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Friday, October 9, 2020

Fear, Sexual Assault, Intimidation - NOTHING, They put a wire in your wife's vagina and rape her mind.

Not a lot is considered "Absolutely Criminal" in the (Former) United States.  I say the words "Former United States" the words just start to cause my mind to ache, my heart to slow down, and my ability to stay awake - to stay conscious at all - recedes.  The people who run the (former) United States are masters of raping women like they were little cows behind some sick minded farmer behind an outhouse buried deep in the country.  They rape women for the fun of watching them do their bidding.  A computer-armed pimp - armed with the latest in micro-chip technology - will walk up to a woman, drug her and bring her to whatever butcher-shop they bring the women (a hospital somewhere in the city of Dallas) - and cut open her vagina so that he can stimulate with electrical cables whenever he wants to.

Schizophrenia is a disease that most people in the (former) United States would probably acknowledge having heard of.  I knew about it when I was implanted 25 years ago.  Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder that has all kinds of rumors that surround it.  These rumors live on in North America as a result of a lot of real abuses of power.  The lies that are told on the television, alone, through broadcasting network of the likes of "CNN", "Fox News", or "MSNBC" would be enough to many a strong-mind down the tubes.  (In case anybody in the United States isn't aware for almost a decade beginning in "Barrack Hussein Obama's First Term" the Associated Press would tell stories and spin yarns about walking into schools filled with children and murdering them with machine guns... Year after year after year)...

Before digressing too far, Schizophrenia is sort of a mental state of mind where a person starts to believe irrational ideas about organizations, locations, groups of people or other type of societal construct.  Usually these ideas are that the people there are "trying to hurt me."  When confronted about they are talking about - the person won't always come to any conclusions and will even occasionally start to make up little stories about what has been done and by whom.  But that is all the state of the "Psychiatric Industry" as it existed 50 years ago.  The United States has had a lot of horrible human-rights abuses in its history since then.  When one turns any of the terrorist-controlled broadcast networks of the Associated Press - as I have said - for nearly a decade, we were all told that walking into large buildings filled with children, families, young couples out on dates - and spraying these crowds with machine gun fire was actually kind of neat to watch on TV.

Through it all, never once we were told to question what our leaders were saying.  Over and over we told that "more laws" and "more laywers" and "more press coverage" was really the right idea.  I, personally, never heard any of the major networks take seriously the concept that these might have been orchestrated attacks by elements of the government.  And why?  I mean, I myself have no way of knowing at all what actually happened in "Newtown Connecticut."  No idea at all.  For all I know there is no such thing as "Newtown Connecticut" - and the same people that payed the tens of millions, (or is it hundreds of millions?) of dollars to these Associated Press "Gangbangers" and their large TV crews - also make up the stories on or whatever web-site the stories are being placed.

FACTS ARE FACTS.  Facts change a lot.  But you know what?  I CANNOT GET FACTS!  I'm living in Dallas, Texas - and I am a victim of severe sexual torture at the heavy hand of the radicalized terrorist networks that have long since over-thrown the old order and installed themselves into positions of power in Dallas Office Space.  I don't have the money to "fly to Newtown Connecticut" to find out what was going on there.  I don't have the money to schmooze at all of the lavish hotels that dot the Eastern Seaboard.  I wouldn't have the money to treat the Chief Of Connecticut State Police to a plate of French Fries and Fish if I wanted to.  Therefore, I have no ability to provide "alternative facts" about the Newtown Connecticut Massacre.  I couldn't tell you a thing about what actually went on during the "Television Broadcast Event" which had become so infamous.  All I know is that no questions were asked about anything.  I don't know a god damned thing about it!  I just know that somebody was crazy and that he killed a bunch of women and children in a school.  That's not news.  That's the type of thing that as a child my parents would have ordered me to find out more about - if I was being forced to listen to it.  Nobody questions anything about it on national news.

And this is the core of the real schizophrenia that exists in the hearts and minds of our journalists.  For almost a decade that these broadcasts were put on the TV - we were told over and over by the people on TV who claimed to "Republicans" that the "Democrats were at fault."  This is paranoia.  It would be one thing two have an organization where different members of the organization were categorized into different "sub-groups" (For instance "Democrats" and "Republicans").  However, when an place as large as the (former) United States, where hundreds of millions of people are "tuning in" to hear their tripe, lies and bullshit of the Associated Press Broadcast networks (CNN, Fox News & MSNBC) - watching one morning when a child walks into "Parkland High School" only to kill 15 people, only to listen to the dictatorship on side (Anderson Cooper) to spend weeks on end blaming "Donald Trump" for all our problems.  THIS IS SCHIZOPHRENIA.

Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and Chris Hayes have SCHIZOPHRENIA.  Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Brett Bair have SCHIZOPHRENIA.  I mean, for 10 years we were told murdering children like the country was some kind of "Human Sacrifice Mosh Pit."  And what kind of "virtues" did the psychological-warfare promote besides blaming Democrats and Republicans?  Well, according to most of them, an imaginary "community" of homosexuals and lesbians are "really suffering" and that we have not been supporting "Gay Marriage" and LGBTQ equality?  I mean, I know I have never repressed a faggot.  I know I have not hurt any queers.  I don't know any queers, and I would much prefer that that sort of bullshit remain buried in a closet rather than getting near me.  I don't think I have an "immoral mind" at all.  I don't think most places in the world would even take the concept seriously outside of the punch line of some joke.  I mean, if one man wants to live with another man like they were "husband and husband", I mean I don't know, I don't want to know.  I don't care at all!  What I know very deep down is that when somebody is trying to goad another person into a conversation about morality as it pertains to homosexuality - what they are trying to do is obfuscate and confuse real crimes.  I don't speak for God - I don't! - but I don't think he would rank homosexuality in the same realm as walking into a school filled with children and spraying machine gun bullets all around the room.  And that's how the whole issue is flushed down the toilet - and we waited for the next massacre. (repeatedly, over and over again, for almost a decade).

So why do they mince these issues?  Because they hate morality.  The real power in this country isn't in the stooges and morons who sit in front of the cameras on TV.  The real power cuts your wife's genitals open and sticks fucking electrical cables into her pussy so they can decide when she feels excited and when she is lazily sleeping on the couch.  The face of human trafficking and slave trafficking is much more high tech.  The face of human trafficking is that the power in this country is so far removed from the types of topics that are discussed in newspapers, magazines and television channels that the words themselves start to seem like they are from some other language.

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