done so since the George Bush Jr. Administration.

They were named "The Patriots" and that's what brain-control departments love to hear! They are "patriots"!

And now I have to write my lead into the "Race War" component in our minds, and in all the minds of anyone implanted by the United States Terrorist Backed Government. So, continuing with my activities for today, after watching a few minutes of the Dallas Cowboys on the Jumbotron downtown, I came back on the same DART Train that returns from downtown wondering what other adventures "they" (NDBC) might have planned for me for the rest of the evening. Well, nothing! I sat in my easy chair and watched the Thanksgiving Movie that I guess I'm supposed to watch (1987 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles) and dozed off.

And then it was 6:00 P.M. and I decided to take another walk. The woman that lives with me at my home has brain-implants too. She isn't permitted by her "other significant other" (the people at NDBC who run the lives of females) to discuss them at all, and doesn't know how to respond usually.

But, I mentioned a few days ago in my post, that a Dallas Police Officer (a black Dallas Police Officer) had drugged, raped and murdered (and chopped the arm off of...) one of my High School Cheerleader friends 30 years ago. Her name was Kendall Sowers, and she was really pretty, with long blonde hair. She was one of the High School Cheerleaders. I wasn't together with her at the time, since we were both 15 / 16 years old, and that sort of thing just sort of seemed gross. I mean, in 1992, their were video cameras placed inside of bathrooms so that old men (police officers, military) could watch kids inside of bathrooms. Everything felt gross back then. When writing this stuff down, it isn't the most enjoyable thing to try to think through what I want to say, precisely because I have these electronics inside me. But this is what the Broadcast Electronics have spent a week terrorizing me about! An event that is thirty years old! I have neither option nor ability nor power to influence what they say to me, ever!

O.K. So the post said I shot and killed a black police officer when I was 16. I did, and it wasn't even the first person I shot in self-defense. He had also executed a person who I had known since I was 8 years old - literally, while I watched - because I complained about the drug trafficking, rape and violence in my school. For you information, by the way, a shotgun blast at close range will cause you pain. Now, I had had many lessons about such things, and fortunately knew exactly what to do (Morphine, rest, food, water, shower). But to continue trying to "write about writing" while telling these stories, it should be of note, again, that the year 1991 was indeed thirty years ago! I remember these things, because of the Black Dallas Slave Trafficking Software that forces me to 'get remembered' these horrific and violent incidents from some of the United States of America's worst days. I mean, **I** am not really remembering these things, these things are "getting remembered" for me! How terrible is that?

You know, that's what the race war feels like! It's the pride & joy of this Rouge-Government. The Race-War is the Heart, Mind & Spirit of the Dallas Leadership. It's one thing to have shot somebody who needed to die, but to remind people of these tragic events - like eating my Cheerios in the morning, taking a bus to the library to write, and even thinking about my software projects... and killing black-people are all part of a days work!

Who does this? Black people, white-people... lots of people who are all in the business of selling bodies in the city. Selling out our futures and our personal lives. Writing, in order to be successful, needs to have some passion about the whole thing. How can a man whose subject to thought-control warefare have a passion for anything?

I took a walk this evening. Next to my apartment-hotel is an "Ethopia Town." One of the early incidents from the fall/winter of last year that was manufactured for me after moving to my current place, was to get thrown out of a small Ethiopian Store because I had a cold soda in my hand, and it dripped. I was genuinely interested to see foreign-trinkets from Africa, and the black guy there took one look at me and began shouting at me until I left. I am white, and the past two years have seen a tremendous rise by "The Matrix" powers in forcing me to fight with them.

Tonight, I got to see (and hear about) this really neat thing "they" have done. The hamburger store that was arranged right in the middle of the "Ethiopia Town" next to my place apparently has white-management. I looked inside and saw a sea of whites sitting in a room. It's a sight rarely seen in a place llike Dallas. Next door was the African Place, and the room was filled to the brim with blacks. Why do I have to hear about this? I am not interested in hearing about this in my bed while I sleep at night! I have implants in my skull, and this the type of topic that is so totally unrelated to my own personal life that it makes me sick to hear about it. It is next to impossible to analyze things that are two feet in front of me when this is being broadcast.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

The First Time I killed a Dallas Police Officer (because he was a murderous nigger)

An army of cowards, that's the United States Military. When I was younger, I used to think a lot about something called "rhetoric." Being 46 years old, it sometimes seems a little odd that I'm always thinking about what life was like in Dallas when I was a kid. I grew up in a very violent part of the world (The United States, 1980's and 90's). I was born in 1975, actually in San Francisco. I worked very hard in my High School - J.J. Pearce High School in Richardson - despite many murderous attacks by the United States Military on our school. By the time I left Pearce in 1993 about half of my teachers had been murdered. I moved to Boston Massachusetts, to "sign up for Harvard University." I spent most of my 20's in the North East, usually in Boston, but I also worked on Wall Street for about 3 years as well.

So, yeah, I want to continue to "Write about Writing" which is something I mentioned in the last post. I also have to bring up what coming home with bomb-shrapnel in my arm felt like after one particularly rousing day with U.S. Military's Terrorists. But this needs to happen. These thoughts still trouble me, of course. It is not just the nature of the events that are so troubling! It's that the computer broadcasts networks in Dallas are used by "The Regime" to manipulate us and our people by intimidating us through broadcast thoughts about our past.

The first time that I killed a man wearing a Dallas Police Uniform, indeed, was when I was in High School (getting straight A's - I assure you) during the eleventh-grade. I didn't feel bad about it, and I knew I had done the right thing, I had spent two days writing down the reasons, and even talking to my father before hand. I started the eleventh grade in 1991, that's easily proven. I was 16 years old. Now, obviously, things about fighting terrorists and terrorism is much more difficult to prove. In my younger days, I was a part-time photographer, as my parents had given me a camera and they had both been avid photographers themselves. Here, today, in 2021 the micro-chip implants inside my head have many "preferred topics" - but you must remember that the favorite topics of NDBC change at least once a year. As I've said over and over, I was implanted aroud the time I turned 20 while studying at Harvard & MIT (Universities, right next to eachother, in Boston). In 1996, "the murder rate" (a term that was preferred only television - television only, because it never explained much) was still fresh in the hearts and minds of the people. When I was 21 years old, I remember vividly being told horrible things about my parents - over and over again by the radio-wave controlled device inside my skull. They never said anything about the battles that had taken place in my life. The reason nothing was ever mentioned in the broadcasts was mostly because everybody already knew that "a murderer" and "a police officer" were most ofen the same people. There was absolutely no point in explaining a thing about the United States Armed Services, because everybody had seen a friend, co-worder or loved-one killed by the USMC, the NYPD, the Army, etc.

But, keeping this all together, I guess is going to be difficult. On the one hand, it has been thirty years now (in fact, this year marks the thirty year anniversary) - since I walked into J.J. Pearce (after much deliberation) and executed a Dallas Police Officer because of murder, attempted murder, drug trafficking and rape. These are harsh sounding words, and these events are decades ago. He had been palling around with the Director of the Dallas Field Office of the F.B.I., and while high (under the influence of narcotics) and raped one of the 15 year old girls in the school, and literally chopped her arm off after she complained. I mean, the pain and anguish of these incidents has mostly long since faded. Dealing with these types of events took a lot of meditation, deep-thoughts, and mostly a wish to be a good person and an honest person. The biggest issue of all is remembering much about these types of things at all! Here today, Year 2021, there really is a surgically implanted micro-TV inside my skull. In that regard, I am no different than the legions of Dallas Slaves who are brain-washed into working apron-and-name-tag food service jobs. I cannot work such careers for quite a number of reasons, which I will explain one day.

So, I bring all of this up, because here, today - Year 2021 - NDBC has been bringing these events up to me via the implants inside me! That's why! I was never one to hide things about myself much. In fact, I remember the particular incident I'm writing about today very well. After killing the (Black / African-American) Dallas Police Officer with my 57 that had been given to me by another "Security Guy," - afterwards, I hand-cuffed the murderous pig to the school cafeteria door where had been using his drugs. Now, for what, exacltly, would I have done something like that? Well, according to both the biological part of my brain, and, also the electronic portion I had stood up to the two individuals (from DPD, and FBI). They had been coming to our school and making proclamations about tehir desire to do drugs and have sex with the cheerleaders at our school. I won't write the word that I have been listening to, but if you have seen the movie "Braveheart", well, it was one of the proclomations that the King makes in the movie. It wasn't just Kendall Sowers (which is the name of one of the Cheerleaders), they had also fired a shotgun (and killed) another guy I had known since I was in the second grade (Eric Focke, who had changed it to Gulbis).

