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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Letters concerning the Rape of Justice in Dallas, Texas 75080

Hanh Le sort of has "another boyfriend" - that's what I say to her.  I don't know how else to call it?!?!  I mean, I'm a slave, and I have "boyfriend" as well.  They have an electric mesh in my pelvis, and it stimulates my groin.  I want to hurt these people so badly.  It's like walking around with a girl all day long - whose "other boyfriend" makes sure she goes where he wantsher to go, buys what he wants her to buy.  They do it with an electric mesh (in your pelvis), and chips in your eyes and your ears.  They even can put a mesh in your thyroid gland that provides some "testosterone" (literally your body's own manufactured testosterone) whenever they want.

If you don't have a girlfriend and live in Dallas, and you do have a steady place to work, it is much less miserable.  Trying to write a blog and write computer software means I listen to their broadcasts all day, all morning, all afternoon - and even at night while I'm trying to sleep.  The "at night" stuff means I sometimes have to take Benadryl (Diphenhydramine HCL, 50 mG) and aspirin to get to sleep.  They are both $1 @ Dollar-Tree.

Another boyfriend.... If you ever wonder why such a huge percentage of the Dallas population seems to have women working at customer service jobs, and single, or why there are so many single-moms - that is why!  

Once a day - as long as you have a master, your master owns a slave.  As long as your master own's a slave - he gets to keep his job in the office tower...

  • The surveillance cameras
  • The banking and ATM machines
  • The chips in your body.
  • The drug all kinds of foods, and make you eat them through temptation via images of the food tempting you in the retinal implants in your eye sockets
  • They drug water faucets, they drug all kinds of things.
  • And the supplies and food trucks to all these fast-food stores and Walmart.
  • The right to seize everything (billions of dollars) in imports from China via "The Trucking Industry."
I would donate my left-arm to medical science for one plane ride out of this horrible country.  If you actually "believe" there is a USA - well - you believe in the worst thing on planet earth.

In Reply To:
On Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 10:55:25 PM CST, Stephen Hines <***> wrote:

Hey Ralph,

Wow, I had no clue. Yeah, I'd keep clear of those cigarillos since they are just like cigarettes, by being loaded with chemicals.
It is good to hear that you are doing better and no longer coughing. I know that you hate living in Dallas which I completely understand as to why. 
At least you have a routine/system and enjoy working/archiving at the library.

I have not been to the rip-off overpriced Fort Worth Stockyard in over 15 years or so. I took a girlfriend there once to a Cheap Trick concert. Heather was the one who wanted to see them, no me. Man, that sure was a long time ago.  Yeah, you would be much better off taking Hana Le to Chili's next time around. $30 for a hamburger and chicken wings is beyond ridiculous. The funny thing is that I later found out she had another boyfriend lol (pretty slutty).

This was one of the songs they played that night at the concert:

From: Ralph Torello <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 10:29 AM
To: ***
Subject: Re: Smoking-Log @ You-Fit Gym... Stardate January 14th, 2019
Hi Stephen,

You know the weird thing is, I have been buying this big bag of pipe-tobacco called "Red River" for $26.00 plus tax.  It's really smooth, and doesn't do too much.  Like I said, the smoke is totally unfiltered, and much hotter, so you simply don't inhale it at all.  The nicotine feeling takes about 30 seconds extra time to "ingest", but it is very relaxing for about 20 minutes a day at my work-thing.  I have completely stopped coughing, and I crave it a lot less.  It's just totally different than Newports.

But the weird thing is, yesterday, I forgot my pipe and bought those little cigarillos for $1.00, and you can tell they lace those things with so much stuff, that I almost became comatose at work yesterday.  I usually just go outside once a day!  It's kind of nice, sitting in the parking lot for half an hour after lunch.

Hana Le and me spent all the money this month in Fort Worth, we went to the stock-yards and spent $30 on a cheeseburger and 6 chicken wings.  That place is such a monumental rip-off...  Maybe next month we could go to Chili's.

On Monday, January 14, 2019, 9:19:43 PM CST, Stephen Hines <***> wrote:

Good for you and keep it up.

I prefer pipes, which I used to puff on years ago. They smell and taste a lot better than cigarettes and/or cigars in my humble opinion.

From: Ralph Torello <>
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2019 2:04 PM
To:  ***
Subject: Smoking-Log @ You-Fit Gym... Stardate January 14th, 2019
I went to the gym for 45 minutes today.
  • 2 minutes of ski-treadmill
  • 12 minutes of arm dumbbells
  • 10 minutes stretch-cage, stretch-bars
  • 10 minutes of ski-treadmill machine
  • 5 minutes stetch-cage

And then I went to the Discount-Cigarettes store and bought a cigar, and didn't cough at all.  If you buy cigars and tobacco-pipes, you cannot inhale the smoke.  And when you don't inhale, you don't get emphysema or lung-cancer.

Ralph P. Torello

Ralph Torello <>
To:*** (Secret Agent "M.O.M.")

This is the face of the government.  They spent have of last night telling me different versions of the story of what the front-office did with the ALDI card.  Hana Le is going there today to ask if they misfiled the letter.

Obviously, all landlords, and affiliated facility personnel are electronic brain-implants.  The master-race is really good at fucking up people's lives - using brain control.  What they are terrible at is doing any good for society at all - unless you think having an entire-practically new "race of people" who flip-burgers, bag-groceries and pour coffee is a "good thing" for Dallas.  Do you remember two weeks ago when I pointed out that there are literally 10 fast-food chains, convenience stores within five minutes walk of my apartment?  That is what brain control does, brings everybody down to a dehumanized level where they can do nothing but bald-faced-ignorant manual labor.

The ones who do get paid at banks talk a lot, but it never makes much sense.  The stories are not related to anything serious actually-going-on in Dallas, Texas.

I hate it here so much.  They can intentionally loose you mom's gift-card in the mail, but ask them to change an appliance at your apartment - and we practically have to form a "federal think-tank committee" to get it done.

On Monday, January 14, 2019, 9:19:51 PM CST, Whitaker, Ellen <***> wrote:

Ralph, I mailed you a $50 Aldi card on  Saturday, January 5th. Love, Mom😊

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