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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Computer Sciences Industry 1980's, 1990's - The Financial Fraud Holocaust


In 1992, I purchased a copy of Windows 3.1  I had had a Macintosh Apple+ at my house when I was a kid growing up in the 1980's.  In fact, I had programmed my first BASIC computer program on my Atari Video Game System which had a simple "BASIC Programming Cartridge" that was similar to the big stack of video game cartridges for games like: Missile Command, Frogger, Donkey Kong and of course the original Mario Brothers.  I had no idea what BASIC was, being only 9 years old at the time, but I was able to copy the program out of an instruction book, and it would ask me simple questions and spit out answers with copies of the text I typed.  In 1992, I was writing my college application question and answers to all the top name colleges in the North-East United States.

  • Dallas Texas Skyline - which has grown a little since the 1980's where I grew up here.  Many of these buildings were constructed in front of me during the 1980's.  See Wiki: List of Dallas Office Towers (and pay close attention to the years when they were constructed)
I have written a lot about the violence in my schools (Elementary, High School, etc..) and for quite a number of years as a child, I was mostly convinced I would become a police officer or join some radicalized faction of the "Army" or "Marine Corps."  To a child, the fallacy that "I'm going to be different" was a lot of what I remember childhood being about.  We don't need more police protecting us and keeping us safe at all.  Half the people I saw die during the "war years" in Texas which really began at full-speed-ahead in the early 80's when movies like (IMDB-Link)  "Red Dawn" (Patrick Swayze) came out.  In that movie, soldiers from all around the world parachute into a small suburban town in the Central United States and shoot a lot of innocent people - including at schools and at churches.  It was an absolute horror of a movie, but as a child, it looked so cool and neat to see on our VHS tape.

Trying to decide how "I was going to be a good police or good soldier" (and different from all the soldiers, cops and what I called "monsters" that I had seen) ... how I would be different whenever I was old enough to join a force was the kind of thing I would lie in bed thinking about at night.  I had seen machine gun battles at my school, the park behind my house, and at the Apartment Complex where my mom would stay.  Mostly, though, I was still a kid and here in Texas, I had parents that were educated and from New York City.  They didn't get to Texas until they were in there 40's, but I guess I say I grew up in Texas.  My earliest memories, though, are of running around in (Wiki-Link) Central Park, New York City making snow angels in the snow (1977).  My mom used to have movie-reel (not VHS) home movies of me doing just that from when I was 3 years old.

So anyway, as I got older, I wondered what my parents life was like, since my dad had been in "Real Estate Development" for much of his career after he left the Wall Street & Harvard Business School Playground - because of "all the BS" as he used to say.  He did what I have always called "The Most American Thing" and went into construction.  Having a good-mind and a lot of books, he was able to start his own Real Estate Development Firm and successfully built a Strip Mall somewhere in Florida or California (I forget which), although he always had his Manhattan Apartment.  Apartments in New York City then were not thought of as they are now with sky-high palace-in-the-sky rent and nothing to do.  The places next to Central Park, New York City are nothing but financial fraud zones where rents 20 times higher than anything sane are charged.  How did my dad go from Harvard Business School and to a war zone?  He never did anything so grotesque as join "The U.S. Military" or become a police officer.  Sure, in the 1940's, those guys fought back the Japanese, and sort of "sacked" a large part of the old Russian Empire, but by 1969, they were being called "terrorists" by anybody who had a conscientious head on their shoulders.

  • Left, The soldiers in the movie are vaguely dressed like Russians, but also vaguely like US GI's.  Most of the "soldiers" in the movie are from countries that had traditionally migrated to the US in the first place.  Is this a movie about an "American Military Invasion" (of the US) ... sort-of!!
  • Center, The (1984) Patrick Swayze "Red Dawn Movie Poster"
  • Right, The first scene in the movie (movie opening) shows these soldiers blowing away a school teacher, and shooting a High School to pieces.  (Really bad U.S. Propaganda)

As I got older (read: into High-School, Age 17) I watched Patrick Swayze's "Red Dawn" again, and realized that shooting up schools in Texas and surrounding areas was exactly what the United States Military had been doing - and if you watch the movie closely, the names of the countries that are listed in that movie are a somewhat small-list of some of the personnel that had been joining the U.S. Army from day one!  The people that made up America are from all walks of life, and after the roaring 20's, they were from all parts of the world.  "The United States Army" was a concept so different from what it is today, 2018, that you would even know what I was talking about if you are "a millennial" or somebody under 35.  To me, half the time, I think that the soldiers that attacked and enslaved The American People in Red Dawn are the United States Military, and "The Wolverines" that are fighting them are non-enlisted partisans.