I took a shot-gun blast to the leg from the nigger, for literally doing nothing more than screaming at a police officer that he had executed a student, in the middle of the class-room for absolutely no reason at all. Nothing at all is what Eric did! The story that the biological-portion of my brain (a.k.a. 'ME') definitely remembers is arguing, taking a giant blast at close range, and then using the power of my words to convince the nigger to calm down and put the gun down as I limped home to my mom's house.

Me, my life, my mind - myself! I wasn't always like this - thinking so much about the violence of my youth. For much of my 20's, Massachusetts Brain Control had largely just been invented! It wasn't so well developed back then, and physical violence was still used in place of psychological violence to control the people. Taking bullets in the stomach, in the arm, etc... up until Year 2001 was often used to intimidate students who "were getting out of line." No, the earlier "versions of" Brain-Control Software Broadcasting Systems didn't harboror "fous on" much of anything particular at all. Today, though, things are different. The Audio and Image Broadcasts - for what is for all intents and purposes is a television inside my skull - like to remind me about "the past" a lot. This isn't because I am enjoying this. This isn't by choice, and sitting around reminiscing - typing about, even - the dark days when The United States was ruled by violence isn't something I choose to do.

No, I'm a political prisoner. I wrote a lot when I was younger, and knew a lot about what ignorant people who "want to be the boss, anyway" despite having any knowledge about the world, or any formal education of any kind were like. Here, in the United States, I'm certaintly not the only person who lives with electronics inside my body. I cannot remove them, because I cannot perform a surgery on myself. The term "Restaurant Mafia" is one 'avenue' of criticism of this new, upstart (and brutal) American Regime. In Dallas, yes, people take slaves, and traffick these slaves though threats, orders, and very cruel condemnations of their person using the audio and image broadcasting receivers inside our bodies. These people, these slave traffickers, occupy many of the office towers that the American's built for us beginning in the 1930's and continuing up until even today.

Point Being: Not everybody in Dallas who lives as electronically manipulated implant people think of themselves as political prisoners. They should, but they don't.

So the previous blog-post, here, was about the bloody-nature of the United States Military during my years as a child. It's true that a sizeable percentage of my teachers at the Richardson Independent School District were killed, many of them by soldiers, long before I ever got into college. But in that previous post I made a strong and concerted effort to elicit and 'explain' how and why this is so important to me. Inside my heart, and inside my mind I don't have any kind wish to right all the wrongs from 25 or 30 years ago. "The dead tell no tales." They don't, and part of the recovery process for society was to let things go. Part of it. Knowing the causes (guns & drugs - of which security personel had ample supply of) is important. Knowing the extent was important if changing American Society was important to you. No, in my previous post I explained that (as a political prisoner) one of the favorite topics of NDBC is to remind me constant - and at odd hours of the day, and irreverent points in my life - all about some of these atrocities. My parents wrote a lot about them, and when I was 15 and 16 years - and old enough to understand them, I did too. Those writings were collected in the 1990's as Mind Control was 'rolled out' in many Urban U.S. City Centers.

No, I don't enjoy talking about my seventh-grade teacher being gored to death by a pack of wild marines on a cocaine trip. They did, and they raped her and had sex with her in front of a room full of 7th grade children. These are facts, and they are not isolated facts, there were more. There were many more. My own mother and father had journals of the stuff (the violence in Texas) before they were rounded up by the military in the 1990's. If the scale of the American Disaster going public beginning with September the 11th has ever appeared 'wide in scope' - it would help the younger generations of this country to know what happened that allowed such catostropic disasters (like 9/11) to happen in the first place. September the 11th didn't happen because of some wild eyed and crazy man far tens of thousands of miles away. I'm not hear to tell you who ordered the attacks, or provide a list of names for you of American Citizens who should be condemned for the attack. Theories are more appropriate in science, technology and math, and aren't so good in writing about bad government. I do have the ability without lying to myself, God, or anyone is that I don't beleive anything that the Associated Press says about the event. I don't have any Conspiracy Theories to provide you. Moreoever, what I know I can do (and still be right with God) is provide a list of names of people that I knew - people in my life (American's in my life!) - who were butchered by U.S. Servicemen in the years before the 9/11.

But why? If thirty years have elapsed since, say for example, my childhood friend "Robbie Stone" who at the age of 8 had his head blown of by a U.S. Military Active Duty Service Member's hand-grenade going off... Why bring it up now? That was 1983. We were both 7 or 8 years old. He lived on my street, and had one of the earliest home-computers. His father "Larry Robertson" worked for Texas Instruments. But this is Year 2021, and the sizeable percentage of the Dallas population that was slaughtered during the invasions of the 1980's did die more than 30 years ago. If things are so much better in Dallas, why bring this up at all? And that's the point. I write about the "New Weapons" of the United States Regime. I write about these weapons because I have been a much more highly valued target by the human-experiment engine.

But that's what I said. Why bring it up now? Remember, who is on first, what's on second, I don't know is on third, and the pitcher' name? Naturally! Aside from the fact that the Dallas ethnic genocide was heavily in-favor of anti-white, not anti-black (and I have white-skin) the black people who run NDBC choose to bring it up. That's what I just said, THEY (the comptrollers of the radio-wave broadcasting systems into my body) bring up my and our pasts. Our youth.

In my previous post I tried to talk about Russian Literature, as a backdrop to the nineteenth century in Europe. Again, the American Experience of the latter half of the twentieth century was surrounded by a back-drop of musicians and record companies. Today, the pieces and remnants of the influence that Rock 'n Roll had on this country are there in web-sites like YouTube and Spotify, the music of the 1960's actually over-turned a major war that was being fought by Washington and the Pentagon. So what does this have to do with nineteenth century Russia? Well, again, unlike te United States, Russia's contributions to the art world and art-history came in the form of writing and novels. Russia never had a Beatles or a Jimi Hendrix, but they had famous writers, which eventually led to a philosophy movement. Writing a good novel that people can enjoy is difficult, and writing philosophy to help "guide the people" takes an even greater backdrop that includes human-concepts like "sanity" and "stability."

Here, in the United States enough citizens have been kidnapped and sugrically implanted for the entire government of the U.S. to be condemned as purporters of human-trafficking, slavery, sex-trafficking and atrocity. These are severe rights violations. Not everyone who lives this god-damned garbage inside of their bodies is subject to the same content that I am subjected.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

The United States Military was a Drenched in the Blood of American's (its own people)

A silver bullet. This summer I turned 46 years old. The land where I live, today, is a very different place from what it was in 1991. To tell you the truth, I don't think Dallas is a better place than it was in 1991 at all; however, the acts of violence that used to happen here, and the exact types of violence that ruled the city in the 1980's are very different from how things are today. The people here in Dallas are different people from when I was younger. It was a very violent place - horribly so.

You know, it's not the most enjoyable thing in the world to to sit here in my stupid lazy-boy chair writing these posts into a "" web-browser - while simultaneously listening to a pre-recorded voice track that some black-guy in Dallas is piping directly into my brain and my ear-drums. It absolutely sucks what they are doing to me! Honestly, I know I'm not going to win any great literature prizes given that I have to spend so much of my energy figuring out which thoughts are my own thoughts and memories about my life - versus what "the voices" (the electronic voices) in my head are pressuring me to believe (courtesy of "The Dallas Regime"). Today, I guess, I'm going to try again; since, "they" (NDBC) are permitting and pressuring me to write \as of late. To tell you the truth, in the 25 years leading up to this blog 'The Department' was especially averse to even let me sit in front of a keyboard, let alone type more than a paragraph-long e-mail. I have lived under the authority of NYCBC (about 3 years), and Easter Massachusetts Mind Control (9 years). Yes, the authoritarianism of computerized-slavery is very prominent, and even more prominent in places outside of Dallas - particularly in the East Coast.

So, I'm 46 right now, and thinking back on some of the days and 'incidents' that happened in my youth. Here, today, 2021 for about a week now, NDBC has been telling me the details, based on diaries (and incidents) that I did write thirty years ago, when I 16 years old. I've been laying my bed hearing my own voice, and seeing images of my own 16-year-old-body debate one particular visitor (guest speaker) I had at J.J. Pearce, here in Dallas. I mean, I would have written all about in 1991, because he was so famous (Bill Gates) and according to the voices I am hearing courtesy of my "enhancements" - I detailed in my diary (from 1991) exactly what I had to say to the man. So, one of the many topics I broached that November Day was about the meaning of the phrase "A Silver Bullet." Bang! Bang, Bang, Bang!! A bullet right between the eyes, a bullet in your head. Problem solved. The killing sprees in North Dallas didn't spread into school shootings, they often started there!. It had been less than 10 days since my Economics Teacher was killed at J.J. Pearce, and that particular incident hadn't even left my mind yet (at the time of his visit). And I mentioned it to the man, along with half a dozen other things - all of which I've had to listen to today (Year 2021) about my life when I was 16 (Year 1991), because of these "Government Enhancements" inside my body. "Hi Bill Gates, my economics teacher was killed about a week ago, but..."

