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Friday, November 9, 2018

M.I.T. Campus Police Department - "Hearing Voices" Courtesy of the SAVAGE attacks on students in Cambridge, Massachusetts


  • On the left is the current Chief of Campus Police at M.I.T. "John DiFava" (or whatever his real name is).
  • Center is one of many police symbols and logos they use to intimidate and terrorize the people of Massachusetts
  • On the right is an alleged individual with the M.I.T. Police Department (ostensibly named Sean Collier), who may or may not have been killed when the Boston Marathon was ALLEGEDLY bombed in 2014.  I, personally, have neither evidence nor information to offer about the Boston Marathon Attack.  Unfortunately, since I hear a lot of voices - I could offer numerous opinions based on what those voices broadcast inside my skull have had to say about this since 2014.
  • I hear voices because I have "a master" who talks to me using the speaker surgically implanted inside my skull.  The speaker was implanted in my body in 1995 (January) while I was a student in Cambridge Massachusetts at M.I.T. and Harvard.

Earlier in a post I wrote about what I have called "University Campus Hit-Man" squads - speaking directly about the Boston Police and University Campus Police.  Whether I like it or not, I was born in June of 1975.  At the time, my parents were actually residing in both California and New York City (Manhattan, Upper East Side).  The rent in Manhattan in 1975 was a "posh" $800 or $900 a month for a large 2 or 3 bedroom on the East Side.  Having the nice apartments didn't mean so much, because a long time ago - before the rise of the People's Republic of China and the giant "manufactured durable goods" gravy-train bonanza - valuable goods and services needed to be manufactured.  If Sears & Roebuck Outlet Stores across the United States wished to sell "Osterizer Blenders" or "Singer Sewing Machines," somebody at these corporations needed to open a factory someplace to manufacture these goods.  If you were a Harvard Business School Graduate, like my dad was, then working in industry at manufacturing enterprises usually meant you had to get things done.  For people in (American) Society today who are literate enough to have read about The People's Republic of China, you would know that the enormous quantity of manufactured goods sold at retail outlet stores that are similar to what Sears & Roebuck were does indeed mean many people who live in Manhattan have (sort-of / temporarily) achieved "Capitalist Utopia" in that they don't have to do any work at all to sell these goods in stores (such as Walmart) across the United States.


  • On the left is Trump Tower in Manhattan.  It is not the only building to have been renamed and called "Trump."  I don't actually know if the current "President" (or whatever) build this building.  Here is the Wikipedia Article about it.
  • In the Center is a picture of one of the many buildings of Harvard University.  My father graduated from the Business School in 1962, and though I was admitted, I chose to go to the "Technical Side of the Charles River" - M.I.T. which is walking distance from Harvard.  Prior to the rise of the People's Republic of China, M.I.T. was thought of as the top Science and Technology School in the World.  Unfortunately, it was mostly a Boston Police Shooters Paradise ("Gangsters Paradise") in the 1980's and early 1990's.  Here is a list of Universities in China where one would have to attend in order to learn the latest and greatest "cutting edge" technology in the world right now.
  • On the right is a picture of "York Avenue" on Manhattan's Upper West Side, and the street where I lived in the 1970's with my mom and dad for a few years - when we paid $800 a month rent.

But that is all rent in places like Cambridge Massachusetts or New York City, USA.  Times have changed, and rents are kept artificially and astronomically high to preserve the order of authoritarian rule where police departments, soldiers, and their friends who work in human trafficking and various and sundry criminal endeavors in the office-space and office towers that dot the skylines of most major American Cities.  When rent in Manhattan is no longer $800 a month for a nice Upper East Side 3 bedroom, but rather $14,000 per month - police, military, and liaisons to the government and their bottomless budgets can weed out "undesirable elements" in society who would make accusations of corruption or abuses of power about the rulers in society.  In a single-fell-swoop, people who work for (fake / shell) corporations in Manhattan can weed out people in New York Life that would pose a threat to their corruption rings, and keep things like "vacations to expensive European Riviera's" in their sight all at the same time.  Why?  How?  When rent is is (artificially) kept at $20,000 a month in a Trump Tower Apartment - the right to demand that the government or a corporation pay them enough salary in cash to pay that rent.  My dad, as a Harvard Business School Graduate Class of 1962, and Corporate Vice President of Finance in the 1960's on Wall Street  never paid over $1,000 a month for anything in Manhattan.  When these rents are kept artificially high, and an "extra $19,000 per month" is required to live there - all of the other costs of living start to include things like "vacations to the Italian Riviera" - almost for free, by keeping these rents sky-high.

