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Thursday, October 18, 2018

So why did the Televised and Internet Circus pull the "Sexually Abusive Supreme Court Justice" (Kavanaugh) stunt?

For almost 8 continuous months the "fake-news or whatever" outlets were broadcasting information about a sexually abusive leaders in power - and literally shoving it down the throats of the people.  It is hard to face issues in the territories that are occupied by people who claim any form of political sympathies to Washington, the District of Columbia.  People who live here in Dallas Texas, for instance, get Fox News, CNN & MSNBC on their televisions, and much like you would think nobody in the entire city has ever mentioned, nor would ever mention any of the content that they have ever seen broadcast by these vegetable-like talking heads.  You don't really need even to have completed three or four grades of schooling to understand that no member of any society in any part of the world is going to take seriously any man or woman who has been promoting homosexuality as a serious social-custom - regardless of any latent sympathies, fears - or even hatred you have of the concept.  I personally have never had any "homosexual" friends, and I wouldn't want to.  Mostly, though, I know very well that the concept is very sexually abusive, and nobody is going to take an organization seriously were an employee, patron, customer, parishioner, guest or member is repeatedly discussing LGBT bedroom behavior in public.  I mean - I've never persecuted a "gay man" ... to the best of my knowledge ... ever.  Get away from me, please!  I have nothing to say about the matter.  (I mean, absolutely nothing!)

But before I stroll down the memory lane of the last five years of Barrack Obama's atrocities - and ever allow myself into some kind of opinion about the matter at all - I need to ask everyone listening - why would the Associated Press Organized Crime Syndicate spend 8 continuous months citing the kinds of sexually pornographic and even sexually horrific types of attitudes on national television?  The TV that I saw for most of the spring and early summer seemed to juxtapose two parallel stories:
  1. De-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula
  2. A federal lawsuit by a former Pornography Star against the White-House - ostensibly that he (The President) is a bigamist.
Why would the crime syndicate that these people ... "drain the swamp" people ... represent, why would they be make such an open and obvious juxtaposition for hundreds of millions - if not billions of people to watch?  There are some key facts, which not everybody who lives in continental North America really knows much about anymore, and I guess I ought to mention them as follows.

  1. On August 6th, 1945 the head of military in Virginia ordered a nuclear attack in Asia - killing at least 50,000 and possibly a hundred thousand people - in about 3 - 5 seconds.  It was wrong. 😏
  2. On August 9th, 1945, that same man, Harry Truman did it again, killing another hundred thousand people in a different city - in under 5 seconds.  Historically, he did what was wrong. 😏
The types of attacks that people who work for the United States Military conducted during the last century were often swift, brutal and catastrophically deadly.  No military had ever fought wars prior to the twentieth century that involved aerial bombardment.  I mean, it wasn't until 1899 that an American Inventor - Orville Wright - invented the airplane.  Forty years later, in many "air battles" that took place over the Pacific Ocean, dog-fighters as they were called would shoot machine-guns at each other, knocking planes out of the sky.  The early dog-fighters of the U.S. Air Force didn't have the most advanced airplanes, and the top speed of a "Hell-Cat" airplane - the favorite airplane of the Navy Aircraft Carrier in the 1940's was probably under 300 miles per hour.  You can read about it on Wikipedia: Gruman Hellcat.  In any case, I want to make a (very) long story much shorter here - and say that the early U.S. Air Force had very slow planes, and the conflict between the Imperial Japanese Army and the U.S. was drawn out for almost five years (1941 - 1945).  Today, jet fighter's can fly at Mach 2 or even 3, which is probably 8 times faster than a typical WWII airplane.  There will not be another "Pacific Theater" - and the excuses that historical apologists make for why the U.S. killed so many Japanese using nuclear bombs are no longer excuses at all!  Protracted aerial war-fare can not ever be an excuse a government uses to justify the use of WMD against anybody. 

Back then - the words "attrition" meant that years of fighting would take place if the U.S. does not nuke an enemy to stop a war.  Today, that cannot happen, because Mach 2 jet aircraft cannot have dog-fights  - and as thus, the word "attrition" has no meaning anymore.  Nuclear weapons in America's arsenal would obviously have to be destroyed before even worrying about the weapons in the arsenal's of the two Korea's.  At the center of the nuclear debate, most obvious, is the word "hypocrisy."  It's a word that has been so abused because the fetid, rotting system of government does so much harm to the world, that when the population of North America hears things that are hypocritical of others - they freeze, change the subject or lie!  The bible passage (Matthew 7:5 - and repeated multiple times in the bible)  goes - "You must remove the plank that is in your eye, (Mr. President) - before you start complaining about the speck in mine."  It's similar to the old adage about "the pot" calling "the kettle" black.  Maybe Kim Jong Un has nuclear weapons, not as many as are in the State of Virginia on the East Coast, but probably he does.

