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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Barnes and Noble

Sitting in a barnes and noble, wondering what the fuck the government brain control "fuck butchers" have planned for the next few days.  Sitting around has become what I will say I did when I die.  My master has allowed - encouraged if you will - daily trips to the gym for me over the past 18 months.  It hasn't been a lot of fun, but the eye-socket and ear-drum implants that I am forced to live with, without any ability of my own to change this fact, has generally been encouraging me to lift weights, do as much stretching as I can, and go on the various treadmills that they have there.  What a life?  What kind of life is this anyway?  How can there be a slave trafficking government that seems to encourage it's citizenry to discuss anything they can - as long as they leave the word "slavery computer and control" out of their vocabulary.

Generally, I want nothing more than to leave this god forsaken shit-hole that they call a country "USA."  If it is is anything, it is not a functioning country.  In any case, writing is difficult.  It can be near impossible.  Anybody who is female and is perfectly willing to compromise her beliefs, morals, and literally the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong can get a pretty good job with the major news-publishing empires that are relentlessly and incessantly pumping out total gibberish on the TV all day.

Generally, the garbage that the former U.S. regime likes to broadcast on the television has no value at all except to brainwash people.  Generally, the greatest value of all is to precisely the people that these news-casters like to state "do not exist.". What I know about the deep state does not come from experience of working in (what used to be, but no longer is in any way shape or form) the traditional centers of the U.S. Military's "power centers" or "nerve centers.". The power and authority that buildings like the Pentagon ceased being a major force in the United States in the 1970's, largely due to how many people fought back on the "Evil Overlord Complex" where thousands of innocent people were being murdered, for no other reason that "having a war means having lots of power."  That was the 1970's, and though the U.S. Army continued to exists (in theory) up until today, the vast majority of soldiers in the 1980's and early 1990's did not report to anything resembling a chain of command.  That I can attest to, I know what Dallas Texas (and Boston, Massachusetts) were like when I was growing up.

No, complaining about the "Deep State" is something journalists like to do.  Both sides always do the exact same thing, they refuse to identify that slave trafficking and computer-biological control that exists in these states (the former United States).  Fuck-Butcher Idiot Boxes like Tucker Carlson, Anderson Cooper (and even the self-proclaimed "non-mainstream media" types like Alex Jones) will spew hate-speech that in 110% of the situations will perfectly eliminated all blame on the rapists that are in the office tower, here, in Dallas Texas just a few blocks down from the Barnes and Noble from where I am typing..

Do not shy away.  If anyone reading this has ever worked at a Starbucks, McDonald's, Taco Bell, Chili's, or Auto-Part Store of any kind here in the North Texas area, you know exactly what I mean... These monsters implant you.  They implant your genitalia with electronics that can cause humans to "experience sexual stimulation" whenever "your master" (whatever you want to call these people in these office towers that dot our skyline - rapist fuck-butchers is my favorite).  You experience sexual stimulation whenever the software has been promoting government officials on the television that the regime has found sympathetic to their cause.  Why?  Why would a man or a woman be so sadistic, heinous and criminally insane? BECAUSE THEY STEAL ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THEY CAN. 

I am in my mid-40's.  If you ask why I am able to write anything at all into a cell phone using a blue-tooth keyboard inside some shit-box barnes and noble with some of the worst collection of human-readable dog-shit on the planet (the "book selection" they provide here), I was one of the earlier American's in this God-for-saken countries to have been implanted.  A long time ago, let's call this time the mid-1990's, I was a college student in my teens and early twenties at a place known as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Not everybody who attends or was admitted to M.I.T. really got there with a lot of brains.  In fact, my freshman year was so awful - having witnessed at leased to of my "pledge brothers killed" due to gun-fueled violence, that I literally tried to leave the U.S. and was in the process of renouncing my citizenship to live in China in 1995, when "the government" brought me back with a gun at my back.  I didn't like it in Boston, not because "it was a lot worse than Dallas" - quite the contrary, the drug-fueled violence that was shattering Dallas was just as bad at the "famous and renowned places such as Harvard and M.I.T."

The reality is that there was a drug war in the 1980's - and some who know that it was almost a war of cesesstion although the reality is that the United States Military was probably the most over-funded, over-staffed and over-powered military to have ever been assembled on the planet (literally) since God created the world and the stars and the heavens.  I remember as a child seeing everything from Bazooka's to the Howitzers to Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles parked out front of the Junior High School where I was a student in 1988.

