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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The University "Hit Man Squad" on major U.S. University Campus.

Until these wires and electronics have been surgically removed from our bodies, the ring-leaders of this sexually abusive movement killed, and the people allowed legal means to purse "This Rape" - you should not stop fighting.

U.T.D. Campus students are kept at bay in their path towards learning anything through a variety of grotesque abuses of power - the highest of which is implanting electrodes which keep student ignorant, and devoid of any ability to end that ignorance through electronic warfare.

University Campus Police will arrest any student who "raises his voice" in an inappropriate manner - let alone make the kinds of statements that would be required.  Statements of an honest nature regarding appraisals of American History, Government, and the latest rounds of Science and Technology from the People's Republic of China - and other ancillary advanced-manufacturing states - would necessitate the punishment of Government Sponsored Warfare.

Fight it.  Don't stop calling it what it is : Armed Sexual Assault.  Write them, call it what it is...  The fetid government does not have these rights!


This is a complete inappropriate and inaccurate statement - this needs to change, and I filed a complaint with the front desk at UTD.  

I am not only refusing to pay this - because the fine was inappropriately levied, but when I made any attempt to explain the nature of the mistake, I was treated so rudely, and was told bald faced lies - and even threatened - that I am wish to file ANOTHER COMPLAINT against the campus police and the staff at the Eugene McDermott Library.

I am a graduate of Harvard & The Massachusetts Institute of Technology - and I have plenty of education and work under my belt.  I know what is "wrong with Dallas" - the ignorance and abusive treatment by people in places of power.

I am 43 years old now, and I have used the library system at the University of Texas at Dallas since I was 15.  I have seen the staff - and the horrific abuses of power of Campus Police - rise to the level of saying - THIS NEEDS TO STOP.

I am not paying this fine, and my demand that the Chief of Campus Police be immediately arrested are being filed - yet again.  What was done to the population of Dallas by the government's terrorist forces was wrong - and what the staff at the University Cover-up department has done is wrong.

I have filed these types of complaints for two decades.  This is the year it could change.  This is CAMPUS SEXUAL ASSAULT.

What filth!

Ralph Torello
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On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, 6:20:20 AM CDT, <> wrote:


Borrowing Activity Letter

Torello, Ralph Jr
5930 Arapaho Road
Dallas 75248
University of Texas at Dallas
McDermott Library MC33
800 West Campbell Road

Dear  Ralph Jr

We would like to remind you that you have overdue library fines:
.Eugene McDermott Library: 19.50 USD
Total: 19.50 USD
Please settle your account at the earliest opportunity. 

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University of Texas at Dallas     
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