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Sunday, June 2, 2019

The horrific daily abuses committed by the remnants of the American Government against innocent civilians - every day!

So I have a "brain implant."  What that means is that it feels like a television
is surgically implanted in my eyes and ears, and is controlled by a very cruel and very corrupt man in some office-tower here in Dallas.  There are legions of these god-damned monsters in Dallas Office Space.

Recently a "really zany" type of Mexican Guy moved into the "luxury town-house" down the hall from Apartment #231 where I live with Hana Le.  This wonderful Chicano (he might be "Filipino") is covered head-to-toe with tattoos and walks around with a Caucasian Female who's entire body is covered with tattoos.  He has spit in front of me, looked me in the eye, and made curses and threats on just about every occasion I have seen him.

My Master knows him, because he tells me awful stories about the man (and his girlfriend's...) "life" when I am lying and relaxing at home after coming here to work all day.  My master loves to initiate incidents with me, just to show how powerful he is.  All that has to happen is to rile me up with how racist I am, or how "not racists I am" (it doesn't always matter which), and start talking about government, and Jesus, and kinds of mumbo jumbo, when all I want to do is relax.

Today, while around 7:30 in the morning, I went out front of my apartment to eat some Coffee and Toast, and the lunatic was returning home, and starting cursing and asking why I was looking at him.  I had put up with it all often enough, and decided to shout back.  He took it as an "opportunity" to really go crazy, and I just kept telling him he was nuts, and needed to be respectful to his neighbors, and asked why he was so interested in picking fights with me.

By the time I was done, he decided to start charging and sprinting at me, and I ran in my apartment, grabbed a knife and told him I was going to "knife him and cut his dick off" if he came one step closer.  Hana Le was standing right next to me, planning to go to church this morning.  I was planning to come to the library this morning (where I am now), and after the incident, I had to listen to psychological coaching from this fucking rapist who has electronics inside my body and orchestrates this daily fights among the population - just about every day of the week here in Dallas - tell me I had one.

I just kept shouting (while holding a kitchen knife in my hand):
  • This is my home
  • I live here in this home
  • I have a right to self-defense
  • That man has made many threats of violence
  • He threatened to kill me
  • He is covered head to toe in tattoos in front of the whole parking lot - which was filling up with people.

I waited at home until 11:00 thinking I was going to have to explain all of this to a bunch of nigger-cops with bad attitudes (like always happens), and that a lunatic covered head-to-toe with tattoos who has spit at me and made threats on every opportunity in which has been presented to him.

  1. I don't have tattoos, this does say something, I'm not actively trying to scare away people.
  2. I never aggressively make threats to start fights, and he does
And this is why I hate police with every nerve fiber in my body... As long as the Dallas Police Operate, I have to fear everybody and everyone in my life.  If somebody wants to fight with me, it is completely impossible for to take the side of the Dallas Police when/if they show up because of how much hatred I have for the terrorist organization.

drug-smoking tattoo covered lunatic monster would convince any cop in Dallas he was a "much nicer guy" than me, because the only thing I detest more than drug-smoking tattoo-covered lunatics who hate their neighbors (and I did say hello, and try to be nice at least twice) are bigoted, racist, corrupt, and abusive representatives of the Dallas Police Department.

I hate the police because I am not a criminal.  Self-defense is fine.... It's neat and all...  What I hate is that I have to worry about at all.  I went to M.I.T. to study math, science, engineering, and foreign-language.  Explaining to an African-Man with huge biceps and a gun who works for Dallas Police makes me wake up every-morning wishing I will be permitted to leave this horrible-country.

so I waited at home for 2 and half hours for the cops, and when they never showed up, I left for work.  I spend about 3 1/2 hours on Sunday, when my Master orders me to do so, writing on my software.  I arrived in Downtown Dallas at 2:00  I went to the McDonald's by the down-town Dallas West-End Station.  It used to be covered with very mean-spirited and racists African People.  There are still a lot of blacks, but they are mixing it up with a "Mexican Staffed McDonald's" who don't assault different races of people for trying to use the restroom - which sounds like the same abusive and corrupt ploy that has been threatened on people since 1870.

A 32 0z. Ice-Cold Sprite from McDonald's is always really good.  Usually when I see black people hanging out I get less mad, though.  I then practice Spanish with the lady at the McDonald's Counter.

Wait for my master to explain how I should be interpreting the day's events.  He has assured me "self-defense" is better than police-officers "helping out" when Police Officers are as corrupt, bigoted, dishonest and evil as the Police for the Police Departments of the remnants of the American Government.

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