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Monday, October 29, 2018

When gangster run a city - there are real beatings, real lynchings - why do we THANK POLICE and not HANG POLICE?

  • This is All Saints Catholic Church on Meadow-Creek Road in North Dallas.  I attended this church when I was a kid - and I even laid quite a few of the bricks that built parts of this church.  That was when I was 12 years old (1987).
  • I also witnessed the United States Military Massacre and torture parishioners in this building - of which I, myself, was one of them multiple times (age 12, 15, etc).  It was common in Dallas in the 1980's, and churches were neither exempt from acts of violence, nor were they either perceived as better targets either.  They "got it" the same as a local grocery store filled with people could be targeted by violent soldiers, USMC, police on drugs, and citizens on drugs.
  • I used to wear the Jewish Ya-Mica to this building on Sunday (not always), it was symbolic of what used to be called "Judeo-Christian Roots," and there the concept that Jews "were different" had no meaning to me.  We had a Christmas Tree and a Hanukkah-Menorah, they were the same thing when I was a kid (in my house).  Catholics were Jews, they weren't perceived very different.  The differences were things that had died out during the Spanish Inquisition in Year 1521.

On Saturday October 27th, 2018 I was riding a Dallas Area Rapid Transit Bus to my church.  The church which I attended as a child is known as All Saints Catholic Church; and it is situated what used to be one of several premier North Dallas Neighborhoods.  I am not a regular participant in this church by any stretch of the imagination, and one of many reasons would be having witnesses quite a number of massacres inside this building as a child.  I remember watching USMC carry M-16 assault rifles into the building, often high under the influence of narcotics as a child.  These were the types of routine massacres that occurred here in Texas in the 1980's as a child.  White genocide was something that was occasionally preached on television - but usually very faint, and never seriously.  I, personally, never felt very much fear of members of any race of people, particularly the black communities or even the 1980's burgeoning Asian Immigrant Communities.  The word "community," itself, meant almost nothing in 1987, when I was 12 years old watching the same type of behavior I had seen at schools, grocery stores, and even public bools - public sex acts, and acts of brutality - right there inside All Saints Catholic Church in front of an entire congregation filled with people.  Radical members of the United States Military and Police had literally broken into some of the antique arms and armor museums in parts of Spain where the company of soldiers had occupied - and stolen medieval "hot shaker eggs" out of the museum; then filled them with molten hot ash.  I was 12 years old, sitting with my family who had moved from New York City (and California, and even Missouri) to Dallas 7 years early as elderly woman's clothing was engulfed in a plume of smoke and hail of fire from the molten hot ash that was being flung all around the congregation.  That was 1987, that was the Ronald Reagan Administration.  Reagan, the man, who was an actor had opened a 600 year old Pandora's Box by "invading Grenada and Latin America" with an attempt to "liberate Hispanic people in Nicaragua and El Salvador."

The Spanish Inquisition between Muslims, Jews, and Latin People had ended in year 1521 when Spanish Emperor Charles V made peace with Jews in Spain & Aragon (hence the name Catherine of Aragon), Indian leaders in Mexico, and even the North African Muslims.  Some of the horrors that occurred between the African Muslims whose empire (read: an Empire that thrived more than 550 years ago - but not today, then, in year 1987) were over.  Many of the medieval torture devices that resided in the museums of the Spanish Inquisition are still there today - in museums in Spain.  There I was in All Saints Catholic Church, wearing my usual "Jewish Ya-mica" hat on my head - which the clergy (and my parents) often asked us to wear to demonstrate that Catholics, Jews, Protestants hadn't fought in hundreds of years - watching a device that was probably manufactured in the 15th century, burning a woman alive inside of a North Dallas Church here at Arapaho and Meadow-Creek - courtesy of the Dallas Police Department and our Armed Services.  Radicalization is a myth, crime sprees that are run by armed authority is what the problem has always been.

