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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Waking up each morning... Killing the Judges at Lew Sterret Dallas County Correctional House (Jail)

So I wake up earlier and earlier.  It pleases My Master to watch me suffer.  I have very vivid dreams when I try get to sleep at night.  Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night - still dreaming.  When I was a child, in the Reagan Decade, the actor turned President of the United States "allowed" quite a number of ultra-violent movies to be released.  It's important to know one or two things about Reagan.  Most important would have to be the sheer number of flicks that came out with violent content.  Most famous of the "Blood Spill" movies that I got to see as a child were the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series - of which over a dozen have / were eventually produced.  The stories make very little sense at all, and you literally have to have the intellect of a complete murder to even follow what's going on them.  The gist, though, was that there was a man who was "powerful enough" to invade people's minds.  While they sleep, he attacks them and slashes them, and dismembers them... etc... Then, in real life, they die.

I have a mandatory government electronics kit in my body.  I am not alone here in Dallas.  I have a set of very small speakers that were surgically implanted into my ears - and I don't like this.  The computer operator who runs the broadcasts that are sent to the micro-chips inside me is a real bastard.  Over the past two decades, the people who are working for and running these hypno-programming computer centers inside American Cities have come up with dozens - hundreds even - of "psychological combinations" that include video, audio, and other body-gland electrical stimulation filaments in our bodies to make us "do stuff."  I don't know much about what is planned for me on any given day.  I might wake up one morning feeling great - after 8, 9, 10 full hours of sleep.   The stories about sleep start to seem like half the screams that many people in this city would like to be shouting.  I don't speak for other people, and I don't try to do that so much - because it next to impossible to know what is going on in the mind of another slave with micro-chip implants.

I am not on the exact same plane as other people are.   I have a long, colored, checkered history with what I have called "The Department" - but have used many names for them over the years since 1995 & 1996 when this authoritarian-sexual-political regime began.  For the other people in Dallas, not all of them were sitting in a comfortable dormitory room in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Harvard, M.I.T.) wondering why all of a sudden the were "hearing voices and seeing things" for no reason whatsoever.  I don't actually know what the typical Dallas Citizen was doing in 1996.  Being 45 years old at this point, I know that many of the younger generation of people weren't even born at that time.  The depression in my life is usually at its peak when I'm wondering what percentage of the people I am seeing, and what percentage of the homes I'm looking at have micro-chip implanted slaves living in them.  I don't know how many of the people in Dallas are micro-chipped slaves.  I don't.  I also don't know - of the citizenry who is implanted - how many of them have screamed, kicked, and fought in their homes about the chips that are sending them signals in the first place.

But I am a different person than other people.  I have a long history with "North Dallas Brain Control" - which I sometimes just call "The Department."  Although I hate the thought of kidnapping somebody, and cutting them open to install the latest version of Microsoft Windows in their bodies - I also know that "being lulled into idiotic complacency" about it all (for me) is going to result in disastrous failure in my personal life.  I have been subjected to torture.  Words like "M.I.T. and Harvard" mean absolutely nothing to the typical Dallas Citizen.  Mostly, I know that a huge percentage of the people that are living as Radio-Broadcast Implant-Slaves are lulled into complacency and "compelled" to take jobs that are what an educated person would call "menial labor."  There is no city in the world - like Dallas - where the sheer number of auto-body garages, gas-stations, and used-tire stores probably outnumbers all other businesses in the metro-plex.  The people up  in the office towers - the office towers that run these mind control broadcasts - watch them through the millions upon millions of cameras that have been installed in this city.  I don't know how many cameras there are, but you cannot go very far, anywhere, without passing at least 5 of them in the first five minutes of walking this city.

The front desk of the hotel where I live there are four giant TV monitors showing all the image they are recording - showing bragging if you will - that "Big Brother" is indeed watching us.  But everybody knows this right?  I'm not offering new information, right?  Well, have I offered you any "new information" at all?  I don't know where the video feeds go.  I really don't.  Certainly I could not ask the front desk who or what is watching the video feeds - I would be asked to leave the property within three minutes of such a conversation.  Certainly I cannot go inspecting them, My Master usually forbids me from leaving the house without his permission, and the gland controls of my body can be very convincing.