So, anyways, I graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1998 with a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  I had a minor or "concentration" (an M.I.T. way of talking about Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences) in Mandarin Chinese and East Asian Studies.  Now, like I have said throughout the course of my life, I was butchered like a complete animal while at this school.  Butchered in a way so hideous that I am not going to explain in entirety all of the horrible things that they did to me.  Not all Ivy League school attendees are created equally, and certainly not everyone who was "admitted" to Harvard in the 1980's (or whatever) actually worked that hard to get in.  As I have said in an earlier post - watching a large Boston Police Troop Transport Car open fire on the building (Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity on Memorial Drive) where I was living in 1993 is one of my (least - or is it most?) favorite memories.  I fled the country in 1994, but was dragged back here after spending a year working at "Sesame Street English School" ("芝麻街英語學校") in Taipei, Taiwan Republic of China.  I worked with little kids - 4th, 5th and 6th graders to teach them English.  A long time ago, two decades ago when I was young, people around the world had a strong "belief" that America was some sort of powerful country with some amount of intelligence to be followed.  American's had invented the telephone, flight, television and, of course, extremely tall office-tower sky-scrapers for employing businessmen.


  • On the left is Chung Shang North Road near the Center of Downtown Taipei.  I stayed here for a few months at a "Youth Hostel" in 1994.  
  • In the center is the last section of Chung Shan Road in the City of Tian Mu.  I worked here teaching at an English School called "Sesame Street English School" for kids.
  • On the right is another image of part of Taipei's most famous street.

Being in a foreign country when I was 19 (in Year 1994), was a really exhilarating thing, because it was neat just to see Chinese People sort of "go crazy" seeing English-Speaking American's walk around.  No, I didn't feel like "The Beatles" or anything, but everybody was curious to listen to me when I talked.  I lived in a small youth-hostel on Chung-Shan North Road (中山北路 - 台北市).  See: Wikipeida: ZhongShan Road Tapiei.  The year and three months that I spent living there was quite spectacular for the first half, but as I have said, I was "apprehended" by "The F.B.I." (or some friggin' thing - back then they were just referred to as "suits with guns").  I was forced to come back to the USA - largely because I had written quite horribly about the Cambridge Police, The Boston Police - but most relevantly, about the United States Military and the complete atrocity that had plagued my childhood in the 1980's, growing up in Dallas, Texas where my dad and mom had settled after leaving New York City.  My parents had both been born in the United States, right around the time World War II began, and stayed most of their adult lives there - since all four of their parents had lived in or near "The City" since the 1930's when they arrived in New York from other countries.  My mom's dad, though, was a 2nd or 3rd generation New Yorker.

Yeah, I was brought back, and surgically implanted with some of their newest "brain control experimental" stuff.  Hearing voices was something that had become possible for "federal agents" to force into the lives of their unsuspecting victims.  It is a complete crime against humanity, and the types of "campus hit-man" (for instance the Campus Police Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - many of whom were nothing but bald-faced murderers in their own right) that the government uses to keep their victims silent, and subservient to this newest, and most-powerful variant of governmental abuses of power are atrocious.

But the "butchery" that occurred in Cambridge Massachusetts in the 1990's of students their certainly - and by no means whatsoever - did not stop with surgically implanting unsuspecting college students with these types of hideous experimental electrodes.  Yes, federal agents and government officials - to this day - sit in glorified "Government Rape Rooms" in and around the campuses of Harvard University and M.I.T. and talk to their little guinea pigs - as if the kids enrolled there are literally worse the hostages.  They are hostages to a mind control software system that literally is charging them hundreds of thousands of dollars to "get an education" and all the while brain-washing and drugging the students who are paying all this money for that education.  In the 1990's when I was there, and again in 2003 when I tried to return for a Master's Degree, when I tried to complain, the campus hit-man mob-boss "John DiFava" had me drugged and tortured until I was living in what can only be called a bonafide "concentration camp" in downtown Boston - The Pine Street Inn.

In any case, as I was saying "the butchery" that took place on M.I.T. campus at the heavy hand of the (then known as, but are no longer called) National Security Forces, with their heavily armed and radicalized wings of "Campus Police Strongmen" - I literally had some of the bones in my fingers sawed out of their joints because the government wanted to make my "typing career" more difficult.  I had enrolled at M.I.T. to study to or three things - one of which was computer programming and electrical engineering.  As a young high school student here in Dallas Texas, I had excelled tremendously with computer programming circuit board design.  I remember the feeling so well going to a "Radio Shack" in 1991 to buy electronics for one of my hobbies - video editing - and getting to know all of the different components that a long time ago were probably the most advanced electronics on the planet (at the time).  In Year 1990, I was 15 years old.  I had seen a lot of violence in my life, and many of my child-hood friends were killed before they were old-enough ... well ... old enough to even be 18 years old.  I had literally witness at least two of my favorite teachers at the Richardson Independent School District killed directly in front of me.  When I was 12, a scene I have already described in an earlier post, I watched a team of U.S. Infantry, on break from one of their construction projects in and around Richardson / North Dallas, walk in to my 7th-grade English Class and rape and murder my English Teacher.  They weren't particularly mad at her, but somebody in their crowd had managed to obtain a GIANT BAG of cocaine, and an even larger bag of Heroine.  I remember them literally tying me down to pour hot chili-pepper sauce down my nose as they made "a home-made Bloody Mary" inside my mouth, before killing at least my teacher.  None of them were made at any of the kids or teachers there - they just weren't in control of their own nervous-systems.  Heroine and Cocaine 8-balls have a tendency to do that.  (Back then, in the 1980's and first half of the 1990's) when you work for the police or the military, there isn't anybody that is going to "show up in the nick of time" and rescue everybody.  We didn't have "heroes" at all, because all of the "heroes" had literally become villains in their own right.