So everybody knows that the U.S. Military was the largest every assembled on the earth. No empire ever had soldiers in as far away places as Tokyo and Berlin actually fighting battles. There were consequences to all of this. Everybody knew it, even the soldiers. Especially the soldiers. So, the words "a silver bullet" constitute a phrase that was thrown around a lot more frequently when I was younger. When spoken to someone in society, the phrase was almost always used in "the negative" sense - such as somebody stating that "this problem doesn't have some kind of silver bullet solution." Now, not everybody was a harding working student, or a Technology Leader back then. For a terrorist in a USMC Uniform, if you carried a "a Glock" or a "machine gun" for a living, well, often enough that was exactly the solution. Shoot the bastard! I don't like his talking back to me! Bringing this up to somebody as famous as Bill Gates wouldn't have been all that problematic, I mean, if my memory serves me correctly - or should I say my electrically enhanced memory here today in Year 2021 - in 1990 when I went on vacation to Arizona and Los Angeles, Space Mountain at Walt Disney Land had dead bodies laying around inside the building. The smell! It was always the smell of a dead man! I mean, how much of this the biological part of my brain (a.k.a. 'me') would remember without these enhancements, I will just never know!

So, there's a lot more that can be said about what that actually used to mean because, well, there were ample number of agents, soldiers, police and various "security personnel" who were perfectly willing to deal with people that they didn't like in this way. The issue always was that 'National Reform' as I thought about it back then, and has been practiced in U.S.A. since; 'Reform' did not offer any sort of 'Silver Bullet' idea or 'solution' that would fix everything all at once. Nothing would bring Dawn Griffits, my economics teacher at J.J. Pearce back to life. There wasn't anything that would make everything 'all-better' as if none of the violence, and losses, in our lives had ever happened. No there wasn't. And there still isn't. And yeah, when speaking of heavy weaponry and firearms, if you worked for one of America's Illustrious Terrorist Organizations - shoot the bastard - was a very powerful 'silver bullet' for many a terrorist. Here, 30 years later, unfortunately I have to rely on what 'the machine' itself is going to say about my past and my childhood. I have to listen to 'the voices' (electronically); and I cannot rely on my own mind alone!

Here in Dallas in 1991, when I was a youngster, I had a numbe fortunate things happen for me that made me a stronger and smarter person at the schools I attended. Today, Year 2021, listening to American's on TV, and reading the complete tripe there is to read on Internet News Websites, you wouldn't really think a "High School Education" is very important to any of those 'talking idiot box' personalities. I don't know how many people, today, Year 2021 think somebody is a very special person because "He Completed a High School Education." I thought it was important when I was young. I mean, I don't know if anybody reads this, or if anybody who is reading this is even aware of what constitutes a "High School Education" in the first place. It's important to think about these things if you ever intend to turn on the television or a computer and read or listen to the dishonest gibberish that is being published in America today. So, I told you that 'my master' (or, NDBC, 'North Dallas Brain Control') has been 'reminding' me about a visit by Bill Gates to J.J. Pearce High School in 1991 using these electrical 'enhancements' inside my skull. They have been reading my notes and journals to me which were, indeed, stolen from my parent's house immediately after I was implanted in 1995. They transmit them into my body over the wireless networks available in this city.

In 1991, at J.J. Pearce High School - there weren't many kids who turned in the homework assignments. this is fact, and the biological portion of my brain (a.k.a. 'me') remembers that very well! I'm very conscious of it, and remember it very well (people didn't go to school much back then, schools were too dangerous). Sure, in August when school would start up, there might be 200 kids there on the first day of class in August. By November, I was the only one in the building that afternoon. That semester, and I don't have a count, but the number of people that attended five days a week and turned in anything at all was almost none! Many couldn't pass the math, science or government tests that the teacher would give us. All authoritarianism aside, the kids from my generation (again, I'm 46 years old) had their excuses for not going to much High School - they were very bloody places. But how many people think that any of our leaders today could pass a single one of the exams that I had to take when I was younger? The tests I took included: literature, calculus, trigonometry, spanish, world history, government, physics, and computer science. Who on TV knows any of this stuff at all?

It feels like the internet and society is so dumb! Today, yes, I can go to the new big "Internet Encyclopedia" and start reading the Wiki Page, for example, Christopher Columbus, I can probably see some pretty reasonable information (on some pages, not all!) - and pages, likely, even written by an actual college professor! Of course, there are web-pages and web-content whose purpose is of a scholastic nature! I mean, I'm not trying to advertise WikiPedia or promote it. I'm not going to have any opinion about it at all (not today, but probably later); other than to point out that, yes, there are many pages written by college history professorson that site. However, what percentage of time are "Americans" (whatever the hell that means today) spending reading this versus Fox-News or CNN (and even if they were). Even more importantly, how many of the big personalities running the show ("Anderson Cooper", "Sean Hannity", ...) have ever looked at Wikipedia themselves? I mean, I promise you none of these sons of bitches could pass any of the tests I ever took in High School. And this is a real problem. These people have fourth-grade educations and are as supertistious, paranoid, and ignorant as the poorest African Peasant.

It was November of 1991, and I was in my "A.P. Government" class talking to somebody who came to visit our school (CEO of Microsoft). In one of many school massacres and shootings that I lived through at my High School, ten days previous my economics teacher had been knifed to death - and knifed to death literally by the "J.J. Pearce Campus Police Officer." (It was his wife, and the two of them were on a drug 'ecstacy trip'). My teacher wasn't into ecstacy or narcotics herself, but her husband, the school police officer, was. I have since seen (now) Dallas Police Officer Reyes in Dallas. He is a Dallas Police today, or at least I think he was, but how could I know for sure. In Year 2016 I met an officer Reyes at a local McDonald's where I used to sit and right (in the Addison Neighborhood of Dallas). I spent the better part of 6 months hearing from my master at NDBC that the Officer that was having breakfast at McDonald's is the same Officer that used to work the High School I went to. In Year 2016, I knew what to do, I ignored him and told NDBC I could care less about cops, and that my favorite memories to play to me are of me killing police officers when I was younger. So I got to talk to a famous guy when I was younger, and I even got to bring up some of the school massacres (like the one from ten days previous)... so what?

What does one do in High School? Well, the subjects I took were: Literature, World History, Government, English, Physics I & II (Newtonian, and Electricity & Magnetism), Calculus, Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, and Spanish. When I was a kid, there usually weren't many people inside the school on any day of the week (for these reasons which I am actively explaining in this post). I knew that the future of "My Generation" had the possibility of being very bleak. I was 16, and of all the people I knew, I was the only one who could answer a question about "The Roman Empire" or "Louis XIV, the Sun King." What kind of people are these kids in my city going to be when they are 26 years old? (ten years from now - 2001).

I was there inside of a North Dallas High School in 1991 - and I remember it like it was yesterday, a day kind of like today - typical cool happy-Dallas-November-weather day. In August of 1991 (that same year) likely 200 or more kids showed up for the first day of class that year. But the day I'm thinking about, that day we had a very famous guest come to give a talk about computer programming (to whomever was at the school and wanted to listen - namely me, alone). By that November day, class attendance - school attendance - had dwindled to around 20 students in the entire building. 10 of which were socializing in the Spanish Class and certainly not doing any Spanish Homework. (Spanish class back then sort of functioned as the "State of the Union Room" (or "The War Room") - and all the kids went there for "social hour" - though they did try, occassionally, to learn some Spanish Vocabulary and some verbs). So this day of which I speak in November was very typical, my High School, which had the capacity to hold at least 25 classrooms of kids, had no more than 15 students in the entire building. By the time Bill Gates (who used to be the Microsoft CEO) showed up to talk, it was basically just me telling him about my Turbo Pascal computer-class.

So maybe, through this blog post, I'm trying to brag about "being real smart" right? Well, no, I don't want to be doing that right now. Unfortunately - both for me and for everyone - it is the nature of this "New Weapon" here in America - that "making people stupid" is half the fun for the operator of the weaponry! The psychological pain this weaponry causes can cut like a knife to even think about what it's doing to us. Mind-Control 'government' offices inside this horrible thing we call "The United States" actually want the people to be ignorant! That is the goal of the employees in the office towers that house brain-control operations. Today, Year 2021, the younger generations (people in their 20's, and 30's) whom have actually attended school, I'm writing about the past.

I had a spectacular amount of fear when I was a kid as a witness to horrific military attacks on schools and American Cities. It wasn't so much as worrying about dying; although obviously that's really a big problem in the mind of any 8 year-old, a 10 year-old, or even an 18 year-old kid. Instead, as a teenager, seeing that essentially nobody from "My Generation" who had the faintest of clues what (in Mathematics) an "Eigen Function" was, casued me to feel fear. Realizing that no one from Dallas - or even from my school - could actually solve a polynomial equation, or had ever read a World History book was terrifying. To me, that which strikes fear into the hearts of men is looking at a room full of people my age and knowing that almost none of them really finished past the fourth grade. And MOST IMPORTANTLY the electrical implants inside my body are used to remind me of my saying this and writing this every single day of my life. Why? To convince me education is stupid, and ignorance is good idea. But let's move on.