So I woke up this morning.  The Department knows that I want them dead.  The department knows that I would give me life to shoot their offices to hell.  You know what their favorite tactic is with me?  When they know that I'm upset, and would prefer me to just shut my mouth - they love doctoring up audio / video feeds of me running around Police Stations and Court House with everything from a machine gun to a machete attacking and killing cops and judges.  To me, it all turn into a giant blur.  25 years trying to discuss computer programming - from an intellectual point of view, rather than an organized crime syndicate point of view - and my mind (me, who I am) starts to think "Well, if you give me some machine guns, Master, I would gladly go and shoot up The Country Court House if you think it will help put a stop to government sex trafficking and slave trafficking (torture)."  I, personally, have not owned any weapons in my adult life.  No matter what the television broadcast syndicates are spouting off, there is not a sizeable percentage of the population who is armed or ever permitted to own weapons.  They do not allow the purchasing of armaments for the vast majority of the slave population of the United States.  In many, many cases, the people who own weapons are pressured to become law-enforcement personnel eventually.

So, I am often accused of being  "the bad guys" by the U.S. Government's crack squad of Brain Control and Sexual Organ Control Slave-Traffickers.  Isn't that a mouthful?  It's not that I don't hurt as bad as other people in this city hurt when the insults, the derogatory language, the pornographic filth starts up via the chip-implants in my eyes and ears.  I do hurt badly, just like everybody.  But rather, it is the number of years that this type of abuse has continued.  For dozens upon dozens of reasons, I have never been converted into an auto-body mechanic (although I have made offers to my master about working in an auto-garage) ... I have never been converted into a Mexican Lawn Care Professional driving around Dallas with a trailer hitched to the back of my pickup truck.  When a slave isn't lulled into the mindless complacency of menial labor, the crack platoon employees of North Dallas Brain Control has a tendency to become violent, viscous, lewd, insulting, pornographic, sexually abusive, and psychologically abusive.  They have myriad of stories about my life saved on their computers.  There is not a thread of decency or respect for people's rights in these places.

So this morning, to anger me, "Hey Torello, is this what you were thinking about doing to us today?"

And there I was... laying in my bed...  Freddy Krueger "The Dream Master" conjured up a story about me running around the County Court Room going from Court-Room to Court Room - dragging judges (male and female) and chopping them into pieces with a machete.  I was laying their, my wife was sitting in the bed next to me - and I get to think about being Rambo - fighting back to a system that is destroying the fabric of society.  I get to think about lighting off gas-laden gasoline tanks and burning these ministers of injustice to the ground ... liberating the people of Dallas.

I mean... sure... Sexual Abuse is worth fighting a battle about.  Sure...  I mean - I cannot even get out the front door on any given day of the week without my master's permission, but I am permitted to lay in my bed and think about becoming John J. Rambo shooting up the Police Stations in Dallas as I attempt to liberate the people of this city.  Sure, I would love to do that.  Do you know what this type of psychological operation does to people?  It hurts them.  Audio-Video Broadcasts into our bodies, Audio-Video Broadcasts into micro-chips inside our eyes and ears cause us extreme amounts of distress, pain, anger, exhaustion and depression.  It keeps me weak.  It keeps me unable to fight anything, anyone or anything.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Fear, Sexual Assault, Intimidation - NOTHING, They put a wire in your wife's vagina and rape her mind.

Not a lot is considered "Absolutely Criminal" in the (Former) United States.  I say the words "Former United States" the words just start to cause my mind to ache, my heart to slow down, and my ability to stay awake - to stay conscious at all - recedes.  The people who run the (former) United States are masters of raping women like they were little cows behind some sick minded farmer behind an outhouse buried deep in the country.  They rape women for the fun of watching them do their bidding.  A computer-armed pimp - armed with the latest in micro-chip technology - will walk up to a woman, drug her and bring her to whatever butcher-shop they bring the women (a hospital somewhere in the city of Dallas) - and cut open her vagina so that he can stimulate with electrical cables whenever he wants to.

Schizophrenia is a disease that most people in the (former) United States would probably acknowledge having heard of.  I knew about it when I was implanted 25 years ago.  Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder that has all kinds of rumors that surround it.  These rumors live on in North America as a result of a lot of real abuses of power.  The lies that are told on the television, alone, through broadcasting network of the likes of "CNN", "Fox News", or "MSNBC" would be enough to many a strong-mind down the tubes.  (In case anybody in the United States isn't aware for almost a decade beginning in "Barrack Hussein Obama's First Term" the Associated Press would tell stories and spin yarns about walking into schools filled with children and murdering them with machine guns... Year after year after year)...