But that is the type of scenario that I wrote about when I was in High School.  I used to say that the teachers of the Richardson Independent School District really did "give their lives" in service of the children that studies there.  I devoted my entire High School and College Career to the causes of silence, studying, reading, writing and thinking.  When I was old enough to understand the difference between honesty and violence, and sobriety and drug use, I pushed all forms of narcotics use away from me as far as I possibly could, and focused on my reading.  In Year 1992 when I was 16 years old, for instance, after coming home from High School in the afternoon, I could work on building an entire Digital Micro-Processor Layout inside my moms house, and wake up the next morning wondering if their was going to be another shoot-out at school.  You see, giving one's life in service of one's country is the type of thing that the people who fought it out on the Shores of the Italian Peninsula in the 1940's during World War II.  If a man ever learns a single thing about "education" then he must be aware that when soldiers aren't off fighting wars thousands of miles away, then the expression "The School of Hard Knocks" really does mean a lot.  What this expression "The School of Hard Knocks" means is that higher learning and speaking out about atrocity and abuse of power around you is thousands of times more risky than suiting up and working for "Federal Law Enforcement."  If you are willing to write about abuses of power - and condemn the kinds of power hungry despots we have - and speak like you are educated, that is quite a bit more powerful for the goals of fairness, equity, justice and freedom.  When "all those fucking heroes" are not thousands of miles away on the Shores of Italy fighting, but rather, are armed to the teeth and "protecting us" in Militarized Campus Police Stations - what you have is violent, cruel and hopeless dishonest.

So, as I was saying, it was 1995, and I was hearing voices on M.I.T. Campus - courtesy of the government security campus police "rape-rooms."  In the 1990's, an expression had come into common parlance up in places like Boston Massachusetts.  The Boston Globe often printed stories about people who were called "Sexually Violent Predators" - and these people, ostensibly, were alleged men in Boston who would "have their way" with many of the younger female students.  Obviously, after the 1980's drug-fueld rampages, many of the women had been victimized by sexual assaults.  Many of the early Law and Order Special Victim's Unit episodes (long before Obama was ever the president) were a somewhat reasonable force to have on our televisions - even though the actors and the episodes portrayed were "radically inconsistent" with real-life sexual assaults.

But what has been the source of the #METOO movement anyway?  Every time I hear #METOO on television - start thinking about how sad the original "Law & Order" television series really were for somebody like me who had lived through the 1980's, and somehow triumphed and thrived without ever going so low as to become a police officer, a soldier in the army, or a government official.  I had seen the violence in Richardson Texas - and I had seen how often the responsible party was a soldier or a police.  When the government is actively promoting "assistance for rape-victims" - the problem becomes hopelessly overpowering amounts of control are granted to police-officers who claim to "protect women" - even though they are doing nothing of the sort.  Sure, many women were sexually assaulted in the 1980's.  However only the living can tell these stories - or - the age old expression "dead men tell no tales" sort needed to be converted to say "dead children tell no tales."  Although there were many sexual assaults under Reagan and Bush I,  many thousands more lost their lives as children - which meant that the very people who had committed these murders - a.k.a. the police departments and their friends in the army - wound up being promoted as heroes "protecting the women", rather than being condemned as murderers for killing all my (and others) friends.

So, it was 1994 and I fled to China.  I knew what was up and coming in the world.  I had built a microprocessor in my room at the age of 17 before I even entered M.I.T. campus.  I had gone to Dallas Texas first computer super-center "Comp USA" with my dad when I was 17.  I purchased a few of the publicly available hard-drives here in Dallas Texas.  My first hard drive was a 22 Mega-Byte Western Digital.  Now, for those who are in the 40+ age group, and have finished college and are capable of reading - since literacy rates in this country are plummeting due to these human-atrocities - you would know that those early computers really weren't very "American" at all.  The first hard-drive I ever bought said "Western Digital Corporation" in a very large text-font, and then at the bottom said "Made in Malaysia" in a very small font at the bottom.  In fact, the level of excitement I had about even going into a Radio Shack or Comp USA fell quite significantly when I realized "America" was not making a comeback at all after a hopelessly violent 1980's, but rather, the Asia Pacific Ring was apparently becoming the new "Center of Scientific Research and Development."

If it is 1994, and you are only 19 years old, and you are explaining to ultra-violent "officers" that "Ronald Reagan" was a galactic butcher, and the center of technology really isn't M.I.T. at all anymore, they have a tendency to get angry at you.  People who work for places like "The Boston Police Department" are some of the most notoriously violent monsters that have ever lived.


  • The Massachusetts State Police Logo: See Wikipedia Article
  • The most common type of "Police" in Boston - the Undercover "Officer" Whitey Bulger.  He served time, and worked for them - like their is much of a difference when dealing with terrorists!  He was an honorably charged military veteran, an employee of the F.B.I. and the City of Boston Police, and Massachusetts State Police.  He also like to rip people's teeth out with a pair of pliers when he was angry.

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