The Russian Empire of the nineteenth century was a very powerful force in Europe for much of the 1800's. The "Russian Golden Age" was ushered in by Emperor Napolean who rose from the disaster of the French Revolution and George Washington beginning in 1801. The people of Europe, for at least two hundred years prior had been "explorers" who got onto boats and sailed across the ocean. They sailed everywhere - to places far away from Spain's King. They mapped out the world. Mexico, and essentially every country south from Mexico, even today, speak European Languages (Spanish, Portuguese and even French) as a result of Europe's "Age of Exploration." There were many spectacular accomplishments during that era. This lasted until the late eigteenth-century and the French Revolution (a sort of, "Not Spain Again", revolution). In that "revolution", many people were guillotined, and from the anarchy rose the Russian Tsar. Mexico and South America, were usually dropped from the agenda as a result. After two or three hundred years of ships, the people of Europe were tired of sailing around, they had already discovered all of the countries of the earth (and even mapped them out, and traded with them). In the nineteenth century, Europeans wanted a real change. In 1801, in a very famous maneouver Emperor Napolean went "Eastward" (towards Russia), and that began Russia's fabled nineteenth century.

All great powers in World History have had accomplishments. For your information, the Russians were reknowned for inventing electrical circuitry (electrical based inventions) and had also built the world's first train tracks. In the nineteenth century, there were trains from Portugal to Moscow. Before that, trains had never existed. They also had a very popular "Art Form" - though, very different from the American Preferred form of Art of today (Rock and Roll). The Russians were writers. Russian Literature, even today, is still taught as encompassing some of the greatest books ever written. The Russians had news publications, too. NDBC, who is talking to me right now as I write this, wants me to mention that a lot of the collapse of Russia during World War I and World War Two owes itself to the fact that "writing" was tremendously more difficult because of these horrible wars. The most famous person to have attempted writing a book on philosophy during the twentieth-century - "Adolf Hitler" who wrote "Mein Kampf" (My Struggle) - is largely accused of having killed a lot of his own people because his publications were so bad. War doesn't make for good book writing; moreover, war makes news look terrible. Hitler was kind of dumb. These failures brought down Russia from it's nineteenth century glories, to its twentieth century collapse.

So I need to "write ABOUT writing." this is why I'm bringing up Russia, because, 'hey! They wrote a lot of famous books, that are still studied today!' These blog posts I type, I don't type them alone. In Dallas, a city where non-white races outnumber whites - the people who run Dallas Brain Control, the people who sit behind the computer-weaponry are, indeed, more black. This is not how mind-control works in places like Manhattan or Boston, but I don't live in those places, New York State or Massachusetts now, or anymore. I the North East to come back home over 15 years ago. So when I say that some black-guy is talking to me when I write, well, that's the truth. Opening up Dallas is going to have to involve writing, speaking, and communicating.

I don't write novels, and I've never tried. Before I was kidnapped by the "The Rapists" I did. That is, "The Rapists," an explanatory-term, an 'Umbrella Term' if you will, to identify people whom in the late 1970's, 80's and early 90's ran around American Cities in whatever "Security Uniform" they could get their hands on and commit crime - but beginning in 1995 began to trickle into Mind Control Officers to use the bigger, more powerful, guns. They killed a lot of people and did a lot of drugs. Beginning in 1995, these lone-wolf terrorists sort of "teamed up" and switched to using a new-weapon that is more powerful than gun-powder. A weapon so powerful, that when you think about - when you are allowed to think about it - thought control - makes gunpowder look just as silly as the Massachusetts Indians probably felt holding a spear or bow-and-arrow after the Pilgrims started to arrive armed with muskets and bayonettes.

OK! But I am going to try and attempt the impossible: "I'm going to write about writing!" I mention Russia, because it wasn't a land that was very dominated by "The Record Companies" or the "The Music Business." Russians had their literary authors, and that actually grew into a movement that one day had Philosophers, Poets and Journalists all tagging along. The most read and world-renowned of the philosophers - Karl Marx - has lit up wars and entire governments. Writing takes effort, but it's effects can be very powerful. The most famous works of literature included "War and Peace" and "Crime and Punishment." One of the writer's of these books spent several years at a Siberian Worker Camp before becoming famous.

So I have tried to write about my life before. Having electrical 'enhancements' inside my body has meant that much of my life was destroyed when I was younger. Not everyone who's been implanted has been through what I went through, but it was by this exact token, learning, knowledge, education, and science that made me such an easy target. And why? Why should I be targeted? Well, the answer is that it was easy for them! Think about the difference between "a Glock" (a particularly powerful type of handgun) and a personal computer that is plugged into a banking-network, the camera-surveillance, audio surveillance (like your houses 'smoke-alarm'), and a receiver that was implanted into your body. What would you harass such a person about? Well, if you happen to be willing to sieze the right to enter your victim's home or homes, you could harass with his family photos. You could harass him about his diaries and his journals. You could read to him accounts about what you considered to be "Un-American Activities."

Saturday, November 20, 2021

A response-letter to an esteemed family member who has decided to be "conservative" not "liberal"

The people on TV have spent almost the entire year informing the general-population that "the rebels" among our people are "really angry" that President Trump had to leave the White House. The people on TV are malicious, manipulative, dishonest and cunning - because the people on TV are ignorant and controlled by individuals in Washington who do not appear on televisioon.

I think Donald Trump should be hanged in the center of Washington, and executed like a serial rapist - because his administration was totally based on sexual abuse. Afterwards, he could be attached to the back of a pickup truck with a nice sturdy rope, and his body driven through the streets, all on national television. This was done to Mussolini, and both he and Biden are far worse then anybody in "facist Europe" ever was!

Mark Dice - obviously is selling out and doing exactly what everybody on the Internet who thrives on YouTube does - he's promoting the main-stream anti-ideals as if they are "the rebel faction" and "what the people really want."

In all of 2021, I have never met anybody who claimed to give two fucks about Donald Trump or Joseph Biden here in Dallas - not one!

You posted a link to this man on your blog. See Below - The evil of this "Mark Dice" character (whom I've never heard of before) should be readily apparent.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

North Dallas Hyno-Programming: Killing Niggers, Killing Police

October 29th, 2016.

It has cooled down in Dallas.  Generally, many years ago when I was younger and living here, Dallas October was always what I called "The Happy Time."  You might have heard - "Texas is Hot,"  but I don't really like to hear it, much.  Historically, with respect to the rest of the world, Dallas is more a "New City."  Near the Downtown West End Bus-Transfer Center, there is a short sidewalk with a little history embossed into the concrete.  According to one of the sidewalk tiles - historically - the population here was just 10,000 people in 1890 (130 years ago).  Today, there are supposedly millions, although I have no idea how the census works.  They say places like New York City has over 10 million including Hoboken, Long Island, Westchester, etc...

Unfortunately, and this is one of the "prime directives" of operation mind-control in this land, I don't know nearly as much detail about the History of Dallas as I would want.  When I was younger - before the surgeries were done on my body, books were the center of my life.  Today, I know a lot of the well known dates - 1865, 1776, 1492, and I've heard all about the Europeans in Mexico, but the details escape me.  Even having the ability to form a complete sentence (using my mouth - 'speaking') about daily life for the Spanish in Tenochtitlan can seem completely impossible.  I am forced to live by planned activities, restrictions, and of course the element of surprise - everyday!  When I was young, I spent an entire school reading, and re-reading my World History text book.  I read it twice, and summarized the entire thing on computer notes back in 1991.  I kept those notes that I did with my High School History teacher, until 2010 when I was ordered under threat of torture, sexual abuse and sleep deprivation to throw them away.

Suffice it to say, though, the stuff I do know about Dallas does include the cute little stories they carved into the sidewalk by the West End Graveyard where all the homeless black people like to stand around all day.  ... "Hey look!  Torello!" ... "Why don't you go downtown to the bus station with all the niggers and read some history, that's almost as good as studying at Harvard!"  And that's the type of shit I have to listen to inside my own damned skull every day.

350 years ago, the Europeans that settled in the 'New World' or 'Tierra Incognita' who sailed the Atlantic to land in North America, largely went to the nicer parts of the Indian Civilizations: Mexico, Panama, and the cooler parts of South America.  They didn't come to Texas so much, the place is somewhat "uninhabitable" in the summer.  150 years ago, there weren't many people living here.  Literally, Dallas as a city never took off until the advent of modern electric grids beginning in the late 1800's.  In the summer, 99 degrees in the shade - which lasts for almost three months - and a tiny little river ("The Trinity"), make this place, well, unlivable without modern amenities.  So, no, the Europeans preferred the cool elevated plateau of Central Mexico, and the Andes Mountains to this place.

