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Friday, July 26, 2019

Computer-Biological Control of the People of Dallas

What if you worked (or even lived in) an office tower where you had access to the radio-frequencies that the police departments used?  Well, that would be something, wouldn't it, but probably not enough to stop "a squad" of the "radicalized armed militants" (hit-men) of the Dallas Police Department from breaking your door "if they really wanted to."  No it probably isn't enough today to go to a Radio-Shak or one of the Computer Super Stores and go get a Radio Frequency Scanner, it probably wouldn't do a damned thing other than getting people to point, stand there, and laugh at you for trying to fight the goons.  But, today, if they have the ability to fight arbitrary battles inside of our restaurants, our banks, our cars, and even our bedrooms using computer-biological control mechanisms that the put inside of our bodies.  But why?  I mean, surely there are no electronic chips that could ever be put inside of a human being that can make us do things?!  Except and unfortunately, the vast majority of the Audio/Video and genital electrical pulses that are put, stock, into the standard Starbucks, Fast-Food, and Grocery Store clerk - in very real way - don't actually force them to do anything.

It's is all sort of "The Contrary" to what an unimplanted human being would think about - the types of people who live in other parts of the world where this kind of slave-trafficking mental-butchery doesn't go on.  It ought to be patently obvious that there is no "Brain Micro-Chip" that could turn anybody into the next Thomas Edison.  Thomas Edison, for those who somewhat ignorant of old American History, being of course the man who is ascribed to having invented the first electric light.  I, myself, went to High School in the early 1990's, and what I remember learning is that he tried "87 different configurations" for an electric-powered light emitting device (a light-bulb), but was not successful until the 88th attempt.  Today, very small speakers that receive WiFi signals inside of our ears broadcast the same kind of low level noise that one would hear on a telephone, however and obviously they cannot be seen.

How could such a device work?  Why would any sane human being on earth want to build software powerful enough to "influence" (not really control) what a man or woman sees with their eyes, hears with their ears, and when they experience "sexual stimulation" in their genitalia?  Well, if such a computer-broadcasting tool worked, clearly the power to take things in Dallas Society would wax a hundred thousand fold.  Computer-Biological Mechanisms are largely sexually and pyschologically and sexually abusive, and they are not built and these "tools" are not build to improve people's lives.  Surgically implanting a telephone speaker inside of a man's body is not designed - it is not put their - to improve that man's life.  Such electronic devices are placed their precisely because they can demoralize, de-rail, and literally destroy an man or woman's entire life.  In the act of doing such heinous and sexually-social acts of brutality the people in the Office Towers put people into states of mind where they are scared enough of "trying to pursue their dreams" and instead pursue "a life of poverty" and even "a life of crime."  Yes, this is true, a life of crime is what the goal for many of these "Rapist Fuck-Butchers" in the North Dallas Office Tower consortiums.  No, they cannot start "Building" or "Cloning" human-beings like these garbage-trash disinformation Hollywood Movies where "Human Cyborgs" are grown.

More importantly, there is no human being in the world that can help produce a next generation rocket scientist or first-world engineer by using sexual-abuse and pyschological-and-brutal means of coercion to decide what such a man or woman does during the day (and even while he sleeps).  Making people do great things is the last thing on the mind of a "Rapist Fuck-Butcher" sitting in front of a North Dallas Office Computer Terminal.  A slave trafficker doesn't want to have "smart people" in American Society.  Intelligent American's really isn't the "last thing on their mind" but rather quite the contrary.  These people are interested in having legions of demoralized and incomprehensibly ingorant Starbucks, Fast-Food, and Grocery-Store employees cater to their every wish while they steal money out of cash-registers to supplement their income, or worse, perform any number of tasks for under-the-table bribes.

Pyschological assault using these Computer-Biological Micro-Chip Tools is a new kind of implement for the dictator, the warlord, and the corrupt public official in the twentieth century.  The residents and inhabitants of the country (formerly) known as the United States of America live in a 21st century world where these types of atrocities occur and these types of crimes affect the segments of the population of Dallas and the surrounding cities in various and different ways.  One might wonder how such a technology hasn't destroyed totally the fiber and the fabric of the people in this area of the world - as a race of "computationally lobotomized people" try to run a 21st century-city in a 21st century world.  The reality, though, is that America once was a truly powerful empire that had influence in many parts across the globe.  That is not so anymore, and even the most brief perusal of the news and video from East Asia would show Chinese Government Officials extending their influence from as far West as Paris - all the way to Mexico City where the same large-warehouses of Chinese Manufactured Durable Goods and Electronics also exists.