It was Saturday October 27th, 2018, and my Master from the office tower down the street had ordered me to collect food from the local food pantry at All Saints Catholic Church.  Today, All Saints is a little shell of an organization.  There are quite a few lies hanging on the hallway.  I personally remember actually helping build parts of the church that stands today at the age of 12, 13, and 14 laying bricks and pouring cement for parts of the stage / annex area.  I walk down the hallways there and see some pictures that were clearly photographed in the 1980's, remembering when the building itself was even erected - in the early to mid 1980's - and seeing the church getting the dates wrong on the photographs that they hang.  The stage area that is there today was not there until the late 1980's.  I mean, I know, I remember starting at enormous stacks of bricks in the court-yard where a partially covered building was being erected next to the court-yard, and helping lay some of those bricks for that building.  That was 1987, but the photographs on the wall are often mislabeled.

But last Saturday, I was on a Dallas Area Rapid Transit Bus (#488) from my apartment in Garland heading directly towards the Addison Transit Center when I was a threatened by the riders.  Now, I have ridden DART since the Spring of Year 2015, when (what I refer to as) the "Terrorist Organization" in the North Dallas Office Towers ordered a hit on my automobile.  In March of 2015, I was driving West on Belt Line Road near the North Dallas Tollway.  I had been ordered to go to a Starbucks in the little, brand-newly-refurbished, 1992 Ford Escort to have some coffee and stare at some of the Asian Women that are on kept on electronic leashes using the electrical circuits implanted in their bodies and this coffee shop.  My master (or Master's) love to think of themselves as "protectors of women" and sometimes even "defenders of the public" - but in the end, mostly the word gangster, pimp, and sexual abusers are all that I can ever get out about these monsters.  I have never been very cooperative with my master, and when ordered to do things, all I ever come up with are jokes about sexual relations with a woman who has a pimp.  The women who work for the Starbucks on Belt Line Road here in Addison - right next to the largest human trafficking center of operations in the city - certainly have pimps, and they can exercise their muscle very swiftly, and very brutally when they want.  That day, an electrical trigger from the electronic portion of my brain, the part of my body that is electrically stimulated by signals that are received from radio-waves into the chips, ordered me to start driving.  I was in a left-turn lane, and there were a line of cars at least half a mile long sitting in front of me.  They were at a full-stop standstill, and hadn't moved for quite some time. Unfortunately, the most distant lane of traffic was completely invisible to me, hidden behind two fully stopped lanes of traffic packed with shiny automobiles in the noon-day sun.  It was probably close to 2:00 PM, and almost April.  When I started to drive, a car in the third-lane came barreling down the road at almost 25 to 30 miles per hour.  As I made a left turn across two-fully stopped lanes of traffic, an automobile in the third lane of traffic hit me broad-side right into the side of my car.  My master likes to brag about this attack.  That's what he calls it "our attack."  Why should I trust him now as I write this?  I myself don't have any fucking clue, but if this is going to come out of me on a blog, that would make me very happy.


  • The left photo are the office towers located on Belt Line Road (near the Dallas Tollway in Addison) where sex-trafficking, drug-trafficking and slave-trafficking using electrical implants, financial fraud, camera-surveillance, and cell-phone location tracking occurs.  There are no companies in these.  They are king-pins of crime the likes of which have never walked the face of the earth
  • The right photo is directly across the street from this office tower.  This is a Starbucks and inside are hollowed-out shells of human beings who are victims of mind-control sex-trafficking a very high percentage of which go months without ever saying any words in any language at all!!
  • People who work for the police should be publicly executed for what has done by these office towers to the people inside this establishment.

But... Anyway... It was march of Year 2015, and I was driving my 1992 (renovated) Ford Escort

I had been ordered by my Master to go to Starbucks.  My Master has electrical ear-pieces surgically implanted in my ears.  My Master is a cruel man, and has sexually abused me many times.  The #METOO movement has come to pass in this country, because mind-control almost invariably involves sexual abuse, sexually abusive language, and sexually violent language.  I cannot escape the language because I simply cannot perform implant removed surgeries on my eyes, my ears or my testicles.  I was told to say hello to some of the Asian Women at the Starbucks, women who have electrodes inside their bodies themselves, and can be made to sing like canaries using the TV that is surgically implanted inside their bodies.  These women, when singing like canaries, for what is no more than a (un)-glorified electronically empowered pimp, usually don't have great attention spans.  The kinds of things they like to discuss are invariably extremely radical, extremely laden with highly-conspicuous language that supports the Dallas Government, the Dallas Regime, and various and brutal facets of the (terrorists) at the Dallas Police Department.  In a word - if you have ever wondered why Starbucks seem so anti-social, and filled with girls that look like you would want to meet them, but sound like they were trained in Afghanistan by the Taliban and Al-Qeada, now you know why, and what that word is: "horrible."