And that's what these people are like, if you think you'll get a good history listen including names, places, ideas, dates... the implants will go on a diatribe about the A/C, and expect you to "get happy" you learned something.

Today was a nice November Day - it didn't even get to 70 degrees - and that is a nice day outside; and I walked for 15 minutes to Walmart to 'buy stuff' since I received my government check this afternoon.  For most of the day, I had been writing computer software "computer code."  Of the plethora of activities NDBC (North Dallas Brain Control) likes to make me do is type Computer Code.  I write Java today.  Java was first released when I was in college, but I knew all about it in the early 1990's (High School), and (according to the NDBC broadcasts I am usually hearing) had conversations with James Gosling who is credited with inventing Java.  And left many notes about the language constructs that are in Java today.  But it's another story, completely.

Today, I was working on my own Software Library, which you can see at this link here, and like many days I began typing HTML, CSS, and Java source-code at 5 AM.  Sitting in my chair for 12 hours can make my body feel terrible.  The reason I'm asked to do this, is because my 'master' (another way saying 'North Dallas Brain Control') has a Java Software Library that some person or team of persons wrote in the 2000's that they are capable of broadcasting into my brain while I "re-type" the project.  If the phrase 'abject humiliation' doesn't immediately come to mind, think about what a freshman college student would feel like being ordered to 're-type' some sub-section or code-part of 'Microsoft Windows' code.  Think about a student sitting in his college dorm room being ordered around all day regarding the names of his computer files, and the choice-of-wording for the code-comments / explanations he types into those files.  "This is not me!" he would exclaim.  This is some nigger who copied somebody's Java Program and is using the Washington D.C. brain-control computer-programs to force me to write this.

And that's the "career choice" into which I have been pushed.  When my master (an NDBC nigger - a term that the recordings themselves use) wants me to write a new Java Function into my pile of crap, I am ordered to sit in my chair and type a new function!  Generally, the program that I wanted to develop, my Chinese Translation Software, is not something I'm ever encouraged to write.

But today, after spending at least eight, nine or ten hours retyping Java Programs in my computer, I got up and walked over to Walmart to get fresh cantaloupe, some apples, and my one bag of junk food for the month.  It was my second trip here today, because, as I said at the top of this page, the weather has become extremely nice here - it is "the happy time" here in Dallas.  I think it was 65 degrees on my way home!

So what does this have to do with "killing niggers" or "killing police" anyway?  Reader, be aware these are words I here in my skull every single day.  Of course I hear voices!  I have a microphone attached to my ear-drum.  The volume that it uses to broadcast is low enough to consume very little battery power, and it can run for hours without their "wireless recharging."  So, let's begin.  "Killing Niggers."  That's what I was ordered to think about from the moment I walked into the Walmart.  How?  Well, there was an extremely 'weathered' old Haitian woman, obviously black, seemed to be doing some kind of  'security work' for Walmart at the front door.  Now, first, if anyone who lives in the 'whiter' more northern parts of America - be aware that the  'white suburbs' of Dallas don't exist anymore.  Anyone with an implant knows that 'deportations' have been all the rage over the last 20 years, but what they don't say so much is who is actually being deported.  Whites in places like Dallas have been routinely pressured and forced to leave this place.  Dallas black population is much bigger than the white population, the number of Spanish Speaking Brown-Skinned Indians is even larger.  At the Walmart, all I see is a giant rooms filled with many, many blacks.  

As a person who is owned by an organization, which I try to call NDBC, I am perpetually accosted by thoughts - or "Visions" - if you will through electrodes that can produce Audio and Visual content which I actually see.  To tell you the truth, I'm fully versed in the mountain of rhetoric that the army of psychological professionals have to offer.  I know that "reacting to internal stimuli" is one accusation that is made against people with Schizophrenia.  I also know that much Dallas Sky-Scraper Office-Space was seized by individuals masquerading and operating under the guise of National Security.  The individuals involved have worked in these offices since the mid-1990's, and they have computer programs of their own that monitor all the bank transactions, and watch the infinite array of video cameras in every shop and on every street-corner.  But they also control the broadcasts that reach inside your body.

So, upon entering the fucking place, an elderly black woman with a horrible (impossible to understand) Haitian Jamaican accent starting hurling barely intelligible sounds at me and in my direction.  Now, obviously, I don't worry too much about what an old lady is capable of doing to me - physically - however, the mental picture that I immediately have is actually so god-damned terrifying, I have to write these things down.  Type them into a blog post if I possibly can.  

For over two decades people in this city have been brainwashed - literally by human experimentation - and one of the primary goals of these experiments is to make the population ignorant and largely incapable of any form of communication skills.  People with implants don't know how to communicate to other people very well at all.  I have trouble saying much of anything my self.  I see it every where I go in this city.  As I'm walking past this wonderful, over-weight, verbally abusive and authoritarian black woman, I know that if I make any sound at all in her direction - she can have the Dallas Police Officer that sits on the other side of the store grabbing me, yelling at me, or even shooting at me in under 60 seconds.  It's such an awful feeling.  It's a feeling so terrible that I go through life thinking half the time that all my hair has fallen out at the though of how racist these "African Americans" really are - but more shamefully - how racist the regime that runs this city must have wanted our population to be.

And this is the point, the Audio and Visual stimuli that I experience inside my skull when I leave my house during the day is constantly conditioning both me and anyone else in society that has been implanted.  Do you not see what an atrocity such a thing can be?  I don't know how I would react if I wasn't constantly being psychologically conditioned by these implants.  I do know that with a very high degree of certainty, that that woman at the Walmart Door is likely too a victim of this horrendous Psychological Regime from Hell.  But how could I ever know for sure?  I clearly cannot grab the stupid bitch and take an X-Ray of her body.  What is just so sad about it all, is that this is the type of situation that the people who run North Dallas Brain Control want to happen to our people.  When there isn't a lot of communication going among the citizenry, the likelihood that we could ever rise-up or fight back becomes next to nil.

And what does this "Black Master Race" - which exists in the blacker parts of the United States (but not in the North-East) get out of all of this?  They get a lot.  What about the computer-banking system here?  Anybody capable of implanting a human being in Dallas with these surgeries must not be too worried about the legal ramifications.  And if "The Law" doesn't mean anything to these people, then what else have they taken?  

But what "thoughts" was I experiencing?  Well, all of a sudden my muscles are tense, and I'm seeing images of me jumping on this Haitian woman huffing at me and I'm clawing her eyes at, and cracking her skull open.  Yes, I'm having a bona-fide Karate Kick match with a 65 year old woman (inside my skull!!).  And why?  Yeah, I don't like being huffed at and pointed at - I mean, I'm a customer of the store and I deserve the hospitality that all store patrons should expect to receive.  Making no effort to communicate at all is very unnerving when I can hear a person's mouth moving and loudly.

And what the broadcasts of me do to the Black Dallas Police Officer who is just around the corner is unspeakable enough for me to leave off, for now, I guess.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

The Constant Death Threats

Over 25 years ago, while a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, I was kidnapped (as were most of the residents in my student residence) and a surgery was performed on me.  The individuals responsible don't advertise who they are, and they don't leave business cards to promote "their work."  The year was 1995, and I, myself, had tried (rather desperately) to flee the United States due to the abhorrent military-police fueled violence that was destroying the fabric of our American's Lives in the 1980's.  Yeah, today, for most people who live here, America doesn't seem like a very "violent place" anymore.  I haven't witnessed a murder since I was in my late teens.  The sad state of affairs, back then, really was such that the very people who suited-up to fight crime (security) were exactly the types of people who were the most violent and deadly.  To say a sizeable percentage of the population of Dallas Texas wasn't massacred during the 1980's would be incorrect.

In the 1980's, the Asia-Pacific region quickly overtook the American Government in terms of technological-advancement.  In 1990, I turned 15 years old, and it was that year that I was actually old enough to start understanding electronics.  I had heard most of my life that "America was number one" - although the America I knew was run by the most deadly terrorist-back government on earth.  Every year of my life as a child was spent agonizing about how I (myself) could avoid becoming one of "the bad guys" - and, largely because I had more honest parents than many of the people trying to run America - I knew that focusing on a lifestyle that would contribute to society in a meaningful and constructive way was important.  25 years ago, it didn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that joining or suiting up to become a police officer or USMC was generally equivalent to joining the mafia and being willing to rape and murder the innocent and traffic narcotics.

I was given many police and military uniforms myself when I was in High School.  I had a Richardson Police Uniform when I was 16 years old, but I had seen those people kill my friends (children!) and I immediately cut the badge off the uniform upon receipt of the fucking thing.

