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Monday, October 28, 2019

Here comes the happy

I was lying in bed for four hours yesterday after dinner.  The "Fuck-Butcher" down at Texas Instruments (or which-ever office he is sitting) was absolutely terrorizing my eye and ear implants yesterday.  I have been programming non-stop for about a month now.  My Master comes up with "little projects" to make the software library that I have on the Internet bigger.  I keep thinking "What if Bill Gates had had an electrode in his testicles in 1975 when he started MicroSoft"

It is going to reach 68 degrees today!  Dallas has wonderful Fall, Winter, and (sort-of) Springs.  I get to listen "The Fuck-Butcher" read idiotic journal articles about Dallas Weather while in High School.  Ocotober in Dallas is the nicest month anywhere on earth.  59 Degrees is really nice to the human-body.

Hana Le made Vietnamese Noodles and the Beef-Pot Roast that I invented about 6 months ago.  I am planning a resistance movement where I walk into office towers an shoot all of them.  They can sit in front of their computers at T.I. and / or North Dallas Bank, type words into their keyboards - and I have to listen to some nigger repeat those words while I'm lying in my room, by myself.  It is sexual assault.   THEY CAN MAKE YOUR KIDNEY'S STOP WITH SOME VARIANTS OF THE PROGRAM.  THEY CAN MAKE YOUR HEART SLOW DOWN WITH SOME COMBINATIONS OF AUDIO, VIDEO, AND SEXUAL PROGRAMMING.

I want to walk into Texas Instruments and kill 1,000 Slave Traffickers.  It would be the right thing to do.  If God came out of the sky, and saw slave-traffikers using implants that were put into people's bodies to control them - I don't think he would be upset if a "Mass Shooter" killed all of them.  Were not the United States Marines mass shooters when they walked into Berlin in 1945?


Saturday, October 5, 2019

Against my wishes, and in my home.

 am using my Cell Phone, and Hana has been using my laptop, my brain-control guy is telling me what to write to you - I am listening to some "little nigger bitch" recite this stupid email to you.  "My little boyfriend," as I like to shout out in my room when I am addressing him enjoys using recorded women's voices when he's talking to his slaves (not men's voices) because women's voices are more debilitating - and it is easier to make a slave (like me) obey.  I go through life thinking that somebody who sort of looks like and sounds like Condolezza Rice is really into to me, and really into bossing me around all day.

Anyway, as you can obviously very well see "My Master" or "My little boyfriend" has relaxed his requirements that I never speak of him in emails or with other peoole.  And as you can see - having waited 25 years he seems to be composing emails where he is actually condemning himset, and reading them to me - so that now, here, today in October of 2019 (25 years after I was first implanted - in college) I am capable of writing emails that are more honest and reflective of my life... Now that I am 44 years old.

Today, I was at home fighting with them - fighting as in I am physically yelling at my wall, while Hana is out at the library - about heart valve problems because heart valve problems are one major consequence of screaming at some nigger female whose voice recordings are being broadcast directly into my brain.  I don't feel that I am racist - I mean psychological human rights abuses are much more serious than shouting some word like nigger in my room when I'm at home alone - or in an email to my mother.

Anyways loud explosions of anger can cause serious problems with my aorta - when they are being cruel to me with their words - I can experience spells where I almost faint...   I have been working harder and harder at the gym which I attend to recover from the physics damage that hypno-programming has done to my body.  I can bench press, squat press, work on the elliptical trainer, and I do lots of stretches.  I have much better energy than before - but when that "cute little nigger bitch" (spliced recordings) that is being broadcast into my ears via the implants that the government inserted into my skull without my permission - when she starts threatening me and yelling at me it makes me angry.

25 years later "my little boyfriend" is telling me I despite all the exercise, I still have some heart valve problems.  I have not been to any hospital In years, nor met with any doctors, instead the same man that runs these hypno programming software broadcast system - the same man that rapes me - is also trying to function as my doctor AND EVEN MY YOU-FIT GUM EXERCISE TRAINER.

Agat, only Hana is here in my room right now - but but BOTH her AND I are also listening to third party government officials through "The Wireless" micro- speaker system that they put into my skull 25 years ago AGAINST MY WISHES.

I don't know what to do about heart valve problems, but I am doing more high impact weight lifting on a "timed circuit" at YOU-FIT gym here in Richardson...