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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Masquerading a Health-Care Problem to cover-up Biological Genocide

It's like the "living hell" that you just never see.  Over the past 23 years - they have referred to the NAZI Science Experiements that "The Rapists" that work in the 3 to 4 dozen Office Towers in-and-around North Dallas by each and every one of the following "Biological Disorders"   IT IS BIOLOGICAL WARFARE:

  • Schizo-Affective Disorder
    • The "Voices" I'm hearing beause these RAPIST-FUCK-BUTCHERS have used illegal surgeries to place speakers in my ears
  • Bi-Poloar Disorder
    • The "Mood Swings" when they are "Electronically Whipping Me")
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
    • The "Sugar" a.k.a. code-word for "sexual assault" since their is an electrode in my penis that causes an erection when they want it to.
  • Hyper-Tension (High Blood Pressure)
    • Generally, when all kinds of "internally experienced" auditory and visual stimuli are "experienced" by my person (me) because the RAPIST-FUCK-BUTCHERShave used illegal surgeries to place speakers in my ears, and video chips attached to my retina
    • My level of suspense, tension, disphoria, consternation, and stress are always high.  I refuse to take customer-service jobs where "Thought Control" matters less
  • Obesity
    • Do you remember in 2003 when I was "obese" because they were making me stuff my face?
  • Erectile Dsyfunction
    • How many times have we all been "subjected" to "blaming erectile dysfunction" when their are electrodes attached to the penis to ensure that a man or woman experiences "sexual elation" whenever theRAPIST-FUCK-BUTCHERS want them to???  This is Bio-Genocide.

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