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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hi Guys! Federal Bureau of Investigation - and "Freedom of the Speech"

As we all know, goon-squads are goon-squads.  If you don't know that, it's probably because you are still 15 years old.  A long time ago, people used to say that "lawyers" jobs - their responsibility - was to protect the "little guys" who are having their rights trampled against the "big guys" who are doing the trampling.  The people on my e-mail list are not people who one might think of as "innocent."  You see, to me, their is difference between "oppression" and "the oppressed."  Just because two parties are involved in an altercation, or an incident - it certainly doesn't mean both parties are guilty.  In fact, when large government or quasi-government organizations like large-technical Universities get going, weeding out "political undesirables" has been a staple - a hallmark if you wish - of standard policy.


Two dudes from "Faggots and Butchers Incorporated" - F.B.I. (as I usually call them - literally because I'm a male victim of sexual assault) came to my place of residence this afternoon.  This is the third visit or encounter with "radical and armed militants" or "the regime" that I have had in the past month and a half.  They haven't done anything to me lately, but then again, the (homo-sexual) man who is talking to me as I write these posts, has obviously been permitting me to write about my life as a victim of Hypno-Programming.  I have been writing quite a bit, I guess, and somewhat to my own chagrin, have been including events and episodes from when I was much younger - a much more violent time.  I do sometimes feel like I'm literally "justifying Hypno-Programming" by talking about how violent "The Boston Police" (Zip Code 02139) or "The Richardson Police" (Zip code 75080) were when I was younger.  I mean, talking about "male-rape" seems like nothing when I bring up a literal school massacre that occurred in the 1980's when I was in elementary school.  There was a *war* here in the U.S. - and I am not going to be quiet about it.  What is sad, is that, yes, it has been covered up.  I don't have any friends left from when I was young, most of my good friends died in school before I was even 18 years old - and I'm not from Iraq, I'm from Dallas.  What is sad, is that the horrific acts of violence that did occur are repeatedly mentioned the Hypno-Programming experts here in Dallas who are always bringing up these facts - using the T.V. that is surgically implanted in my brain.  I do not want these electrodes in my body - and, more importantly, I want to see people in power incarcerated for these attacks on my life. 

So, anyway, yes, there was a lot of "war" growing up in the United States in the 1980's.  These expressions are routinely ringing in my brain.  These are actually terms we all learned as kids to describe flatulence, but, generally it applied to how people behaved during Dallas Police and United States led militarized invasions of the U.S.A.

  • Loud but Harmless - In 1987, the school walls at my Junior High-School "The Richardson North Vikings" were rattling so loud by kids screaming all day long... Why?  Kid's are harmless, and when they are scared, yelling can be the only defense they have.
  • Silent but Deadly (Marines, Police, Drug Dealers, Drug Attics - they were all the same people) - If you were in a fighting mood, at it was the 1980's - you wouldn't hear a thing - you just shot. 

What did I do?  When I was old enough to appreciate the value of "sobriety" and "abstaining from narcotics" - I stayed sober, and did every homework assignment I could.  That was when I was 15 years old.  I memorized every assignment my teacher ever gave me.  I was accepted at Harvard and M.I.T. (and Yale, and Stanford...) because of it.

This afternoon, today, (Wednesday, November 28th, 2018) I was walking to the stairwell to have my pipe and tobacco to relax when to "Federal Agents swooped in" to harass me.  I hope they are reading this post, because what we talked about was crime - we talked about real crime and the people in power who have to be held accountable for these crimes.  Since September of this year, this is, as I just said, my third run-in with "the radicalized government."  Government radicals are really all you can say about anyone who carries a firearm to "keep the public safe."  These people are not providing services that we need - their services are neither appreciated by any legitimate personnel, nor needed.  Not everybody who will ever read these words will have electrodes implanted into their skulls, their genitals, or other glands inside their bodies.  The ones that do - will have all kinds of thoughts and opinions about the world which have been grotesquely modified - "tweaked" if you will - to suit the needs of the people sitting behind the surveillance cameras.  These are crimes - these are higher crimes the the usual "high crimes and misdemeanors."  These are atrocities, and they have been actively buried, covered up, and even justified in the name of preventing different forms of atrocities that occurred in the 1980's.

Here are the facts of this case:

  • I have "a Master" - he controls the electrical implants that were put inside my body against my will.
  • Though these implants cannot control me like a robot, they can disorient me whenever my master sees fit.
  • The only way I would even be writing this very blog-page that you, the reader, are reading is with his permission.  I don't know this man, where he is, what is name is, how old he is, or how educated he is.
  • Yes, it is like having "a queer" following me around all day - and listening to me talk in my home, as he orders me around - literally with my wife in the room at home.
  • These are crimes.  People who work for traditional forms of law enforcement agencies derelict their duties when violent crimes that are reported go ignored.
  • When the electrodes attached to my genitals are electrocuted - these crimes become sexual in nature.  These are felonies, not misdemeanors.
  • When these crimes are reported to "federal law enforcement" or any branch of the (former) United States Government - I am repeatedly threatened of with further acts of sexual abuse, torture or imprisonment by all kinds of people.
  • Less educated members of my family - who easily comply with "legal orders" - have been psychologically conditioned to further support this grotesque regime.
  • These are violent crimes - used for acts of extreme repression of educated members of the United States Population  - that when they go unpunished - result in brutality, and the ruining of people's lives.
If when I report these crimes to "federal agents" I am mocked, laughed at (and have even been incarcerated):