  • Left, The Control Panel, Microsoft Windows 3.1 - release data April, 1992.  Wiki: MS Windows 3.1x
  • Center, Borland Corporation, Turbo Pascal 5.0 - written for MS-DOS 3.3+.  Wiki: Borland Debugger
  • Right, The First Microsoft Windows Setup Screen - a screen I stared at home when I was kid in Computer Science class for many, many a long hour.  For fun!

So, to explain that I was going to become "a good cop" when I got older seemed like a real joke in my mind, because all I could see was that major changes in Dallas Texas would only happen if people stopped doing precisely that!  I was 15 or 16 when I started programming a Windows MS-DOS 3.3 computer for the first time - 1991.  MS-DOS which is "Microsoft Disk Operating System" was the O.S. I used to learn Turbo Pascal 4, 5 and even Microsoft Assembly Language and eventually C and even C++.  By the time I had graduated High School here in Texas, 1993, I had written fractal generating code and even things like "Optical Character Recognition" software.  For those who are not aware, Optical Character Recognition is the science of taking a photo of printed-text, and then screen and scanning the data in that photo to convert the picture into a printed-text "Text File."  It's difficult because a picture of the letters ABCDE.... is easy to save in a computer file, but a photo of those letters do not contain the same "type of data" that a text-file does.  Oh, and since photo-scanners didn't really exist back then, nor were digital cameras equipped with SD Cards, I had to hook up a video camera to a small Analog-To-Digital Circuit Board that I built and soldered myself at my parents house - and then hook that up to the back of my Windows Computer.  All this here in Richardson (small Dallas Texas suburb), 75080.  This would help me convert a "piece of paper photo" into a "digital photo."  A2D's were very common - and easily found at Texas Instrument Corporation which was a 10 minute drive away.

With this video camera --> A2D circuit board --> Windows 3.1 Computer on my desk - all plugged into the back "RS 232 Port" - I was able to spend a few hours scanning photos of my paperback Spanish Dictionary to try to build (what I called) The World's first Windows Spanish Dictionary back in 1993.  I also had to write the "Optical Character Recognition" part after building the "Analog to Digital" part.

So, anyway, I've explained before, that although the police had trained kids as early as age 9 to fire machine guns - to the chagrin (read: raging hatred) of all the parents involved, I knew that something other than being another punk in the war would be better.  But how?  In 1990, as I was leaving Junior High School, I found the answer in books, reading and homework assignments.  I took to my 10th Grade History class very well, and would sit in front of my parent's Macintosh+ typing and retyping History Papers.  You can even see the History Book I used in High School here on my website.  The shame (at least to me), is that I want to OCR this, but Google makes their OCR software difficult to use, and since the guy that plays with my brain now, in the office tower down the street in Dallas, has said "NO, not right now" - I have not been allowed to OCR this book yet.  If you want to understand OCR a little better, when you look at the pages on the link I just typed of said "High School World History" - OCR is where you take the images, and convert them into text or "HTML."

  • Apple Corporation's Macintosh Plus, released around 1985.  See Wiki: Macintosh Plus.  It had around 384 Kilo-Bytes of Memory, but we eventually expanded it to 1MB.  We used 3.5" floppy disks, and all kinds of computer-trade-shows would show up in Dalls to provide (us kids) with "free video games."  My dad would type journal articles and print them from time to time on the top-of-the-line "Dot Matrix Printer" we got one day.  We made a few "flyers" for all kids of social functions in the 1980's using the "Paint Program" (read: garage sales, lemonade-stand sales, girl-scout functions, and even a block party)

As a high school student, I retyped this book over a 5 week period, literally summing up each and every page on the book - for total fear of becoming a horrible person and one day "becoming a joiner" and "joining the police" or "joining the military" who had killed so many people here in Dallas.  God protect me from my protectors, for I already know who my enemies are - an old Spanish Proverb about soldiers and soldiering from the days of "Hitler and the NAZI's" in Europe.

So in 1993, the year I left Dallas to move to Cambridge Massachusetts, 02139 - and take my first "gander" at the Athena Computer System at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I had already completed quite a few of the freshman and sophomore requirements needed fulfill the school Course 6 Graduation.  One of the popular "Course 6 Computer Science Classes" was known as "6.004" - and in this class, one is given instructions on how to build a micro-processor from scratch.  You get what they call "a nerd kit" and a stack of memory chips, clock chips, and register chips.  Much of the time in this class is spent following wiring diagram instructions, and then testing the parts to make sure they work.


