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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Why the (former & renegade) American Government must be brought to its knees, and its ringleaders executed.

Ralph Torello <>
To:Whitaker, Ellen
Mar 21 at 4:09 PM

Do you read my blog at all?  Have you read a word of it?  That is all I write about!?!?

Did you notice anything that was written.  I have video-board chip-implants inserted in my eye-sockets.  I have an ear-piece surgically implanted into my ears.  I have refused to take a "customer service job."  Just about everyone that has them works customer service jobs - interacting with hundreds of people all day long.  It is called slavery.  You are retired.  You also have them inserted into your body as well.  This is why I have not interacted with you on a face-to-face basis with you for most of my adult life. In my adult life, I have not spoken to you but more than once per year.

Inserted into your eye-sockets are chip-implants and ear-pieces that give you all kind of suggested behavior all day long.  Judging by the fact that that the government is always acting me to e-mail you, they probably use the sound of my voice and photo-images of my person to provide these suggestions.

As an elderly person, it doesn't make too much difference, as worrying about you "straying from the pack" is not really a problem.  But - absolutely - both you and Gary have them.  Lucas - too!  When he his older he will see is "future" materialized by a government authority, rather than being encouraged or allowed to make his own decisions.  More likely than not - he will do what most people do - manual labor or customer service jobs with absolutely no future whatsoever to speak of.

Yes - I voluntarily went to a Psychiatric Facility at Parkland County Hospital, the government clearly would discontinue psychologically abusing me for a small period of time, but it would likely only be for the short duration in which I was incarcerated in the psychological facility.  Upon leaving - the orders, the abuse, the scuttling of my daily plans, the annihilation of my hopes and dreams would continue with business as usual. 

Obviously, I always want to scream at you to "please wake up, mom" - but unfortunately, the most severe damage to my reputation and hopes and dreams occurred in the 1990's when I was tortured in college and on Wall Street during my Wall Street Bank Career.  Once elderly people (like you when you age was in your late 50's), are told that there children are being condemned by an authoritarian government ...  Once the condemned are indeed destroyed by the regime, parents give up hope.  They don't see a future for their children.  They don't see any potential for a relationship with their children.  

Yes - at Parkland the pain would stop (not immediately) - because the voices in images being broadcast into my brain would discontinue while I relaxed and had meals catered to me for a few days or a few weeks.  When I got out, the orders from my Master would come right back.


Ralph P. Torello

The government is not hurting you, Ralph!

Please take the bus to Parkland's Psychiatric Emergency and permanently get back on anti-psychotic medication. I guarantee the fake government will disappear like a poof of smoke. Love, Mom 😞

From: Ralph Torello <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2019 10:25:32 AM
To: Whitaker, Ellen
Subject: Re:

Hi mom,

The government is really hurting me with their movies in my skull.

I'm in total hell.  They torture people and then tell them "it's good for you."

They let me take the bus to Fretz Park today.  But I cannot stay for long.  I was able to do a "big weight lifting" last night at the gym.  I started "free weights" with my arms.  My body has a lot less pains in it, but this is absolutely not the right way to work out, live healthy - absolutely the wrong way to live life.

I want to leave so badly, I cannot speak the words.

On Saturday, March 9, 2019, 11:27:59 AM CST, Whitaker, Ellen <*> wrote:

Ralph, I mailed you a Priority Mail envelope this morning. It is scheduled to arrive on Monday, so be on the lookout for it, and notify the office at your residence that it is on its way. The tracking number is:

Love, Mom 😊

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