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Friday, March 8, 2019

The "Hypno-Programming Software Experience" vis-a-vis internal-organ failure.

Hi mom,

I have now been at the library two days this week.  I have brain-control electronics, and as such, when they decide that I must stay at home and rest, so shall it occur.  I stayed at home and watched TV.  My "master" has been ordering me to eat more protein, and eat more often, and lie in bed.  I now have (for the first time since my "MIT" days) some LEAN MUSCLE.  The entire process is really gross, because I think about pooping, and eating, and peeing a lot.  I have eaten SO much sugar from the "Soup Kitchen" near my old apartment, that I probably set a record.  My auditory-electronic implants are very repetitive and very redundant - which means I hear the same thing over and over.  For instance, in the past I refused to eat any sugar, and I had high blood sugar all the time.

Because brain-control and voice-recorded stimulation really screws with my brain, I became very weak a lot.  Today, though, I went to the gym, and (as ordered) stopped at McDonald's and had about 40 oz. of Orange Soda (very sweet), and did almost 1 hour and ten minutes of weights.  I have a little arm, stomach and leg muscle now.

I had a lot of "stroke pains" early one.  Maybe they may be called "Diabetic Nephropathy paints" - or even "cancer cells" (DVT Blood clots like they say on TV?).  The pain at night was so bad, I had to get up and walk around outside.  The first time I had a stroke at night last year after exercising, I was outside for an hour screaming in pain.

  • The stretches help a lot for motivation and relaxing.  Half the benefit to a muscle is achieved from a stretch.  Are you stretching at Planet-Fitness?  It is easy and helps a lot.
  • The dumbbells are good for a warm up, especially if you only want to do a warm up.  Do you do any warm-up for your arm muscle at Planet Fitness?
  • Hana Le keeps doing the treadmill - and argues about doing the stretches and the arm-aerobics or arm-exercises.
When you work on your muscles, you heart benefits a lot...  "Cardio-Vascular Exercise" isn't as good as building muscle!  Building the muscle in your body makes your heart's job a lot easier! 

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