So this is why I no longer drive the 1992 Ford Escort that the government allowed me to drive around the city.  I used to love my car.  It got about 25 miles to the gallon, and though these newly manufactured Chinese made automobiles - the brand-spanking-new Mercedes, Ford Mustangs, and high-mileage SUV's - look really nice, the parts for my 1992 Ford Escort were usually easy to find and not that expensive.  I had spent about $1,500 to have all of the dents removed from the body, and the paint fully stripped and repainted a nice color.  I had even had part of the interior replaced, but not all of it.  The air-conditioning worked amazing, and generally I could drive around without feeling to arrogant.  Obviously, I would have preferred to have the money to buy a brand new Ford Mustang, but because I have been kept on black-lists by the government all my life (even though I don't have any real criminal record) - I have never been permitted to have money in my bank-account; my Master forbids it.  So, I drove an old car.

But all of this is lead up information.  The church, school, swimming-pool, and even Tom Thumb grocery store massacres that I knew as a child - massacres so severe that I could say at least 25% of the white population of Texas was killed - ended in 1994, 1995, and 1996.  In those years, the military rounded up all of the heavy weaponry that usually was laden all throughout random parts of the city.  The bazooka that was laying around the kid's soccer field, and the howitzer that was parked behind local middle school were removed and brought to Fort Hood, or destroyed.  The narcotics, were, invariably found in the hands of soldiers, were just seized, seized, and seized again.  The murder rate in Dallas Texas literally went from population extermination to near zero what I believe was under a year or two period.  The 1996 Oklahoma City Bombing wasn't a great thing because destroying the City's Justice Department Headquarters was a great thing (although it helped tremendously to see City Police and State Government on the defensive) - it was a great thing because it was an act of terrorism that actually made the national news for the first time in Texas  History - rather than being covered up.  In 1987, when my 7th-Grade English Teacher was drugged, raped, and slaughtered in front of a room filled with 12-year-old children by active-duty soldiers high on a drug-trip; the next morning the incident didn't even make the paper.  I have mentioned this story about "Mrs. Gorman" before, but when she died, they dumped her body in a body bag, and literally left it in the closet of the school.  The assailants were probably construction workers, turn soldiers, turn police, taking a break from the job to party, listen to some music, and sleep with (have sex with) the teachers and the kiddies.

No, this blog post is not going to be about the ultra-radical 1980's of Ronald Reagan and his little CIA friend George Herbert Walker Bush.  This post is not going to be about how for 25 years white people have been told that "they are racist" - given that I do not have living friends from my childhood, even though I moved to Dallas when I was 7 years old in 1982.  Every friend I had as a child was murdered before I was even 18 years old.  All my life, I have heard rhetoric on TV about the persecution of blacks, and the black-race, but all the friends I knew that died where white.  Nobody ever sang my praises.  Nobody ever pointed out that - hey black people were rarely even involved in the shootings, white soldiers and police officers were invariably responsible.  In fact, my memories of my black friends as a child are usually quite happy and serene.  I held three separate residences with my mother and brother, and at least one of them was filled with people of African Descent.  I remember running around at the age of 9 with my friend "Biven Howell" - a black kid -playing a game he and his brother taught me called "Nigger."  You are supposed to shout it next to some adults, and if you get a rise or a reaction, you run away quickly.  Calling this type of game anything but child's play, and quite innocent, is the right attitude.  The crimes back then were never racially motivated, they were fueled by weapons of mass destruction like bazookas, howitzers, M-16's, and hand-grenades.  They were fueled by soldiers and police caught up in drug-parties, and even the drug-trade.  In fact, when I was a kid, black-people and white-people "getting along" was really the only thing that was ever right about the USA.  That, of course, has all changed with the rise of these "Democratic, NAACP raids" and the "Republican Conservative-Radical Politics"  Fake-fighting causes real consequences, and eventually leads to violence the likes of which I never saw as a child.