The reason that the North Dallas Office Towers have not actually destroyed the city of dallas - literally - is because of the millions and millions of tons of (mostly non-food, but there are exceptions) products that we have imported from East Asia which props up the regime of sexual abuse and ignorance.  Just to reiterate, there are no human-implanted biological weaponry that will make us nicer individuals, they will not make a human being more socially well adjusted, and they certainly won't improve a man or woman's speaking vocabulary or command of the English (or Spanish) language.  Not at all, but such things are the enemy of the violent and brutal "Rapist Fuck Butcher."  The monster is at is happiest when a human being has been dehumanized, demoralized, scared away from all forms of higher-education, and employed at a local government- owned slave-employed minimum-wage franchise-chain-store forced to steal goods out the back-door, and money out of the cash register.

When people, who have been threatened, abused from Audio & Video Broadcasts directly in their eyes and ears from chips that are actually underneath their skin, lose things like their home, their job, their friends, or even a close relationship with their families and former colleges or associates  they are not "hypno-programmed" to go work for McDonalds, Tom-Thumb (the local grocery store chain), or Taco-Bell - they go their because their other options were destroyed, intentionally destroyed by rapists who have the intellect of farm animals armed with chain-saws.  This is the face of the radicalized and renegade North Dallas Office Tower.  This is the face of the North Dallas Government.

But this page was supposed to be about the Dallas Police Department function as the "militant and armed wing" of the largest organized crime syndicate that has ever walked the face of the earth.  This post is, as usual, about the use militant police officers, who also are chipped, to enforce attacks on innocent citizenry of the City of Dallas who are fed up with working at a franchise chain store that is not owned by anybody other than the "Rapist Fuck-Butcher" in the North Dallas Office Space.  But why do these people have the power they have?  Why are these people capable of exacting such an atrocious and horrific attack on the people?  Surely there would be a good enough heart or a good enough soul among these terrorists to put a stop to the Slave-Trafficking that they are enforcing on millions.  Surely such a behavior, such a form of government, must have had a beginning somewhere - and those people will and must be held accountable.  Today, the regime is largely propped up by the People's Republic of China and the millions of free automobiles, car parts, blenders, Wal-Mart electronics, and Macy's brand new clothing-lines.  In a city such as Dallas, if people are provided clothing, transportation, and home-products - almost all of which come from whare-houses and boats that arrive on our shores from across the Pacific Ocean - the governments ability to silence the voices of its critics becomes orders of magnitudes easier.

And that is what they have  done.

How could such an atrocity purport itself in a land that was once such a powerful nation.  The biggest root of the problem has been the total and complete news-blackout, the total news-blanket-of-emptiness that the "Great Nigger in the Sky" (Barrack Obama) - and much worse George W. Bush and even this new "Rapist in Chief" Donald Trump.  And yes, this is rape - and they brag about it all the time on the news.  Can you imagine living in a part of the world where there is literally an entire government-backed "METOO" movement of people all claiming to have been raped?  Can you image that?  And the worst thing that could ever happen - according to the terrorist backed-regime - is to use the word "Nigger" in a sentence in public.  Generally, the most potent weapon that the government has in it's arsenal of brain-influencing micro-chips is anger.  If they detect your are angry about it, they can amplify your irrationality, your level of anger until you are doing the unthinkable "using racial slurs" such that if a radicalized-militant (a Dallas Police or other armed security personel) arrive at the scene, they have an unlimited battery of tactics to subdue you for being "a racist" (regardless of whether you are white, or not).

To me, basing opinions about a person (prejudice) using his or her color of skin as the only source is racist and generally connotes "a weaker or uneducated mind."  Obviously, I have heard hundreds of thousands of criticisms of White People and Hispanic People on nationally broadcast television shows literally hundreds of thousands of times int he past 20 years.  Generally, the word "racism" is used to attack the White-Segment of the Slave-Trafficking Empire's people.  Although there are equally powerful pyschologically debilitating attacks that can be weilded against the black population - and even the Mexican's when they are in defiance of their Master's who give them the orders that they give from the high-in-the-sky offices that they inhabit.

