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Friday, June 21, 2019

Dallas Public Library and "Los Hermanos" de la abuso sexual

Hypno-Programming is a tremendous abuse of power, and after the large amount of people killed in the (former) United States during the Reagan & Bush 1 administrations, flourished tremendously and has resulted in the obliteration of tens of thousands - if not millions - of innocent people who do not function well in society, or worse, are left in horrific-low-paying non-ownership types of careers where they are ordered to steal out of cash-registers or bunk up in apartments to earn their living.

The way hypno-programming works involves involves legions of "fake software engineers" sitting inside of office-towers and low-rise office-space in and around North Dallas.  These "fake engineers" are not people who are educated by an stretch of the imagination.  The art of butchering the American Citizen was in full-force during the Reagan Administration, and as I have explained in earlier posts I witnessed more than a dozen of my friends (READ: other kids, some as young as 8 years old) killed in front of me growing up here.  The lunatics who came home from the Vietnam War in the 1970's came back to a nation that mostly knew the acts of atrocity they had committed, and were rarely - if ever - willing to show them any respect for "defending our nation" at all.

I used to have a photo when I was younger of my 2nd grade teacher teaching me about "the devil's tongue" and pointing at the United States and explaining that "perfect English" was the language that the soldiers from the U.S. Marine Corps spoke.  The elementary school that I attended is still here in Richardson, Texas - although it changed names and was rebuilt once or twice when I was younger.  No, the people of the 80's and early 90's killed a lot of American Citizens.  Not all of the people who murdered were Richardson Police Officers, but by the same token when the Richardson Police walk in to school and gun down the kids - you have an atrocity.  These are the precise types of facts that the government for the past 20 years has ardently covered up.  This renegade group of "glorified sexual abusers" use software-mind control training of both police officers and the victims of society who would never do such horrible things to another human being.  And, yes, this is type of "rouge regime" could only be called a "Sexual Pervert and Sexual-Authoritarian Regime."

These people who work in places that hang sings out front reading "Texas Instruments" and "North Dallas Bank" are not college-educated people.  These people are not enlightened people, they are a rouge-regime that sit in front of computers and telephones that are wired up the hearts, minds, and genitalia of your mother, your brother, your family, and your loved ones.  The wires, electronics, and chips that can be inserted into a human body are numerous, and can be mind-numbing, weakening, disorienting, and destructive.  To an intelligent mathematician or scientists, they can be used to cause years of depression, anxiety and social-pain that never ends.  These type of act and actions can be used (among the ignorant and the stupid) - can be used to promote corruption, theft, cruelty and a criminal-mind-set that has propelled an entire generation of thieves into a ruling class so corrupt that leaving old ladies and old men with "lobotomy-like symptoms" dying in the street is just ignored completely every-single-day.

Back when I was young, I had grown to learn something myself.  Having witnessed church-mass-shooting inside the very church where I attended (Dallas, 1988), I had grown to fear and hate violence.  Most people I knew did dislike it quite a bit, but not all of them were intelligent enough to find things to do with their lives such that they could escape the cycles that left people hungry, tired, and ready-to-hurt other people.  I turned 15-years-old in June of 1990.  I had been  working at an Ice Cream Store (a particular store from a chain-franchise), and wondering what on earth I was going to do.  That August I enrolled in High School, like many (but not all) people my age.  I had been avoiding narcotics very vehemently, as I had seen legions of adults and children succumb to the rampant drug-pushers that "The U.S. Government" really was.  "Government Guys bringing plastic-bins filled with Codeine directly to my Junior High School" made me very scared.  I attended an A.A. meeting that the principal ordered for an entire school - (as they always say) at a very young age.

When I started High School, I found my calling in reading History, English Literature, and working algebra, calculus, chemisry, and especially loved electricity-magnetism "E&M Physics" and even my High School Computer Science classes.  When I graduate High School I had some of the highest-grades in North Texas, and was admitted to Harvard University, M.I.T., Stanford among other places.

I used to say when I was younger (before I was surgically-implanted by the U.S. "Rouge Abuso-Sexual Regime") that I had found a way to "avoid becoming a bad man."  I had taken oaths to myself lying in my room in High School that I would never become a Police Officer, and do my best to fight with what I could in my writings the evil that the American Police Departments and the American Military had caused the tens of thousands of innocent children and families I had seen growing up.  I had learned that "No Matter What" I had perfect grades as a child, and could solve just about any Algebra, Calculus or Physics Problem that people could put in front of me.  This gave me the type of confidence that I didn't ever witness other people having.  I looked at "American Security Professionals" - the people who had parked a U.S. Army Tank in front of my High School - and said "I will never be one of those horrible people - I will never be a U.S. Infantry or a Dallas Policeman."  They had killed thousands of innocent people - many just children (and children that were my friends).


