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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Torture, and "Bank of America" Office Space in Dallas.

Having a belief system that includes an understanding of the difference between right and wrong is not something that is guaranteed in all societies throughout the course of human history, nor in all places on the planet today.  The former United States Territories happens to be one of them.  I have tried to write as much as I can about facts that I know to be true, because I lived through them growing up in Dallas.  History is a complicated topic, and generally is a really good thing for a person to study, and, obviously will strengthen a person's moral character by knowing things about history.  History can also be "re-written" - and the major news networks in the United States have done quite a bit of historical re-writing involving things about America's War.  However, there are lower actions that a rogue regime like exists in Dallas may take that are worse than historical re-writing.  Much of my life has been to observe total and complete falsification of events in Dallas, one a day to day basis, of important (radicalized) elements in this city that are routinely - ritualistically - covered up, hidden, and lied about every single day of the week here.  People in Dallas are often tortured, but you would never know it given how merciless the weapons of the Bank of America Office Building can be.  Drugs, hypno-programming, and stolen money can easily bury a victim of torture into a total lethargy, complete acquiescence, and silence thereby leaving the individuals who's rights are being trampled and sexually abused, little hollowed at shells of human life for the remainder of the individual's time in which he wishes to make public the attacks on his or her life.

People are silenced.  They are silenced using such a wide array of weapons of silencing at the disposal of the tower / castles 30 stories up in the sky that the victims of these attacks become some over-powered by hatred the mere act of communicating becomes difficult.  The people who run this city are corrupt, self-absorbed, nobodies who stole so much from so many that they have literally destroyed the fabric and foundations that made facilitated the success or our ancestors at building the, now morally defunct, United States.  There are myriad of ways to attack and destroy a man's character, but in societies and locations around the world that have a better understanding of what the word justice even means - justice is supposed to look out for rogue individuals who hurt others for bad reasons involving gain / self-interest.  Obviously, self-defense is usually, or at least ought-to-be thought of as acceptable, while a brazen attack on an individuals life for the goal of taking what doesn't belong to you is very wrong.

In Dallas, the "ways and means" of destroying my life are so numerous that even trying to write becomes difficult.  Before explaining more about the "implements of torture" that the sexual-assault regime in the Dallas Office Towers utilize - every day of the week - perhaps explaining something about what it is usually like for me, every single day of the week, to live here at all would help.  First, let's talk about justice.  For almost all of my life (being a political problem), I have been force fed the notion that justice is the tool that "Black People" need to use to fight against me - a white man.  I have written over and over again that the way these 'self-proclaimed gods' terrorize me is by broadcasting computer generated gibberish and hateful language directly into my brain via a speaker that has been surgically implanted into my ear-drum.  This speaker system can do things scream gibberish to disorient me when I am writing or attempting to write a document on a computer.  In fact, this very narrative-log that I'm typing today has been stalled time and time again as I sit at my keyboard only to listening to extremely bigoted, racist, insulting and horrifically abusive language for trying to type a single word.

Writing about the rogue-regime in this country is as difficult as waiting for a rapist or a murder to sit down, think about the wrong he has done, and write a nicely written letter of apology to the families of his murder victims.  Such things almost never happen.  When murderers and rapists are sent to prison, generally, they are prevented from having any contact at all with the people still living.  Sitting here, I have already had to wait 2 months before I was even permitted to type anything at all.  I began writing to my "The Narrative" in the fall of 2018, and here it is the fall of 2019 and My Master - yes, I am a slave, and treated much worse than "The Civil War Niggers" ever were.  But that's just the whole point.  If you are a political prisoner, the kind of abuse that you will be forced to endure attacks and destroys the fabric of your argument through the use of computer-reproduced politically-satanic language destroying any ability to portray yourself as a reasonable human being.

There are others in this city, I'm sure, I am not the only one who has been persecuted as a political prisoner - tortured inside of my own homes here in Dallas.  I have been tortured to the point of suicide so many times, that I probably would have died at the age of 41, if "The Fuck-Butcher" (My Master) had not decided to force me into his latest stunt-show of atrocity (my exercise at the gymnasium program).   Yes, I have programs.  Yes, I must obey these programs or I am severely tortured through quite a number of his "staples" that are kept in his bag of tricks.  Sleep-deprivation seems like a silly thing doesn't it?  But what if you had had these human-rights-problematic devices put into your body by the same niggers who gave us "Obama-Care"?  It's one thing to want to advance the state of your people and your culture, but the nigger's ethnic genocide of my own person should end at my front-door.  Having a terrorist backed regime sexually abuse me and be told that "for the benefit of black people" we will be weaponizing places such as hospitals - places that were created for the sole-purpose of saving and bettering human life - as medieval dungeons for butchering the people of the (former) United States really means that "Barrack Obama" (or whatever the fuck his real name is) ought to be a hearty "Fuck You Nigger, You Sexually Assaulted Me!"