Before digressing too far, Schizophrenia is sort of a mental state of mind where a person starts to believe irrational ideas about organizations, locations, groups of people or other type of societal construct.  Usually these ideas are that the people there are "trying to hurt me."  When confronted about they are talking about - the person won't always come to any conclusions and will even occasionally start to make up little stories about what has been done and by whom.  But that is all the state of the "Psychiatric Industry" as it existed 50 years ago.  The United States has had a lot of horrible human-rights abuses in its history since then.  When one turns any of the terrorist-controlled broadcast networks of the Associated Press - as I have said - for nearly a decade, we were all told that walking into large buildings filled with children, families, young couples out on dates - and spraying these crowds with machine gun fire was actually kind of neat to watch on TV.

Through it all, never once we were told to question what our leaders were saying.  Over and over we told that "more laws" and "more laywers" and "more press coverage" was really the right idea.  I, personally, never heard any of the major networks take seriously the concept that these might have been orchestrated attacks by elements of the government.  And why?  I mean, I myself have no way of knowing at all what actually happened in "Newtown Connecticut."  No idea at all.  For all I know there is no such thing as "Newtown Connecticut" - and the same people that payed the tens of millions, (or is it hundreds of millions?) of dollars to these Associated Press "Gangbangers" and their large TV crews - also make up the stories on or whatever web-site the stories are being placed.

FACTS ARE FACTS.  Facts change a lot.  But you know what?  I CANNOT GET FACTS!  I'm living in Dallas, Texas - and I am a victim of severe sexual torture at the heavy hand of the radicalized terrorist networks that have long since over-thrown the old order and installed themselves into positions of power in Dallas Office Space.  I don't have the money to "fly to Newtown Connecticut" to find out what was going on there.  I don't have the money to schmooze at all of the lavish hotels that dot the Eastern Seaboard.  I wouldn't have the money to treat the Chief Of Connecticut State Police to a plate of French Fries and Fish if I wanted to.  Therefore, I have no ability to provide "alternative facts" about the Newtown Connecticut Massacre.  I couldn't tell you a thing about what actually went on during the "Television Broadcast Event" which had become so infamous.  All I know is that no questions were asked about anything.  I don't know a god damned thing about it!  I just know that somebody was crazy and that he killed a bunch of women and children in a school.  That's not news.  That's the type of thing that as a child my parents would have ordered me to find out more about - if I was being forced to listen to it.  Nobody questions anything about it on national news.

And this is the core of the real schizophrenia that exists in the hearts and minds of our journalists.  For almost a decade that these broadcasts were put on the TV - we were told over and over by the people on TV who claimed to "Republicans" that the "Democrats were at fault."  This is paranoia.  It would be one thing two have an organization where different members of the organization were categorized into different "sub-groups" (For instance "Democrats" and "Republicans").  However, when an place as large as the (former) United States, where hundreds of millions of people are "tuning in" to hear their tripe, lies and bullshit of the Associated Press Broadcast networks (CNN, Fox News & MSNBC) - watching one morning when a child walks into "Parkland High School" only to kill 15 people, only to listen to the dictatorship on side (Anderson Cooper) to spend weeks on end blaming "Donald Trump" for all our problems.  THIS IS SCHIZOPHRENIA.

Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and Chris Hayes have SCHIZOPHRENIA.  Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Brett Bair have SCHIZOPHRENIA.  I mean, for 10 years we were told murdering children like the country was some kind of "Human Sacrifice Mosh Pit."  And what kind of "virtues" did the psychological-warfare promote besides blaming Democrats and Republicans?  Well, according to most of them, an imaginary "community" of homosexuals and lesbians are "really suffering" and that we have not been supporting "Gay Marriage" and LGBTQ equality?  I mean, I know I have never repressed a faggot.  I know I have not hurt any queers.  I don't know any queers, and I would much prefer that that sort of bullshit remain buried in a closet rather than getting near me.  I don't think I have an "immoral mind" at all.  I don't think most places in the world would even take the concept seriously outside of the punch line of some joke.  I mean, if one man wants to live with another man like they were "husband and husband", I mean I don't know, I don't want to know.  I don't care at all!  What I know very deep down is that when somebody is trying to goad another person into a conversation about morality as it pertains to homosexuality - what they are trying to do is obfuscate and confuse real crimes.  I don't speak for God - I don't! - but I don't think he would rank homosexuality in the same realm as walking into a school filled with children and spraying machine gun bullets all around the room.  And that's how the whole issue is flushed down the toilet - and we waited for the next massacre. (repeatedly, over and over again, for almost a decade).