  • Calling or referring to these people as "F.B.I. Agents" or "University Police" become a crime in and unto itself!  The people who work for the "Dallas Police" or "The University of Texas Police" or even "The M.I.T., Harvard Police" are not law-enforcement agents, nor are the acting like law-enforcement agencies.  These radicalized outfits simply cannot be called law-enforcement organizations every again.
  •  I described acts of "genital mutilation" that occurred on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology when I was younger.  The people conducting these attacks were government agents from Washington, the District of Columbia
  • I described how, yesterday, November 27th, 2018, while I was at home, the man running the Hypno-Programming Software here in Dallas verbally abused me - in my home.  This is crime - and they just ignored me!
  • I described how when I was in college, (what I called "bone-crunching evil") - parts of the bones in my fingers were cut out by "Law Enforcement."
  • I was told by both of them that the Universities did not appreciate hearing these facts, and that (particularly at a place like M.I.T. where the Internet backbone and software engineering began), the people felt that the only crime which had occurred was "harassment."
  • My Master, today, sitting here at the library in Dallas asked me to keep typing.  I do not see "eye-to-eye" with this man at all, and to be honest, I do not know down what "road" I am being led.  I do not have a choice, so I continue to write.
  • The TV surgically implanted inside my brain - a TV that every single member of my family has also endured to differing levels of personality adjustment... This TV can get me going on a software project, or shut me down for saying a word through the telephone that my Master does not like!

Monday, November 19, 2018

#METOO - are we trying to address the issue, or are we trying to obfuscate it? IDENTITY THEFT & LETTERS TO MY OWN MOTHER

Ralph Torello <>
To:Whitaker, Ellen,,,,,,,,,,,,,Rondesantis Info
Nov 19 at 11:37 AM

I am not a sick person - I can competently and HOENSTLY talk about the system of government that "rose up" in the United States after the Reagan-Bush years (my childhood) where most of my friends where murdered like animals, right there in front of me, at Mohawk Elementary.  You were MUCH OLDER (when I was 10 years old, you were already 43 years old) - and the acts of violence, and how these renegade government officials dealt with the genocide of the 1980's is something 60 and 70 year old people simply cannot handle.

You watch TV all day long, and see your children and grand children almost never.  This is because the video boards behind your retina steal the identify of your children and grand children and talk to you like they were your children and grand-children.  It makes your master very happy.

I would gladly purchase an M-16 or an AR-15 and kill every single reporter for CNN and Fox News if I could,and when I arrived in Heaven, and got to speak to people like Dwight Eisenhower or Franklin Roosevelt (the leaders who killed Adolf Hitler and the NAZI's), I would sit in my comfortable pillow chair up in Heaven with Jesus and God (or whatever you believe in) pointing and laughing at George W. Bush, Barrack Obama, Anderson Cooper, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin as they rot in hell being tortured by the devil for sexual abusing me (forcing me to masturbate) and then forcing me to lie about it - for all eternity.


Ralph P. Torello

Ralph Torello
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On Sunday, November 18, 2018, 7:41:04 PM CST, Whitaker, Ellen <> wrote:

You are a very, very sick person and greatly in need of permanent medical care and anti-psychotic medication.

From: Ralph Torello <>
Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2018 5:18:12 PM
To: ***
Cc: ***
Subject: Re: TV Program

Did I make you angry by pointing out how old Gary Sr. is or something?  I'm not joking - the only legacy you will leave if Gary passes any time soon is "ALDI Cards"....  If I never say hi to Gary Jr. again, he'll just fade away in my mind until I forget I ever had a step brother. 

In any case...  I have told you once, I have told you a thousand times.

That... You know I my only goal in life is to "massively shoot" (in a "mass shooter" type-of way) every single one of those fuck-heads on Fox News Network.... Oh.... and I hate CNN & MSNBC the same amount - and would obviously do the same thing for Anderson Cooper & Don Lemon as I would for Hannity and Bill O'Reilly.

They raped me like an animal - and have forced me to masturbate using electrodes in my testicles, and pornographically "inclined" video implant boards behind the retina in my eyes.  YES... I already have a TV surgically implanted in my skull that watches "Mark Levin" whenever my master wishes me to watch Mark Levin.  It has ruined a generation of people in North America.

100 years from now our Grandchildren will be able to put behind them what Barrack Obama, George Bush and Bill Clinton (and Trump) have done to the human race.

Ralph Torello
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From: "Whitaker, Ellen" <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2018 4:51 PM
Subject: TV Program

Ralph, every Sunday night on FOX, there is a program with Mark Levin at 9 PM your time. He has a different guest each week, and there is no screaming, yelling or arguing. Tonight his guest is Victor Davis Hanson, a fellow at Stanford, author, political analyst & commentator and nationally-syndicated columnist. You might want to see this program tonight and every Sunday night for that matter. Love, Mom ðŸ˜Š

Saturday, November 10, 2018