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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

E-Mail my M.I.T. Alumnus Friend

Dear Daniel:

I do not believe "I" helped you turn your life around - mostly I really *really* do have this TV in my brain.  Many people in Dallas do.  Whatever "change" you experienced was probably the result of "the dick-head" that works in the office tower that is paying with your TV-implant.

I hate this - and I hate them with all my heart.  I do not believe that "Self-Defense" is the same as murder.  Clearly, I would not wish harm to a nice person at a church - but the people I want to shoot are not in a church - they are in office towers.  It is all about "terrorist negotiations" if you are not willing to comply with your master.  They have sexually assaulted me, and my entire family.  They have spent 20 years psychologically abusing me - and trafficking drugs.  Killing these people would be an act of greatness, not shame.

In any case - welcome to the brave new world - I had to wait literally until the guy who plays with my brain felt bad enough about his own actions until he himself starting criticizing his own actions - and allowed and encouraged me to write what I have written.  I am not allowed to think when My Master does not want me to think.

In years past, when I have attempted to write letters to lawyers, judges, congressman, police officers, and even foreign diplomats about this, the TV surgically implanted in my body goes way off, and I cannot think, write or read anything.  If you are not in tune with your implants, then I guess you are going to have to get in tune.  I simply do not play along with "implanted" people, and if you are talking about "turning your life around" because of some idiotic off-handed comments I have made years ago - well - you should realize that it wasn't me at all, you have brain implants too, and the guy who we shall here-to-fore call "your master" turned your around.

All of this can become so humiliating and so embarrassing, that living at all just seems like a waste of time.  I, personally, would do anything to leave this country, and I have not changed that story much since Year 2000 when I was living in New York City.

  • Murder is of course wrong
  • Killing somebody who is sexually and psychologically abusing your entire family is not murder, it is self-defense
  • All of this means absolutely nothing - all talk is "whiskey talk" because of how powerful these electronic control mechanism in my body really are
  • There are hundreds of thousands of other people in society who have also been implanted, and not all of them realize just how powerful these control mechanisms are.
  • I could talk about strapping dynamite around my waist, and it wouldn't matter, because they (internet back-bone people) can literally prevent me from sleeping at night, walking up in the morning, or even taking a shower.
  • People need an outlet for expressing how abusive this government is - and this is the only way to express how destructive they can be
  • For people who did not attend college, and people who are happy working in minimum wage or service-manual-labor oriented careers, electronic-implant mind-control almost works to their benefit, as long as they are willing to surrender their futures.

P.S. You have pushed me over the edge, and I'm going to post these three e-mails to my blog.  If you want to have tacos - well, anytime.  I like my "slow cooker" and maybe I can make my "Pineapple Pork Tacos" and bring them to a park.  I don't really go to bars, because I'm 43 years old, and the ones in Dallas are just to idiotic to think about.

I can go to Chili's one day.  I live with a girl now, by the way.

Hi Ralph,

Have you thought about volunteering for organizations that work to stop human trafficking? I’m sure they would be grateful to have your expertise.

I don’t think promoting murder and treason will bring about the change you are looking for.

You seem a long angrier than what I remember. You helped me turn my life around many years ago, and I am extremely grateful for that. You made a huge difference in my life. I might be dead today if it weren’t for you.

Daniel Serna

From: Ralph Torello <> 
Sent: Tuesday, November 6, 2018 1:01 PM
To: *** *** *** ***
Subject: Re: Hello

They target lots of people.  They target my mom.  Over 20 years of attacking innocent American Citizens - many of the members of society are so weak - and hateful of their own families, friends, and all kinds of elements of the population - that they just don't care and take Starbucks Jobs, Walmart Jobs, and McDonald's jobs.  Dallas Texas does need a single Starbucks.  There are at least 10 fast food, coffee, donuts, and various assorted "food places" on almost each, every and any corner in the metro-plex.

The jobs that the people who work in the office tower give us are total dog-shit.  Not everybody was implanted - but many thousands of people were.  The brainwash, and psychologically abuse you, until you just don't care who you parents and friends used to be.  I see my mother once a year - and talk to her once a year.  They implanted her.  

When my parents were my age - them and their friends would have functions, outings and get-together's every single weekend.  They are from New York City, though, not Dallas Texas at all.  My moved to Dallas in 1982.  She was implanted in the late 1990's (when I was at M.I.T.) - and we have never had a social function or outing together in my entire adult life.  

I would gladly become a "Bank of America Office Tower" mass-shooter because of this.  I don't know which office towers the Internet-Backbone and human trafficking software operators are working.  I know of at least one of them that is strictly used for human-trafficking and slave trafficking - for instance the one across from the Addison Starbucks.  Not all of them are - some have the "brain dead idiots" trying to harass people to buy better car insurance policies.

Many of the office towers are empty completely.  Downtown Dallas, for instance, has an occupancy of office-space rate of 1:20 ??  1:50 ??? I have no idea, but it is very VERY low.... - You can count the number of people that go to work in Downtown Dallas Office Tower Space, probably by yourself.

I have written thousands and thousands of lines of code - by the way - and some of it seems pretty useful.  I would love to have a company, but, like I said, I have a Master - and I am a slave.  They monitor people who want to talk about government.  If you agree to "get paid" and "keep your mouth shut" about government - they'll leave you alone for your whole life, mostly.  You'll also be the most ignorant person in the world ... and likely ... if you have a "Customer Service" job, you'll be the most unfriendly customer service person in world history....

I'm cc'ing my mom...


Ralph P. Torello

American Police are (just) the foot-soldiers in the war on freedom, justice, and liberty.  You should demand to be de-implanted in a hospital immediately... See what happens to you!!

Hi Ralph,

Good to hear from you again. I’ve read a couple of your blog articles, sounds like you have a lot of things to be angry about. I don’t advocate killing people. I used to have a lot of anger against police, but then my sister married a cop and I found him to be a very good man. It helped change my perspective on some things.

Why do you think the government targeted you? Or do they target all of us?

Why can’t you go back to China? Why were you brought back?

I think It’s awesome that you are still coding things on your own. When we last talked you were coding in .Net. Why did you switch to Java?

Daniel Serna

From: Ralph Torello <
Sent: Tuesday, November 6, 2018 11:31 AM
To: *** *** *** ***
Subject: Re: Hello

I hate America - and I want to become an MIT Police Mass Shooter as always.  My whole point in life is I would never harm innocent people in a University, Airport, Mall or Church, but I absolutely hate what they (the government) have done to my life.

I have spent two years writing Java code (by myself) at the library here in Fretz Park.  I have a "Spanish Verb" java-code library, and a "Chinese Translator" thing.  I don't get paid for any of it, though.  To say "I wrote the code" is sort of true, but then again, hypno-programming means I'm not exactly responsible for anything I myself do.  I have absolutely no idea what goes through your mind - or anybody's - since not everyone is even implanted, and not everyone who is implanted exactly knows about it so well.

If you would like to know about me, I have started a "Government Blog" - but beware, i forward these e-mails to the United States Secret Service and Capital Police because I hate American and want to leave very badly.

P.S. I don't work at Google at all, but I have Google Cloud Server Account that I program Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript (and regular expressions) all day long.


They are kind of silly - since I don't have a "team" at all, but I am making progress.

Ralph Torello
Google Cloud Server

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, 9:02:56 AM CST, Daniel Serna <> wrote:

Hi Ralph,

What you been up to? Your company take off yet? Hope all is well with you. Let me know if you still want to eat tacos sometime.

Daniel Serna

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