So why do they mince these issues?  Because they hate morality.  The real power in this country isn't in the stooges and morons who sit in front of the cameras on TV.  The real power cuts your wife's genitals open and sticks fucking electrical cables into her pussy so they can decide when she feels excited and when she is lazily sleeping on the couch.  The face of human trafficking and slave trafficking is much more high tech.  The face of human trafficking is that the power in this country is so far removed from the types of topics that are discussed in newspapers, magazines and television channels that the words themselves start to seem like they are from some other language.

Monday, October 5, 2020

The White Slave and The Ignorance of New York City.

 I have an owner.  I have a Master.  I am a human being, just like any other.  I live in a City in the United States (Dallas, Texas) where the number of Black-Skinned "Humans" far out-number the white population.  Don't make any mistakes about the area that used to be called "Texas" - an area that is largely left out of (forgotten?) by almost every major Associated Press Affiliated News and Public Broadcasting Organizations (a.k.a. "Federal Fraud Machine").  From what I have seen promoted by the "American" State-Run Broadcasting & Censorship Organizations - the "Texas Senator" is a man named Ted Cruz.  I have never seen him mention anything about the cities in Texas (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio / Austin) when he's running is dirty-diarrhea mouth on TV.

The people of Dallas have their lives run to various degrees through an Internet of such powerful machines that can exact BOTH control AND surveillance on the people here.  I was not born here, but our family arrived when I was very young.  In the 80's and 90's, when the United States Marine Corps headquartered in Virginia's power was sort of at it's zenith in American History - many thousands were killed by soldiers in this City.  Earlier, in my last writing, I had mentioned an incident where a kid I used to know (when I was a kid myself), was murdered right in front of me by a pack of wild animals (USMC) who were drunk and high on cocaine on one of there off days.  I will attempt again to get at what I consider to be the crux of what gets to me.  I wrote a lot when I was younger.  By the time I was 18 years old I had amassed a full filling cabinet drawer of photos and stories about what I had seen in Dallas.  But I don't have these journals today anymore.  The bulk-wark of what I had written was stolen from my mother's house by the "Federal Fraud Machine" in the 1990's while I was off away at University in Boston.

So, without my journals, how could I remember such types of stories?  Well, as I said, I am a slave.  Another human being owns me as property, and hurts me at his pleasure and can sexually torture me whenever he feels I have disobeyed him.  He uses electrical filaments and electrical wires in my body to exact authority over me.  For those who are actively being brainwashed in their homes - and are fully aware of it - perhaps you have a Master that uses them to exert pain on your.  The electrical signals won't always force a man to hurt.  A lot of the problems I have are related to my ethnic background and the work I have done in life.  People in Dallas who are capable and willing to work in a Gas-Station, Auto-Body Repair Garage, or in an 18-Wheeler (big rig) - will generally be treated very well by the man (or the organization) that owns them.  These are the men, though, of Dallas, and the female slave is usually put to a different set of restrictions and requirements than a man.  

So the man, or the organization that owns me can decide what I do during the day, and exert pressure on my psyche, on my soul - on who I am as a human.  An electrical signal sent to my adrenal glands or thyroid can cause enough of a reaction in my body to prevent me from doing anything along the lines of what I had planned to do not five minutes earlier.  I sit here right now, thinking about my childhood - but are these my thoughts?  Are these the thoughts the myself, God, or a higher power have decided I think?  Well, I cannot always tell.   I mean, I have a speaker attached to my ear drum - and this speaker is not something I can see, remove, or have removed.  If you ask me "Why don't you just go to the hospital and have it checked out."  Well, my daily life is thoroughly controlled.  Of course I have tried to do this.  Of course!  I have been arrested on the spot and told I need to confined to a psychiatric prison for a period (usually up to 30 days).  When I can discontinue mentioning "The Voices that I am Hearing" - I am usually permitted to leave.  I do hear voices, they are being broadcast through the WiFi (The Internet) into my body.

