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Monday, October 5, 2020

The White Slave and The Ignorance of New York City.

 I have an owner.  I have a Master.  I am a human being, just like any other.  I live in a City in the United States (Dallas, Texas) where the number of Black-Skinned "Humans" far out-number the white population.  Don't make any mistakes about the area that used to be called "Texas" - an area that is largely left out of (forgotten?) by almost every major Associated Press Affiliated News and Public Broadcasting Organizations (a.k.a. "Federal Fraud Machine").  From what I have seen promoted by the "American" State-Run Broadcasting & Censorship Organizations - the "Texas Senator" is a man named Ted Cruz.  I have never seen him mention anything about the cities in Texas (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio / Austin) when he's running is dirty-diarrhea mouth on TV.

The people of Dallas have their lives run to various degrees through an Internet of such powerful machines that can exact BOTH control AND surveillance on the people here.  I was not born here, but our family arrived when I was very young.  In the 80's and 90's, when the United States Marine Corps headquartered in Virginia's power was sort of at it's zenith in American History - many thousands were killed by soldiers in this City.  Earlier, in my last writing, I had mentioned an incident where a kid I used to know (when I was a kid myself), was murdered right in front of me by a pack of wild animals (USMC) who were drunk and high on cocaine on one of there off days.  I will attempt again to get at what I consider to be the crux of what gets to me.  I wrote a lot when I was younger.  By the time I was 18 years old I had amassed a full filling cabinet drawer of photos and stories about what I had seen in Dallas.  But I don't have these journals today anymore.  The bulk-wark of what I had written was stolen from my mother's house by the "Federal Fraud Machine" in the 1990's while I was off away at University in Boston.

So, without my journals, how could I remember such types of stories?  Well, as I said, I am a slave.  Another human being owns me as property, and hurts me at his pleasure and can sexually torture me whenever he feels I have disobeyed him.  He uses electrical filaments and electrical wires in my body to exact authority over me.  For those who are actively being brainwashed in their homes - and are fully aware of it - perhaps you have a Master that uses them to exert pain on your.  The electrical signals won't always force a man to hurt.  A lot of the problems I have are related to my ethnic background and the work I have done in life.  People in Dallas who are capable and willing to work in a Gas-Station, Auto-Body Repair Garage, or in an 18-Wheeler (big rig) - will generally be treated very well by the man (or the organization) that owns them.  These are the men, though, of Dallas, and the female slave is usually put to a different set of restrictions and requirements than a man.  

So the man, or the organization that owns me can decide what I do during the day, and exert pressure on my psyche, on my soul - on who I am as a human.  An electrical signal sent to my adrenal glands or thyroid can cause enough of a reaction in my body to prevent me from doing anything along the lines of what I had planned to do not five minutes earlier.  I sit here right now, thinking about my childhood - but are these my thoughts?  Are these the thoughts the myself, God, or a higher power have decided I think?  Well, I cannot always tell.   I mean, I have a speaker attached to my ear drum - and this speaker is not something I can see, remove, or have removed.  If you ask me "Why don't you just go to the hospital and have it checked out."  Well, my daily life is thoroughly controlled.  Of course I have tried to do this.  Of course!  I have been arrested on the spot and told I need to confined to a psychiatric prison for a period (usually up to 30 days).  When I can discontinue mentioning "The Voices that I am Hearing" - I am usually permitted to leave.  I do hear voices, they are being broadcast through the WiFi (The Internet) into my body.

And the News Networks are still going on an on about "The Black Repressed Minority."  Yes, it is true that in New York City - Blacks are a smaller ethnic group in the City.  However, this is the United States, and there are more cities in the U.S. than just New York City - no matter what the lunatics working at Rockefeller Center seem to want you to believe.  I have worked in New York City before.  After I graduated from college, I was asked by my Master (this was 25 years ago), to take a gander at The Wall Street Investment Bank Goldman Sachs.  I wasn't treated very civilly while working "on the street" (Wall Street, NYC).  The men who are implanted in New York (and Dallas), are not always treated as well as the women who are implanted by these control mechanisms.  The control mechanisms are very powerful when they need to be.  Explaining to a man that Wall Street - and all the millions of square feet of (often empty) office space - was routinely used as a secret-government torture cell is not something that "feels very good" to say.  Never-the-less, it is the truth.

An electrical implant attached to a thyroid, alongside a set of speakers with an organized-government official who is perfectly willing to use your own gland-secretion to exact torture on your while issuing verbal orders from as far can be used for sleep-deprivation.  It can be used for elevated (lethally elevated) blood pressure.  A steady stream of insults shouted into a microphone can that is directly connected to your ear-drum can keep a man awake in his bed for weeks on end.  In the 1980's, the expression "The Jungles of Vietnam" was an expression that was often heard by kids growing up.  People knew that the GI's who had returned from the War's of the 1960's and 1970's were some very crazy people, and they didn't get a lot of attention.  Everybody knew that what they had done was extremely immoral, and was largely being fueled by ego's in Virginia - the headquarters of the U.S. Armed Services - and that these egos were people who didn't know or care what it was like to be in a jungle 15,000 miles away carrying a machine gun.

The ignorance of the broadcasting sources of the Associated Press, here, today year 2020 leaves out just about anything about what office space is used for these days.  Today, when the TV talks, we are expected to believe that everybody who goes to work in the millions upon millions of office space in Manhattan is doing "Democrat Type Stuff" or serving their President (Trump) and doing "Republican Type Stuff."  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This is ignorance.  Ignorance is defined as an absence of knowledge.  A lack of knowledge.  Stupidity.

But I have a master, and he is talking to me - reading the journals I wrote as a child.  Keeping me up at night.  Harassing me.  Insulting me.  Calling a "White Piece of Shit."

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