  • Left: Dallas Central Branch Library - a.k.a. "The Homeless Shelter away from the Homeless." Though I am not homeless myself, I have transferred from the "Fretz Park Library" and began my daily Java, CSS, HTML Programming Here. I have stopped both the Chinese and the Spanish Language Translations while I (was forced to by my Master) focus on writing a Java Scrape & Search Package for HTML web-pages. You may view the code here:
  • Right: Dallas City Hall across the street. The photo I found is a "time-warp" back to the mid-1980's right after this building was completed. I remember being there as a child and helping lay a few of the stones either for this building, or for the "Ramada" across the street. This was just so that as I got older - if anybody ever asked me what I knew about Dallas City Hall - I could say (honestly) hey! I helped build the building.
I sit here in the Downtown Dallas "Central Branch Library."  My "Master" robbed my home two years ago (December of 2017), and I have been coming downtown instead of my usual location at the Fretz Park Public Library.  My Master, of course - as I have explained repeatedly - being the individual(s) who work in office-space into which "The Slave Race" of Dallas is not permitted to enter.  These people are not "Educated" they are not "Polite" they are not "Formal" or "Professional" - none of them are the type of people who teach college classes, or promote knowledge in society.  These people are "Sex Butchers."  The cut the genitalia of the population and implant their genitals with electronics that can cause they to experience "Sexual Stimulation" whenever they (the "New Master Race") decides that sexual-excitation needs to be experienced.  This is one of the faces of the atrocity.  These people sit in front of computers that keep collections and scored of information about your, your life, your past, your family, your history, your failures, your fears, your hopes and your dreams in front of them - at all times.  If we had a "Real Police Department" these people would in "North Dallas Bank" would be gunned down like animals, and have their carcasses thrown into the street like yesterday's trash.

No, when I was younger, I had perfect grades in my History, English Literature, and Physics and Science classes.  I know what "Right was" and what "Wrong" was.  I took oaths to fighting with words, though, and progress the American Police Department.  I knew that picking up a gun  would get me absolutely-no-where, and I always would say to myself - the reason I hate police officers "The Only Good Police Officer is a Dead Police Officer" - is because I am not a criminal, I have done nothing wrong.  I have done perfect in my classes, and made it all the way to Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on my skill-set.  I was there the day two U.S. Infantry Men walked into my Church in North Dallas carrying M-16's and opened fire.  I had younger brothers there with me, but they were 7 years old.  I was 12.  I was there the day two Richardson Police Officers opened fire on two of my friends who were "having a fist fight by the creek" - and looked on their dead-lifeless 13-year-old bodies LEFT DEAD IN THE CREEK - KILLED BY THE RICHARDSON POLICE (for fighting).


  • A Photo of Harvard, it is just down the street from "M.I.T." I would wake up 2 or 3 days a week (I forget which days) of my Junior Year to take the Boston-Cambridge "#1 Bus" (as they called it - because it was literally MBTA Bus-1) from my fraternity to Harvard-Square.
  • This is M.I.T. where my Concentration was Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. My Texas High School Teachers here from Richardson had taught me enough such that it really wasn't until my Junior Year that I started learning stuff I hadn't already studied - at least to some degree - in High School.

So I went to Harvard University - and studied Mandarin Chinese up in Boston.  I studied Electrical Engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1990's.  I fled that place, though, I moved to China when I was younger - hoping never to return.  I didn't get to stay though, I was drugged and escorted back by the barrel of a gun from two armed and drug-trafficking radicalized F.B.I. agents and forced to return to this putrid-country.

And it was while I was in college that the "Kidnappings and Involuntary Surgical Implantation" had begun.  It was while I was in college that cutting people's genitalia-open such that when a government agent decides that "you need to experience sexual-excitation ==> you will be forced to experience sexual-exciation."

I cannot "speak for God."  I cannot tell you that "God will do this or that."  It is my own personal belief, however, then when I make comments like "These people should be gunned down, and have their fetid corpses left to rot in the street" - I believe (my own belief system) that "The Real God" would not fault me for such "Hate Speech."  BEFORE ALL ELSE, DAILY AND RITUALISTIC SEXUAL ABUSE THAT CANNOT BE STOPPED - means a person cannot really "judged" or "held accountable" for the negative things he says.  Obviously, the crimes these people commit are worthy of "a thousand and one executions by lethal injection" here in the State of Texas.  The State of Texas executes many people every year for the types of crimes that are commited by the "Renegade Sexual Authority and Abuse Government" every single-day.