And the News Networks are still going on an on about "The Black Repressed Minority."  Yes, it is true that in New York City - Blacks are a smaller ethnic group in the City.  However, this is the United States, and there are more cities in the U.S. than just New York City - no matter what the lunatics working at Rockefeller Center seem to want you to believe.  I have worked in New York City before.  After I graduated from college, I was asked by my Master (this was 25 years ago), to take a gander at The Wall Street Investment Bank Goldman Sachs.  I wasn't treated very civilly while working "on the street" (Wall Street, NYC).  The men who are implanted in New York (and Dallas), are not always treated as well as the women who are implanted by these control mechanisms.  The control mechanisms are very powerful when they need to be.  Explaining to a man that Wall Street - and all the millions of square feet of (often empty) office space - was routinely used as a secret-government torture cell is not something that "feels very good" to say.  Never-the-less, it is the truth.

An electrical implant attached to a thyroid, alongside a set of speakers with an organized-government official who is perfectly willing to use your own gland-secretion to exact torture on your while issuing verbal orders from as far can be used for sleep-deprivation.  It can be used for elevated (lethally elevated) blood pressure.  A steady stream of insults shouted into a microphone can that is directly connected to your ear-drum can keep a man awake in his bed for weeks on end.  In the 1980's, the expression "The Jungles of Vietnam" was an expression that was often heard by kids growing up.  People knew that the GI's who had returned from the War's of the 1960's and 1970's were some very crazy people, and they didn't get a lot of attention.  Everybody knew that what they had done was extremely immoral, and was largely being fueled by ego's in Virginia - the headquarters of the U.S. Armed Services - and that these egos were people who didn't know or care what it was like to be in a jungle 15,000 miles away carrying a machine gun.

The ignorance of the broadcasting sources of the Associated Press, here, today year 2020 leaves out just about anything about what office space is used for these days.  Today, when the TV talks, we are expected to believe that everybody who goes to work in the millions upon millions of office space in Manhattan is doing "Democrat Type Stuff" or serving their President (Trump) and doing "Republican Type Stuff."  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This is ignorance.  Ignorance is defined as an absence of knowledge.  A lack of knowledge.  Stupidity.

But I have a master, and he is talking to me - reading the journals I wrote as a child.  Keeping me up at night.  Harassing me.  Insulting me.  Calling a "White Piece of Shit."

Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Good Black Man and the Bad Black Man.

The complete and utter incompetence from all media and type broadcasting headquarters in the "former United States."  The dishonesty on channels such as "CNN" and "Fox News" is grotesque to the point such that it rises to the level of "White Genocide" in places where Black Skinned Individuals are higher in numbers than Whites - such as Dallas.  Having grown up in Dallas Texas in the 1980's, I watched as a child as large numbers of white children were slaughtered in the schools I attended.  I watched as the New York City Broadcasting Empire told the world about the "Black Exploitation" that was being addressed as White Children - friends, childhood friends - were killed by Police Officers, Soldiers and other factionalized violence that occurred here in Dallas in the 1980's under Ronald Reagan.  Ronald Reagan was an 80 year old man when he left office - if he even did leave office.

Here, today, in Dallas, I have a Master.  My Master own's me, my master decides when I wake up in the morning, and when I go to sleep at night.  Likely my Master has black skin, but it remains to be seen.  The people in this City have their lives controlled through electrical wires that are attached to the glands in their bodies.  Not all have had bad lives.  The slave trafficking empire that runs Dallas Texas can keep a very tight control over the people in this city using the glands in their bodies.  The tiniest of receivers that sends the smallest of Amperages to a human sex gland can cause enough "stimulation" to the brain that it can change a man's entire belief system for a day.  When this nigger, who works in one of these undisclosed office locations - swimming in the rape and the money that he has stolen for himself even at the expense of the other African Men and Women who are the exact people he claims to be helping - but as I was saying, when this black man decides to make me (a person whose ancestry derives from Spain in Europe, and other locations in Eastern Europe), - when this nigger decides I need to listen to him, when this nigger decides I need to experience sexual excitation, all he has to do is push a keyboard button and the micro-amperages are released from the battery in my body to give me that erection of my hairy balls while I watch Barrack Hussein Obama or Donald Trump on TV.