The violence that racked the North American Continent didn't really - watching my teachers raped and murdered in front of me inside of classes - didn't really go away because America's Security Personnel had realized they had done wrong.  It wasn't that "the cops" or "the army" decided to choose to be good people instead of evil ones, but rather something totally different started to occur.  I have said all my life that by year 1990, America's place in the world as "a leader among nations" had been eclipsed by East Asia.  I went to my first Radio Shack to buy electronic equipment the year I turned 15.  Living in Dallas, back then, there weren't a lot of 'stores' that were open very often.  Today, here in Texas, the number of "stores" that are open selling manufactured goods (mostly from East Asia) has multiplied a hundred times over!  In 1990, it wasn't easy to get a washing-machine or even a working dryer.  Today, there are stacks of these goods sitting in stores - almost all of them imports from the orient.

Unfortunately, with the rise of economic power in China and it's surrounding smaller-states (for instance, Korea) - technology too has advanced.  I say "unfortunately" because the people who have had the greatest access to this technology are the very terrorists (soldiers and police) who preyed upon American's 25 years ago.  Yes, the modern computer-microchip and "the internet" was surgically implanted into "me" in 1995.  I have a speaker attached to my ear-drum, and other electric wires inside my body that are used to terrorize me.  Mostly, the tyranny of the American Government didn't sort of "give up and recognize the errors of their ways."  Not at all!  Most of the socio-paths in "security" let go of their gun-powder based weaponry (guns) and picked up surveillance and internet-computers (imports from China).

What do you think those speakers inside my body say to me everyday?  Why do you think anybody would want to perform surgeries so illegal and immoral upon innocent human beings?  So they could remind to wake up on time and to make sure not to forget to pack my lunch?

Not everybody who lives in Dallas with micro-chip implants made any effort at all to get into Harvard University when they were younger.  I knew the difference between right and wrong.  Even today, I can walk down the streets of downtown Dallas and look into the eyes of a Dallas Police Officer and know, fully, that there is no sacrifice he would ever make to protect me or my life.  I know the level of education (how ignorant) a Dallas Police or Security Officer is in this city.  I made the right decisions in my life, and I am routinely punished for it.  Most people in this city who live with micro-chip implants do not have anything to say about "College Level Mathematics" or their recent studies of "Electro-Magnetic Physics" or even modern literature.  They are forced into manual labor jobs though all kinds of computerized threats, intimidation, and slander.  And that is the type of career - devoid of any intelligence, education, or mental prowess - that just about everybody with a micro-chip implant in America is forced to engage.

The point of mind-control is to keep people ignorant and dumb - and even dishonest.

But I don't work wearing a little apron, name-tag, badge or hat here.  And if I try to sit at home quietly and work on a math problem, the speakers surgically implanted into my ears are threatening me every day of my life.  In the past several years, there has not been a day that has gone by where I have not been forced to listen to (and see) an image of a black man (or sometimes a white) talk about murdering my mother, my aunt's and uncles, and having "killed" other people in my family.  I know why not everybody in society is as angry about hypno-programming as I am.  A lot of them (if they are young) are pressured to stay away - completely - from institutes of higher-learning.  I know that a 21 year old that has been ordered to do something menial is much more easily swayed to never see his or her family - ever!

Do you think Starbucks employees are all happy to see their relatives and tell them what a successful "Coffee Maker" they are?  They don't.  And when their families are constantly threatened with their micro-chip implants - they just care a lot less.

Keeping the citizenry of the city ignorant and mean is a guaranteed fast-track for the hypno-programming regime to retain its power.  No - if you agree to speak highly of the work they force you to do - they will reward you rather than torture you.  I do not.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Two more physical "Racist Nigger" attacks in five days.

ATTACK #1 (Thursday, September 16th, 2021)

Last Thursday, I was sitting on the train at 8:30 AM. Hana Le (my wife) and I had gone to the "McDonald's Walmart" at 7:00 AM to get 1 coffee and 1 Dr. Pepper (32 oz).  I don't get a lot of soda anymore, but a couple times a month we have a little bit at McDonald's.  After McDonald's, I took the bus to the train station (Forest Lane Station), and boarded the south-bound (Westmoreland) Red Line train to downtown Dallas.  There is a nice ALDI's on "Gaston Avenue" near downtown, and the Greenville Avenue DART bus back is very pleasant.

I was sitting quietly, staring out the window, prepared to get off at "City Place Station" (this is the single Dallas 'underground station' - because it is situated beneath a sky-scraper).  At Park Lane Station this African Bitch (who wasn't wearing her COVID-mask) screamed at me to "put my mask on."  I actually wear the damned-thing on the train about 50% of the time because bus driver's pick fights with you if you don't.  When I'm on a bus, I put it on 100% of the time - or else the bus-driver will kick you off.  I was on the train, and, actually, I was wearing it.  Anyway, as I explained, I had my mask on, and  this "nigger bitch" wasn't wearing hers!

I ignored her, hoping it would go away.  I was wearing it anyway, although it was a tiny bit below my nostrils.  I, personally, believe the entire COVID-disease is another fear-mongering crock of shit designed to cover up North Dallas Brain Control.  I have never met anybody who 'died from COVID' and I also have never met anybody who knew somebody who 'died from COVID.'  However, I'm aware of the media-news reports that "dozens die from COVID" everyday!  I'm fully aware what "THEY" (the news / A.P.) say.  I personally put less stock in CNN, FOX & the A.P. than I would have put into Joseph Goebbels news broadcasts (chief NAZI propagandist for the third Reich).

So, I'm sitting on the train, with my mask mostly on (partially uncovered nostrils), and this nigger-bitch (who has a stroller) and is not wearing her mask starts screaming at me.  I ignore her (since I have it on, and she doesn't), and she starts screaming at me again that "I must be trying to kill her child."  Then she starts talking to the 'African American Gentleman' sitting to the left of her - who also wasn't wearing a mask - and tells him, again, that I'm some white man who is clearly trying to kill her child and that 'people like me need to be killed'.  I don't remember everything she said, because it was five-days ago (on Thursday), and it is now Monday morning.

After listening to it for enough time, I finally just gave her the finger.  The last time something like this happened (COVID-mask stuff), I literally had to shout at a black bus driver 10 times that "I am wearing my mask, and you are not wearing you mask.  Don't talk to me like that ever again!"  (I was, he wasn't!).  The next thing she did was to telephone the police (again, without a mask on) to tell them that "a Caucasian Male was threatening the life of her baby" - because I was sitting on the other side of the train without a mask (which I had on).

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I don't like being in a bus filled with niggers and being screamed at by them - it is dangerous, because they clearly make a point of being racist, and make no qualms about showing their dislike of whites...  So, finally, after the police dispatch call she made to 911 - I screamed "bitch" - as loudly as I could.  She continued to raise her voice to me, and I continued to look out the window wondering if a car-load-full of DPD were going to come yell at me because I am white, and claim to be educated...  Looking out the window of the train, I just sit there and wonder what stunt-show North Dallas Brain Control has for me this morning...  Wondering if I'm going to have to go to "Lew Sterrit House of Corrections" for trying to 'kill Black Children' (which is what she said to the 911 dispatcher).

Next, she moves to other side of the train-car and, at this point, I cannot help but look at her while she is mumbling to herself - with my mouth gaping wide open, wondering what on earth the little song and dance that I'm going to be expected  to watch/face/listen-to (or perform) over the next 20 minutes.  At this point the train is getting closer to my stop at City-Place Station on the Red Line, and I'm mostly hoping this will end.  I was actually just out to get groceries like the "ALDI Manicotti" and some Tilapia.  Note - she didn't see my facial expressions, because I had that stupid-fucking mask on in the first place!  But, mostly, I was wearing my "completely dumb-founded"!

The next thing she does is starting explaining to another woman on the bus, who also wasn't wearing a mask, but put it on when she heard the yelling, something about my "being white" and how that was the problem.  I don't actually remember the details, but this woman with the stroller continued to yell at me from across the train, and accusing me as well.  Finally, she started ordering me to move (to another train car), threatened to kill me, and asked me more questions... so I finally shouted (at one of her interrogations) "because you are a nigger" at the top of my lungs.  And she was!  I had done nothing to deserve this attack at all.  Under any normal circumstances, I would brush it off as somebody who is being brainwashed, and probably has suffered a lot herself...  However, there was a train filled with other "African Americans", and furthermore, she had used her cell phone to tell 911 police-dispatch that I was "trying to hurt her baby."

Afterwards, she got-up, rushed the chair where I was sitting, and I continued to try to ignore her.  Then, she took out something of her purse that looked like some kind of orange-colored weapon, and shouted at me that she was going to kill me!  She stood over screaming at me - and I just kept yelling, "Get the hell away from me!"  Then after giving me a bunch of orders I shouted: "I don't have to do what you say."  She was swinging her orange key-chain thing - and I was terrified I was going to be maced.  I couldn't tell if it was pepper-spray, mace, or just a flash-light.  Pepper-spray really sucks.