Yes, I was sexually assaulted by "My Master" during Barrack Hussein Obama's "regime."  Perhaps there was a race war in this part of the world 150 years ago.  I have the history of the Civil War and seen the fields of bodies of the white people that were killed, and I have also seen the images of the Black People who were wipped for "defying their master."  But why does that give a regime the right to take "White Slaves" today?  I have white skin.  I am a slave.  These are facts that truly run counter to everything that has been broadcast by the major "News Networks" on the Cable Boxes that are so freely distributed to the population of Dallas.  My Master, utilizing the weaponized electronics that he has stolen for himself in the Dallas Office Space that was built by the American's during the middle and later part of the twentieth century here - is capable of assaulting me in broad-daylight without even coming putting a hand on me.

Simple assault, aggravated assault - these are all tool that are easy for him.  Not everyone in Dallas lives with electronics in their bodies.  It is almost a guarantee that you are part robot if you have been forced into some of the more demeaning forms of employment (any grocery or food-service franchise where name-tags, logos, aprons, and menial labor are the norm).  When I go to a McDonald's, and I see a group of dehumanized Mexican women working all day cleaning and making fast food for the pitiful salaries they get, I know they are part woman, and part robot.

OH.... And as far as the racism goes, if you have brown skin (or black skin) you will hear "anti-Mexican" or "anti-black" rhetoric... I suspect, since - and this is a very crucial point to think about - I cannot hear the voices, sounds, or broadcasts that another person is being subjected to in my ear-drums even though I'm standing right next to them!  Judging by how racist and cruel the speech I am often forced to listen to, and by how ignorant Barrack Obama and Donald Trump played about the entire state of the Union - I suspect the language isn't a whole lot better than the language I am forced to endure every day of my life.

But what about the topic of torture?  I have electrodes inside my body, and they can be used to torture me, literally whenever and for whatever reason My Master has decided.  The Mexican women at McDonald's clearly aren't being "tortured" because if they were there is no way they would continue to work at such a place.  There are a lot of things to say about this, but I know that there are many people who are no longer willing to listen to people talk about the government at all.  Spreading ignorance is a goal of the "Fuck Butcher Regime" that spends its days in the opulence of Dallas Office Towers.  Ignorance is compounded by financial, and even sexual rewards for promoting ignorance.  I have tried to explain that one of the favorite tools of the regime is racism and racial repression.   I have also explained that I do have "White Skin" but I don't particularly like the term a "White Guy" very much because it is precisely such language that is used to remove and eliminate all the locales, variables, persons, places and things that "differentiates "one white guy from another."  Because of this fact, My Master has used all his life that "Black People are Oppressed" - and this individual who owns my life, and is capable of forcing his will and his decisions on my and the members of my family - this "Fuck Butcher" can deride, demoralize, and destroy my heart, my will and my brain before I even try to pick up a pen and pencil or sit down at a key-board to explain what slavery really is like.

I know that having "Black Skin" or "Brown Skin" does not necessarily make the character of a man bad - or good - either way.  It can influence the type of man a person is, though.  Generally the leaders in society are supposed to worry about preventing "bias" for the sole purpose that "bias" can eliminate things like an intelligent Harvard Educated Black Individual, and promote an ignorant machine-gun toting USMC for no other reason than the color of his skin.  Such things are supposed to be frowned on - for the biggest reason of all being that when people ask a group or organization about their respect for the different cultures, pointing out that they hired a Harvard Educated African American improves their image.  But that's racism in America, and it has been well understood since before the day I was born.  In June of 1975 is when I came into existence, and Martin Luther King had already powered millions of "African Americans" onto every TV crew, every sports stadium, and just about every police force in the (now, former) United States.  That's fine - well, everything except for the terrorist backed American Police.  I personally watched every movie Eddie Murphy made as a child - with my parents sitting next to me.

OK, but here today, when a "Fuck Butcher" in a Dallas Office can utilize the auspicies of some kind of horrific "Hospital Revitalization" (Obama-Care) to cover up the fact that my person was kidnapped, brought to a hospital, and a doctor has surgically implanted electrodes into the ears of every memeber of my extended family (including my 80 year old Aunt living in Mexico City), all of a sudden racism doesn't seem to be the real problem.  In fact racism was settled so quickly when these surgeries started to proliferate that even hearing a racist word from anybody in society at all (other than the pigs on TV News Channels) is almost impossible.  No, the purpose of bringing up bigotry again is to point out that a "Rapist Fuck Butcher" who runs these slave trafficking networks is not to concerned with the morality of what he says.  If you are white, then you will be called "a hater of black people" and force-fed all kinds of "Anti-African Rhetoric" until you get off of your political-prisoner diatribe and accept a job mopping the floor at McDonald's.