  • Left, An "MIT Nerd Kid" - you are looking at a complete (albeit 8-bit) Microprocessor that can do some (small amount) of graphics processing.  Remember Computer Science is not that hard.  Little kids in South-East Asia, China, Korea, etc.  sit in Micro-Processor labs building iPods, iPads, and iPhones seven days a week.  Technology is much more a "societal state of mind" - meaning you have to be able to talk about these things before you could build one.
  • Center, An "ALU" which literally "Arithmetic Logic Unit."  NOTE: During MIT Course 6.004, the ALU is actually provided by "The Institute" - meaning that the students don't have to build this part themselves.  However, before I got to M.I.T. - the ALU was actually the part of the computer-processor that I had already built myself at my parents house.  Admittedly, I never messed with registers or an instruction pointer (or instructions!)
  • Right, What an ALU does - add, subtract, multiply and divide.  It is not that different from Socrate's and Plato's "Truth Tables."  It is literally a series of  AND, OR, NOT - although for multiply and divide there are "clock cycles" because a series of ADD's are required.

So what we know - what "top secret intelligence" would tell us - is that "The State of the Art Computing" in the early 1990's was quite advanced here in the United States.  Obviously a sizable part of the latest advancements were all coming from East Asia.  In an earlier post I mentioned that the first time I bought my own "Hi-Fi VCR" at Radio Shak was in 1992, and it said "Made in Malaysia" or "Made in Korea" right there on the back of the device.

In Year 1995, the following tech was already popular in the U.S.:

Tech Available Explanation
Microsoft Word I typed my entire 1993 college application on it.  I printed it on my $300 HP Color Printer (Made in China)
Microsoft Excel I had not used this, but Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 (Year 1995) included Microsoft Office
Netscape Navigator & HTML The year I arrived in college, "Use-Net" which is also known as "NNTP" was the popular use for networked computers, but by the time I was forcibly brought back from East Asia - 1995 - Netscape Navigator was already installed on my dad's computer in Dallas.  Internet Explorer for Microsoft followed shortly
Windows 95 There is not much to add to this point, everybody alive on earth knows what MS Windows is
First Person Shooter Games I played, Duke-Nuke-'Em, Doom, Castle Wolfenstein, and "Descent" while I was still in Dallas in the early 1990's
Websites, Internet This "technology" didn't become popular until the late 1990's, but certainly Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Apple - the biggest names of all - were already growing exponentially by Year 2000.

So the purpose of this page is to talk about financial corruption and the computer industry in North America.  How have computers aided the financial holocaust that we have today?  You probably want to ask me to define "Financial Holocaust" if you are a "Wall Street Guy" - and if you are working at Starbucks as a Meat-Slave, you probably (sort-of) know what I mean, possibly, (sort-of) don't.  What is the purpose of the above table?

You should realize that quite a bit of the stuff that we have today already existed 20 years ago.  Not everything, obviously.  Cell Phones became more popular as the grew smaller and more powerful.  However, as you really must know, cell phone technology is a Chinese and Asian Manufacturing Dragon Phenomenon, and not really "Straight Outta Compton" (California), like most of the politicians on TV want you to think with their phony-advertising slogans.

The purpose of this table is to force you to ask yourself what people in American Office Towers are really up to.  The purpose of this table is to ask yourself what you are looking at when you see slogans on Fox News and other news channels that say "Big Evil Tech."  Galileo Galilee had a lot to say about the advancement of science - and obviously better technology usually means more power.

  • But technology can be used to commit acts of greatness- like Charles' Lindbergh flying around the world for the first time.
  • Tech can also be used to do things that any sane human being (who wasn't involved in the evil) would condemn as acts of terror, financial fraud, and corruption.  For instance, when Office Towers wire bank-computers up to their own personal keyboards to the point that a "Master Race" develops whose financial funding is - for all intents and purposes - as large as it needs to be.
Why are some people allowed to control ATM machines to their hearts desires - and get whatever amount of money they need or want?  Originally there are some rules about economics which would state that when somebody prints up money - the value of that money should go down.  If a corrupt public official is doing nothing for the people but controlling the banking system - that economy should probably start to tank, and the money people have reduced.

The thousands upon thousands of "mega-tankers" from the People's Republic of China - filled with "free" manufactured goods for the American People - are what keep the dollar propped up, while the "Master Race" (in many, but obviously not all - terror safe havens if you will) prints up money to its "hearts delight."

And why do the people who sieze these goods get to keep all the proceeds from this?  The Financial Holocaust is a very "lucrative" concept.  

And why are conscientious objectors to the American Government and American Police Department being wired up with brainwashing electrodes to silence them?

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