And for what?  How did these people come into existance.  Again, the mass importation of Chinese Durable Manufactured goods supplying us a very large percentage of the automobiles that we see driving is part of it.  But there is something very dark about what has occured in my adult life.  I am in my mid-40's and I have witnessed so many acts of dehumanization on people that it makes me vomit.  Thinking that we need a "new race of non-black, non-white, non-mexican TOTAL IGNORAMUS" is the most embarrasig and horrible phenomenon that has ever happened on the planet.  When I was younger, in the early 1980's and 1990', people generally new a few facts about life in the United States, for instance: "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."  And that's what had been going on when I was younger - there was no "President Reagan" because most people in Dallas had never heard of the Mother Fucker.  I remember distinctly in Junior High and High School here in Dallas.  One of my parents would watch CNN - which had only been invented in the mid-1980's - quite often, so I knew what "The President of the U.S. was."  Most of the military and marines that one would see in society didn't have a clue.

No, the meticulous, intentional, and total subjugation and destruction of late History by the regime, such that total news blackout of the circumstances in Dallas was really the only thing people are allowed to know.  Peope really aren't all that aware that the office toweres where the "Rapist Fuck Butcher" currently runs his terrorist operation right down the road at the intersection of the Dallas North Tollway and Belt Line Road (The "Concentra Building") was literally constructed in front of me in 1988, 1989, 1990.  People don't know when most of these office towers were built, and they have absolutely no idea how siezed control of them in the 1990's and 2000's and turned them into slave-trafficking hell-holes who are manufacturing a new "Criminal Race" where a person in societies "fellow man" or "The People of This City" are tongue-cheek-jokes for radicalized-militant (and armed) police officers who refuse to prosecute crime, and uphold loyalty to slave-trafficking, theft, corruption, and an out-right refusal to hear about "The Victims" unless it means they can tell their own master that they have not betrayed the cause of slave-trafficking and sexual abuse.

And every year the people of the South-Western States (States who were very far away from the civil-war of the nineteenth century, and probably had no involvement whatsoever on either side) - get DUMBER AND DUMBER AND DUMBER. As they are told to pour coffee, and think happy thoughts about the movies being broadcast into their brains at night while they sleep. Thoughts that remind them they are ignorant peasants who are mostly destined to work in this horrific "Service Sector Industry" And "Donald Trump" is clearly any different than Obama or Bush before him.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Starbucks is watching


 I am posting this from a Starbucks sitting here at Preston and Forest.  I was at home watching the Chinese news on YouTube and was thinking about posting to my blog.  I was lying in bed today listening to the chip implants in my ears trying to decide if I should try typing or talking.  Chip implants can force you to do really awful things, for example, sitting at home watching Fox News or CNN rather than getting any work done.  It's not any different than being a slave, and in fact it's quite a bit worse.  in fact when you're trying to write things you really don't even have the ability to decide what you are going to write.  It's like waiting for a monster to sit down and write an apologetic letter explaining why he is such a nightmare.  You could wait 20 years for such an event to happen.

Sitting here you can see the surveillance cameras, and many years ago I used to like to waive to my "cute little Master" who is busy editing the audio video broadcast that'll be going into my eyes and ears next (from my chip implants in my body).  Not today though I'm at Starbucks instead - even though initially I had planned to go to the public computers for writing the blog but changed my mind.  My Master has been telling me I need to slow down on my daily trips to YouFit because I'm in that 40 + age group so I have been staying at home for the past week.  Earlier this week I wrote a letter to my mom about working out with these "things" in my body.
Usually letters like that end with me talking about hijacking airplanes and crashing them into New York City Skyscrapers - and this one was no exception.  at the end of this particular blog post I'll cut and paste and copy of what I wrote, but first you should probably think a little bit more about this Starbucks - and all the Starbucks - both in Dallas and in New York City.  

And why?  What right do these monsters have to do this?  The reason they are so successful at running Human Trafficking Networks in Dallas using the surveillance cameras, cell-phone surveillance, and chip implants in our bodies is that they have such a large pool of uneducated masses who never went to any schools when they were younger.  The use of chip-implants to broadcast Audio and Video into our eye-sockets and our ear-drums takes advantage of people's weaknesses.  It takes advvantage our people's fears.  It takes advantage of the trust that millions had in what was many, many years ago a world power (The United States).  