  • I lived here in the Early 1980's with my mother.  It is called "Shenandoah Apartments" and it is on Spring Valley Road in what is now an extremely Mexican / Spanish Neighborhood.  The apartments aren't very nice, but were thought of as "top of the line" back in 1982 when I got here.
  • This was very close to the "far north end" of Dallas Texas in the early 1980's.  Most of the homes that are there now were built with me sitting on a curb-side stoop watching construction workers, soldiers (USMC), and all kinds of "adults" building the homes that surround this area.  Some homes were already there, some were rebuilt, and some were brand new!
  • Many of the black population in North Dallas loved this place, and I was friends with at least two of them.  White people loved it here as well - at least before the massacres started.
  • I was once trained (at age 9) by the Richardson Police as a child soldier in this apartment complex to shoot at targets (with handguns and machine guns) and run through rope like they do in basic training.
  • Much of my life has been a reaction to the words "Police Massacres" and "Child Soldier Training" - I attended classes at Harvard University in Boston Massachusetts with that memory in my mind.

Last Saturday I was on a DART bus, a bus numbered 488 which had head out of LBJ-Skillman Station, passed through Forest Lane Station, and was on it's way to the Addison Transit Center in Addison Texas.  I hate police, and hate them with every nerve fiber in my body, with every ounce of good-conscious that God affords me.  I remember the purges, I remember the names of my friends that were gunned down by police officers before they were old enough to complete a High School Calculus class.  I know who always gets it in the end from the police - educated white men, particularly educated white men who are middle-aged, and have seen their lives robbed from them.  If you have never tried to change things in life, if you have never completed a year of college or university, if you can't spell the words third-grade then police work is generally to your benefit.  I personally think that if the Dallas Police Chief were arraigned, indicted, charged, tried and executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Penitentiary - and his entire force stripped of their badges, their fortunes, their offices, their equipment, and their freedom - that would only be the smallest of consolation that the citizenry of Dallas 

I don't like blaming people of any skin-color.  I don't exactly like blaming religious principals - or principals of any kind.  Most religious dogma has been tried and tested for centuries.  It can often be "inapplicable" but it is rarely evil.  NOTE: When principles are intentionally misapplied, with the intention of obfuscating a concept, then even religion can be at fault.  Yesterday morning, I personally turned on the TV to see that CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News were promoting another one of their massacres on TV; saying that 11 people had been killed by a lone-gunman.  I do not put much stock in these reports.  I know that Jesus, today, would not stand by our police.  When fake gun-control debates are on TV - all I ever hear is that guns are being rounded up, and that are laws need to be enforced.  Yesterday, I saw at least 15 different Jewish People making speeches about coming together, and at least 20 different assault rifles in the hands of The Army, the Pittsburgh Police Department, and all kinds of heavy weaponry in the hands of "F.B.I. Agents."  This is not Judaism, and there is no "religious leader" who is worth his salt who would show that kind of support for radicalized militants - regardless of their source of funding or affiliation.  In word, the massacre in Pittsburgh wasn't a massacre of Jews at all - how could they be Jewish when standing next to at least 20 M-16 Assault-Rifles?  Do Jesus, Muhammad, or Moses support people who train with M-16 Assault Rifles?  Does the Jewish Faith support radicalized militants who carry hand-grenades, assault rifles, or tanks?  The Jesus, Muhammad, and Moses - and the Holy Texts like the Torah and the Bible I have read - do not condone that type of heavy weaponry, and language that promotes understanding for why these (alleged) mass-shooters do this needs to be heavily promoted on the Internet.  The mass-shooter claims he hates Jews, and since I don't, but I do know what is "very hate-able" about the people that were on TV celebrating the local municipal government alongside militarized radicals, I have a lot of things that should be said publicly.