What is the difference between a "Good Black Man" and a "Bad Black Man."  I was born to an educated man.  My dad was a graduate of Harvard University in Cambridge.  Growing up here in Texas, I would (from time to time) get lessons about bigotry and animosity towards the Black Skinnned People that were very prominent in Dallas Life.  The child of the 1980's that I was, I remember, actually that people who were Black and people who were White actually got along much better - much better than they do today with the rise of the evil nigger of Washington D.C.  I remember as a child my friends at an apartment complex where I lived who were Black.  I even remember my black friend who would play with me as a child the toys we would both get for Christmas.  On top of all that, I remember when we were both 11 years old as a group of drunk United States Marines who were busy snorting cocaine filled my 11 year old black friend full of machine gun holes as we were playing by the swimming pool.  I remember telling him right before he died that a better watch out because those people with the machine guns and army "tighty whitey" (USMC Uniforms) were clearly "drinking" and they looked crazy and had guns.  He mouthed off.  He got a bullet in his heart and his brain because of it.  There were other soldiers that fought back for him.  I remember running around crying, but who gives a shit now?  Taking to heart that the drug trafficking empires of the 1980's were usually run by soldiers in the military, and that the violence that was ending Dallas as a respectably city was caused by National Law Enforcement and Military Personnel.

But how do I remember all of this?  How?  That was a scene out of 1987, one of two dozens incidents were innocent children were massacred for doing nothing at all.  I mean, today, it is October of 2020 and this incident was nearly 35 years ago.  Well, to tell you the truth, a lot of it started for me when I was younger.  Both of my parents were reasonably intelligent.  Both were college educated, and both were essentially born and raised in New York City in the 1930's and 1940's and new and understood the United States of America very well.  As a child I remember my dad's record collection of all the songs he would hear while living in New York City in the 1960's.  My dad's parents were from Spain and Mexico, though they were as white as any European Spaniard can be.  Neither one of my parents ever moved to Dallas Texas because they wanted to.  The cold hearted reality of how my father even came to this city is difficult to explain but it did involve running - literally running away from the U.S. - only to be forced back with the barrel of a gun and a Military Transport Truck pointed at his face at the age of 40 years old back in 1982.

How could I remember such an incident with such detail?  It's easy, I wrote, and the Nigger who is currently in possession of me has my journals.  The nigger that is sitting in some office tower, or possibly the large Texas Instruments Complex here in Dallas can broadcast audio and video directly into my brain though the advanced brainwashing chips that are in my body.  How could that be?  Would it not make me crazy?  Would I not suffer immeasurably?  Well, YES.  I do suffer.  I suffer in ways not many people in human history have suffered.  I know what torture is.  I know all about torture and this upstart, Black Centric, radicalized terrorist regime that runs the small businesses of Dallas Texas.   I am sitting here today, in a really bad hotel - literally paying over $1,000 per month rent for what is a glorified shoe-box - being encouraged to write the words that I'm typing.  When I type these words, it is because the slave-trafficking regime is either intending to begin freeing people's minds, or it intends to subsequently embarrass and slander the words I write in front of me and the family I still have watching.  How am I supposed to know what My Master's intentions really are??  If I write a couple of angry pages about how the Dallas Black Man treats the people around him here today, and type "The N Word" a few times into my blog article for today...  How do I know if I'll get to type anything accurate, truthful or sane tomorrow?

Micro-chips in a man's body are a horrible atrocity that has gone on far too long in this country.  To summarize how I started out here today, there are good Black People in the world.  There are bad Black People in the World.  When you hear a voice from somebody speaking on a public broadcasting channel that "Black Stereotypes" are the types of things that hurt blacks, you should think twice about what you are hearing.  If you are the type that has integrity, honesty, and a respect for mankind - believes that Peace on Earth is great, that Good Will towards Men is a virtue, then you are probably somebody who knows that saying "All Black People are such and such" or that "All White People are so and so" ... You probably know that such stereotypes will hurt the good people, whatever skin color they happen to have.  Negative and abusive stereotypes of Whites exists to.