NOW, at this point, the reader should realize, I'm not that afraid what a girl is going to do to me.  I'm 6'2" tall; however, realize that I'm 46 also years old (and have suffered a lot, and do not like physical attacks or physical fighting at this age).  I attended M.I.T. (and Harvard University), and have a college education - and have tried to return to college every time North Dallas Brain Control has permitted me.

Sure, me grabbing her and sitting on her would be easy, right ?!  Much more relevant however, are the 10 other African-people on the train, whom I cannot fend-off at this age without getting hurt (which is why blacks start fights with whites in the first place - because they outnumber us 3-1 in Dallas, Texas).  I know perfectly well that an "African Man" doesn't care about justice for a middle-aged white male - they are going to hurt me because I'm a white male who is upset with the fact that a black woman is threatening to kill me.  Much more importantly, I'm terrified about how a squad-car filled with radicalized-terrorists (the Dallas Police Department) are going to treat me if she swings at me!  There was literally nothing I could do, but hope that she doesn't get physical.  Me convincing a radicalized, bigoted, cruel, ego-maniac (the Dallas Police Department Officers) that she attacked me because she was bored, and I have white skin, is as hopeless as explaining to Adolph Hitler that "Jews are people too."

Then we reach my stop.  She was screaming that I am not allowed to use DART, and that I have to get off the train immediately.  I just shouted "this is my stop, and I'm getting off!" and also "stay away from me, you attacked me!"  Two other black men (males in their twenties) were approaching me - supposedly ready to strike.  They were screaming at me to get off the train, and one of the other nigger was screaming at me that he was going to kill me if I didn't leave the station.

At City-Place, I took the escalator 8 flights of stairs (City Place Station is about 8 stories underground, below a sky-scraper) and then caught the bus to ALDI.  I bought my Tilapia and Manicotti there.  The bus driver was another black woman, and I tried to be polite and said "thank-you, mam, have a nice afternoon."  The bus back to the apartment was a Mexican Guy (I think, I couldn't tell), and I said "Please" and "Thank-You" ... and unless provoked - often by NDBC, Mexicans rarely ever start fights in Dallas (although they have with me a few times in life).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this NDBC (North Dallas Brain Control) manufactured incident - I have had to listen to over and over that her stroller didn't even have a child.  As I say on every post, I have electric wires inside my body that I cannot remove, since I cannot perform surgery on myself!  One of them includes a speaker attached to my ear-drum.  The garbage-individuals who love to proclaim that "they are black" (and love taking white-slaves), ... the individuals who run these computer-networks narrate all kinds of moronic events in my life.  Since this incident five days ago, I have been told repeatedly that she doesn't even have a child, that she carries stuff around in her stroller.  I don't put much stock in anything that I hear from the speakers in my ears; but, this is what "THEY" have shouted at me!

ATTACK #2 (this morning at 9:30 AM, Monday, September 20th, 2021)

This morning, I sat in my chair beginning at 7:00 AM.  Hana Le, my wife, had left on the DART Bus earlier in the morning.  She gets up and goes places in the morning a few times a week - often to the Korean Grocery store to buy cookies.  I had made Quiche yesterday in the toaster oven and it wasn't a complete failure, but the top of the Quiche didn't look anything like it does in the pictures on the website.  It tasted all right, though, and I saved some from yesterday in the refrigerator and had it.

I watched this idiotic "Brian Laundrie and Gabriel Petito" story on Fox News and CNN - and I didn't particularly believe it.  Mainly, NDBC has been telling me all morning long that these two did this exact same stunt-show with the Florida police last September, and even two years ago as well.  I cannot prove anything, and I am not trying to prove that this was, indeed, on the news last year in September (although, that's what "they" said to me all morning).  I don't want to be thought of as "a liar" so instead, I'll just say that I have absolutely no idea if there is even such a person as Laundrie or Petito - literally because the Associated Press is the organization responsible for making these reports.  But that is what I was being terrorized by this morning.  Also (and I don't usually, but today...) I saw a complete 1960's Twilight Zone episode about a monastery and a guy that was some kind of hitch-hiker in Europe.

Anyway, at 8:00 AM, I worked on my latest math "Matrix-Equation" solving program for about 45 minutes.  I like to write HTML and Java-Script whenever the government (NDBC) permits me.  Generally, the way it works, is that "they" have to write the software-application (the HTML & Java-Script) first.  Afterwards, they order me to open my software-development tools on my computer, and tell me to start writing different software-modules, until they see something that works.  TRUST ME: It is a lot more enriching & fulfilling to work on math problems than it is to stand at a cash-register in some store with a funny little apron, name-tag, and hat saying "Hi, Welcome to XXX, may I take your order?"

Sometime after 9:00 I went out to the back parking lot and started to do my calisthenics.  Sitting in a library all day, or in an easy chair trying to write software means I have to get some exercise.  For over 2 years, I went to You-Fit Gym, but this September, I am trying to start a long-term 'calisthenics' routine in the back parking lot where I live.  It is just as good for your muscles as weight-lifting (until you have maxed out on push-ups).  

I am 46 years old, and I really don't like to think about physical violence at all.  The thought of 5 black people beating the shit out of me makes me angry enough such that all I ever really say to my master is that if I were ever permitted to leave the United States (if my passport blacklisting were revoked), I would be on the next airplane out of the U.S. - as soon as I could get a plane-ticket.  NDBC does not permit me to take airplanes or apply for Visa's out of the U.S. (and hasn't since the 1990's).

So this fucking 25 year old nigger starts shouting from across the parking lot that I am some kind of faggot or "gay" and that I need to leave the parking lot immediately.  Again, I tried to ignore him.  As usual, the thoughts I'm having are:

  • The Dallas Police don't care about self-defense, and I will be charged with a crime for trying to defend myself.  (NDBC reiterates this fact everyday to me, in the speakers surgically implanted in my ear-drums).
  • If I do get into a physical altercation, I'm not going to sit there and "play with the guy" - I'm white, and blacks outnumber us 3-1 in Dallas, Texas.  They outnumber us 20-1 anywhere outside of North Dallas.
  • If I jump on him, at my age, my only hope is to grab at his eyes or try to rip his ears off.  I mean, I'm not trained in the martial-arts, and I have never 'boxed' before.  Unfortunately, I see that as a 20 year criminal court battle explaining to nigger-judges at Lew Sterrit House of Corrections that self-defense is not only legal - but should be expected when one man attacks another!

So, I try to ignore the guy.  Then he charges at me and starts screaming at me that he is going to "kill me" if I don't leave the parking lot immediately.  I'm sitting there at the gate, stretching, and all of a sudden he starts getting physical.  

I just keep shouting "What the hell is wrong with you?"  ...  He starts shouting that I'm obviously "gay" because I'm wearing a tank-top and stretching out in the parking lot. 

I finally tried psychology (which sometimes works) asking him "What happened to you last night?" (it was about 9:00 AM) - since I have done absolutely nothing to provoke a thing of this.  "Why are you bothering me?  What is wrong with you?" ... and also ... "I'm perfectly allowed to use the parking lot, just like you!"  I mean, I live here, and this is my apartment.  Just because I'm white really shouldn't be relevant.  To an upset African-Male, it clearly is my fault.  I haven't done a thing to provoke him!  He was screaming at me from across the lot!  I hadn't even seen him, until he was screaming at me!  He looked twenty-five, and I'm getting close to fifty!

Then he swings (punches) at me, right in my face.  He did miss, and only hit air, but I could feel the wind rush at my face so it was pretty close.  Again, I have never trained at boxing...  So this past year, this stuff that NDBC has been cooking-up for me to do is all very new to me...  I put my fists up, getting ready for a boxing match.  And finally, something I shouted at him, made him walk away.  Then, from about 15 yards away he starts throwing rocks at me!  What the fuck on earth I have done to this fucking nigger is beyond me.  I ride busses with blacks everyday, and I always say "Please" and "Thank-You" as nicely as I can.  I don't want to fight with them, but I really do have to stand my ground.

After the rock throwing, I went and reported it to the management at the place where I stay.  The black guy at the front desk got mad at me and told me that if it wasn't on the property - he cannot help me.  And it really was on the property.  And he wasn't going to call the Dallas Police...

I went back to try to finish calisthenics, but since I was too shaken up, I went inside.  I walked across the parking lot to the gas-station (Race Track), to see if there was a Dallas Police inside (because they often have a DPD standing there all day)...  No DPD was there, and the lady refused to call them - saying "it wasn't on her property, and she isn't going to help me."  The guy is sitting at the corner of the apartment complex with his friend acting like a shit head.

Getting punched in my face, and having rocks thrown at me by niggers because I'm white, and I why should I be "taking orders" from them at all?  I did nothing at all!  I was just standing there stretching!  About to do push-ups, sit-ups, and windmills (like PiYo, or something like that).