The local municipal government is at fault for what happened, two days ago, October 27th 2018.  They are at fault, and the "heroes" that they proclaimed themselves to be should be hanged in the public square.  They did not provide a legitimate voice for the mass-shooter to express his grievances.  This mass-shooter, who clearly had gone crazy, did not like Jews, and that is what must be addressed.  What is there to hate about a faith?  The answer is that when religious principles are thrown in the trash and the labels, titles, and especially the financial funding and real-estate that was often handed out to members of that faith - people hate.  People start to hate dearly.  I do not hate Judaism at all - but when I hear that "Jews love Police" or that "Jews love Municipal Government" or that "Jewish People stand with our Armed Services" (while they are carrying M-16 Assault-Rifles, Hand-Grenades and Tanks) these are people who are resting on the laurels of the accomplishments of our ancestors.  These are people who are standing up for cliques, money and financing, choice-real estate in the city - and compromising their principles.  I am not here to say that these elderly people deserved to die.  If we are going to stop mass-shootings, though, the forces involved cannot continue to be called "crazy people."  Condemning everybody, and then claiming that the municipal government and armed-radicals in the Police Department are heroes is precisely why those people died yesterday (if they even did die, which I don't really believe, but that would require evidence and proof).  Why are the Police and the Army called heroes when 11 people were must massacred like Animals?  This is total and complete criminal-gangster government run at 300% past-full-speed.  The Pittsburgh Police Chief should be swinging from the gallows poles this morning.  These actions have occurred for almost 30 years, and fake-gun-control debates will only become real-gun control debates when the phrase - take the police' weapons away immediately.

  • If you want to understand the hatred, first, you must have a college level education.  It makes understanding what "A Jew" even is a lot easier.
  • In this picture, this is not Judaism, these are not Jews, and heavy weaponry and the assault rifles they are carrying is terrorism, not Judaism
  • The news stories that were run had "members of the Jewish Faith" talking about their support for the community - and these people in this picture should not be supported, they should be hanged from the gallows poles.  A serious gun-control debate would take these exact weapons away from these exact people in this specific photograph.  We have never had a serious gun-control debate on TV - they lie about it to our faces.
  • The television news anchors started telling us about "heroes" and "keeping us safe" - and yet 11 innocent elderly people inside of a Jewish Synagogue had been massacred like complete animals.  The police, do not, have not, and cannot keep us safe - and have failed for decades.  Saying thank-you to our "first responders" and "those who keep us safe" is a total and complete atrocity against the human race - why would anyone say "thank-you" after 11 elderly parishioners had been massacred???  "Thank-you" is the worst thing you could ever say to the pigs of the Pittsburgh Police Department; and it is an atrocity far worse than Hitler's NAZI atrocity.
  • When Jews talk about support of government, soldiers or police who are armed with M-16 Assault-Rifles, they are not preaching Jewish Principles, they are preaching the gospel of terrorism, radicalism, and violence.  These are very hate-able concepts, and the anger that the shooter had makes 100 times more sense, given American History of the last 30 years, than anything the leaders said
  • The newspapers do not permit language that is condemning of police, government nor takes serious any conversations about guns nor gun-control - because nobody would take guns away from the people in this picture.  In a word - the people who died were sitting in chairs that were once occupied by greater-men, more principled man, resting on the laurels of smarter men, more honorable men - greater Jews! - who would never tolerate an armed cavalry of soldiers like in this picture - within city limits for any reason!

So anyways, yesterday, October 27th, 2018, I was on the DART Bus 488 when the aggravated assault and battery took place.  It had left LBJ Skillman Station at 8:00 AM that morning.  I had got on the bus at 8:06 AM at the intersection of Forest Lane and Skillman.  I don't particularly like DART Bus Driver's at all.  They are 95% black, and they just are not friendly like the kids I used to know at the one apartment complex where I lived as a child.  I respect them quite a bit though.  The job is really, really boring, and they just sit there - quiet, silent, motion-less, driving day-in and day-out.  They do a good service for the city (I guess, as a percentage, 90% of people travel by car), but the people who take the bus appreciate it a lot.  It's a different mentality, and a different way of life.  Once you let go of owning a car these things all go away:
  • Car-payments, insurance payments and insurance claims and companies
  • Diver's license laws, and failure to ID fines and laws.
  • Car-insurance, proof of insurance, proof of registration, valid stickers & expired stickers
  • Towing fees, speeding tickets, stop-sign tickets, parking tickets & red-light-camera tickets
  • Auto repair costs, finding old parts, negotiating repair costs
  • Oil changes, flat-tires, fluid-checks, keeping motor oil and checking motor oil.
  • Auto-repair "gas monkey garage" personalities (auto-garage employees)
  • Broken A/C lines, broken A/C parts, and ever worrying about checking the A/C - DART does all this for us.
  • Gasoline cards, gasoline prices, empty gasoline tanks, miles-per-gallon, and cash for refilling the tanks
All of this goes away when you surrender to the Dallas Area Rapid Transit System (the bus!).  I pay $40 per month to ride the bus, and I can mostly get anywhere that I have to go.  I default to "straight street-lines of travel" - in that I can get anywhere in the entire North Dallas Area that is on Belt Line Road, Preston Road or Arapaho Road because there are buses that travel up and down these streets.