But we hear about Stereotypes a lot in the media.  I hear stereotypical stories in the speaker that is surgically implanted in my ear-drum all the time.  Who writes such tripe?  Who is getting rich by all of this?  I'll tell you: evil white men and evil niggers working together to traffic slaves.  An evil nigger is different than an honest black man.  An evil nigger knows that he can sell his own people out.  An evil nigger knows that through repression and brainwashing he is capable of gaining riches, fortunes, real estate and power - all right here in Dallas Texas - when he purports the moronic stereo types that are so insulting to blacks, whites, and just about anybody with a brain.  But, why?  Why is nonsense so important to an evil man.  This is the easy part: disinformation.  Disinformation is the absence of truth, the absence of sense itself in society.  Disinformation prevents people in society from working together as a unit.  Disinformation prevents individuals from basing themselves on their knowledge, their education, their learning abilities, and the personal traits that they aquire over the years as they live their lives.  When I have to lay in my bed, and listen to an evil nigger broadcast another afternoon of hate-speech about how 'all niggers like to eat fried chicken at KFC' - or 'all wetbacks like to stuff their face with burritos before going out to mow the lawn', I cannot think.  I am unable to think.  I cannot formulate my own thoughts about life.  I get to lay in my bed, and at best (on a good day), go out and ride a Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) bust to get some milk, eggs and cheese.  On a bad day the mind-control broadcasting software that runs this city with an Iron Fist is so sadistic and so ignorant that shouting at my wall begging these torture parties to just put a bullet in my brain to end the pain is all I can do.

There are differences.  The evil nigger sells out the white man.  The evil slave trafficking empire sells out the good blacks in this city.  The Slave Trafficker sells out all our futures and our children's futures so that he can keep what never belonged to him in the first place.  So that he can continue to operate the Surveillance Cameras that ooze out of every corner of every Starbucks and Franchise Chain Store in the City while we sit here and make idiotic jokes about them.  So that he (the slave holder) can use the financial banking computer networks to his advantage.  Why ever worry about work again when you can control the Databases that "keep an proper accounting of our money"?  What if you had access to the computers that Police Patrol Cars are required to keep in their cars?  What if you - literally - had access to the electronic broadcasting chips that are kept inside the bodies of the Dallas Police Force?  I'll tell you what, you could live in the lap of luxury for the rest of your life knowing full well that ever being scrutinized by anybody - especially the "Fake Law Enforcement Agencies" of Dallas Texas.

That is the rise of the evil man over the good.  That is the collapse of the United States of America.  This is what has happened.  Yes, many of the slave traffickers are black.  Yes they are evil.  Yes they prefer your to wear an apron, a name tag, or answering a customer service telephone while they control all the banking computers, cameras and microchip implants in the city.  

Gorging themselves on your service.

Friday, October 2, 2020

The Mentality of a Dallas Nigger raping a society like he would a pig.

Sitting in a hotel room, no freedom whatsoever.  A nigger in some office space somewhere in Dallas is getting a big erection in his pants as he rapes me like I were a swine - literally using electric wires attached to my groin area to stimulate my sex glands as he talks to me about how great a leader Donald Trump is, and how thankful I should be for getting raped.  The Dallas Nigger and his atrocity Software Engine has butchered so any lives in this society.  How powerful that Nigger to be a slave holder - to be a slave-owner!  How wonderful he feels to have black skin, and a big giant black hairy dick - and use electrical cables to control the glands in our bodies, so the Dallas Men are "provided" free electrical-crotch stimulation - quite literally experiencing the same sexual stimulation that God reserved for the purposes of love and man and wife and children - used to give The Nigger the control of the people to worship his evil cause.  Hypno-programming is all about stimulating the glands in our bodies, and bombarding surgically implanted electronics in our ears, and even our eyes.  When a Nigger whose works for one of these despicable Human-Trafficking offices, he takes lives and tortures them until they have worshipped the authority of sociopathic, ignorant and (sometimes) violent extremist organizations that function as nothing but disgusting Organized Crime Enforces.  The Dallas Police Department is a brutal, bigoted (racist) and ignorant terrorist organization.  They are what organized crime is in the world. 