I have never done so.  I tortured to suicide enough times in my life because of my refusal to accept a job where I was not total control of my own decisions that I could easily have died dozens of times.  I have been told by doctors that I have everything from cancer, to leukemia, to diabetes, to cystic fibrosis... and of course one wouldn't want to leave out the weaponized psychological attacks.  Toture starts with those annoying headphones that I cannot rip out of my skull yelling at me in the middle of the night.  The first time it happens it seems kind of cute - like there is some kind of strange homo-sexual who is into talking to you in your bed.  (And Obama's love of 'homosexuality')...  However, after a week such voices inside your skull, you won't have slept for a week.  When a human being is denied the right to sleep in his own bed for a period of more than a few days, his internal chemistry starts to shut down.  I can think of multiple times where in the course of an entire month I was prevented from sleeping more than two or three nights!

And the rapists continue to run this city!  And they talk about justice as if "The Dallas Police Department" are anything fut hit-men enforcers for this sexually perverted regime abusing me in my own bed!

In any case, that's the state of "racism" ... (My Master speaking to me, in so many words) Torello, you are not African American, and if you make any attempt to say your rights have been infringed a Black Dallas Police Officer will be here to tell you that you are wrong.  Black people are the only political targets of repression, so could you please shut your mouth.

In any case, what if I had accepted a job at O'Reilly Auto Parts and learning to repair automobiles in the Dallas Summer Weather?  Well, given the amount of writing that I had done beginning in as early 1989, and continue throughout my education at M.I.T. (right next to Harvard University - a college I was also accepted by, but chose the technical college instead)...  Having a college degree and not guilty of any crimes, I tried to explain to my Master that he should go fuck himself and perhaps I could download stories about sexually torturing his family - just like he does to mine.... And yes, my mother is in her late 70's and to this day has not had the electrodes from her body (including her sex organs) removed.  Stimulating the sexual organs of a human being when a "Politcally Savvy" (read: Dictator) is on TV makes a human being much more susceptible to orders, slavery, and attacking their own families in the name of "The Greater Good" or "The United States of America."

But that's the point.  Arguments about "The Greater Good" invariably turn into bullshit points that really just empower the office-space slave-trafficker to increase his bank account, and increase his network - while the people that he owns - the people that he literally controls but on cute little hats, name-tags, fast-food aprons, and nifty little logos and do the work that their Master has provided for them.  Who the fuck would ever want 20 fast food franchise chain restaurants on any given corner in a city?  Who???  There are city-blocks in Dallas where the number of places to eat or by food are so numerous that the family unit where children eat with their parents, and adults visit each-other for meals seems almost non-existant.

If hypno-programmers can make family members dislike each other, condemn eachother, even commit crimes against each other...  If they can prevent and destroy any attempt that a man or woman makes to educate themselves in a reasonable fashion, then forcing them into corners and accepting the work becomes easy.  When that is topped with active psychological conditioning to accept political leaders using sexually-controlling electronics that were surgically inserted into their bodies (and calling it "Obama-Care") people become conformist.  They learn to mistrust each other, mistrust society and mistrust anything that looks wholesome.  Instead, the belief that the office tower employees, the Dallas Police Department, the (Former) U.S. Military, and CNN / Fox News are here to keep us safe.

And America continues to promote "Homo-Sexuality" and call it main stream.  How do you argue with such gibberish?  When the news is infatuated with "Gay Rights" - arguing that hypno-programming involves abusing me (a man) while lying in my own bed in my own home at night is impossible!  And that's why "Gay Rights" are all of a sudden a really big deal!  How could argue with them... Ignorance is the ultimate goal of a kleptocracy that steals billions of dollars in the name of slave-trafficking.  The dumber that people are, the more difficult it is for anybody to cry foul.

And America continues to look like a "Land of Human Sacrifice" where kids in schools are massacred and we are further told to believe that the journalists are helping, and the police are really trying, they just don't have enough money or resources.  Maybe we could try believing harder in our Masters, or up their salaries over at Bank of America.  They already own the god-damned bank and have the ability to create bank accounts whenever they god-damned want to

Like I haven't seen and interacted with "Black People" since the day I was born... And I'm almost 45 years old...  Hey Torello, "You are a racist" seem innocuous, until you are asleep at night, and Mr. rapist Freddy Kruegar starts bothering you while you are trying to sleep at night... And then does this again and again.  A month later he can break your shoulder or leg as you become so exhausted and he starts yelling at your as a car drives by... (which they have done to me)