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Monday, May 20, 2019

Slavery Journal, Star-Date May 20, 2019.

Hi mom, how are you?

I have been coming downtown "with all the bums" to the downtown Dallas Public Library across from Dallas City Hall since the end of March.  I am typing many pages every day of my "Java HTML Software Package."  It is not exactly "the most real" because the real-software people sit up in the Office-Towers with signs hanging outside that just say "Dallas Bank" in one variant or another.   You may look at the code documents here: 

They, obviously, work on software that controls entire legions of electronic ATM machines (and of course make sure they are always flush with cash).... And write software that monitors the devices we all know and hate "The Video Surveillance Cameras" of which there are almost as many as there are people in Dallas.  Most relevantly is the electronics inside my eyeballs and ear-drums, but as I have said that is such a human-rights atrocity that it makes we want to bomb them with "improvised explosive devices" like they promote on televised network-news all day.

I, myself, get to sit and write software that analyzes web-pages and web-sites - which feels like eating their shit all day.  While they take all the money, credit, and power.

Today, Monday - May 20th, 2019:

I did:
  • 5 minutes arms with dumb-bells warm-up
  • 8 minutes in the stretch-cage.
  • 5 minutes sit-ups & hamstring lifts warm-up
  • 23 minutes on the rowing machine (cardio-heart-and-lungs)
  • 3 minutes of back-muscle and triceps

Ralph P. Torello, Esquire.

Ralph Torello <>
May 19 at 1:09 PM

My Taco Bell Card sends me e-mail reminders.  Such a complete abuse of power and rapacious display of corruption.  Who the fuck paid people to write software that does this?  Thieves wrote software that does this.

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