Promoting ignorance by insulting people in their ear-drums and eye-sockets throug a body-internal "Whisper Net" promotes a state where tens of thousands of inncoent people spend their whole lives wasting away at the most horrific jobs on earth.  Standing their flipping hamburgers so that slave-holders can drive through the drive through at McDonald's each morning as they wink at people whose minds have been under invasion.  They wink at their slaves as they pour their coffee on their way into the office towere where they control the banking system and control the cash-registers.

And look at the results!  We "as a people" whatever the hell that means - literally spent 8 years talking about the need for everybody to be in hopsitals on medicare and government health insurance.  Does "Brain Control" cause poor health?  YES!  IT does!  Obama was a complete MONSTER because of it.  He and his whore (Michelle) were on national television talking about "Obese Fat Americans" who were all eating at McDonald's - and hear in Dallas the number of functioning fast-food restaurants with chip implant Human-Meat-Slaves sky-rocketed between 2008 and 2016.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not "some kind of Reuplibican" or a "Conservative Liberal" - their words are just total useless tripe!   The words left, right, liberal and convservative are just totally meaningless to the people using them, and generally are promoted by the "Master Slave-Holding Class" PRECISELY BECAUSE they have no meaning.  There is no more perfect way to enslave a people than to pay HUGE SUMS of MONEY to complete morons who can babble about "Left vs. Right" and "Liberal vs. Conservative" while the Human-Meat is forced into every kind of human degradation and humiliation in society possible.

How much money does the "Talking Idiot Box in the Sky" (Sean Hannity, Don Lemmon, Chris Cuomo, etc. of Fox and CNN) actually make from broadcast this moronic tripe?  Remember, the word "Tripe" actually has two meanings.  One meaning is that that words which have no meaing or are empty, and the other is the "Stomach of a Cow."  How many women here in Dallas have  been enslaved into working minimum wage jobs at fast-food restaruants until they are as fat as a house, all because their is a broadcast A/V engine in their bodies that can de-rail any attempt they make to get a real education at a real college or make real progress reading books and learning at a library? 
And the jobs they make in the office towers that don't house slave-traffickers are so useless anyway.  

Anyways, I have been writing about my experiences at the gym because "My Master" seems to think it makes good reading.  A lot of it has been about the pain that weight lifting can cause - which I did start to help with myriad problems that can result from years of psychological and sexual abuse - both of which occur directly through the use of central nervous system control (brain control) by various and random "rapists" in the office towers.

Absorbing pain cream into your skin
To: Ralph Torello
Jul 23 at 11:46 AM

My "little boyfriend" was giving me more pointers about doing exercise at 'YouFit' Gym.  I wake up in the middle of the night with this searing nerve pain in my feet that is so bad...

When I am listening to their little pre-recorded voice tracks in my ears while laying in my bed at night, I cannot always tell which of "the voices" I hear are from my own brain, and which voices and sounds are coming from the speakers that the government surgically inserted into my skull.

Anyway,as we all know, drugs from the opiate-family are heavily restricted and controlled these days...  I personally don't mind this since I remember the 80's, when large numbers of "Americans" were addicted to these drugs.   Nevertheless, there are times in life when Morphine really would help a person...  Going to lift weights when you are in your 40's is one of those times.

This morning, my Master in the north Dallas bank office tower woke me up at 4:30 to yell at me and call me names.  My "sciatica shooting nerve pains" started up in my feet almost immediately.  I immediately went through at least 6 different over-the-counter medicines - including the "Icy Hot" stuff that "Shaquille O'Neill" is promoting on TV.

I even went across the street to McDonald's to drink 2 large Diet Coke's.

Anyway, My Master explained that if (after putting on the pain cream) on your feet, you then use Epsom Salt to open the pores on your skin to actually "absorb" the over-the-counter pain medicines, you don't need to get prescription Morphine at all.
It actually worked good.  I started doing a "free standing squat / leg press" - and I get major pains in my body sometimes.
Brain control, and having this queer talk to me while I'm laying in bed and trying to sleep at night, however, makes me go back to wishing I could hijack airplanes and crash then into the freedom tower.