I have a micro-chip inside the following body parts (and the government will not remove them):

  1. My Genitalia
  2. My Eye-Sockets
  3. My Ear-Drums
As I have explained, I am currently sitting here in the Downtown Dallas Public Library, and many of the Cities Homeless have been stranded, left-for-dead, inside these HORRIFIC HOMELESS SHELTERS with "ELECTRIC GENITALIA, and BUTCHERED BRAINS" - and are routinely told to "GET A JOB AT STARBUCKS OR SOMETHING YOU BUM."

So this is Brain-MTV

And they have records of:
  • My Family Records back two-centuries on their computer systems
  • My Nieces, Nephews, Brothers & Sisters
  • Recordings of my brothers, sisters, mother, and friends from years past
  • The name, and address of every place I have ever lived or worked (and I haven't worked much, if at all - but I was on Wall Street for a time)
  • The books I have read
  • My bank records, and surveillance camera feeds wired up to their offices.


  • Left: The "alleged" Headquarters of Texas Instruments Corporation There is no real corporate-entity named "Texas Instruments" anymore. The actual calculators that were wildly popular among college-mathematics and engineering students in the early 1990's were 100% manufactured of and by the People's Republic of China. This building is located just down the street from where I live. It is "writing" with Drug Traffickers, Slave Traffickers, and Sex-Traffickers who are raping the women (and the men!) of Dallas, and butchering our hearts, minds, dreams, spirits, but most of all, our families, friends and future.
  • Right: An "alleged" bank tower in Dallas These people do the same thing - they are busy using electrical radio-waves to play with your wife's genitalia.

Ralph Torello <>
Jun 21 at 3:29 PM

You don't believe me is what it is.

Yes, a lady that lives in my house should be "a big deal" or perhaps a "big life-event."

Nothing is a big-life-event for me because I am a victim of Hypno-Programming.  It get's better, it gets worse.  Between 2015 - 2017 I lost Grandman, then dad, then basically everybody else since Tom & Steve are such idiots and I only saw them when "My Master" would program Tom to go to Dad's, or "My Master" would program Dad & I to visit Tom's.

Obvious "My Master" and the entire Hypno-Programming team at Texas-Instruments and North Dallas Bank "prefer Tom Tremendously" to me (Ralph Torello) because he is so fucking stupid and easily ordered around, and never even has the "ability" to call the political-criminals or war-crime-people.

My life doesn't get better much, and what you never get to see is how many city-wide changes were accomplished using the papers I wrote at your Chesterton House.

I am sitting here at the Downtown Dallas Public Library, and there are just ARMIES AND ARMIES AND ARMIES OF BRAIN-DEAD LOBOTOMY-LEVEL LOBOTOMY-VICTIMS who are thrown into the streets like Human-Trash 100% of whom are victims of US-GOVERNMENT NAZI-BRAIN-BUTCHERS.

There are entire buildings filled with the "brain-washed vegetables" sitting here, staring out of windows DIRECTLY AT A (COMPLETELY & TOTALLY EMPTY) DALLAS CITY HALL ACROSS THE STREET.

I know you are 75 years old, and can do nothing about the U.S. Government, but they are letting my blog continue to be written.  I have a few hundred clicks, and I write my e-mails to the entire U.S. Senate & entire U.S. House & entire Boston Globe and Dallas News.

I don't know what else to write about.  My master downloads Java-Code into my brain - and I increase the size of my Java Libraries every day.  I am sitting here writing hundreds and hundreds of lines of Java-Code (some days are 10 hour days...) - but alas, when Bill Gates started his Microsoft Corporation - he did not have a brain implant, he had an entire team of co-workers, he money, he had government backing - and he didn't have a room full of faggots playing games using electronics surgically implanted into his genitalia.

And then they get on National Television telling millions upon millions of people that we have been "persecuting the faggots" and "persecuting the LGBT community" - like this is why God gave the world the Internet.  They are so sadistic.

On Friday, June 21, 2019, 2:01:32 PM CDT, M.O.M wrote:

Yes, I heard your phone message. That was very thoughtful of you. I was out walking Katie. Email is always better than phone messages, because I am never in one location for very long. Have a wonderful dinner at Carraba's. Love, Mom 😀

On Fri, Jun 21, 2019 at 11:16 AM Ralph Torello <> wrote:
Thanks, mom.

Did you hear the phone message I left yesterday?  Does e-mail seem better usually?

Ralph P. Torello

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