And all of these types of 'episodes' are cooked up by brain-control since 2018!  Do I really have to start taking boxing lessons or karate lessons?  I'm 46 years old, and that really isn't my cup of tea.  I mean, I would do it, but just remember, in a land that is run by a terrorist-backed government, boxing a nigger and telling him he has no right to punch me in the face would get me thrown into prison (and not the nigger!)

Sunday, March 21, 2021

The Friends and Relatives Death Threat (We're going to kill your family)

North Park Mall, Dallas.  It's been nearly a month since I was permitted by my master / North Dallas Brain Control to type or write anything at all.  Nearly 100% of males with implants in their body are usually put on strict and heavy reading and writing restrictions.  Reading any material at all - even the regime's internally run news sources, for instance, the Dallas Morning News is something that is heavily discouraged and prevented through all kinds of intimidation techniques.

I have always thought of myself as one of the lucky ones (by some regards) in that I learned to type very well when I was a kid in grade school.  I remember my eighth grade typing class because it was one of the first classes that every took very seriously, as compared to the kid stuff I had learned prior.  It didn't take that long, but I vividly remember that it was about a year (or maybe two) after my typing class that I took world history at my High School where I spent almost my entire sophomore year typing notes about my World History class that I actually became good enough at typing so that I never forgot it again.

But anyway, that's all in the past because for most of my adult life (I'm 45 years old), I have had electric wires in my body - including electronic microchips attached to my eyeballs and small "headphones-like" devices attached to my ear drums.  These devices are used on millions of people in this country to help influence, alter, and manipulate their daily activities to keep them away from all kinds of activities that the regime which runs these software networks do not like "the people" doing.   I mean, I think of myself as different than most of the people in Dallas for reasons that are extremely painful to explain.  No, I'm not kidding, I have been sexually and psychologically tortured by the horrific individuals that have seized many (not all, but many) of the large office towers that were built in the decades of the 20th century.  These glorified garbage men aren't particularly good at anything at all, but they do hold the power in Dallas and surrounding areas, and they do not have many morale scruples when it comes to psychological, sexual and other kinds of criminal racket-attacks that are used to target political prisoners in this part of the world.

Perhaps, for some who have worked in "a Dallas store" (of whom there must be millions) it is no big deal to be pushed and prodded until he or she is wearing an apron, a name-tag, and a cute little hat.  For me, I have expressed all my life that I would much prefer to be on an airplane headed across the Pacific Ocean to anywhere in Asia before I would ever be caught dead at a Starbuck's Coffee Shop....  Wearing a cut little green apron.... Stealing out of the cash register... and threatening somebody new every day just to keep the bastards at North Dallas Brain Control happy ... and all so that I may have some mystery bank account deposit into my bank account comprised of nothing but laundered / stolen money anyway.  No, I have never worked at Starbucks or any retail franchise - in fact I absolutely fucking hate the place and every piece a shit that works in it.  I cannot talk to them, I cannot reason with them, and every time I am at one of these places I look at them waiting to hear why they might need to phone the police since I'm not willing to work at a mind-rape job here in Dallas, and generally come off as "completely unemployed."

But I am at a Starbucks right now - outside of the store - in the mall area where none of the "employees" can really get in my face.  It's the first time "the guys" at the Software Shop that runs my life have permitted me to use my keyboard to write anything in almost a month.  What that means is actually a little bit more difficult to explain - and requires some explanation before you will really "get it."  For anybody who is largely keyboard illiterate (meaning you cannot type very fast, if at all) typing at a keyboard takes practice; but if you have done it for long enough, is an extremely efficient and fast way to communicate with people and is much faster than handwriting.  However, if there are regime-installed electric wires in your body that can physically shock you when you attempt to open any window on your computer that contains a software application that accepts typing and keyboard input, such a skill becomes just another dormant unused skill (of which there are many such skills in this city - take the physical sciences, mathematics, history, philosophy, etc. or just about anything that you would learn in a school).  

So, sitting here at a keyboard at the mall, I am calming down a little since the rage I have been put through in the past month has been genuinely horrible.  Why would anybody on this earth do such a thing?  Well, I mean, I know the answer to that one - money, power and control.  "The Butcherocracy" (which is a term I prefer... "Butcher" + "ocracy") in Dallas is probably one of the most ruthless and immoral regimes that has ever operated in any city - any where in the world or in world history.  For these people, their powerful and destructive "weapons" that they have in their "arsenal" are really nothing like the weapons that were used back during the twentieth century when the marines and the air force fired bullets and rockets at enemy soldiers.  I was around during the last quarter of the twentieth century, and remember a lot of the later years of it all.  The only thing that anybody who lives in a part of the world that is currently still referred to as "part of the U.S.A." is that those bastards eventually came home (they left Korea and Vietnam and came back here) ...   Much damage and hellfire they unleashed in the years 1975 - 2000 (post Vietnam) was mercilessly obfuscated in American News Sources to the point that today all anybody knows about America in the years since has seemed (at least to me, when judging by television watching now in year 2021) is that "there are lots of sick people, and they need to go to the hospital" ... and, of course, the usual "There are lots of criminals, and they need to go to jail"

So, I was sitting in my room this last month, and as usual because, hey, I choose to be "the political prisoner" who loves to shout at my wall when I think NDBC is listening that they could, politely, "go fuck themselves" - mainly because of my desire to write about them and their whores.  I have been listening to the usual gobbledygook and diatribe while sitting in what is, ostensibly, my own bedroom in an easy chair that is my own easy-chair.  There are thousands and thousands of threats that my ear-drums have been forced to listen over the past 25 years.  As I have explained numerous times - every chance I get - that my body was implanted with electronic control devices (along with all of my brothers and sisters) when I was a sophomore in college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology up in Boston, Massachusetts.  These devices have been used at a louder and louder and also a more visible and more visible rate to broadcast audio video content into my body since my early 20's when this all got started.  The things these fucking animals can say to me when I'm even thinking about getting work done can be so horrible it's hard to stand up (literally, standing up inside my home is an software routine that can be switched on or off).

"We're going to chop your family up like animals, and serve them to you for breakfast."

This is the type of language that for much of the Obama Years, and nearly all of the Donald Trump Years, I have been forced to listen to.  "The Software" (I guess we should just call it "the software" or maybe "the program") effectively can broadcast what television broadcasts directly into your brain.  This is done through LCD chips that are behind attached to some part of the eyeball, and through speaker-like headphones that are somewhere close-enough to my year drum.  The honest to goodness truth is that from time to time it can be like watching a television broadcast when I'm sitting in my easy chair, or laying in my bed.

What would be the goals of such an operation?  What does North Dallas Brain Control (NDBC) even want with controlling (or "influencing", since control is a bit of a "stronger meaning" than influence) all of these people here in Dallas?  Well, a lot the answers to questions like that require knowing stuff about the later years of American History.  As I said, I am 45 years old, and I was alive an kicking throughout much of the 1980's.  In my early years I had first hand knowledge about what the United States Armed Services even was.  Most people who are my age and older did.  I, personally, never had a fucking thing to do with the army - but often when I was younger "the army" would just sort of happen to you (no matter what age you were).  The types of atrocities that were committed by the U.S. Infantry as they attempted to "normalize" the "post-war" 1980's and sort of make like nothing had happened, again, have been mercilessly erased from the hearts and minds of millions of people in "The U.S.A." - literally through the psychological conditioning that is possible with the involuntary surgeries that are performed on the people of this country on a regular basis.

Now, this post is supposed to be about "The Family Death Threats."  So, again to reiterate, I started off by saying that I was at a Starbucks inside North Park Mall right now.  I'm sitting on the "outside part" of a Starbucks, a place I truly hate because I have to watch these robots act like idiots as I get demoralized from ever thinking learning, knowledge and intelligence will ever come back as substantive human values to this part of the world... 

I was being told this... (something that I have heard millions of times since Year 2008 when Obama was installed into office and this mind-control regime of monsters decided to use "the race card" to fight the people in society they didn't like).  But this isn't right, so why would any organization no matter how loosely or tightly knit its members are that they want to...

"Chop up my family, and then serve their body parts to me for breakfast"

Because it prevents me from reading anything.  Because it gets me agitated enough such that I simply cannot write a god-damned thing into my web-browser or write a god damned thing that would ever be printed into my computer printer.

It's been a month since I wrote to this blog.  North Dallas Brain Control, I guess, has decided to permit me to write this.  Literally, it has been 25 years in the making of this particular post today.

But for the Grace of God, I cannot type or write anything into a blogger post, a word processor, or on a piece of paper without them giving me the go ahead.  If the post-COVID world is going to be "opening up" about the tactics used with bona-fide political prisoners in this country... Well, maybe that's what this is.  Let you know the next time "the software" gives me a brain-fart (and actually allows me to type it out).