In any case, re-writing all the lies that the phony "Federal Fraud Machine" has published in the past 25 years about the Regan and Bush 1 years would take thousands of pages.  In places like Texas where I grew up (although both of my parents spent most of their life in New York City, and a little in San Francisco) one could probably make the argument that "de-population" similar to what occured during the NAZI-American war of the 1940's in Europe had losses that were probably similar.  Before my eye-sockets and ear-drums were implanted - which broadcast audio and video that will immediately shut-down a mind from speaking to any topic that the new "Master Race" in the office towers does not wish you to speak to - before these chips were implanted, I think I would have said that the Regan and Bush I presidencies killed more American Citizens at the heavy hand of USMC (United States Marine Corps) and local renegade police departments that were ever killed by Tojo, Hitler, and Stalin during the second world war.  Many of my best friends as a child were all dead before I was even 18 years old.  In fact, for the talking idiot boxes on national television, in places like texas where Mexican and Hispanic people seem to be as large a segment of the population as any "Americanized White Population" the millions that immigrated to the United States in the late 1990's and early 2000's (which millions did) brought quite a bit of stability and population to a city that really used to feel quite a bit like a ghost town.

I used to have video footage from 1990 in a North Dallas suburb of a street which today is usually jam-packed solid with cars at rush hour.  There were empty stores every where a person went in this city, and rarely many people driving on the streets.  That's what I remember.

In any case, one thing that no one I know ever really appreciates is how much effort it used to be to get a solid, real education in this country.  I know plenty of people came to M.I.T. with me who literally graduated, and even today portray themselves as knowing almost nothing about technology - after finishing at what (used to be) the top technical and science college out there.  In any case, here in Dallas to say that the remnant factions of the American Government were violent, stupid, and arrogant and demonstrated a bottomless lack of respect for the people of Dallas, and were perfectly willing to butcher a man's children in front of him before ceding even an inch of power was TRULY HOW THINGS WERE IN 1989.

I once went to a movie called "Rattle and Hum" - this movie was by a "Rock Band" from the 1980's.  The year was 1989.  I watched a man in a suit and tie who conspicuously was affiliated with one of these terror groups like the Dallas Police or the "F.B.I." bring a bomb to the theater and blow it up - because he didn't like "U2" the band.  It was after the movie ended.  I was 15 years old.  It was right there on the corner of Coit and Spring Valley in Dallas Texas.

This "Human Sewage" are the types of people that ceazed office space, expensive homes, pieces of million dollar property in the most expensive parts of Dallas Texas in the 1990's.

And how did this "Human Filth" do it?  They implanted human beings with electrodes (Audio Video) that destroyed theirs souls, their hearts, their minds, and reduced them to "Chefs at home" or "Chef's at McDonalds".

Whenever I hear about a mass shooter, I cry.  I don'yt particularly believe anything these fuck-butchers on TV say about them.  However, knowing full well how this institution fights the people, because I cannot present any evidence that these "Mass Shootings are Fake" - I will make to statement or writing that ever claims that "I know these are fake."  I personally think they are, but it is not too relevant either way.  I mean, if there is somebody up in the sky on the thirtieth floor that has terrorized a man so horrifically that he lost his mind and desires to shoot up a school to kill innocent children, generally such a person will occupy a very special place at the bottom of hell when he meets the big red one.  In any case their are so many different possibilities for what has happened that explaining the hundreds of scenarios for who might have died, who might have done the hypno-programming, if these are even real people is bottomless, infinite, and impossible to obtain evidence for a person like me who was been ruthlessy, mercilessly and horribly subjugated by this "Master" that I have.

Needless to say, I would never walk into a school full of children, a stip-mall full of weekened shoppers, or "a church on parents weekend" and kill the innocent.  However, there is building down the street.  It has a name that says "Concentra" out front.  There are dozens (of sky-scrapers) that dot the Dallas sky-line.  I don't know which ones contain employees of the regime of human trafficking - and which (if any at all!?) have actual employees working to provide a valuable good or service to the people of this country.

Trust me, if I met the people that hypnoprogram me, I would walk into their office with an AR-15 and kill every-single-one of them, and bring the bodies to the middle of the street and dump them their.  I would spray paint "#METOO" and "#MALE-SEXUAL-ASSAULT" all over their rotting corpses, and dedicate my life to exposing the computer systems, surveillance camera's, financial-computer corruption empire that they have built for all the world to see.  And the day I died I would just remind God what George Washington promoted "Give me Liberty, or Give me Death" - and hope things worked out at the Pearly Gates.