So I was riding on the bus on Saturday, when this African-male beat me yesterday.  He beat me mercilessly, and for at least 60 continuous seconds.  I almost went unconscious, but fear got me back up, and I made it to All Saints Catholic Church Food Pantry that Saturday Morning by 9:15 AM to meet my wife / girlfriend like I promised.
  • He hit me in the face at least 15 times and must be guilty of aggravated assault and battery.
  • He just kept punching me and punching me and punching me in front of a whole bus-load of people.
  • I am 43 years old, and though I'm in much better shape, and have taken my doctor's advice to go to the gymnasium, I cannot start a kick-boxing career right now.
  • I had blood on my arms, and probably a little on the top of my head.
  • The bus was about 85% black, and was literally yelling at me because I started shouting the word "NIGGER" at the top of my lungs.  I don't hate the word, but, for obvious reasons, I don't say it much.  For people in the 40+ age group, they probably know that it used to be term-of affection to say - at least if you said it right.  (It used to be all about "saying it the right way" - but not anymore I guess)
  • Sticks and stones will break my bones, names will never harm me.  Aggravated assault and battery is a federal crime, and calling somebody a bad name is not even illegal, it is supported by our first amendment rights.
  • I believe that the African man who beat me was also implanted, the man who talks to me in my ear drum sits and brags about this fact for hours on end.  Any time I'm hurt, I'm forced to think about "orders from the office-tower crime-syndicate."  A T.V. surgically implanted in a man's body can make him angry beyond all comprehension - angry enough to punch an innocent person.  This is what I would have to stand by in a Kangaroo Court of law.

I refuse to use the word "African American" because one of those two words has become so hate-filled, so abhorrent, and so disgusting to me (American, not African is the word to which I'm referring) that I just say "Africans" sometimes.  I screamed at the police, they have never shown me an ounce of sympathy nor support.  The bus driver accosted me, humiliated me, and the conceirge at the transit center accosted me and pointed the finger at me.  I didn't even land a punch!   I only through one.  I sat in my chair with my hands covering my face to protect myself.

I hate police, and wish the chief of the DART Police was tried, charged, hanged and executed for these kinds of out-rages - it would be the least the city of Dallas could do for the population.  Before all else - police keep themselves safe - and if they get a shot off, might keep us safe - but that has never happened if you are white.  They aren't heroes, they are total murderers, and she be treated as such.  Not a single one of them could pass a college-board examination - not a single one of them.

Did "My Master" plan all this?  Well, it hurt a lot, but it was nothing like being shot in the arm, the leg like I was many times as a child.  It was nothing like falling out of tree or anything, which also happened to me.  Why do I have to trust my Master so often?  You know, the man who has implanted electronic wires in my body to make me hear voices, see things - the TV that is surgically implanted in my head - if he is willing to ordered hit-man to beat me up at this age (age 43) on a DART bus?  I have no idea!  Maybe because I often call for the execution of police chiefs.  I'm saying and doing what I think is right.  Hypno-programming is the here, and it is the now.  Hypno-programming is the crime that makes crime.  Hyno-programming is the means by which a man in an office tower can order a beating using invisilbe radio-waves that act on surgically implanted ear-pieces inside of our bodies.  Hypno-programming is the means

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