My heart sings reading Newspapers and seeing Black Police (and White Police) gunned down.  I have been forced to listen to "Fake News" a la the bullshit of (yet another) international liar (Donald Trump) telling the world about American Greatness, all the while allowing these hypno-programming gland-control operations to function in society.  Not to long ago, organized crime targeted me again, and took my home, my father, and everything I owned and threw it into the street.   I have been tortured in my lifetime before.  Tortured using surgically implanted electronic wires that can excite the glands in my body to produce whatever emotions God intended me to experience when he gave me the body that he gave me.  I live in a cheap hotel now - and I hate it.  I had so many things in my life I considered to be completely priceless stolen from me like you would take 

The murder of a NIGGER like BREONA TAYLOR, POLICE OFFICER should be celebrated by the people in this country.  I consider myself an educated man.  I went to Harvard & a place called The Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  I listened as my mother was raped by a nigger in the 1980's.  I watched my white friends murdered like animals for being nothing more than White Children inside of (largely) White School Districts in Dallas Texas as a child by United States Soldiers, and Dallas Police Officers.  I consider myself educated, but know, that being willing to speak up against Police Brutality, and have evidence in front of you that shows the School Shooters of the 1980's were not anything like what was being portrayed in the media and the newspaper.  BREONA TAYLOR WAS A POLICE OFFICER, AND (BECAUSE OF HYPNO PROGRAMMING), WE SHOULD LOOK PAST THE COLOR OF HER SKIN, AND WE SHOULD THINK ABOUT CELEBRATING THE GREAT ACT THAT OCCURED OF HER KILLING.

When I have to live in a world, where I may lie in my bed, and be subjected to torture and subjected to psychological abuse laying in my bed - we should know there are problems in society.  Nobody in the main-stream media is questioning whether it was a good thing that an armed militant - a Police Officer - was killed.  If I have to lay in my bed and listen to "The Voices" that the Dallas Rapists who have the Software Engineering Skills to broadcast such audio and video content directly into my skull while I lay in bed - then I believe it would be an act of defiance against God to say anything other than the death of Breaona Taylor is an act of justice for the people.  When a police officer is killed, my heart sings.  It sings not because I am a "Sick Man" who is in love with violence, but because every two-bit idiotic news-article lie that is broadcast on the terrorist back news organizations is also broadcast into my brain while I lay in bed.  I cannot escape news, and nobody in Dallas who is implanted can escape.  Perhaps in a country where people were treated with dignity by the government, I would be ashamed and sad to see a young women killed by one of her own.  But I do not live in such a country.  Many of the blacks in Dallas who are also implanted choose to handle things like this differently than I do.  Many of them work as slaves as well.

But the quesiton is why?  When I am "more emotional" I am more easily suggestible.  When I am more angry, it is more easy to demoralize me.  When I am reactionary, the ability for a Dallas Hypno-Programming Software Controller to order me around.  When I am negative or cynical or depressed or scared thinking about "racism" - the Computer-Armed Slave-Trafficking Regime can force me to go just about anywhere in the city that they want me to go.  When I feel bad, the Commputer-Armed Slave-Trafficking "African American" can prohibit me from reading a single word in any book that is printed in this city.  When I lay in my bed and am forced to think about stories so idiotic that they are literally "News Stories about how News is Fake News" - because the nonsense is being digitally "piped" into my brain by a terrorist whose is loving every minute of "race war nonsense" and "Black Power Rape" that is going on in society - I simply cannot function.  When I cannot function, another Scientists, Mathematician, Engineer who didn't want to hide in some corner for the rest of his life and lie about things is silenced and destroyed.

The number of Black People in Dallas out-number the people with "White Skin" at least 3 to 1.  When the news broadcasts from "Up North" (New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc...) are blabbing about the Black Power Movements of the North, the White's here in the South who have ever even used the term "Educated White Male" are being raped, subjugated, and tortured until they submit to this Black Regime that wants to see "Educated White Males" in auto-body garages, fast-food kitchens, and grocery stores.

I live in a society far away from this rotten piece of shit, "Donald Trump."   I have been quarantined in Dallas since the Biggest Nigger who rapes "Barrack Hussein the Butcher Obama" took office in 2008.  Being forced to remain in a city that I watched butchered as a child of the 1980's - Dallas Texas - over and over and over again using the TV that has forced into my skull, just like The Nigger wanted so he could rule this City of Dallas, Texas as he saw fit.  

I would gladly leave the United States forever.  This country has had a rise of evil occur largely since the Reagan Era.  I am 45 years old.  I was electronically implanted when I was 19.  I was the smartest kid in the North Texas area when I applied to Stanford, Harvard, M.I.T...  I would write a lot about Police Officer showing up in schools and shooting them full of holes.  I watched Boston Police Officers shoot up M.I.T. in 1993 and 1994.  I have not been treated well.  I tried to leave the US.  I went to China, and I was forced to return where I subsequently surgeried by the first act of "Obama Care" which occurred in 1995.