In any case, this post is supposed to be about a nuclear-armed individual - Donald Trump, and a lawsuit involving pornography.  First, one needs to identify what "believe-ability" really means.  There are tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people in the territory once known as "United States" - but really cannot be called that anymore.   I live with electronic implants in my body, and I have had to wait for "My Master" to permit to write these types of letters with the clarity of mind and patience that I have needed to write them.  I know that the numbers involved in all of this is not so easy to grapple with, and obviously My Master, himself, does not have implants at all - because before all else, the primary impetus behind making slaves out of the population is the logic: "As long as my Master has a Slave - he himself cannot be enslaved or subjected to the kind of government he provides to the people."  In colloquial slang - if the regime is dishing it out, the people cannot fight back.  This can be extremely disconcerting, depressing, and even emotionally disastrous when he (My Master) wants it to be.  In any case, to understand what the word "believe-ability" even means, first we must identify that not everybody in this country lives with implants, nor does everybody in government own a slave.  Millions live in small towns that probably remain untouched citizens, but millions don't and have forced others into (or out of) one side of this electronic wall.

Believe-ability starts to sound like an entire political movement that has never been touched, but always present.  Believe-ability is literally like saying - the invented reality that members of our government have promoted is not only a total lie, but when talking about what to believe the question becomes: What part should I believe, since all of it sounds like a pile of garbage? 

I mean, nobody on earth should ever be asked to negotiate something of the calliber that is nuclear disarmament at the same time that he is thinking about cheap-whores who do tricks at a casino.  Nobody, not our children, not our loved-ones or wives, nobody.  Yet, this the Associated Press Crime Syndicate is as unrelenting as they can be at asserting "Donald Trump is our President" and he is, indeed, the highest man in our government.  Also, there is no "rouge" or "resistance in arms, resistance in hiding" organization that is running our country - at least if you ask any of the nightly news-broadcasters.  I mean, you cannot have your cake and eat it to, and when anybody on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News are asked to discuss conspiracy-radicals, they bluntly say that those people are not believable people, and they are pundits, condemning such individuals as heretics, no different probably than the types of heretics that the Catholic Church condemned during the Spanish Inquisition 500 years ago.

And there is nothing believable about such an action - nothing.  This begs a more important - a "higher order believe-ability" question if you will, why was this on our television?  Sexual abuse and nuclear weapons?  Well, the answer, as I have states is that the government does indeed implant many millions of slaves with electrodes.  The kinds of video that one sees in their eardrums and their eye-sockets are movies, video, and TV - often of which is horribly sexually abusive, pornographic, disgusting and even threatening.  These are the types of actions which the people have been accosted for almost 25 years - beginning with what was an early-success-later-atrocity Law and Order Special Victims Unit.  For 25 years we've heard about "E.D." or "LGBT Marriage" and even now "Brett Cavanaugh, the Supreme Court Justice-Rapist".

Clearly nobody with a sound mind would ever take seriously a negotiation from a man who was talking about "nuclear weapons" and "pornography stars" at the same time - nobody!  And yet this pre-planned three-ring-circus was shattering through air-waves and internet broadcasts for almost four continuous months.  Yesterday, I was literally reading that the attorney for the former pornography star was planning to "run for President of the United States of America" in Year 2020.

How could this be?  Why is this happening, as they like to say on the news channels?  The answer really lies in the fact that brain-control is sexually abusive.  It has been called everything from "Revenge Porn" to "Erectile Dysfunction" to even a Supreme Court Justice.  There is nobody who would ever watch the tripe from the Associated Press who would save that these news stories aren't pre-planned or pre-scripted from people in Washington.  Unfortunately, before I degenerate into any form of dishonest, since I cannot look at "The Agenda" - for arguments sake, lets say that regardless of whether there is an agenda that has planned these stories, or not, they make absolutely no sense whatsoever.  A leader of a nation - whether it be Kim Jong Un (Korea), or Xi JinPing (China) simply cannnot take seriously the arguments that our President makes.  

  1. Brain Control is sexual abuse.
  2. In order to stop a rouge regime from doing wrong, the bigger pictures is important, and since East Asian Nations are the only ones that were ever (officially - according to Wikipedia) nuked by the U.S. - nukes are relevant.
  3. East Asia is the largest economic and industrial power in the world.
This is why we had to hear about Brett Kavanaugh, Stormy Daniels and Kim Jong Un - despite not a single thing about the four months of pre-planned news broadcasts made a single shred of sense.  Not one single shred of sense!

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